lukala93 (EUW)
: who long will a ticket take to be processed?
Anywhere between 12 - 72 hours, depending on the complixity of your ticket and the amount of traffic they've been receiving.
: i don't receive nothing
Then I recommend double checking your spam folders, if it's not there either feel free to [submit a ticket]( to Player Support. They should be able to help you out.
Seboosh (EUW)
: I'm having a problem with posting on PBE Community. I get error message "you must be lvl 1 or higher [..]" but in game I'm already 30 and i cant even reply to posts or vote :( What do I do?
I encounter the same issue myself, I'll check it out.
Hey Pikachuuuuu1308, Could you check if your verified e-mail adress is still correct? To do that click on your name in the top right and go to settings.
Eleat (EUNE)
: problem
It can take up to 1 - 2 hours for it be added to your account. Don't worry, I'll be added ;)
Sweevil (EUW)
Hey all, There are indeed some technical issues currently going on with the PBE sign-ups, but they're working on a fix. It's just an insane amount of traffic they have to process right now that it almost is impossible not to have issues.
: Why EUW/EUNE players can't ever register in PBE? I click 100000 times and always shows : Error, try again ( or something like that)
I don't have any info on those issues atm (will ask around though) but I could imagine that since the PBE signups only got opened again 3 hours ago there is a load of traffic, which may cause this issue. EDIT: there indeed seem to be some technical difficulties going on with the PBE sign-ups at the moment. They're working on it.
: about the PBE singups
Hey RottenEggos, Whenever people are needed for PBE more is looked at than just your honor level, athough that is a very important factor. What kind of player you are, what you main, how active you are, etc or some examples of other stuff that gets looked at as well, which won't be that accurate/good on your alternate account. I think the better plan is to get rid of your honor level 0.
: What to do with blue essence?
Both your blue essence and the price for your mastery level will by multiplied by the same amount (6.5) so it doesn't really matter what you do. However, I would personally save it to see what the BE store offers. You'll always be able to get those masteries, but the BE store is limited.
Edinaka (EUW)
: Username/password wrong *bug*
Hey Edinaka, If you get the "invalid username/password" error then it should really not be any other thing than that. Could you check on the top left of this website when you click on your name and then go to settings if the verified e-mail adress stated there is correct?
allansson (EUNE)
: Can't see server transfers in the shop.
Hey allansson, Server transfers have been disabled prior to the end of the 2017 ranked season, so no more transfers until the end of all that (I think it's around 20th November).
: Honnor
Hey FunFromSpace, You'll start getting these capsules once you hit honor level 3 or above. However, they're pretty rare and I've only gotten 2 since the start of the new honor system as well. They do drop, just not a lot ;)
Scandi (EUW)
: Restricted
Hey Scandi, No, this is not a permanent thing. After you completed 25 normal games, you should be fine to go for ranked again and as long as you this time stick to the summoners code, you'll never see those nasty restriction again ;)
Mada (EUW)
: Those you can't distinguish. Try reading my post again. I said you can distinguish if the player quit the game and is still online or if he is not online anymore. If the connection is lost, keep the punishment as it is. If the player quit the game without losing the internet connection, add some extra punishment.
The problem with that is that people will instead of using the in-game button just unplug the power cable and leave that way. This would make the distinguishment useless again, as you again end up with this big pool of players of which some intentionally leave and some don't. As I mentioned before, there is some tolerance before you get punished, so those rare occasions in which it's really not your fault. So in general I think the current system is pretty solid.
Mada (EUW)
: There are lots of ways to determine if someone intentionally quit or lost the connection. I don't see the point of differentiating it, though. Maybe make the punishment harder if it was an intentional quit.
How would you for example detect the difference between someone unplugging the ethernet or power cable or an actual electrical fault/provider having problems?
