: yeah its been like this for about 3-4 patches for me. I changed my mouse button as a letter and then binded the letter and it fixed it for me. I still get tabbed if I use my pause/play button for music tho.
thanks I might try that and it's been 3-4 patches for me as well
Svan (EUW)
: Hi I have the exact same issue, any idea how to fix it ? It seems to happen at 3:30-3:35 ; dunno if it's just me using the same binding at the same time or not though.
nah I don't know and mine happens at a random time. If I spam click it at the start of the game it happens then, if I forget it can happen at any time later, usually around 5 minutes cause I've clicked it a few times by then.
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: the lp i didnt gain
Has happened to me a few times. Usually the game finishes and the stats page doesn't load so the only option is to click on "skip waiting for stats". After I did that I had no extra LP and the game didn't show up in my history. I contacted support but they said that they couldn't help as the game didn't get registered for some reason, which I'm guessing is what happened to you as well. If your game is visible in match history you might be able to get your LP by contacting someone, although I don't think it's really worth it (I only did so cause it was my last promo game).
: Howling Abyss aura All champions on the Howling Abyss gain the following bonuses: ◾ Summoner spell cooldowns reduced by 40%. ◾ Restores 0.15% of maximum mana per second. ◾ Passively gains 5 experience per second. ◾ _Reduces all outgoing heals by 50%. The healing reduction does not affect self-heals._ ◾ While you are alive, nearby enemy minions killed by any ally other than you grant Gold 5. ◾ Melee role Melee champions gain 10 bonus magic resistance.
My bad then and thanks, didn't used to play much aram until recently so didn't know those rules
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: Give us one free dodge per day/week
Yup I have complained about that as well. There shouldn't be a penalty other than a 5 or 10 minute waiting time, going up to 30 if you dodge several times, in order for people not to do it intentionally. You need to leave if something urgent comes up or you have a troll and it makes no sense getting punished for it. The alternative is for a troll to ruin the game, or in the case of the emergency, for you to stay afk and ruin the game for you teammates.
: is 3 LP penalty sufficient for dodging?
There shouldn't be any LP loss in my opinion. Why should you have to get a defeat in promos for dodging a game where your teammates are trolling in champ select. I believe a time penalty is sufficient, which can be increased up to 15 or maybe 30 minutes the more you dodge.
: csgo has no problems with VC you just mute the cancer mics and people who don't speak English that's it, but the csgo community isn't butthurt when someone flames so I can see why it won't be added because the LOL community is extremely fragile and get offended by the smallest shit, kinda reminds me of a certain political community. hmmm
Yes, I used to play csgo and rarely had a flamer in the team.
: Make league voice chat
I suggested this when the voice for premades first came out. I stated that there's not much point in having that considering we already have applications to talk to are premades with. A voice chat for the whole team should make the game better. I have been added by people after a game and have played with them. The second game often goes pretty bad but I have never heard anyone flaming while on voice chat. I believe that most people are small kids are just people that hide behind screens and wouldn't flame as much if they were on voice. You would also obviously have the option to mute and report them if they did flame. I think it would make the game more fun to play and would improve teamwork, and hey, if it doesn't work, the team chat could always be reverted back to the current, just premade one.


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