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: > [{quoted}](name=TheMoralSupport,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=yyjgAUta,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-03-19T22:17:56.986+0000) > > TYSM! I'm sorry, but I edited my original post. You should give that a read again, just in case.
The Febos (EUW)
: I'm not spanish, but my language is very similar (portuguese). From a translation stand-point, it looks about right. The senteces are properly written. I just can't say if every word is correctly translated or not. As a portuguese I was able to understand everything in the text. Just some remarks: "pero los casados será más raro en Suecia" - The previous sentence, "Podemos encantar ", is not in the same tense, so you shouldn't use "future" there. "pero los casados son más raras" should be better. "Muchos gente divorciarse hoy" - I think you should use "mucha" instead of "muchos", but I may be wrong. "Una matrimonios" - "matrimonios" should be singular and masculine, so "Un matrimonio" should be better. "pero el mayoría casar" - you should use "pero el mayoría se casa" Those are the ones I could find. ######Side-note: I think google translate can differentiate some words, like "mucha" and "mucho", since they mean the same in english. Same as "una" and "un". If you translate "Un persona" it means the same as "Una persona", but the latter is the correct one.
Viavarian (EUW)
: Meddler said there would likely be Lissandra buffs in the next patch.
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: Getting an S with support...
As you probably know, the grading system takes other players performance into account when grading your own. I don't want this to come across as rude, but 2/0/17 isn't "amazing" for the regular Janna (which you can tell by the grade you actually got). As a fellow Janna player i understand your struggle, I once went 1/3/32 or something like that and got an a, just like you. Just keep playing and improving and you will reach that S in no time {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Gonsalves (EUW)
: Let me tell you something mate , i guess your in one of the lower divisions(because of your statement). i used to think yasuo was a champion to op to play against , someone who always has the upper hand. well , i decided to put some effort into learning what makes him op , rather then going on a rant about how useless and how not fun he is, i played him to understand what made him op and it wasn't easy, i had to play him many times till i earned about 70k on him. now , i dont rant and talk bull. i know how to take him on , his weaknesses and when not to go against him. you see , playing this game isnt easy , you learn stuff not by ranting but by experience. so take of your bronze glasses and put on an open minded one which allows you to learn rather then curl up into a ball and cry . Your attitude toward this message should tell you were you stand on the scale of learning, and plain utter stupidity. Hope this helps you improve your learning and understanding of the game .
This rant wasn't intended to present him as an op champion, he surely isn't. Especially when you counter pick against him. ({{champion:127}} ) I just wanted to point out that his kit is really infuriating to play against and it can feel unfair or just unfun in certain scenarios.
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: > [{quoted}](name=TheMoralSupport,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=XvEz9EUH,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2017-02-21T22:34:23.624+0000) > > Well the misstake most movies based on video games do is that they try to include everything in such a small period. I''d like to see a movie about how Camille assassinated the Baron in Zaun, or a movie about the murder of Shens father. Or maybe the story about Vayne's family, or the cluster%%%% of Azirs return and the void corrupting the shuriman dessert! There could even be a prequel with the yordles in bundle city! It would be so cool. So I'd like to see a movie that took place in Runeterra, but only a specific event. They could even make multiple in the future! One from Piltover/Zaun with tons of references to the Champs that originate from there, a movie about the dispute between Demacia and Noxus, and the Invasion of Ionia. RIOT WE NEED THIS NOW The issue is those would better fit animated shorts and not real movies, for an animated short I'm all up a full on movie not.
Or maybe like short-movies? Like a 15 minute thing. On the other hand I think a movie would be really cool since it gives us an insight in the world of Runeterra. We have never really gotten a 3d, cinematic atmosphere to work with regarding Cities like Piltover, Shurima or places like the shadow iles and Ionia. Imagine a movie set in demacia with blue/gold and silver guards patrolling the streets and children playing on the white brick streets. The first thing that comes to my mind is a gloomy shot of Demacia, a rainy night. Lightning strikes n shit. It shows a baby Vayne being taken care of by her mother, but then they dissapear, and the movie resolves around Vayne finding out what happened to her parents. She could visit other characters in the universe looking for help. You get the idea, I'm just really passionate about all this lol. I want it to happen, so much potential.
: Issue with a league movie is that there is very little to go on, if you for example look at wow, everything is connected in lore there, in league lore are just random bits and bobs.
