: Ivern is really weak now.
A good buff would probably be "daisy deals double damage to epic monsters!" Now Ivern can actually take drake. Big brain, but Rito won't ever do something like that.
Šternberg (EUNE)
: Darius buff.
In your past 20 games you've only gone against 2 Darius' **One** was on your team and went **8/4/8**. The **other** was on the enemy team and went **2/10/4**. And you're %%%%ing complaining about it? Holy shit, grow a pair.
: In that case, the problem is just that she's really poorly designed. In which case Riot should revert her or remove her until they come up with a better rework instead of aimlessly trying to balance her, so they can put work into champions that actually need balancing and have been problematic for several patches now.
You and I both know they won't do that...
: Akali has 44% win rate. LET'S NERF HER SOME MORE!
To be honest I think it's because she's **_frustrating_** to play against and that's what is affecting the nerfs, that and her top lane performance outshines her mid lane. My comments come from facing her top, I imagine she's not that great mid. This mostly comes from that spammable Q with a 1.5s CD and a slow attached to it, it's also instant cast - it's just incredibly annoying to get smacked with that 3 times in a row every time you go in for a single CS. Honestly I think if they make the Q cooldown to something like 6/5 seconds and REMOVE the slow and then buff her damage on Q & E it'd make her less frustrating to play against since you could actually get CS against her and go in for short trades when she uses her Q. Another champion who has a spammable Q like this: _**Karthus**_, has no slow attached to it and it has a 0.5 second delay - ***ONTOP*** of that you can just charge towards him the moment he starts spamming and he has no mobility to get out. Akali on the other hand will make it back to her fountain in the blink of an eye the moment you take a step in her general direction. The reason Akali now goes top is because she can't deal with the ranged mid laners who harass her so she would rather just go top and bully melee laners with the Q - if they made her deal with the other assassins mid and got rid of the kiting on Q she would go away from top and they can focus on balancing assassin akali in the mid lane.
: _**Have Negative KDA and shitty farm**_ I'M sUrE iT's MaChMakING IsSuE
To be fair to the guy, if he was consistently this bad the game should also put him against other people who are ALSO this bad and eventually it'd equal out since both him and his opponents wouldn't know how to last hit.
: I don't know
Welcome to league of coin flip, that's what this season is. Heads or tails?
: There needs to be an item that reduces shield power/shielding.
I think rather than just flat out lowering the shield value by a %, I think there should be an item which allows you to do deal additional damage to shields - if anything. Like how ninja tabi / randuins block a % of auto attacks / critical strike damage. You could have an item which increases damage to shields by 10-15% (?) That's the only way I could **ever** see something like that working.
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: Bramble vest is too strong and here is why
What are you talking about? AD Users have executioners calling which is cheaper and applies grievous wounds for 3 times as long as Bramble vest lol
: is teemo attack range bigger than darius E? if so, the answer is pretty obvious even if it wasn't you can still blind him if you get pulled in in any case, darius suffers a lot against ranged so yeah, i would say teemo is a counter to darius
Teemo attack range is 500. Darius E range is 535. Every time you go in to auto Darius you're at risk of being hooked - it's not a *clear* counter like everyone makes it out to be, it's a skill match up mostly. Since he can pull you in, but if you time blind and W you can get out without taking *too much* damage. So yeah, skill match up.
: ***
Ughhhhh, I just HATE her attitude so muchhhh
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: If you get to lvl8 in a Darius vs Kayle match-up, without managing to bully her out of lane, you're doing something wrong. I've played that exact matchup, from both POVs, kayle can do nothing, if the darius has the right amount of aggression + map awareness in order to not get cheesed by the jungler. Or you can always take Jayce/Jax, and send Kayle into low-orbit. Metas come and go mate, seasons have nothing to do with it. I don't disagree with you necessarily, when you say there's too much damage, but lemme make a correction. There's too much enemy damage IF you make mistakes. You can still go 0/0/0 at 20 mins, the pros manage to do it. It's not like there are 35 kills in 20mins on the pro scene. There are plenty safe picks, combined with decent vision control, you just CAN'T DIE. Perhaps you need to change your playstyle / expand your champ pool, maybe you'll find something that works better. And seriously dude... #BUY F#$KING PINK WARDS !
Yeah I get that man about going 0/0/0 but Kayle is just gonna outscale me at that rate, I kinda need kills early to be useful late on Darius/Garen - right? Like what else do I do? And yeah I keep forgetting to get pink wards, mostly when behind because I'm too busy stressing about being relevant compared to my laner lmao
: Perhaps buying a pink ward at least once every 100 games, might prevent losing to early game kayle with flash ghost Darius. Big LOL. No but legit, you're probably the first plat player who never even bothers to buy a pink / match. Quite fascinating. It's surely the season's / game's fault that you fail at laning and probably die to ganks every 3 minutes or less.
It wasn't even ganks, level 8 and doing 50% HP in 3 autos? Classic, also that whole "stomp or be stomped" games need to die. Season 5 was the best.
