Pyrosen (EUW)
: What's your favourite skin?
any of the bloodmoon skins, love them.
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: katarina isnt that strong in this patch she is on the weak side . and as zed u should beat her easily
That is the least helpful comment I have ever read tbh. I'm looking for advice, if you have nothing constructive to say please don't bother. Thanks.
: From someone that once played a lot of Katarina... I find Zed one hell of a scary matchup, just get yourself Hexdrinker and you invert everything, now she's the one that has to play really carefully... Her cooldowns early game are also kinda big, 10+ in order for her to do a good combo on u, so as soon you see that she wastes a rotation on you, you can use that in order to punish her After 6, if you get yourself some lethality, as zed you just need to R and hit your Qs, katarina wont be building much health early game, so even if she has armor, she wont be able to stop an entire combo of zed Yasuo doesnt really suck btw :P At least i dont think so, the full build is just 300$ more expensive (talking about PD, IE, BT) But yeah, it kinda sucks because before they nerfed the items, you could play laning phase a lot more safe (imo, against hard matchups, {{item:1054}} {{item:1054}} {{item:1042}} x3) was my go to, and i tought that was amazing, but now if you do that you will see how hard it seems to get gold xD But im not a Yasuo Expert anyway so, i guess ur right, that's why he might be getting buffs ^_^ yey
Well Yasuo has a very low win rate right now. His items themselves are not particularly more expensive but if you look at what he gets early to mid game you will see how hard he got nerfed. Zeal now only gives him 30% crit instead of 40% for 100 gold more, if you are playing aggressive zeal is the first item you buy on your back, that's already a nerf to his first back. Second you can't hit your PD + BF + Cloak of Agility power spike anymore since Cloak of Agility doesn't build into IE anymore. You have to wait until you complete IE to get 100% crit, which is also more expensive now. This patch just made him reach his power spike way too late into the game to have a meaningful impact on the game. Thanks for the tips on Kat, I usually play greedy and go lethality first back then go hexdrinker, which is kind of silly now that I think about it.{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Winning a game in season 8 is 100% Luck
Bot lane is a super volatile lane (i think thats the right word) and if you snowball with a snowbally champion like lucian, draven etc you can carry the game IF YOU ARE EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD. I emphasize the being good because as others have said adcs are heavily reliant on their team which makes solo carry potential much more difficult. It's a lot easier to solo carry as a Katarina mid who has 5 kills by 10 mins, or a fed Yi, Jax, Irelia, Zed etc etc. That being said, I agree with you. You can hardly control the game when your mid laner feeds 5 kills in 5 mins, or your top laner gets camped out of his own lane. Champs snowball out of control way to fast, everything gets percent health dmg, true dmg and executes etc. The game is honestly in a terrible state. I hope you can make sense of this mess of a rant, I'm way too tired to figure out how to order my points lol.
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: Ban system is a joke!
I don't think Riot gives 2 shits about their player base tbh. I mean they have no idea how to balance their game and let inters roam free doing whatever they like while people get banned for ridiculous stuff like this.
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: After playing my S3 "smurf" and P2 on EUNE: No difference, it's all just luck.
League is a dice roll at this point tbh. Riot don't seem to have any idea how to change that either. I mean look at how they "fixed" the jungle lol.
Bikt1996 (EUW)
: Authentifcation mac Problem and other ?
This problem has been happening to me for months aswell. I found a few fixes that worked for a while but none of them were permanent. Riot doesn't even acknowledge the issue, let alone try to fix this. Just out of curiosity do you play on iOS or Windows?
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: This community is SO goddamn pessimistic
LOL was just about to write something similar myself. Was just in a game as GP vs the new swain (never played against it) and I got %%%%ed hard. Our Karma support keeps giving me shit for it the entire game and in the post game lobby. Cause they never have a bad game ey? No they play perfectly every single game without making a single mistake.... I get it's frustrating to lose because of someone else's mistakes but it's pretty much a given that everyone has been dead weight at some point. So instead of being so negative I don't understand why people can't give constructive advice instead. This community is one of the worst I have ever seen to be honest.
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Nikusha (EUW)
As IIIrd Bishop has said, this is an obvious sign from the universe telling you to main poppy. OWN IT!
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: Lucky you, this is the same problem for me: first error then re-open and it does that forever
welp... I just re-opened and I still get the error message. It seems that sometimes it works others it doesn't... This is really strange.
Strigina (EUNE)
: And I saw plenty people enjoying it and noone complaining about it in-game. So what now?
to me, the obvious solution is to do a week of both. But that's too logical for Riot.