Well the misstake most movies based on video games do is that they try to include everything in such a small period. I''d like to see a movie about how Camille assassinated the Baron in Zaun, or a movie about the murder of Shens father. Or maybe the story about Vayne's family, or the cluster%%%% of Azirs return and the void corrupting the shuriman dessert! There could even be a prequel with the yordles in bundle city! It would be so cool. So I'd like to see a movie that took place in Runeterra, but only a specific event. They could even make multiple in the future! One from Piltover/Zaun with tons of references to the Champs that originate from there, a movie about the dispute between Demacia and Noxus, and the Invasion of Ionia. RIOT WE NEED THIS NOW
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: [ NEW TEASER] Rise, my darlings. /// POSSIBLE ZYRA LEGENDARY SKIN!!!
Hope this skin fixes her ugly @ss walking animation
: Quarterback Bard
This Idea is amazing. Don''t have any digital drawing software available atm but I'll see if i can do a sketch {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Frimlixo13 (EUNE)
: Orianna Or Velkoz
Personally I think Orianna players are more badass, heh. She's pretty basic to pick up but an experienced player can really shine on the rift. Oh and the sombrero or whatever is called is amazing (ult flash).
: Bulgarian Language
I can find it quite frustrating if for example i'm playing ranked and all of a sudden half the team starts to write in spanish. Since I don't really speak spanish I find it kinda irritating to not knowing what their gameplans, ideas and whatnot the'yre typing out. As a native swede I know it's a good feeling when u find someone who shares the same first-language as you do, but in a competitive game like League I think the chat should be restricted to english. Just a personal preference (from someone who's bilingual).
Lotec 3 (EUW)
: free support coaching
Uh, guess ill have to download or somthing along those lines? I'm a Bard main who finished last season in the depths of silver 2 (reminder why you don't play ranked with friends). My normal mmr is quite high at and I've got pretty good game knowledge over all. No idea why I wrote this but I'll add you if you're up {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Circe (EUNE)
: Leona portrait
Love the authentic portrait look! Would be really cool if you accentuated the cold light from the right to give the piece some contrast, so you won't get lost in all the warm hues. Really into the distinguishing facial features as well, together with the bold lines. Would love to see a Lissandra portrait, she has one of my favourite character designs in the entire game!
Doubt we will get another mounted champion any time soon since Kled is pretty new, and riot tries to drift away from the generic stereotypes to create unique characters instead. A standard human knight seems kinda lame hehe
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Morgana spellvamp useless? You do know a morganas full combo in lane or jungle fights at lategame can heal close to 2k hp? That without any healing enchancements like spirit visage. It's one of the most underestimated passives and it's what makes midlane morgana both safe and strong. As for's vital for her mana management unless you go scaling build
Didnt say it was useless.. Just boring and unoriginal
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: Rengar and Katarina were gameplay updates (they changed their existing kits). Warwick on the other hand, was a full rework/VGU. When it comes to VGU's, they're essentially what Riot would do if they had the opportunity to completely redesign a champion from scratch. VGU's tend to change everything about a champion. For all intents and purposes VGU are pretty much new champions. Warwick desperately needed his rework. I used to main Warwick on my old account (RIP) and I can definitely say his kit was incredibly binary. All he did was power farm until level 6 and ult the a squishy every minute or so. He had no purpose aside from that.
With every VGU Riot tries to keep similarities in the gameplay and how the champion "feels". For example the Yorick VGU, they still kept the gameplay element of having an annoying army of AI minions chipping away on you and having great split potential. They turned WW into a bruiser-esc assassin and loosing his consistent dmg in the process, he doesn't feel the same.
: I've seen a lot of people complaining that he doesn't feel the same and that he's lacking his old consistent dmg. Riot failed on keeping his old playstyle, no doubt. Sure his thematics are great and really enhanced, but that another story. And that was just an example on how Riot overdo their reworks. They also wanna rework {{champion:25}} and {{champion:10}} which I find extremely odd.
And what about the people who enjoyed the old WW? It's the same manner as when Rengar and Katarina were being reworked. People feared that they would loose their identifying gameplay, but Riot managed to solve it really well. WW, on the other hand, feels like a completely new champ, the only thing thats similar is the theme of being a bloodthirsty beast. The gameplay might as well could have been on a completely new champion. Anyways, how did this become a thread about WW? This is about unnecessary reworks to already-great champs.
