: URF is no longer fun :(
i think its because riot pushed league deep into this tryhard competitive mentality so people only care about getting good scores and finishing fast if they cant win by playing against other players and will just avoid fighting and split push on top of that people get mad if players dont play PERFECTLY even tho its freaking urf who cares ( tbh i have that sometimes but most of the time its me getting mad at a morgana not spell shielding the leona starting up her perma stun lock this being an example* ) also the fact that people get to chose means they will got for braindead long range spam poke and not interact or just take really heavy tanks with loads of cc ignoring dmg entierly but still destroying all and all its not urf that changed its people being either ultra competitive or scumbags ( or just both ).
: Hey
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: hmm i dont know, it doesn't sound too bad, but sounds boring though and not really useful, cause there are alot of requirements for that ability to work (placement, timing, making sure you stay around that area, what if they cleanse it etc...) that ability suddenly becomes useless, or maybe you get vision of that champ, so you blink towards him and gain vision of everything and notice you're in the middle of a 4v1 :p
1: make it a charge based spell like teemo shrooms 2: if hits multiple targets and you cast it it would hit the closer character 3: it would add a certain level of skill to using it instead of being a brain dead dash 4: cant cleanse it ( its a vision ability with a blink effect what you suggest is like cleansing blue plant vision )
: Yeah i guess so, but what else should you implement? A blink? :p
how about something a bit more different like a temporary trap / mark that you leave on the map and if an enemy champion walks on you you gain true sight of them and can recast the ability to jump to them if they are in range
: I see where you're getting at here, thing is, his E isn't exactly like yasuo's E, i was more thinking of a dash as far as Yasuo's E, but obviously with a longer cooldown, almost like a graves E and slightly longer than rivens E, for his ultimate i was thinking more about the old Fiora ultimate, but like i said in other comments, those numbers were just randomly filled in by me since i dont have an idea about the actual base damages in game etc.. it was just as a reference
i believe bringing old fiora ult isnt good for the game so definately not xD also champs with E being a dash spell is so over used tbh {{champion:28}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:5}}
Wooosh Re (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheGentyman,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=nUYZOTxs,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-01-03T18:30:19.270+0000) > > 1: definitely not a jungler especially without any attack speed he only has auto attacks when fused to an ally > 2: only tank supports can stop shen/leona/alistar from going full bum rush on a vayne the hp shield and slow are supposed to deter people from going all in its supposed to be unique and weird also if you read how Wyrm having flash would basically have an adc with 2 flashes to avoid ganks and all in's > 3: okay you lose Wyrm's ult if the adc afk's how ever you still keep the ADC character's ult Either way (not trying to bash your champion concept (its a cool idea but needs improving)) its not really good in any situation, I would always pick any other support over Wyrm, this would also be kinda like the Tahm effect, trolling and killing your carry. When you don't like the decisions the carry makes just intentional feed her and blame her and tell everyone to report her I.E. flashing into a 7k hp Cho'Gath (lol). Also the carry will most time be zoned off of CS because Wyrm doesn't have any utility spells (out of his 10 stacks W which you have to be brain damaged to get CC'd by that...). I also meant that Wyrm wouldn't be the Jungler just a support latched on another player with smite.
why are you all going on about him being jungle when the first line of my post is "the idea would be to make a unique support that would "Fuse" with his ADC and basically be permanently grouped with the ADC".... about the whole troll thing thats down to players not the champion hell im a bard main and i know damn well that if i wanted i could decimate my own team BUT i dont because i actually dont wanna ruin games for the sake of it as for the whole being zoned thing you do realise Wyrm auto attack become ranged true damage skillshots that go through minions with a 3 second cooldown the W would be faster or just be a flat AOE stun on a 5 second cooldown with zero cost if you prefer
: That passive would make him a nigh unplayable and/or a troll pick. He would be entirely at the whim of his linked ally and they would be at his. He decides to teleport in the middle of a fight, his ally just has to sit there and take it. Inversely, he has to wait on his ally to go back for items. Add to that his general lack of real utility and you have basically got a champion that forces a 2v1 and requires ridiculous levels of coordination to even be half way decent by comparison to other picks.