I'm having similar issues too. I'm on a wired connection and when I log in it gives the attempting to reconnect error whilst everything works perfectly in the background. Then when I close and re-open it just authenticates forever. UPDATE: I didn't do anything and now it works... I'm not sure what the source of the problem was..
What happened to that game mode where teams picked the enemy champs? That was hilarious.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Pantheon has a good match up vs ranged champions from maining him about 1m points, the only people he struggles against right now are the unkillable tanks, his early game should dominate any lane but if he doesn't get fed early he's useless mid All he has to do is stand still and press Q, wait for the 3s CD then re-engage
I've played him a few times myself and I suggested him not to pick panth in mid vs ranged mages because mages can simply stand out of his Q range without any trouble at all, most of them severely out range Pantheon.
Strigina (EUNE)
: Or simply because when people are satisfied, they don't have any reason to come here so they can't even see this post. Or simply don't see a reason to join the discussion. Honestly, when people were complaining about classical URF and called for a random pick (or even nemesis pick) did you open the discussion and support them? If not, was it because you didn't want them to enjoy things?
Well then how about in-game. I see plenty people saying ARURF is garbage, people agreeing and not nearly as many contradicting that statement.
: Man, what dont you people understand? URF was never meant to be a fair or serious gamemode, it is literally meant to be a troll mode where you dont understand what the hell is going on and teamfights are over in about 5 sec (Unless you fight with maokai, unbelievably funny watching maokai and nasus fighting in urf, neither wants to die). The whole point is to be able to laugh at the huge cluster%%%% of abilities and stupid op wins/combos and enjoy being able to roll your face on the keyboard and where people (are not supposed to) dont flame you for feeding. If u dont like the gamemode, dont play it. Simple as that
URF was meant to be fun. If you bothered to read the post I mentioned balance only in the context of it being extremely un-fun for most people playing it. The lack of fun is the problem, not the lack of balance. URF was never balanced, but the original was more fun and far less frustrating than the new URF.
: Remember old urf?Yeah,those were the times right?When you could pick anyone you wanted and every spell.Now,try to remember the boards.Empty?Everyone said that urf was great,right?No one had anything to complain about right? Nope! When we still had Urf the boards were flooded with "OMG OP CHAMPION RIOT PLZ BAN IN URF"(much like how we wanted Riot to nerf yasuo).What Riot decided to do was ban a few champions like Karthus,Hecarim.(do not remember if teemo was banned). I know,nostalgia hit you but this is the concept with everything:old modes,old games. There is simply no way to keep the community satisfied or make this mode balanced.There are always going to be strong and weak champions. And no,you do not have fun only when you have got a strong champion. For example:Garen gets destroyed in urf due to the incredible amount of poke.Yet,that is the time when a garen can finally become the meme "spin to win" and it is awesome when you kill someone only by spinning. > gave us the same thing with less champs Let me remind you that back when we had Urf certain champions were played: {{champion:37}} ( {{champion:120}} {{champion:30}} before getting banned) {{champion:28}} (pre-rework) {{champion:105}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:126}} Honestly,I prefer to have ARURF rather than URF due to the fact that not everybody will get an overpowered champion.
I never, ever stated that old URF was flawless, so bringing up what was wrong with it doesn't make any sense here. If you bothered to read, all I said was that it was more fun, and the reasons I thought so. Yes we had the same champions but that's because those champions were the ones that abused URF cdr the best, I.E. they were the most competent and fun to play. Now picture this, 2 people fight each other, for absolutely no reason, one guy is given a knife, the other is told he can't use his hands. This analogy, as bad as it may be, is comparable to the state of ARURF. One guy get's Zed, whilst the other is stuck with Darius. This is the case in every game, always a couple people who have a champion that is actually competent in URF whilst most others are stuck with vastly inferior champions. It isn't fun to be stomped, unable to walk out of tower range cause you die otherwise, losing half you health just to get a minion, making a miniscule misstep and dieing because of it. It isn't nostalgia, I have fond memories of URF because I got to play fun, truly overpowered champions like Zed, Fizz, Karthus and champions, less strong but very fun nonetheless like Blitzcrank, Alistar etc. and I got to play them every game. The 3 times ARURF has come out, most of it consisted on unplayable games for the reason I stated above.
: > [{quoted}](name=TheGhostlySheep,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=62zJboMy,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2017-12-19T20:35:37.919+0000) > > good for you, doesn't change the fact that most people don't. Well and on what statistics do you base that? On what you read here on the boards and what your friends think? Or reddit? Thats still not the full player base. Make a survey, have every active player of league to participate and then you can say "thats what most people want" . Until then its still just your opinion who is shared by your friends and some ppl online. Thats it.