: Internet Goes During Ranked Game
Hey IceBlade22, As WolfX10 said, there is no way of knowing if someone left due to technical issues or not. However, Riot does have some tolerance for one-time occurances such as emergencies or technical issues, but they shouldn't be persistent. You won't get banned for just one leave, but as soon as you notice you have techinical issues during multiple games it is your responsability to fix those issues before playing any other games cause after all, you're still ruining your teammates games.
: i need to know
Hey callum1621, No, you definetly won't get banned for having one bad game. Even if the whole team reports you, you'll only be banned if you actually did something wrong.
: Any winners yet? ;)
WinterSunGR (EUNE)
: +1 on that. would be sweet if a rioter could elaborate on that. if you get gold in soloq, 5v5 and 3v3 you get 3 chromas or does flex 5v5 and 3v3 count as one queue?
From my understanding you'll get the victorious Graves skin for achieving gold or above in any of the three queues and you'll be awarded with a chroma skin for him for each queue you achieved gold in (so 3 in total).
Noahp78 (EUW)
: Hey, great to see HowTheFDidIgetOutplayed up here, but I think something went wrong with the region, as I am currently playing in EUW and not EUNE... {{summoner:31}}
I was just read the confirmation mails and we fixed it internally already, will fix it on the thread tonight! ^^ Congratz on winning btw :D
: Took about a decade but it's done lul
Yea, we do apologize for the delay in this announcement. Due to various reasons (people going on vacations, getting it all checked for malicious software, time in general, etc) we weren't able to complete it as soon as we hoped to. But we got it done! :D
Rioter Comments
Kurotsu (EUW)
: How many rioters are there?
: What category would the request come under exactly?
I would say you can go ahead and use the general questions category. They'll redirect it as they see fit. Alternatively you can also use the one regarding purchases/store.
Azko99 (EUW)
: Is there any way I can get at least 2 offers from my last shop???
Hey Azko99, Feel free to [submit a ticket]( to Riot Support. They have a copy of what your first shop included and will honor the deal if you ask them ;)
eLiiToLoV (EUW)
: About rp
Hey eLiiToLoV, Did you already try relogging? If that didn't work, I suggest you want a couple of hours and relog again. There shouldn't be a delay, but maybe in this rare occasion there is one. Otherwise, please [submit a ticket]( to Player Support and they'll take a look for you :)
: Repeatedly posting the same content, nope Posting the same content on multiple boards, don't think so Posting entirely irrelevant content on a topic and derailing it, nah Making a post that has entirely no purpose or discussion value sorry but no Referral links, "free st00f" links, etc., nope Begging. Sorry guys, while everyone loves free stuff, begging the community isn't welcome. You can always apply for giveaways and tournaments etc. but going out of your way to post "Give me x skin because I love y" will be removed, still no I don't think my situation belongs to one of these things. I am still sure that I am right here. I commented ONCE. This is not spam
Well, if I look as it I can easily classify under multiple of these bullets. > Posting entirely irrelevant content on a topic and derailing it While you didn't derail the discussion, you did post entirely irrelevant content, so let's call this a partial one > Making a post that has entirely no purpose or discussion value This one is hard to argue about, there was no discussion value in that post Those two combined with the fact you didn't just copy/paste the word 5, 10 or 20 times but 162 times justifies the deletion in my opinion.
