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: >How can I prevent myself from tilting due to bad players? Stop seeing them as bad players and focus on yourself.
That's a really good way of seeing things, of course I do get emotional and tend to lose my cool, so it gets difficult focusing on myself when the game isn't going my way :/ This isn't my teams fault or anything, more of my own.
Shrambo (EUW)
: Start by working on your cs, try to get an average of 10 cs per minute. Try to learn wave management, invest time to learn about the champ you are playing, matchup, map control Play meta, might seem boring but i would say it's the easiest way to climb by playing champions that are currently good in the current meta. For example if you are playing adc you can add some champions like sivir, kai'sa, ezreal and lucian to your champion pool. I wouldn't recommend playing vayne since she has a lot of mechanics which might be a bit complicated for you ( no hate). Im gonna say every game is winnable in silver since people tend to do so many mistakes everytime, but remember its a game you can't win everytime If you have any need of something just add me on EUW: Shrambo or Kai Naji, ill try to respond to you as much as possible Peace out
Awesome thank you so much! This is the sort of comment I was looking for, would it be alright for me to add you? :) At the moment, are there any sure-fire things I can pick up from playing games? I understand that map control and wave management will come with time and learning about it online, but in-game, what should I put my focus into? Creep management, map awareness, team awareness? And as an ADC, in a teamfight (ex. I'm playing as Twitch), where would be the best spot for me to output the most damage without exposing myself to an assassin or one-shot carries?
: Quitting League for a month (test)
At least you recognized it and you're moving forward towards a better solution. Good luck and best wishes to you!
Sarokh JR (EUW)
: ***
Is there anything constructive that can come from your comment? I understand I can get better, but how can I start? What's the most important thing I should look for when I play? Is it my positioning, my macro/micro management, what? Note that this isn't me attempting to devalue your comment or whatever, but I would really appreciate something other than being called garbage and that I'll start learning the important small things sooner or later.
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