: Let's put it this way, if my teammates dont deserve my help i wont give it to them :D I almost never do this unless someone really bad is toxic at the same time or if someone dies 2 times vs my laner before he gets to lane...
That's your problem then, you play 1v9 in a team game. if as you said it's you that always did the most damage you should stay and play around your team to carry and win
: nerf ekko's r cd and passive damage
You've never played against season 7 tank top Ekko have you? Also... No.
Mangusti (EUNE)
: Dodging timers...
"Oh no champ X isn't banned let me dodge 6 games in a row chase there's 0 penalty till i finally have the match up i want, who cares about other people that might only have time to play only 1 game and now have to wait again and hope they don't find an a***ole like me that keeps dodging every time they want to." I'd rather lose a ranked cause of a troll(AND LET0'S BE CLEAR ON THIS SOMEONE THAT PLAYS BAD ISN'T A TROLL, PEOPLE ARE NOT FAKER WHO PLAY ALL PERFECT) and report him knowing i won't have him again in a game than wait 50000 hours before i could actually play.
: Nerf zoe
Is this early 2018?
: RIOT Don't give any chance of winning
So it's riot's fault if you got a bad game and probably your team played badly? I personally had tons of games where our nexus literally got to 10 hp and still won. It's just about trying, doing your best, see what kinda of teamfight combo your team can pull off and have a good decision making.
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Riot lies...
so between 2016 and 2018 league had around 100-120 mil players, could even be more in 2018, if they baneed the 0,006% of players every year, AND PERMA BANNED (so the last possible punishment), that's still around 7000+ accounts banned, so i don't see where's the lie, of 0,006 seems a small number if you compare it on a scale 0 to 100 but in 1 to 120 mil that's alot of people. And yeah there are tons of posts in the board but that's just cause they're the ones that get most noticeable, like for example if you go on the frontpage of reddit you'll say "nah it's full of cat and dog pictures" but actually there's only maybe 2-3 max 5 everyday? so lets' say 5 people that got banned make a post here in the boards everyday, 365 days, that's still only 1850 people not even a quarter of the 7000+ that riot claimed to have banned each year. Also count in that the player base gets bigger and bigger as i said, 20 mil+ people in 3 years means k maybe in 2016 the 0,006% of players was around 6000 people and in 2018 it's 7000+, so they do ban more people but the % will kinda stay around the same. If you take a small cake and cut it in half it you'll have the 50% of it, but if you cut in half a cake 3 times as big as the first one you still have the 50% of it. It's simple math.
DjKristo1 (EUNE)
: I just got ban for 2 weeks
what if some day you're the one that's 0/10 for literally any reason? other players aren't robot with a set skillset that will always get the same score no matter what, someday you have a bad day and don't feel 100%, sometimes you're sick, sometimes your internet lags for whatever reason, sometimes you're just playing against someone that's better than you or simply it's just a bad game. it's not like i go 0/10 in every game cause "i'm just a kid that plays in rankeds", unless i'm a troll that intentionally feeds, i can go 0/10 this game and 10/0 the next, it's just how the game goes. Unfortunately since there's literally millions of players stuff like this can happens 3 5 10 even 15 games in a row but you need to realize there's nothing you can do, and getting mad at it doesn't help, specially insulting those guys that have a low score cause trust me they're even more annoyed than you. it is frustrating yeah but the moment you stop caring about it'll just feel better. You played well, you had a teammate that didn't, nothing you could've done, game is over move on. Different game Different Teammates.
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Shamose (EUW)
: > HELLO WORST COMPANY ON THIS WORLD Sorry but activision is 3 doors down.
Yeah they'll tell you where you can find EA.
: Unable to join ARAM queue
Same here just append to me and some friends, eventually we had to leave the lobby and create a new one, also it seems to be a bug with the end game lobby as well.
: > [{quoted}](name=Insidiøus,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=nPxmu9Ai,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-15T20:48:53.624+0000) > > Sylas has 45% win rate in all roles (mid/jgl/top) so no, he isn't broken. Also, you are bronze, so learn how to play agaisnt the champ instead of crying. My rank has nothing to do with this, there's no counterplay to him, so i cant "LEARN HOW TO PLAY AGAINST". His winrate is low because most people dont actually know how to play him yet. And he is extremely broken and overturned.
Litterally ahd a 15 kills sylas in my team some rankeds ago, he was carryng but the moment the enemy team got their items he was just getting focused down and eventually oneshotted by the enemy adc. So yes you can counter him and you can kill him, even 1v1.
Corvin0716 (EUNE)
: Would you like more slot in the inventory?
A game for us lasts around 30 to 40 mins and only then, unless someone is superfed, people are full build. In pro games you might say oh look they get 6 items arleady at min 20 but a pro game doesn't really last longer than 30 mins. So not really the need for other item slots.