: Well Riot is very strict to things like that. My comment got deleted and I got boards restriction for 3 days for a stupid reason. I remember a guy who is very active on Boards (I can name him if he gives me the right to) and he commented on a thread with something like that: Watching ponr (he meant porn, missclicked probably) and then another 3 lines that I don't remember what he said. Anyways, I used to be a 9GAGer and maybe you know that in 9GAG if someone makes a typo, you copy paste it like 20 times n one single comment. **ONE SINGLE COMMENT**! So I copied his mistake (ponr) and pasted it like 20 times **IN ONE SINGLE COMMENT** just for fun, you know? And it looked something like this: **Guy**: Watching ponr blah blah blah **My responce to this**: Ponr Ponr Ponr Ponr Ponr Ponr Ponr Ponr Ponr Ponr Ponr Ponr And for some reason, the guy who said this word didn't get punished but **I** got punished for spamming? Really? I mean do you even know what spam is? I commented **ONCE**. I didn't spam anyone, my comment was only for fun
Moderating isn't always easy and somethimes the line between jokes/fun and offensive/harm is very thin. To take your example for example, it might be a running meme, but it is also classified as spam and hinders other Boards users (I've pasted our definition of spam below). I've looked up the post you were talking about and counted the times you spammed the word, I came to a total of 162. As you might agree, to us that seems as a little bit too much 9GAG fun. If you think we made a mistake, never hesitate to let us know, we're all humans so we all make mistakes sometimes. But this wasn't one of them ;) >Moderators will look for the following: ●Repeatedly posting the same content. ●Posting the same content in multiple boards ●Posting entirely irrelevant content on a topic and derailing it. ●Making a post that has entirely no purpose or discussion value. ●Referral links, "free st00f" links, etc. No no no. ●Excessive swearing. ●Begging. Sorry guys, while everyone loves free stuff, begging the community isn't welcome. You can always apply for giveaways and tournaments etc. but going out of your way to post "Give me x skin because I love y" will be removed. > >**[source](** By the way, @OP, the other posts you linked were looked at
: > [{quoted}](name=TheLUCKYfighter,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=NkEphAzG,comment-id=0004000100000000,timestamp=2017-09-03T11:37:45.887+0000) > > Mainly because I enjoy the process of achieving stuff by myself but you already did that ... what you are saying is that you are effectively forfeiting everything you achieved so far and you are willing to start from scratch, for no apparent reason. Let me give you a real life example of what you are saying ... this is like collecting plastic for recycling for years and years on end, and suddenly they announce that they value everyone's dedication to the recycling cause, so they would finally like to reward anyone for their effort and so, every bottle and kilo of plastic is finally going to be paid for, at a fair price. what you are effectively saying is that you would have been ok, had you turned in your tons of accrued plastic for free, one day before the announcement turned them into something valuable and got screwed over by getting nothing for your effort and achievements all those years. it is the same thing, you have collected thousands of hours of gameplay and now that they are finally going to be recognized and worth something you go "meeeh, I'll give these for free and collect more, that will be an achievement" !!! well, yeah, an achievement of monumental absurdity, methinks, but still an achievement ... :p
We did indeed play for a long time but we won't get any recognition for it, that's a fair point you make. However, we did get IP for playing those games all those years, something the newer players won't, so that's one advantage we have. Riot could indeed boost us to level 100 for example, but then there is a new question, what about all the rewards we would have gotten? They could give them to us all at once, but that would just be crazy so they would have to tune down the rewards a bit resulting in less for us in the end. They could not give those rewards and just the level, which would make us stand out as the older players more, as we want, but then we miss all those rewards which many people won't agree with. It's a difficult one that one. I personally don't necessarily need to get a level advantage and won't have a problem with achieving the levels by myself, but I would like to get some of the hard earnt IP back we got for playing all those games in the past, cuz that's the only thing we'll be getting as older players.
: > [{quoted}](name=TheLUCKYfighter,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=NkEphAzG,comment-id=00040001,timestamp=2017-09-02T16:04:58.413+0000) > > Other than that I pretty much agree with giving older players no headstart why .?. Explain to us the reasons behind that ...
Mainly because I enjoy the process of achieving stuff by myself
Calimi (EUNE)
: On one hand, I agrre with you. Getting such a low amount of BE, compared to what you spended, is kinda shitty. One the other hand, what the hell are you going to use 100 000 BE on?
