Menelek (EUW)
: Are you sure you didn't just disable auto attack in the game settings?
nha bro, it simply just stoped, and aparently it happened to some friends already so yea, dunno
: Mouse 4 is now alt-tab?
lets try to make this thread visible to RIOT
Photo (EUW)
: MOUSE-4-5 Button Alt tab (How to fix) ???
that is happening to me too, i will see if i can find something that can help us both.
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johank20 (EUW)
: it is up once again
Nop, it still giving me an error
johank20 (EUW)
: because you need the right link EUNE = EUW = you get the point I see why you dont have access in EUNE
nope, the links dont work it only appears an error Error: 500 · Something’s gone hextechnically wrong. Maintenance golems are working to exterminate the problem.
Vaizravana (EUNE)
: [7.1] New client shows old club chat notifications
i confirm, here in EUW this happens too.
Oldair3912 (EUNE)
: PBE signup link
I guess its closed :/


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