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: I love this game =)
"I see all these **snowflakes** crying" calls people snowflakes, only to come on to the boards to **cry** about losing games. I see no irony in this whatsoever, none at all.
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Biabri (EUW)
: Can we ban people for going AFK fapping under tower until someone comes near, at which point they...
If you're being camped just ward? It becomes so obvious when they repeatedly camp you - it's your fault if you can't pick up on obvious patterns. If he's playing safe under tower then that means he can't fight you, don't bother killing him if he's already 0/4, just farm and run when jungler comes (which you should see coming up because of wards) better yet, run to other lanes and get them fed?
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: I agree, I personally dislike seeing Smurfs in my games, regardless of whether they're on the enemy team or on mine. If they're on the enemy team and actually stomp the game completely, it's just a sucky feeling because you're clearly not up against people on your own skill level, so the loss of LP and the match just feels forced. But yeah, they're not always on the enemy team, and when it happens that they're on mine, I personally feel like it's a very cheesy and undeserved victory, especially if the Smurfs (Which is often times the case) stomp the game or if I'm (which is often times the case) generally irrelevant in that game.
I hate it when they smurf like a Diamond in a Silver game and then they act all smug. Like %%%% off, what are you even doing here?
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: Heimerdinger needs lategame buffs.(read before freaking out).
I can assure you Heimer does not need any buffs at all. I legit saw one build Liandry's, Frozen Heart and ZZ'Rot with merc treads. (It was a weird build). Still did the most damage on his team, and about 3k less than the AD/AP carries on our team...
Lyroit (EUW)
: I would be really curious about a real intelligent Bot. You could just take some recorded Diamond+ Games as a training set. It should be quiet easy to get 10k games which should be enough for basic training. After that you let the Bot play against himself, but for error correction (You don't want a Bot which can only perfectly play against himself, but if someone is doing a random step he just completely fails) you need to make some real player games in between. Basically Supervised Learning. But here comes the sad part: Even though League is only 2D (Not the game, the backend calculations) it would take an enormous amount of computing power to keep everything in realtime. So we have to wait for another 10 years, maybe then we can have such Bots in Realtime for everyone without pricey GPU clusters. But still I'd like to see one proof of concept Bot with this AI technique. And I'd be really curious what would happen if you let him play ranked. Would he end up in Challenger and beat everyone, because of his superior reaction times and predictions. Or would he end up in B5, because he can't really communicate with the team? Maybe in 10 years we will see ;-)
That actually sounds really interesting, if you coded a really smart bot with lightning fast reactions, the moment the ability is casted it can react. I wonder if it could make it to challenger just solo stomping lane and winning all the time and just being really hard to take down? Or would the team work in plat/diamond be enough to thwart it?
: are you serious? you are asking for strategically realistic bots?
No. I'm asking for bots that the moment you run into a bush they're not like "Well clearly he's gone". Or bots that when you're taking dragon and they see you fighting it they don't just run past you. What about that? Is too much to ask for? Lol
: virtually nobody need those. also too much effort to make a smart AI. use the practice tool.
So nobody needs to practice contesting objectives, effective warding and team fighting? OK. And what do I practice these on? Is the dummy gonna destroy my wards? Is the dummy gonna try smite dragon from me? Lol.
duckarp (EUNE)
: That's exactly what is Practice Tool for. After that you need to practice against real people anyway. Don't tell me you need bots to be able to coordinate objectives when you're trying out a new champion...
Practice tool is, at least right now more for practising individual mechanics - there isn't much there to focus on larger scale things ie: Contesting objectives, effective warding, team fighting etc; So on and so forth, all of which are vitally crucial to league, if not more important than individual mechanics.
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Mas17 (EUW)
: Of course it does more damage when you build lethality, simply because while MF's ult can crit it only does 20% more damage or 30% with IE, up to roughly 40% with runes as well, as opposed to critical basic attacks that deal 200%, 250% with IE, up to roughly 300% with runes as well. This means that critical hits with the ultimate deal only a little more damage than non-critical hits. Almost all physical damage spells will deal more damage with lethality as opposed to crit, that's because usually spells don't crit.
It's so ridiculous though what the hell, I'm trying it on gangplank, Lucian and other champs GP Barrel critting 1k on dummy. GP lethality barrel, 1k on dummy. WTF. The major difference is one is about a 70% chance to get 1K. The other is 100% chance to get 1K.
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Kurotsu (EUW)
: Katarina's difficulty is only 1 bar?
Rework kat is still the same let your dumbass tank run and then just go E - R. Wow. You're right should be 3 bars!