: Death Recap needs a Rework
So to answer your points: 1) The current recap shows you the damage done by the one that killed you with what skills and % of how much of it was ad, ap or true damage. and then it shows What did the most damage to you in the form of the assists( Ex: Rengar could've just done 200 damage to me with his ult+q but it was the Brand that got the assist that did 1300 damage with his skills), and yeh it does show you only 3 spells but you know that you go hit by them more than once(like shyvana's W or low cd's spells)so the damage it shows at the end stacks. 2) At the point you're a 14k hp cho'gath(i know you made an example of a lategame fight dw) do you really need to know what killed you and with how much damage? i mean at that point your build would be mostly done. 3) You can learn from the current one, let's bring back the example from the point 1, Rengar only did 200 damage to me which only 60% of it was AD(cause his W does ap damage) and brand with one Q did 600 with his w did 400 and with the E plus passive did the remaining 500 damage, all AP. I'm pretty sure i have enough information to know that i probably need to build Magic Resist.
Demonteus (EUW)
: the power of AP gnar
Soooooooooo it totally doesn't work unless the enemy laner tanks 4 tower shots/2 full waves of minions and then you ignite them? I mean i feel like the fact that it was ap gnar didn't matter and i could've done the same kills with a toplane Braum
: Well I was dumb enough not to take any , but my friends could second what i wrote. we were full premade .
You could download the replay of the game from your match history and then just record the part where the bug happened and upload it on youtube or something(really does not take more than 10 minutes to do)
Rektozaurus (EUNE)
: Exactly if you follow him and leave mid open that make you same troll as he is
> [{quoted}](name=Rektozaurus,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=yuvWa7i3,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-01-16T16:51:58.719+0000) > > Exactly if you follow him and leave mid open that make you same troll as he is Not really considering you're playng the role you got assigned for, it's him following you, not you following him, he was the midlaner not you.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: When do we get to buy LCS team summoner icons for season 9? :)
It'll probably be around the mid season? Also the EU is now called LEC, not LCS(LCS will only refer to NA now) anymore.
: It’s a joke?
Here's an example: >Sion gets ganked >Low hp he manages to run under his tower but the enemy tower dives >Sion dies but with his passive and the help of the tower he gets a kill back and maybe even the flash of both the enemy jungler and top laner >Sion types in all chat "worth" Basically the enemy team wasted so much to kill Sion he technically ended up winning in that situation considering that he got not only something back but also more stuff off the enemy team even if he died.
: New Ornn skin concept
Would be a cool april fool skin, I personally love to see more skins of champs with a "normal person Job" skins like the Cooking ones for galio baker panth etc etc..
: Making competitive matches playable
Meta changes and so do champs, me and my premade duo did many rankeds in the mage botlane meta as Swain/pyke or even Fiddle Heim etc, sometimes i do like to go malphite jungle or support, Volibear top and so on, Why should i get punshied if someone does a trollpick? Just report the guy at the end of the game and move on.
NaViRicBe (EUNE)
Jeez calm down, just having money does not mean you won't still have problems. It's a problem with the server, it happends to every online game not only LoL and most of the time it's nothing they can do(even something like a thunderstorm could be the cause) so just wait for it to be fixed and make a ticket if you got any form of punishment cause of it.
: Any idea on how long it will take them to fix the issue?..
No idea could be half hour could be 4 depends on the gravity of the problem? Just wait till we get any news about it problaby do somenthing else meanwhile.
: Riot, turn off "anti cheat software" please
So turning off anti cheat and hallowing cheaters and hackers in the game would be more fun? Just wait for them to fix stuff do something else meanwhile instead of keeping smacking your head against a wall.
ElZeengy (EUNE)
: i got ban for your game's error not mine
Just wait for riot to fix stuff, make a ticket in the support page and ask to lift the ban since it was unfair and caused by a problems with the game.
: The game is broken riot. 5 Disconnected Players.
It's a problem in the server right now, could be also an hacking attack, Anyway riot is investigating and will fix the problem, just avoid playing for now i guess.
: Are you taking the actual %%%%ing piss
Same problem here, my premade is fine but told me 4 people in the game have the same error.
: Riot intentionally crashing player's games?
There's probably a problem with the servers currently. not riot intentionally crashing people, it's basically sayng like a shop would shoot their clients the moment they enter lol.
: Game loads to 100%, everything looks normal, but then never loads me into the map
I've had the same problem as well recently, was on the loading screen everything was fine, no lag or issues with it that would make me think it crashed. Then suddenly my premade messages me saying the game has started like 5 mins ago(it was a nexus blitz and the first event had already begun by the time i got back), it also happened later on in a normal. The only thing that i did both times when i got the problem was that i tabbed out of the game when everyone was at 0% loading time, now when i avoid and wait for either me or someone to he above that it seems to work fine.
: Graves cant have a cigar but riot games can have indie devs :)


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