> [{quoted}](name=Calimi,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=NkEphAzG,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2017-09-02T16:10:31.891+0000) > > On one hand, I agrre with you. Getting such a low amount of BE, compared to what you spended, is kinda shitty. > > One the other hand, what the hell are you going to use 100 000 BE on? I really love the idea Riot has with the blue essence shop. Put some exclusive items on sale for very high IP prices and naturally only League veterans who will have loads of IP will be able to buy it. It's a cool token of appreciation towards us older players I think and a good compensation for our removed runes, if the numbers of compensation are right.
Rismosch (EUW)
: The title of the post is misleading, You are not talking about the runes, but about the compensation players get for spending IP or RP on runes. As for the topic you are talking about, I agree that the numbers suck. I don't understand why Riot doesn't refund all IP and RP spend on runes. As you said, it sucks for you because you will essentially lose alot and gain only a little. As for people like me, who payed RP on pages, we would get a couple of mystery skins. I don't like this. I own ~90 champions, which I play only play a few mainly. So it is a lottery for me if I would get skins that I actually want. But you may say, I shouldn't complain about free things, but I **choose** to pay RP on runepages, because I **wanted** them. I thought I need them. But now I get 4 random skins I might not want. I wanted those pages. But when I get those skins, my money is wasted on skins that I don't want. I don't like that. Of course it is nice to get something back, but I don't like this approach. I think it would be best if they just refund all RP and IP spent on the runes.
>I choose to pay RP on runepages, because I wanted them. I thought I need them. Yup, that's a feeling I can find myself in as well. I was offered a choice between runes and other stuff and choose runes cause I thought they would be a permanent thing and necessary. While they were for a while, now it kinda feels like we were cheated back then (I don't like the word cheated, but can't really find other one). It's just an annoying feeling as someone who loves this game. >I think it would be best if they just refund all RP and IP spent on the runes. For me personally it doesn't have to be a full refund, but there should be a better balance between what we've invested (and couldn't invest in other things) and what we'll get back. >The title of the post is misleading Fixed it ;)
GPet (EUW)
: I honestly don't see why older players should get some headstart in a completely new system... but I don't seem to see many things. v.v
Personally, I don't want a headstart at all, I rather enjoy the process of achieving rewards. What my main point is is that while I don't want a headstart I also don't want to feel like I'm losing something, which is a feeling I'm having right now. I'll lose around 81.534 IP after this patch and while I've gotten quite some use of the runes I bought, I was unable to buy champions or other stuff in the meantime. That's why I think a better compromise can be found in the values we get as our refunds. Other than that I pretty much agree with giving older players no headstart and I absolutely love the idea of the blue essence shop and giving those with loads of IP (which are mostly veteran players) a chance to buy some unique things.
Rioter Comments
: When are you gonna show the results >? Or make a display of the entries the funniest, something
Hey there, We'll definetly announce the winners once we're done with everything, pinky promise ;) Due to some personal obligations I've been unable to continue work on the contest, but I've asked a few fellow Volunteers to help out. Unofrtunatly we also had another project in the making (spoiler alert) which got priority for the minute. We'll get to finishing this up as soon as possible though. We saw some really aweomse stuff submitted in this contest, so we're looking forward to announcing and rewarding them :D
: I play this game every day around 4 games per day and i have 310k ip .... so this skin will have every1 ... I hope i will ge some skin border .... couse i purchased it back in 2010
Being able to play 4 games a day is a luxery that not many people have, I've been playing since 2012 and I don't even have that much IP so it'll still be a rare skin ;) I do agree they should still communicate about this particular topic though
: AFK players in teams
The main issue with this solution is that it can easily be abused if a team loses
Toxic Fegit (EUNE)
: My bad second ticked wasnt reviewed
Thanks. That means that your ticket has only been there less than a day, which is an incredibly short time knowing that this is one of the most played games out there and you contacted them on a sunday. Please keep in mind that it can take anywhere from 12 - 72 hours depending on the complexity of your ticket, especially in busy periods like when events are going on or during weekends this can take even longer. A ticket being reviewed means it was looked at, but needs additional investigation. Maybe it got forwarded to the right team and maybe they weren't in on sunday, it could be a number of reasons really. Bumping tickets also puts them all the way back at the back of the line, so don't do that. Every ticket will be responded to, so patience is key ;)
Toxic Fegit (EUNE)
: Riot support.....