: Warwick is still extremely simple at his core, but now has a solid foundation for skill cap as well. Why is that a problem? Some champions are outdated in a way that makes them impossible to enjoy or even play in today's game, with all these broken jack of all trades Old WW was a complete liability. Current Urgot is nearly the same case. Ashe was updated successfully without sacrificing what made her feel old-school in a good way, but she had parts in her kit that made her different from the aforementioned two. Tryndamere's design isn't inherently bad, he's just vastly different from nearly every other champion of the same sub-class. Amumu is someone who should be reasonably easy to rework with some slight quality of life changes and options added here and there. Lastly, you can't argue that the reworks were extremely successful in highlighting the champions' thematics and personality.
Just because a champion isn't enjoyable to you doesn't mean nobody likes them. I see no point in reworking champs like Fiddle, Trynda and Morgana when they have perfectly fine kits with a unique place in the roster. I feel like Riot is being to ambitious with the entire "Let's make everything super-extra so people play the champ" mentality. People still play these champs, to differ from Urgot and Galio for example who really is in need of an update. I'm all for quality of life changes and small improvements to champs. But entire VGR's aren't always the best solution and I feel like Riot often jumps straight to that conclusion.
: Honestly, who thinks the old WW was better? And who thinks the new WW is overly complex?
I've seen a lot of people complaining that he doesn't feel the same and that he's lacking his old consistent dmg. Riot failed on keeping his old playstyle, no doubt. Sure his thematics are great and really enhanced, but that another story. And that was just an example on how Riot overdo their reworks. They also wanna rework {{champion:25}} and {{champion:10}} which I find extremely odd.
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: Question about Gnar!
Fur for sure, its too thick to be leaves
Vajrajina (EUW)
: How important is the story of League of Legends for the sake of enjoying the game itself?
LORE IS AMAZING! Lore really makes a game feel "Full" if that makes sense. A well fleshed out lore really shines through in the characters of the game. For the people like me who enjoys reading the masterpieces riot publishes, it really makes the game more enjoyable knowing that you're not only playing some random animation with flashy abilities, but a character. A character with a personality, feelings and all that kind of shait. So yeah... Lore is amazing. Take Riot as an example? Or Blizzard. Overwatch became such a huge success because of the lore it provided with every single character and map. It makes the entire experience have a meaning. I like to think of it as if you were in a movie, It's not just an objective on a map, it's a mission in a universe. Lore contributes to the experience of really good gameplay, although its not necessary, it's incredibly fun and really reflects on the gameplay. Like I mentioned, you're not just some random animation running around in some random simulated world, you're an individual with motives, and a personality. After reading this back I realized how cheesy this sounds.. lol, but I can't tell you it enough times. Backstory and lore is essential for a long lasting great game. It keeps the conversation going and together with refreshing gameplay, it can make a game last a century. This turned out so long.. lol mb
: All champions divided by lanes and faction
This has made me realize that we REALLY need a Shuriman support!
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: Champion Suggestion: Kenna, the Wrath of the Past
Such a breathtaking story, incredibly well written.
: Cant blame them tho for it, the boards isnt a place where you can rely on balance xD. I have seen someone demanding viktor ult buff when he was one of the best mids, one post about a guy saying that zed after the assassin update was clearly stronger, 70% post since the begining of lol to complain about the balance of a flashy champ who usually isnt even that problematic in higher elos, first zed, now yasuo, (and after yasuo gets finnaly guted i wonder who will be the next target of the boards)
Have you read the post?.. Like I've mentioned multiple times it isn't about balancing issues, I just used the reoccurring Yasuo posts as an example...
spindahes (EUNE)
: Ziggs Or Lissandra?
That's a harsh decision! as someone who's played both tremendous amounts I'd have to say Ziggs, but get Liss as well.. lol
Rismosch (EUW)
: The meaning of META
I hear ya, ofc the META is always going to exist, I personally find it interesting to follow the META throughout the patches and see how it evolves. But atm it feels like these said "META picks" are extremely dominant. Almost to the point where you're putting yourself at a huge disadvantage by playing something outside the META box. That's why people are complaining about the anti-fun aspect of league right now. What's the fun if you can't play champions that you enjoy because you will get straight up demolished.
