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ClockTime (EUNE)
: Okay, but they deal 10% of the original damage, since they are mini.
Oi, just because they're small doesn't mean they're weak {{champion:17}}
ClockTime (EUNE)
: Nidalee should lose her ability to use basic attacks or Q (in human form) after she uses her spear due to a basic attack or Q in human form. She can buy new javelin at the store for 100 gold.
Who knows, maybe she has a lil stash of mini spears under that skirt {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: If u can engage with janna q the other team has a serious problem...
Silver potatoes, tbh I think they attract to the nados lol
: Aram nerfs maybe?
*Lux in aram* I still have nightmares
: Janna Tooltip
I just ping if i wanna engage of of a nado, although an indicator for allies wouldn't hurt.
: Aint gonna lie... Yasuo face looks weird af ._. But he looks like he is charging his Ki xD
Looks like he's about to take a real good dump
: At least tell me that ur a girl so i don't have to be worried about humanity even further
: Zyra, Braum on the far left, Vel´Koz, Ziggs and Skarner.
Wow you got Zyra, I'm actually really impressed lol {{champion:150}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:115}} {{summoner:35}} {{summoner:35}} {{summoner:35}}
: {{champion:127}} , {{champion:268}} and {{champion:432}} are pretty easy to identify. Theres also a figure that could be {{champion:61}} , but im not quite sure. I cant draw for the life of me, but here's a (really dumb and obvious) riddle-ish thingy if you feel like figuring out my main: As from night breaks forth the dawn a warrior emerges from the haze of battle with the shadow's spawn. Her visage fierce, determination fiery in her gaze a challenge's shouted at her foe. Into darksome morn her words were hurled, a wretched cry of old, unspeakable woe, filled with mem'ries of a time before the world was through their fight asunder wrought. And as her lament carried out across the plain once more her power forth she brought so that at last may chaos' son be slain.
First of all, i salute you for writing something this immersive with only such few sentences. ANYWAYS. "What's broken can be reforged"
Zantonny (EUW)
: Gnar Taliya, Amumu, Azir, Lissandra, Lee Sin, Orrianna Rammus That's all I got. Some of them are a bit of a push, as clearly it's not all finished. But the Taliyah, Lissandra and Azir look good!
Hehe that was kinda the point! You're almost there! {{champion:150}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:61}} {{summoner:35}} {{summoner:35}} {{summoner:35}} {{summoner:35}} {{summoner:35}} {{summoner:35}}
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Minstrel (EUNE)
: I main support, and what I do is pick up most supportive characters in other lanes too, it feels natural. Of course you have to learn the intricacies of lane management and so on, but it's easier if you do it while having a familiar playstyle. I also think that macromanagement is one of my strengths, so I avoid champions with complex mechanics and focus more on affecting the flow of the game. For example, I'll pick Shen top and focus on trading even with the enemy and ulting when I have to help. Ivern, Zac or Nautilus jungle for that crowd control and tankiness, helping allies without needing to commit to assassin-y playstyles. For mid, I like Twisted Fate to focus on global map pressure. Other than that, Galio is a great anti-AP supportive champion. As an adc, I'll either go Sivir and focus on map pressure, or Kalista, if I think my support can pull its own weight. There are other champions I may occasionally choose, but the norm is supportive champions even for non-supportive roles.
You took the words out of my mouth. I really love the feeling of saving your teammate or just help them out in general, so I've always drifted towards support-like champions and control mages. I started playing Orianna mid lane, and although to varied success, I feel like champions that can provide some sort of supportive attributes. I feel like finding another role really depends on what type of support player you are as well. Do you enjoy engaging with a Leona or Braum, zone people away with someone like Zyra or peel with Janna and Lulu. Like OP said "There are other champions I may occasionally choose, but the norm is supportive champions even for non-supportive roles". If you like to engage try something like Lissandra (Personal favourite, but off-meta), if you like to harass your enemies from far ways away, try ZIggs or Vel´koz. It's important to find champions that suit your playstyle that also can be played in roles other than support. Look for what you like in a champion, what you like to do and what you excel at.
: No problem dude, I stand by a lot of what I said, but Altiverse is a Bard main. I'll admit I am not, so his info is probably more accurate to be honest :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Maybe it's my potato elo, but coming from someone with 300k points with Bard, I feel like Bard is EXTREMELY present in the early game and especially in lane. Correct Q+aa+thunderlord trades will easily force the enemy out of lane and his stun can easily be used to punish poor positioning. Although I feel like you have great points that really covers both of their individual strengths and weaknesses, but personally I feel like Bard has a higher skill ceiling whereas an experienced Bard player might have the upper hand in the matchup. Yet again, my elo is pretty shit so what do I know{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Minstrel (EUNE)
: Possibly, but I know enough easy supports already. I'm more of a jack of all trades, master of none kind of player. I'd like to know mostly all of them at a decent level ^_^
I'd have to agree, Bard will always be my go to pick when I need to solo carry, but whenever I'm duo-queuing or simply feel like playing more passively, I tend to reach for Janna. I play both, even Braum if the circumstances are good. Bard is really versatile, but he can't peel for our fed Twitch the same way that Janna can, or soak up damage the way Braum can. Oh and well-written comment I must say.