1: he is meant to be more of a buff / status effect that a fully blown champion 2: the whole troll idea depends on the people more than the champion it self ( trolls happen gotta deal with them when they are there ) 3: utility lack of utility ? he gives a passive shield to his ally equal to 50% of his max health he give Armor Mr and AD Aoe slow+snare with Free wards that can spot invisible gankers 4: as far as having to wait for ally to recall for items thats generally how the bot lane role goes when the adc or supp get low hp they both recall 5: the idea is trading support for an adc with a bit more damage and survivability also he can bring a second ADC to your game with ult
Wooosh Re (EUW)
: And what role is Wyrm supposed to play in, I bet jungle or support because those aren't solo laners or the carry role. If its Jungle the enemy jungler has free control over the whole map and has loads of EXP/gold because of counter jungling, when its the support the AD has no support and not even Wyrm can stop a Shen/Leona/Alistar + Kog'Maw/Jhin/Tristana smashing your infested Vayne. Also his ult is completely useless when the infested player goes AFK (since you play that character now). EDIT: I didn't read the first part well... but still, my support opinion still stands.
1: definitely not a jungler especially without any attack speed he only has auto attacks when fused to an ally 2: only tank supports can stop shen/leona/alistar from going full bum rush on a vayne the hp shield and slow are supposed to deter people from going all in its supposed to be unique and weird also if you read how Wyrm having flash would basically have an adc with 2 flashes to avoid ganks and all in's 3: okay you lose Wyrm's ult if the adc afk's how ever you still keep the ADC character's ult
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: > [{quoted}](name=Azure Dancer,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=V2NNLqWY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-01-02T19:56:16.230+0000) > > Ult is batshit crazy. And his stealth seems kinda just tacked on gimmick The increasing slow could be removed and the root duration could be lowered to 1/1.5/2s. The invis helps Toruh set up pokes and kills, but the enemy team will be able to see the invisility area, so the enemy jungler can easily counter Toruh with a pink ward.
since the change to vision and stealth the control wards dont spot invisibility ( think kha zix ult of shaco Q ) if you want him to be spoted / countered by wards change it to camouflage ( rengar ult / evelyn passive post 6 ) also fear with a 2 second duration at rank one and 3 seconds at max rank is far too strong ( make it a mid range skill shot with a lower duration without channeling and make it capable of hitting minions would fit more with the ranged poke / gank set up feel you seem to want ) also the 20% exp penalty in stealth is just so random just remove it there is no point in having it and the ult is WAY too overloaded to much cc and damage as for his W would make it a two part ability: W: passive when out of combat toruh gains camouflage which breaks when in combat or removing a ward ( is disabled while active is on cooldown ) W: active toruh breaks camouflage for 2 seconds and then gains invisibility for 2/3/4/5/6 seconds and gains 40% movement speed when running away from and enemy ( which also decays over the duration gank escape tool which can be used to reposition during fights for better poke angles ) this is personaly opinion and trying to help xD
: (Champ Concept) Toruh, the Shadow Remnant
feels clunky and confused as to what his role is exactly
: Meo Sun, The Forbidden Sword
1: the rng true damage isnt a great idea for the game ( in dota yes but not league ) 2: more broken yasuo ??? 3: what i would do for his passive is make it so his auto attacks have a fixed attack speed of 1.00 and not be able to crit but make it so they deal true damage for the first few second of engaging a target say his first sword would be 3 second of true damage second sword would allow 5 seconds and final sword 8 seconds 4: change the E because come on its yasuo E but with more targets to damage 5: would make his Q an auto attack reset that gives him a little bit of extra range and just a knock up ( no aoe ) 6: his W seems nice but i would make something more creative because it seems a bit to generic and also has a bit to much ( ranged slow with damage and bleed effect ) an idea would be to make something along the lines of a skill shot that would mark a target for you to blink to and deal a little bit of extra damage if it happens to be a champion ( and make terrain a possible target for escapes / jukes ) 7: change the ult ( true damage master yi Alpha strike isnt a great idea xD ) personally i would go for an ult that wouldnt give him more damage but survivability in fights maybe something like Jax E that would make him immune/resistant to auto attacks for 10/15/20 seconds a bit like a ninja samurai hybrid dodging attacks and dealing damage personal opinion dont flame plz xD im only trying to help :)
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: > [{quoted}](name=ImAJesterMain,realm=EUNE,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=0n5EGHrh,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-12-28T14:29:39.260+0000) > > he is balanced tho i dont feel like he is balenced in some ways yes but he just one shots people to easy without any form of skill his W speed should be longer so its easier to dodge i personally think he needs more counterplay cuz unmobile squishies like jinx can do nothing against a kayn
{{item:3026}} anyone ?