Hey Toxic Fegit, Could you share the date and time on when you've submitted your ticket and if you every bumped/sent in new tickets?
: If i change my region before the end of the season, will i get that Regions border next season?
Hey GankedByYourMomm, No, you'll get the border of the rank your have when the season ends. Since you now are bronze, you'll have to make sure to climb to silver again on EUW if you want that shiny border ;)
: Pool Party 2017 ?
They're probably yet to come ;)
respectedd (EUNE)
: nasus main
Hey there, As far as I'm aware of permabans aren't lifted :( They're supposed to be a punishment for what you've done, a last resort. Before this one you probably had plenty of other less harsh restrictions probably, warning you about your behavior and giving you a chance to change. But if those didn't help this is the only thing that might. Losing your account sucks but at least it seems like it got you motivated to try to be a bit more friendly in the future. Create a new account and show you're a better person there and make sure that account doesn't suffer the same fate as the one you lost ;)
Mm7mad1 (EUW)
: **oh-oh**, I have an idea... **FIDGET SPINNER**{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
I like that idea, why didn't someone think of that earlier ...
RageFuel (EUW)
: Why does this page look so F A N C Y ?
: BTW, will there be an ETA of the results once the entry time closes?
We won't state a specific date, but we always try to be as fast as possible ;) It's mainly the paperwork that takes most time EDIT: I was kinda in a rush when first responding to this but still wanted to give you a more elaborate answer. So we just closed the contest and starting from tomorrow we'll start scanning through all the submissions to filter out those that don't qualify to take part into the contest. Afterwards we'll put up the submissions that did qualify for review, this is what takes the most time since we want to give all the people doing the reviews enough time to do it properly. Next we'll do a final check, announce the winners internally, draft up the winners announcement (both by mail and here on the Boards) and get the prizes rolling. As you see, there is a lot of stuff to do. Especially with these kinds of contests where we actually have to watch a lot of video's, read through code and read descriptions the reviewing process can take some time. But we know how annoying it can be to wait in excitement, so we'll do our best to keep the waiting times to a minimal ;)
DannyT (EUNE)
: Some concept pictures about the Boards built in game client
I like it ^.^ Although even something as simple as a link to the Boards in the Client would be pretty cool already :P
: I was wondering... can we like post multiple useless things with 1 acc or just 1 thing per acc? > {{champion:10}} + {{item:1054}} = {{champion:80}}
Only one entry per account is allowed, this includes smurfs
: I was going to participate, but the moment it said "You can do this by either physically building or programming it". I just decided to not even take part. Not everyone can build nor programs, so basically, its not a contest everyone can participate in.. :/ >"you DO NOT have to be a technical genius to take part in this contest". Kinda "false" advertisement with that statement.
Well, contests are generally about skill, otherwise it would more be like a lottery. We've done contests for many skills already, for example our last one was about drawing and writing, and now it's the time for people who like to be creative and build/program stuff. The line in which we wrote that you don't have to be a technical genius still holds. For example, look at how pet rock was created, it's a rock you find somewhere and with a little bit of creativity, you transform into pet rock. So yes, you can partricipate without being a technical genious. Of course you do need **some** skill, but not as much as you imply.
Skyè (EUW)
: this sounds fun. are videos allowed? i wanna make a really cringy video.
Just video in itself is not enough, no. This contest is mainly about creating something you can use, so either physical or programmed (and cool/funny/useless concepts :P) . Making a video about what you created, after you did, is however allowed (even required).
: I made a website and then I realized I can't host it T_T Can I send you video of me running it on my computer and send you source code?
xD Yup, a video showing of all the features and the source code will do ;)
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