Reichs (EUNE)
: Not really worth any punishment, you just called out a troll for trolling. Hard to see what's wrong with that.
apparently only me and you think so...
Ceberuz (EUW)
: Not voting since both options are displayed as no.., but yes, you rightfully got chat restricted, if it was my finger on the trigger, you would have skipped the chat restriction and moved on to a 14 day period.
can you point to any point of the convo that made you think so?
Zyzyx (EUW)
: Still...don't you see that this kind of communication doesn't lead to anything good? So you were right, okay, congratulations on "winning" an internet argument. At the same time you basically created an inter that ruined your game. I'm not saying it's your fault, but you created a situation where it's more likely to happen....and for what? What did you gain from writing those 4 lines? I hope it at least felt good, because that's really the only positive thing there is about writing this kind of stuff. Look, please don't misunderstand me, I'm not blaming you for what happened. If Trynda inted, of course that's his fault, not yours. But it's still a good idea to communicate effectively, because this makes this kind of bad experiences less likely. Blaming people, mocking them, trash talking, being right & stating facts...that might feel good for a second, but it achieves nothing but makes bad things to happen more likely. This isn't even limited to League, it also applies to real life. If you communicate with strangers, think before you speak and think about what your communication achieves. Greetings, someone who enjoys it way too much to be right.
i agree with you perfectly that the fact that i wrote what i wrote isn't something to be proud of exactly, it came from a place of tilt and frustration i agree 100%, i didnt mock him, i didnt at one point flame him nor say he was a bad player, you can even see at the end of the game i tried to understand why he did what he did. I know for a fact that what i wrote isn't perfection. But saying that its chat restrictable? that has to be a joke? half of the convo is me talking to the enemy top laner asking if there was a reason that he might have tilted.
Smerk (EUW)
: yes, your explanation is meaningless, because it seems that you accused this Trynd of trolling way before he started feeding. It's also perfectly possible that you are the reason why he fed, maybe he intended to play normally at the start, but you tilted him way too hard
TheLastOreo: this team.. TheLastOreo: wow TheLastOreo: childish trynd TheLastOreo: what a joke thats all i wrote prior to him being 0/6 at 8 minutes "this team wow childish trynd what a joke" was all refeering to the fact that he didnt want to help our jungler because he didnt switch roles.
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
i wrote that it shouldnt be a stand alone punishment, the punishment shouldnt be money based. And it doesnt matter what the excuse is for you AFK the outcome is the same, your team loses most likely, and they wasted their time and LP. So even if you rich, you will still get the normal punishment of losing LP, this is just an add on. And saying some people cant afford it, would be ludacris, its a small sum, maybe 5 euros, and remember this is a punishment, it should effect you. Yeah sometimes you might get bluescreen, it happens, but that doesnt mean it shoud go unnoticed the effect it had on the rest of the team.
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