: what dos composition mean :D
Ehm, like the position of everything and how it complements each other. There's this thing in arts called line of action (gesture line) that subconsciously leads the eye to a specific focus point... Basically it's how the artist chooses to position and place everything to make it more appealing. Anyhow, this is really cute.
: Zephyr holding Zephyr
I love this! It's so precious lol. Btw idk if it was intended but the composition is stunning.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Imagine a WoW style wold but Runeterra, with the different cities n stuff, omg. It would be amazing.
Ik it's far from the core of league, but what if you were to create a kinda generic unique character and bosses/ quests would include champions. You would be able to choose "races" depending on starting city/area. Freljord, Piltover/Zaun, Demacia, Ionia etc.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: I upvote, but there's a big difference between MOBAs and MMOs. I would loooove a LoL based MMO by Riot with similar playstyles and mechanics.
Imagine a WoW style wold but Runeterra, with the different cities n stuff, omg. It would be amazing.
ZadyKuro (EUW)
: I'v added my final idea to this now if you'd like to see it :)
Amazing! I'd really appreciate it.
: Results from a day of cs training
: Is it possible to play support in ranked? Hi, I'm "supporting" Lol srsly though, I've got like a 75% winrate with Bard in ranked. Anybody can carry as supp as long as you're proactive and always make yourself useful. Oh and sheen rush on Bard is OP af
TTekkers (EUW)
: I gotta say, I think we just disagree on what the core function of the 2 skills is. To me, Yasuo's is more aggressive since it forces squishy ranged champs to get closer to Yasuo where they can be killed by him, or sacrifice damage dealing by walking around it. Azir's wall is primarily defensive since it pushes big melee champs that Azir can't deal with away from him, and creates an impassable barrier for them. This is part of what make league so good in my opinion, 2 skills that are so similar in that they both create a barrier for a length of time forcing the enemy team to change what they were doing have such different core functions in fights - and that core function of the skill relative to the rest of the champion's kits is where I disagree with you.
I can't argue with that, or both of those aspects of the abilities. But in teamfights, they affect everyone, not just the caster. That's the problem, and also the similarity.
Alex3995 (EUW)
: i would shorten it even further arguaing that it shouldnt be a wall but a tool to react and mitigate skillshots that are an imidiet threat rather than a complete zoning tool. down to 0.2/0.3/0.4/0.5/0.75 seconds but in return lower the cooldown from 26 / 24 / 22 / 20 / 18 to 10/9/8/7/6. so its more of a "ha i blocked that" rather than "hurr durr i have wall"
Yeah that was my initial thought, like make the ability actually require some precise thinking. But Riot would never do that:(
TTekkers (EUW)
: I did read your post, and most comments. All I could really glean is that your favourite answer to someone who disagrees with you is _"read pls and have some fries with that snarky bullshit"_. You are correct that they are both barriers, but they serve different purposes, Yasuo's wall blocks projectiles, preventing him from getting poked and forcing people to get in closer in order to do their damage. Azir's wall shoves enemies away from and provides a barrier that the enemy have to go around, and provides a safe area for Azir to deal damage from, which combined with Azir's kit was a little bit obnoxious, before you get into Shurima Shuffling engages.
I'm just to people jumping to conclusions. I never mentioned the knockback effect on Azir's wall in my statement, it's irrelevant. I'm talking about the mechanic that is creating a small barrier that interrupts the flow of the game. I totally agree on you that it was the right decision to nerf the duration. I'm just annoyed that Riot claimed that it was a clunky mechanic yet they kept the duration on Yas' wind wall. They might serve different purposes but their core is very much alike, as I've stated already.
Kouèn (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheMoralSupport,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=07NjRsKK,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2017-05-17T21:40:52.285+0000) > > > > Hi there... He has a 52,65% win rate and a 8,27% play rate, that's busted. No it's not lol. Wanna know what's busted? Lucian having the highest play rate in the game (48% or some shit), and having over 54% winrate.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Last champion you played as is the assassin trying to kill you
: Please add a reverse spacebar
This is a really interesting post, and a great point!
: NERF {{champion:34}} ?