Rioter Comments
: I didn't say E is useless, I max E second every game, since double dash it's too good, I proposed a change for empowere version of 2nd cast of E, rather than armor shresh you get "cooldown reduction" on Q-W, but the double dash stays the same, the armor shred appears as "good", but it lasts only 4 seconds and you waste your second gapcloser for that, if the target uses any escape you shredded him for no purpuse, if you shred him before Q-W one of the 2 won't be empowered (apart if you engagned with around 90 fury and you used ulti) negting a big portiton of damage. If the shred duration was the around 6 seconds (like new garen E) It would be good, and i wouldn't be here writing this post... But Black Cleaver does make the armor shred from E useless, apart if you are vs Malphite/Rammus/Poppy, but against them you won't build straight tank yourself since start. Phane/Caufield are too useful not to build as soon as possible. I always start long sword + 3 pots, the sustain is so high, it's perfect even if you have a heavy poke against (jayce,lissandra,kennen), i do caufield as first back, since 700 gold are not that hard to gain, then i go boots>Black Cleaver if the matchup needs it, or I build something to even out the matchup if it's hard (e.g. vs a yasuo a build Bami after caufield, so i can remove his obnoxious shield before doing the combo, vs a heavy AP i go mercury>hexdrinker/spectre's cowl>black cleaver). What Renekton needs most is cooldown reduction, since he is an AD Caster, but not like Darius who can kill an opponent even without Q-W-E due to his passive, therefore I think that an E which reduces cooldown will answer those needs.
Get 100 fury. E, AA, E, R, W, AA, Q, AA. There you go full combo unloaded, while their armour is shredded and that's the max damage you can get.
Orthian (EUW)
: Playing safe means ONLY last-hitting, and retreating if the enemy engages you. You don't push the wave, you don't try and damage your opponent, you simply bunker down and endure to get as much gold as possible with minimal risk to yourself. It's not something you can just "do", it involves completely changing how you play the game. To summarise: 1) Last hit only 2) Only use abilities to disengage from the enemy 3) Conserve health and mana as much as possible 4) _Never_ engage the enemy
4 should be "Never engage the enemy, unless you're getting a gank from the jungler" Some people will take that too literally, jung goes in and dies when it could've been a kill to help you recover your losing lane ._.
: Renekton's Empowered E
I wouldn't say his E is useless. I've had games where I've maxed E second, and it's pretty useful to get the armour debuff off on people who just go really tanky, and E is also good if you're building straight tank yourself.
Br0nnie (EUW)
: I don't think you'll watch that debuff unless is under your health bar like {{champion:202}} Jhin or {{champion:1}} Annie has .. idk. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Well they could do an animation for it, think of Vi's W passive how it breaks armour - do like that with Garen while he's spinning, so people can be like "Oh I'm about to have my armour chunked" and they can try get out of the E before it happens.
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Joetri10 (EUW)
: Warring Kingdom: Dynasty Warriors or Not?
Garen is based off Guan Ping.
: How exactly can you win lane as vayne?
You don't and this is what I hate. You absolutely get shit-stomped go fucking 0/20 for all you care, fuck it, just go run under their tower you may as well. Whenever you feel like it go to a solo lane farm for fucking 25 minutes, get three attack speed items. WOWOWOW look at this 0/20 Vayne go steam rolling entire teams, pisses me off every time.
Rioter Comments
: Thornmail was changed to scale with other armor items or more armor in general, its not meant to be used as only defensive item vs physical damage. It can top off an anti-auto-attacker-build that is focused on armor. You don't use it against AD casters. On rammus this item is always good, because he gets AD from armor and he can taunt, so even a mage will take tons of dmg when taunted and getting auto attacked by rammus. Anything that givs armor counts as offensive item for rammus. xD If you play rammus, thornmail gives you the biggest powerspike even if you rush it and even vs mages.
Even then Thornmail (In certain situations) can work wonders for a single-defence item. I remember I was Ahri mid and this Yi was just getting stupidly fed and he'd literally Q-AA me and I'd die, so after Zhonyas, Morello, Ludens and Sorc shoes - I decided I'd get a Thornmail, Yi would Q-AA -- wait? Ahri is still alive, I'd dash away and smash him to pieces.
Degmond (EUNE)
: So why is Darius so strong ?(QQ thread)
He's not *that* strong. Like you said "I never play top." That is probably a large factor as to why you got stomped.
: Regarding Garen's Judgement Rework.
They've changed it. After 4 hits with the spins the target will now have a 25% armour reduction. Personally, as a G. Main, I don't think this change is effective either.
Squallsy (EUW)
: the q is not mediocre.... not only does it silence and give a speed boost, it gives an auto attack reset!
I was talking about damage. "which *deal physical damage*, with the Q being fairly mediocre." And in terms of damage, it is rather mediocre, 130 (+40% AD). If I was talking about the skill as a whole, then yes, it's pretty decent.
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: You are not entitled to a "big leash"
You're right they're not entitled to it. But if they ask for one, I'm assuming it's nice just to help them out (depending on how they asked) For example, I ask for a hard-leash on red buff and I do it smiteless, so I can go to their blue, smite it away from them and kill them for first blood. (hooray for team gold).
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