jeronimo88 (EUNE)
: Annoying Tahm Kench? Here is half the solution!
I think you can get out of his mouth yourself before he can spits you out.
You sign up and then you wait hoping that they let you get in. There are people that have been waiting for years and people that got it a couple of hours after their subscription. Random.
NöMáná (EUNE)
: Jhin Ultimate
That would be cool but stuff like that is usually used for Global ults that could hit you without you knowing they ulted. They should add a sound for Ezreal/Draven/Jinx ult imho, and all those kinda ults.
zawazawa (EUW)
: why do i get the guy i reported into my team right the next game?
Kaaarums (EUNE)
: Bye League Of Legends
DOTA 2 is OBJECTIVELY better than League in every single way. The heroes and abilities are so fun and fresh. If i could go back i'd start playing Dota instead of LoL but now i don't wanna spend hundreds of hours re-learning a new MOBA, i really don't want to. Unlucky.
Mongovich (EUW)
: What role/champs to play.
Definetely ADC with Mid as a secondary role.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Yes I am Bronze 4! Is that a problem to you?!
What's wrong with bronze/silver? I'm dodging all my promos to keep staying in my Silver 4 and hopefully dropping a couple more leagues, it's such a fun ELO.
: Tahm is fcking disgusting OP
Tahm is fine, he is just annoying to play against. Just like Mundo, people still ban him despite the fact that he got nerfed basically everywhere, they just don't wanna deal with him.
Gambleryz (EUW)
I will be hyped for URF once they'll add a random champ selection in it. It's not fun to face the same OP comps in every game since people love to tryhard. I prefer One For All.
: {{champion:80}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:50}} We disagree
Veigar and Pantheon are Thunderlord users, it's like a must.
Strigina (EUNE)
: Dude...he is challenger :-D
Yeah i just noticed it xD Imho dying so many times in challenger is absurd since enemies know how to keep the advantage they get.
nigelf (EUW)
: Intentional feeding system is too harsh on giving punishments
You die way too much man. Of course the system thinks you're a troll, even if you're just playing normally. You have an average of like 12 deaths per match, even if you're playing support that's not good at all. It shows poor positioning and poor decision making even if sometimes it pays off.
: Garen
Garen is the terror of low Elo, just like every juggernaut.
: Rengar Ult bug
Nope, you get the ferocity after you get out of stealth.
NotLegend (EUNE)
: Such a people do exist on EUNE!
It's just a normal, everyone has bad games.
: Aatrox Rework as a Whole
You know something is wrong when Xin's W heals more than Aatrox's W.
arielk4201 (EUNE)
Idk, i hate laning against him, his Q spam is basically endless with the corrupting pot. Maybe with the new item he's too strong, but i have no idea. I'd gladly accept some E nerfs or some mana costs up on his Q.
: Why do the french get "the most hate" in this game?
If you have a French a Spanish or an Italian in your team dodge instantly.
Miss Fawn (EUW)
: I have fun when I play her
Most people don't since all you have to do is sit behind the ADC spamming W whenever he needs it, it can be fun to play for some people but it certainly isn't fun to play against her.
: Soraka
She's not fun to play against (or to play her in general), really dumb kit. Not that it's gonna change much with the changes, she stil has her W ever like 1.5-2 seconds as soon as she gets her CDR.
: Dear Ahri mains complaining about the upcoming nerf
The reason is that every CC in the game works that way, while Ahri's E didn't work like the others. And that was not fair.
Cebelon (EUNE)
: rune cost
The rune system is old and out-dated, they should just be free at this point.
Almighty (EUNE)
: Pentakill Sona is NOT worth 975 RP!
It's an Old skin. Is spectacular TF worth 1820 RP? LOL NO. They can't change the price or it wouldn't be fair for the people who bought it. Imho they'll update the pentakill skins in the future, maybe when we get another set of Pentakill Skins.
: Why is it always bot lane =/
Marksmen aren't marksmen before high plat.
: The upcoming Soraka changes wont meet their goal.
As long as she can W every 2 or 3 seconds, she will be unhealthy and toxic
: Jungler to climb with?
Every jungler that uses Devourer, that item is the terror of low elo. Get sated at least around 20 minutes and you win.
Diego555 (EUNE)
: Headhunter Akali
It is cool. It's the champ that is garbage
: Make people lose less LP when playing with AFK(s)
: New to fizz
LovroLox (EUNE)
: So, wait a moment... Why are you retiring Dominion? Give me a reason please.
Because it's not worth it. They could update it and balance it? Yeah but it wouldn't be worth it They could keep it? Yeah but it wouldn't be worth it.
: Ever since the juggernaut patch I have not had fun with this game
Most of those champs won't see a skin until they're updated/reworked.
: Dusk blade should be an active item
That would make 100% broken.
: Please let us scroll through champs while waiting for others to pick
It is something they'll add. I don't know if it will come in the next patch that we'll have in the next few days
RafaMix99 (EUW)
: I am always focused. HELP ME!
Happens every time i use Diana. I wonder why. - *Looks at the summoner name* -
Pro tip: Don't stand in her ult. GG you win.
Künther (EUW)
: Swain Cassiopeia or Xerath?
Cassio is godlike if played at 100%. Xerath is pure skillshot, so it depends on you. While swain is pure DoT and sustain. Depends what you like, imho Cassio is the one that carries the most among those 3. While also doing insane damage.
: Anti-fun Champions
{{champion:90}} I don't even know why this guy is still in the free rotation. If Yorick is toxic and boring, what is Malzahar?
: Sir you deserve to loose because you had an afk.
Same, and if i just choose to fill that's basically going support 99% of the times.
: I am genuinely worried about the new Assassin item
They just have to add another Armor option for AP champions that matches the Zhonya. More tanky but with less ap
Cypherous (EUW)
: I've had a PBE account since it opened, never used it :P
I'd use it if custom games would work properly. But you need at least one more person. Idk if they fixed it but everytime i tried, it was like that.
: W8 when do we know that there are free slots?
I read it on surr at 20, so whenever there a lot of open slots like last time, they'll announce it.
dedbrick (EUW)
: Haha I accept that but I just want to understand the logic behind it, surely if I win 80% of my placement games I should at least stay in and around the same league?!
This year the placements are way more severe. But there's the promo helper until gold 1, so.
EriCkuS415 (EUNE)
: Need explanation
Placements are way more sever this year. You'll usually get placed one full division below your previous elo. Imho it's right, we'll see who can climb again and demonstrate to deserve that elo. Plus there's the promo helper.
dedbrick (EUW)
: Placement Games
You should be thankful, it could have been way worse.
: My complaint about PBE
lol...i've been waiting 2 years, then re-applied when there were like 5000 free slots, got it....and never logged in.
Leonteus (EUW)
: Bring back Team Builder for Normal and let it replace Blind Pick
Please no, blind pick is when you just don't care what to play and just want to do a game. I don't wanna wait 30 minutes in queue.


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