: he is balanced tho
Pyrosen (EUW)
: "kayn went 19 - 1 in my game nerf plz"
brilliant xD {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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fifek900 (EUNE)
: 2 players told me to commit Suicide
just ignore them they are children play the game and dont even bring attention to them they will get what they deserve sooner or later {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
SeanGoku (EUW)
: The main reason the Twisted Treeline Matchmaking sucks so hard, is because so few people play it. And since everyone has a separate MMR for Twisted Treeline, just like you have separate MMRs for Normal and Ranked Summoners Rift games, you can still have a silver/bronze MMR in Twisted Treeline while being rated Diamond in SoloQ. I personally dislike the strong separation myself too. Since a lot of the skills you need to climb in Summoners Rift are needed for Twisted Treeline too. But until they let the different MMRs influence each other (or at least the highest influence the lowest), there is now way to improve it at the moment. In my opinion they should just put more effort into making Twisted Treeline more attractive as a game mode. But they are doing the opposite and are hoping it dies out and they can make it a rotating game mode like Dominion.
riot are to busy focusing on high elo and worlds the casuals can just deal with the changes and leave if they dont like it
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MrFaker (EUW)
: LF Support
im bronze 1 i main {{champion:432}} if you are interested ( other supports i can play somewhat efficiently are {{champion:44}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:142}} also can play {{champion:74}} as a support obviously its weird and people think i troll even tho i usually win with heimy xD)
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dol0hov (EUW)
im a bard main in bronze 1 if you are interested :/
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: I am a Bronze III adc, if you feel like a match or two. Add me and talk to me. Same as Xarlii I like chill ppl. {{champion:127}}
added so long as it is not netflix and chill im fine with being chill xD {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
xarlii (EUW)
: Hm yeah of course, its just that i have some experience where ive played with worse players ( around gold ) when i told them that their build was bad they didnt even listened and just raged at me thats what i mean :)
dont worry i tend to build well enough and do my job best i can ( i admit ive seen some shit full tri force sion and full thronmail varus because " draven to stronk" ) you can add me by the way
xarlii (EUW)
: I got a smurf acc we can play if youre looking to improve. Not gonna tolerate the "i do everything right" mentality doe.
if i do something wrong point it out and help but dont be an asshole about it is all i ask
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Ok Cool (EUNE)
: u just main zoe right now thats why u think she isnt op :)
i have no main and i played zoe twice once in aram and once in normals
DjToodles (EUW)
: Take it somewhere else Ghandi.
i am Ghanid's flip flop actually thank you very much xD
: You’re clearly bundles of fun
i play honorably i take the defeats and wins without rubbing it in people face i do everyhting to help and always make sure my team has their best role even if it means i take support 90% of the time {{champion:432}} is pretty much the only champion i play anymore ( except when going for some aram) and i do a good enough job that i get at least 2 honor every game i play
: Can you tell me whats her counter? i only saw bad zoe lose.
1: keep track of her Q 2: be careful where her item/summoner spell orbs are 3: pick{{champion:90}} or {{champion:25}} ... and also be good at dodging spells most of the time people die because they dont zig zag and avoid the spell they run into them or dont predict accurately where shes coming from
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheGentyman,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=lJ3JByhH,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-12-04T09:44:09.853+0000) > > i aint gon kill you xD just add me and we can play if you feel like it > :) my EUW account is lvl 30 but unranked :D you come over to EUNE so I can have backup if you attack me{{sticker:sg-janna}}
dont have an eune account and it dosent matter if your euw account is unranked level 30 xD
Snow Enix (EUW)
: What music do you listen to while playing?
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: you sound like a serial killer. . . . . . . . . . . . please don't kill me
i aint gon kill you xD just add me and we can play if you feel like it :)
Ok Cool (EUNE)
: Riot Nerf Zoe
someone is salty zoe isnt that broken there is counter play and its very possible to be bad at her and single handedly cost her team the game
FizzyGnar (EUNE)
: Akali or Pantheon
pantheon is simple and easy to pull off however if oyu want something you can master and carry games with try mastering akali
: intentional feeders
thats just what people do they ruin things that matter to certain people for the fun of making people suffer good luck in future games and find a duo maybe that could help also whats role do you play ?
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