The thing with Azir and Yasuo is that they already have great survivability with their mobility and decently reliable damage. An immobile and slow champion like Anivia really relies on her wall to make up for her flaws.
TTekkers (EUW)
: Azir's R is terrain, it literally stops champions, but projectiles still go through it. Yasuo's W stops projectiles, you can still walk through it. That's the difference you are ignoring. They are completely different types of walls. The two abilities are absolutely not comparable.
"Note: They both have their own aspects that makes them differ from one other but the thing I wanted to point out is the fact that they both create an obstacle that somehow must be taken into consideration whilst playing against it." People really love to jump to conclusions without thinking things through, or checking twice... Guess that's why Trump is president. Read the post before commenting.
: Wind Wall is imo fine, it just requires thinking around it, and not throwing, i.e, Seju ult into Yasuo.
I mean it's a cool ability, although it's not really interactive, I'd just lower the duration by 1.75 sec so it would only stay up for 2 sec.
: well.. a 3 second wall you can't pass through and can push a entire frontline away from a backline when played well vs a 3,75 second wall that only blocks projectile abilities.
What does the knockback have to do with anything? That's not what they targeted, they targeted the duration of Emperor's Divide. Which has nothing to do with it's displacement
: The reason for the nerf was because it was a strength on azir which was causing more harm than the rest of his strengths thus when looking for a strength to strip away this was the obvious choice. This doesn't mean these skills are unhealthy... not in the slightest... but azir was the best mid lane pusher, tower killer, peeler, dps, picker, zone control, defender, poke and lane bully all at he same time... he has literally everything that all the other mid laners have which made him extremely toxic and resulted in him strangling out champion diversity. Out of all of these strengths the ones caused by the wall lasting that long where the least vital to him and where strong enough to have the desired effect. Yasuo literally has none of that... none what so ever, he has always struggled to fit into the meta so strangling out the diversity just isn't gonna happen with him... And it most certainly won't be because he is too general cause he really isn't... So needlessly nerfing his wall because a) a similar ability was nerfed for a completely different reason and b) because people struggle to use the counter play isn't a good idea. And yasuo's wall has more in common with the defensive abilities of the rest of his class than it does with azir ult... And it is consistent with the strength of these abilities as well thus it's fine.
I don't feel like I need to quote my post again but you clearly can't seem to get this into your head. Yes, Azir had an overloaded kit, everybody knows that and everybody (hopefully) have accepted that. There's no need in listing everything he had going for him, you could do that with any champ and make them sound op. Yasuo has one of the highest movement speeds, the highest auto attack range for a melee champion, no resources, burst, poke, AOE, on hit, a knock up, self peel, shields, a suspend, getting double the worth out of crit items AKA getting free gold for doing nothing, 50% free armour pen and multiple dashes that scales with ms. Back to the actual topic, even I'm drifting away from what I wrote now.. lol. Anyways, Riot even explained that the reason why they nerfed the duration of Emperor's divide was because it made teamfights feel clunky since you have this giant obstacle in the way. It was an amazing zoning tool, not only for Azir but for his entire team. I'll say it one last time, that. is. the. problem. Like I wrote in my post (which I'm questioning if you've even read at this point) I clearly stated that they have different points of departure. They are two completely different champions with different roles. Yet they each have an ability that basically have the same principle as the other. It has nothing to do with the rests of their kits, it's about the fact that Azir got punished for the impact of the ability because it didn't fit the way Riot's intention with the game, yet Yasuo can have the same annoying, frustrating and simply unhealthy mechanic. I wouldn't mind the wind wall if it didn't last a solid 4 seconds. Especially since it's a basic ability that doesn't cost any resources. Period.
: Azir's wall got nerfed because azir had too many strengths resulting in him strangling out the viability of the mid lane when ever he was marginally strong so riot was stripping away from of his strengths, starting with this and his tower killing. So it's not hypocritical... azir was nerfed for a very specific reason... a reason yasuo doesn't share in the slightest.
"Maybe you can justify it by saying that Azir excelled at too much, and therefor having such an impactful zoning tool made him overloaded." You really skimmed it through huh? No need to point out the obvious... And the entire concept of a blockage disabling certain actions/abilities (dashes in Azir's case and projectiles in Yasuo's) is very much an unhealthy mechanic that got nerfed at one end on the table whilst Riot left the other half untouched. Their reasoning behind the duration nerf, besides the rest of Azir's kit, was because it simply an annoyance in primarily teamfights.
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: Yeah that's the worst part. Their hex seems so more efficient than my zhonya that puts me behind..
Yet again, AP items are extremely underwhelming compared to their AD counterparts and AD items in general. Not to mention the lack of AP items in the game.