I base that on the response of the community over the couple years in which ARURF was released. In-game I saw people saying it almost every match, on the boards you consistently see people making threads expressing how ARURF has taken the fun out of URF. EDIT: and said threads receive a lot of back up from other players.
: Assassins
Really depends on whether or not you have experience playing assassins. If you have little to none I would suggest staying away from Zed as he is mechanically intense, go for something like Fizz or Talon who are not as difficult, you can use them to learn the role properly and then expand your pool from there. If you have experience already and understand the assassin play style then I would say Zed, I am biased since I main him, but he is honestly really fun and right now, very, very strong. Also Pantheon and Yasuo are fighters, rather than assassins. I wouldn't recommend Yasuo as he is quite weak right now and difficult to learn properly. You could play Pantheon as an assassin but I think you would find almost every ranged matchup really hard since his poke get's outranged. My suggestion is don't blind pick him, pick him if your opponent picks a melee mid lane champ since he does quite well there.
: I like AURF and even this winter one ;)
good for you, doesn't change the fact that most people don't.
Kr3ä (EUW)
: nice of you that you create a discussion to %%%%%% on arurf iv said it last time when ar urf came out, now yet again tell me how to win, with random champs where 4 of my team got champs that they played like once ever, and the enemy has 5 with mastery 7 tell me how riot? HOW????
I also made a complaint on the boards last year, as did many others, all of which got several upvotes/likes. Surprise surprise, riot still doesn't listen to the community. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Which champions were you recommended? (Year review)
I got Orianna, Katarina and Kayn. I play Zed, Yas and GP mainly. Although the recommendations were based on Zed and Yas, I don't see how Orianna fits that playstyle, and Kat... well I'd rather die than play her (hate every pixel of her), and kayn I've actually started to pick up (in poro king), he's fun.
Loonsteer (EUW)
: my issue was he wasn't even fed he was behind he died early like 4 times. :(
Yes but the game lasted 38 minutes, that's more than enough time for a Lulu Kog lane to scale. EDIT: I've seen things that seem absurd myself, for example tanks consistently doing highest dmg in the entire game, but this case you've showed here doesn't seem unbalanced.
Loonsteer (EUW)
: whats your worst losing ranked streak?
It happens, honestly. I Once went from silver 1 all the way down to bronze 1. Take a break, I found that the main reason was actually that I was tilted after such a losing streak, even if you don't notice it. Stay away from ranked for a week or so and then come back and try again, and most importantly ALWAYS look for mistakes you make and improve from them. I'm currently Gold V so I don't mean to lecture you, I'm just sharing what worked for me. Also keep in mind that it's preseason right now, not the best time to climb.
UE Gjelstad (EUNE)
: I don't get how company THAT BIG is in need for money this bad. Really? Just to promote your snow skins you ruin the most fun thing in this game? I miss the FIRST urf where it was UNTOUCHED. It's funmode, who cares about balance? Just make it draftmode first classic urf. Satisfy your community... We are already buying stuff we like, you don't need to mush it on our face by ruining the experience. My Christmas is kinda ruined.. I waited so long for URf...
Agreed, the original URF was by far the best.
: Urf is bs. The enemy team is always 10x stronger than my team... Can't win or even get close to the enemy's base. Fck me this is pissing me off.... Sorry to bit ch in your thread. Red Bull hyped up (5 so far)
This thread is all about %%%%%ing about URF ;) And I agree with you, it's always a one sided stomp.
: I don't have any problems with ARURF. It made the game mode more interesting, instead of having the same champions constantly. However, they've done exactly the same thing with this snow version! I can't believe that they've limited the champion pool, and given everybody the same summoner spells. Riot just don't follow their own logic sometimes.
ARURF is just a contest for who happens to get the most broken champion. From there it's that 1-3 person/people murdering everyone whilst the rest can't go out of their base or they die. That happens quite often to be honest. It isn't fun. Yes, you used to get the same champions over and over but at least they were competent. Another suggestion could be to release both versions of URF to satisfy everyone, but that is too logical for Riot.
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Giojun (EUW)
: Mine would be asking enemy team who's a bonobo after their jungler calling her team the same thing. I got perma banned for it. I'm fine with it. Tilting? A little.
seems odd to get perma banned for such a thing...