: I unfortunately can't give a super satisfactory answer here - as the answer you're expecting isn't feasible right now. Ideally, we'd have the right people with the right information replying to every thread. However there's many barriers to that, including: - Different Rioters work in different teams. I can comment on Yasuo balance from my personal perspective, but you probably don't care about a Gold V NOC Tech's thought on Yasuo balance. You want an official answer from someone who makes those decisions, who isn't me. - "Get that person to post here then" - this one has two issues. Time constraints, and regional constraints. First, answering all these threads would mean that literally nothing that people are meant to work on gets worked on - if the balance team spent their day talking about balance, the actual work wouldn't be done. Adding to that, here in Europe the majority of Rioters work on Operational and Regional things - as opposed to core gameplay and balancing. The majority of that development is handled in the LA office, so chances of the EU Rioters being able to answer your question with authority are slim. I know that sucks to hear, but I'm just being honest. - A lot of the threads on the boards are pretty QQ. This leaves us in a place where it's pretty difficult to answer - most Rioters post on boards in their spare time between or even outside of their work hours, and there's only so many QQ threads we can answer without feeling pretty tired out. I make an effort to answer what I can, however the majority of my knowledge is technical - IE: client and local issues. My answer to questions on balance direction are entirely useless here. That doesn't mean we don't listen, however. If I can positively acknowledge an issue (Such as here, where you point out Yasuo and I know a statement has been made about that recently) - I can point you to it and respond. If I see a large amount of players complaining about a certain thing, I'll often poke the teams responsible for it internally and ask about it. I can't necessarily give info on that, but I can at least point it to the right team. The final issue comes down to perception - You see threads complaining about a certain thing, and it's assumed as an authoritative issue. From our end, we see things a little wider (as the boards community is a small, but vocal, percentage of overall players) - so we have to take all those factors into account. Edit: I lied about that one being final :-( Another thing we often have to contend with is our personal thoughts being misconstrued or quoted elsewhere as "Riot says..." - which means we have to be pretty careful what we say/post. I've had a few cases where what I've said and stated as opinion, was taken onto other platforms as "Riot says that..." which was never my intention. It made me feel pretty bad because I was not the person who could say that, and it was just my own thoughts (A random example would be me posting 'Heck yeah! I think Yasuo is super OP and needs nerfed into the ground!') - this is taken out of context elsewhere and \#Feelsbadman. **tl;dr: Getting the right Rioter to answer your specific query is pretty difficult - we're always keeping an eye on things, but we don't answer unless we can say 100% or are the right person for the question**
Thanks for clearing this up:) I bet it's an enormous task to take care of a forum the size of the boards and I really appreciate that you took the time to be transparent about this. I feel like we finally got a straight up, black on white, answer to this question and hope this will prevent future controversies. Actual thanks.
BexXz (EUW)
: i would like you guys to respond more often in general here on the boards.. by the looks of it you care more about the reddit league page then your actual website right here. if lucky you respond on 2 topics a day here.
I totally agree, Eambo probably left this post to rot either way...
sander599 (EUW)
: Actually they do listen. Riot has stated that he is on the radar for patches after 7.1. Comments concerning game balance are most times on the NA boards, since all developers work at the Riot HQ in Los Angeles.
Read above "Like I said, this post doesn't necessarily have anything to do with Yasuo"
: Hi TheMoralSupport, I'm not sure which "lil' QnA' thing you're referring to, however the most recently communication was here: This was posted literally last month, just before the holidays. It mentions Yasuo specifically and plans on that front: > That means for patch 7.1 (the next patch we’re currently working, which will likely go out in early January) or 7.2 we’ll be looking at champs like Yasuo, Hecarim, Syndra, etc. We're currently on 6.24 - next patch will be 7.1, then 7.2 should include Yasuo changes specifically as mentioned here.
Yah, that's the"lil' QnA thing", or "Ask Riot", same thing.. lol. Anyways, It's a relief to see that you guys actually watches over what's going on over here, but the main concern that's on my mind was if you guys still pays attention on what's brought up here. _Like I said, this post doesn't necessarily have anything to do with Yasuo_. It was just an example of how you guys seem to have cut the connection with the community that used to exist on the boards. That's what I wanted confirmation on, not a lecture on something I can easily look up myself...