: I played a bot game where there was a tahm kench and bard duo who made me lose it... Both lose it mentally and lose it (the game). You can't escape them, the bard takes the tahm through walls and the tahm tongues you to never let you B ever... oh god...... I almost legitimately cried with the rage... The worst part is they didn't start that way, they began doing it after level 7 or so... I built up hope of turning around a juicily close game (in bot games a close game where you're about to lose is GOOD and FUN). :) Then they began.
Kinda reminds me of when I had a tahm in ARURF who kept eating us and throwing us into enemy team. Then claiming we should just chill cause it isn't ranked...
: Greedy junglers with very forced top ganks. Midlaners not wary of _missing_ pings.
What's worse is when you specifically ping your bot lane that enemy mid laner is coming, they keep pushing and both die. Then they ask you why you didn't follow....
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Treycos (EUW)
: I hate the critical strike system "adc in 2k17" is nothing but a meme, adc's are pretty OK right now I hate poeple complaining about syndra, when other mages, like Veigar, don't even have to stack orbs to deal 2k dmg Janna is boring, for the player playing her, for her adc, and for the ennemy botlane, her kit is a major failure Trist's Q has to be reworked, just like her ult... Annie's kit is a failure too The banning system is working fine
Just a side comment about the ADC 2k17 meme. It originated from the pre-ardent meta where ADCs, were in fact extremely weak. They are pretty fine right now.
: Rate the Username!
I just wanted something random and somewhat unique without randomly pressing keys. Ended up being indecisive between ThePhantomSheep and TheGhostlySheep. The former ended up being my username and the latter my summoner name.
EmuNemo1337 (EUNE)
: Fun as hell team comps.
I've seen a lot of hecarim speed boost team comps. Shit like Hecarim with Lulu, Zilean etc. It's fun watching ADCs get disintegrated.
DMikaaa (EUW)
: It ranked worth it?
The second you wrote you play for fun, the first thing that came to my mind is "no, don't play ranked". In terms of toxicity it isn't much different from normals. The difference lies in most peoples' attitude towards the game. As others have stated most people in ranked play to win, I say most because there are still trolls and inters. You will see the meta picks most of the time, aside from the OTPs who play their champion all the time. Ranked is designed to test yourself against other players, this can be frustrating and it reflects on the people playing, hence why the toxicity is no different from normal games. From a personal point of view, I play ranked exactly for that reason, to test myself against other players and to learn how to play the game better. The last 2 seasons I was hard-stuck silver because I was pretty much constantly playing normals, therefore entering ranked games not with the mindset to win, but to have fun. For most of this season I played normals for the sole intent of bettering my mechanics and macro play instead of just for the fun of it, this allowed me to reach gold with ease. This is the mindset you are expected to have when playing ranked, play the champs you play best or the OP champs and play to win. Because of this, seeing as you play just for fun I don't think it's worth playing ranked, as others have already mentioned. Ranked is less fun than normals, it's not designed for people who just want fun out of a game, it's more like a competition where you can have fun but the main intent is to play best you can and win. That's my recommendation. At the end of the day though, fun is subjective. I find grinding enjoyable for the pay off (seeing myself improve and climb the ladder), it's satisfying to see work pay off, this for me is more enjoyable than playing casually. The best way to really find out is just to give it a try and see for yourself. All the best {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Zoe makes me feel suicidal sometimes
I agree 100% she is way too strong right now. Even when I counter pick her with zed the lane isn't easy. her stupid bubble lasts way too long and the fact that it can just come out of nowhere, she oneshots you and just hops back over the wall with hardly any risk is absurd.
Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: YT
: tape it
: are you gonna upload it, i'm getting anxious
TTekkers (EUW)
: Legend: Bloodline? Fleet Footwork? Two masteries that could easily make up the difference, and fit well onto a champ in the style of AD Janna.
she had neither of those, I checked her masteries from her match history. here's a link if you want to see the video.
: What he meant is that you can get another 8% lifesteal from the rune Legend: Bloodline, (...) the rune Revitalize increases all heals gained (so I assume lifesteal included) by 5% or 10% or the rune Ravenous Hunter which gainst up to 15% healing of abilities (which won't be the case with an AA).
I looked at the guy's runes and he had Dark harvest, taste of blood (probably the reason for such healing, although it's supposed to work on champs only and the 353 heal was from a minion), eye ball collection, ravenous hunter, triumph and coup de grace. So none of the above mentioned runes. I'm gonna upload to it to YT later if you wanna see it for yourself I can link it here.
: are you gonna upload it, i'm getting anxious
I will in a few hours.
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