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VoidMastar (EUNE)
: as a yasuo main i agree on the knockup part but the shield is needed so he wouldnt get bursted when he initiates with his ult
Shouldn't that be a part of his "high risk high reward" playstyle? It's not like vi gets a shield every time she dives into a fight. There should be a penalty for bad timing, the shield is too forgiving. Whats the risk if you can easily get onto the target, burst them and then have a shield AND w to protect yourself. I think thats what causes the unhealthy presence of a Yasuo. For a melee type "bruiser" he's way to safe. Sure his base resistances are really low, but with his dmg as well as his assassin like attributes, he shouldn't be as safe as he currently is. Either scale it down by removing the ult shield or tone down the damage. Nothing fun with someone who can one shot you and you cant touch em *cough* reworked rengar *cough* tank meta
Genja007 (EUNE)
: It cant be balanced, always will some chaps scale better than others, they are unique.. Meta will always exist.. btw good morning u discover it :D
Ik the meta is always going to exist and it does make the game feel fresh after every patch:) But when the meta picks are so dominant that you're putting yourself at a clear disadvantage by picking other picks isn't very fun:(
: "New Year New Me" Giveaway! [Entries Closed]
Current 'Main' or favourite champion? {{champion:163}} I'm IN LOVE with her right now, such a fun kit, personality and gameplay dynamic from this obnoxious Shuriman. Why is this champion your main/favourite? Haven't felt a better feeling kit since I first picked up Bard. Tell me something better than surfing around the rift walling people of and displacing them. Her kit is beyond fun, so fluent and way too satisfying haha. Even if it's just you landing a combo, or when you dash into a fight launching rocks at the enemy backline. You have such a presence, which can be both good and bad... She's incredibly enjoyable atm. What champion do you want to win/try out? I'd love to try {{champion:136}} Why do you want to win/try out this champion? Is that even a question? This giant zoning tool of a star-dragon has such a unique playstyle and characteristics. I love champs that look effortless but actually takes some next level skill to be successful with. His roams and zoning potential, his gorgeous persona, the mesmerizing tail that floats through the air, what is there not to love about this beast of a champ. I'd love to get a chance to play him Eambo! You can be the spark that started my love for a potential main;)
The Febos (EUW)
: 20 champions every single game? 5 champions for each team + 3 bans for each team = 16 champions. Your number is kinda off.
"The same 20 champions" as in X of those 20 are guaranteed to be in every game you play.. It's an exaggeration lol
: {{champion:163}} Hi {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
hey bb;) Wanted to join the champion reward contest thingy.. But I think I got a bit carried away writing about Tali so i missed the deadline by 32 mins! Sigh.. guess ill keep playing Taliyah>:)
: Hmm? didn't hear of any buffs, do you have source?
Oh.. Didn't the reduced dmg on the Q's after the first one get increased by 20% from 40? So from 60% reduced dmg to 40%, on the rocks following the first one. Edit: Found em, although I apparently didn't read it through properly lol Taliyah Threaded Volley (Q) Damage increased to 70/95/120/145/170 from 60/80/100/120/140 AP ratio increased to 45% from 40% Subsequent hits on same unit now deal 60% reduced damage from 50%
: so you win all your laning phases ezpz with kata against non-bronze? and then teamfights when the enemy team has 5+ instances of hard cc on average. a good kata requires more skill than any kindred in my opinion. same as yasuo and zed.
As soon as u mentioned Yasuo and Zed you lost all credibility.. Did I ask about them? No.. Kata on the other hand, let's just say the rework didn't change much. Edit: good luck hitting skill-shot reliant cc on her with her dashes (predictable position but the timing is up the player as well as instant.)
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: katarina is challenging and fun to play. learning her right now. i bought kindred and played her like one time. couldn't be assed to pick her up ever again, always trade her in aram.
Hah.. {{champion:55}} challenging.. Good one, if u actually wanna play something challenging and impressive, try to reliably climb with Kindred. Good Kindreds are really admirable and it actually takes some brain to play her, in comparison to other named champs *cough*
lachonii (EUW)
: Poll : What Yasuo mains are going to play after the nerf?
{{champion:164}} ofc.. Going from one unhealthy champ to the next
: I like 2017 so far, what about you?
Ah, love Tali atm. So fun with all the Camilles/Yasuo's dashing around the place, plus shes getting a buff >:)
: {{champion:24}} The Grandmaster {{champion:157}} The Unforgiven {{champion:34}} The Bird The Steel shaodw. She works from behind the scenes. She literally and metaphorically is steel (She's a robot and not very compassionate) The grey lady? She a lady n grey Such wow
Well first of all it's {{champion:34}} The Cryophoenix, had to look it up tbh.. But that's not my point. I'm all about champion titles that are straight forward and gets the message across, but Camille's is just unoriginal. Hence why I mentioned 3 other "assassin type" characters that all shared the same kind of title. It doesn't give them justice. Riot want's to make every character feel special, but you could literally mix Zed, Talon, (Akali) and Camille's titles without knowing. Sure she's a cybernetic assassin, but that simple of a title barely scratches her surface. Its bland and unoriginal.
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