DabThe2Key (EUNE)
: > his win rate is high these times There are so many players playing him that total winrate is actually around 50% (±0.5%). But does Yasuo need a fix? Of course he does, he always did and will until they do something about him. Hi there... He has a 52,65% win rate and a 8,27% play rate, that's busted.
: Aside from that, the windwall. It has such a huge hitbox, negates all skillshots for way too long for a basic spell.
They lowered the duration of Azir's wall because it was an interference in teamfights, yet Yasuo can have a BASIC spell that creates a huge blockage for any projectile for almost 4 sec! I'd make it cost flow as well, together with his 3rd q. Giving him some sort of resource management actually makes playing against him more interactive.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: wait what? OMG, i just checked and he actually does that too: > Active: Yasuo blinks to the Sight icon visible Airborne icon airborne enemy champion nearest the cursor,** instantly generating 100 Flow **stacks but resetting Steel Tempest.png Steel Tempest's. Upon arrival, he Stun icon suspends all nearby Airborne icon airborne enemies for 1 second, dealing physical damage. i would like to mention, that i don't think i mind it, because his ult does quite often put him in a bad position and geting shield back up does make snese there, but this does explain some situations where i assumed i could kill him he ulted and at that moment he "luckily" also got his shield back up. makes me realise he has alot of hidden power that creates those frustrating situations.
I think it would add another element to all the brainless, Yasuo snowballs. Removing the shield would make you think twice before diving into the backline with your ulti. Since he's so slippery and has so much self peel, I feel like removing the ult shield reset would make total sense!
: What are you?12?
: Story and Art contest - Xayah & Rakan! [Closed]
Won't be able to finish my short story due to finals :( It makes me really sad but I'm still looking forward to all of the amazing entries. Thanks for hosting this and it would be amazing if you guys could do something similar in the future (maybe not around exam-season lol). Thanks a ton, really. These sort of events really brings the community together and we get to show our creativeness. Thanks. Here's my unfinished entry: VASTAYAN BLOOD Droplets, tiny little droplets slowly making their way down the crescent-shaped leaves. The gentle rays of moonlight gracefully pierced through the leafy canopy above. It was a gloomy night in the Ionian forests as eerie winds rustled through the crimson leaves. Soon, the picturesque villages along the mountainside would fuse with the darkness of the night, one by one. One light after another. The younglings would be tucked up under their woolen sheets with a firm grip around their figurines. Pesky humans... Praising their beloved warriors who’ve butchered these woods for centuries, scavenging the very essence of Ionia. The kin that once ruled the native lands will soon triumph, they will fight the shadow warriors and finally reconvene as one. The droplets kept making their way through the dense grove. In a matter of time, the Kiilash would begin their hunt searching for prestigious trophies to hang from their bonetooth necklaces. Now however, there were nothing but silence. Silence louder than the most ferocious of screams. Silence, only interrupted by the droplets. By the end of the night, the drops would no longer create a reflection in the damp soil. They would no longer patter against the village roofs. Instead, the drops would pool in a puddle of agony and despair, a pool crimson as the crescent-shaped leaves and eerie as the winds. Droplets of blood. Feathers coated in blood. The downfall stopped at last. The forest was finally resting, or so I thought. Out of nowhere a merciless cry broke the silence. I’d never heard anything like it, it was primal, almost outworldly. I turned around and gave him a determined glance, his ice-blue eyes sparkled in the moonlight, curious as always. “We need to move, now”. He looked concerned, yet he knew that this wasn’t the time to quibble. I leapt to another branch, he followed right behind, both without a sound. In the distance, I managed to spot a source of light although I couldn’t make out what it was. I felt a shiver down my spine, the fur on my back rose against the rough fabric. “An element of surprise goes a long way” he said as he carried his fingers through his silver locks. We made our way across the treetops until we finally reached the light. It was a campsite as I anticipated, two khaki-colored tents and a flickering campfire. The blazing light casted long shadows behind the slender trunks. The smell of sulfur filled the brisk air. “Noxians” I said. The campsite was in ruins, torn bags and... *The following is my notes regarding the continuation* The only thing still intact was the tent right in front of the fire. At the entrance I could identify a couple of silhouettes. Three, four, maybe five men were guarding the entrance of the tent. Rakan is the bait. Xayah jumps into the tent, finds a pregnant mother stabbed in her stomach. Id never felt such__ towards a _____. Lilac feathers_ Xayah walks into the tent, looking at the pregnant woman's wound, Run she said. Without a __ to react I felt how the cold steel cleaved my side.____ Dirty monster__. I felt the warmth of his hands. Light, I felt his lingering finger tips caressing the bloody wound. Rakan.
: I am not taking an offense, I am asking questions. I dealt with a lot of ppl already who got took their "knowledge" from tv shows already. Apologies if that doesnt apply to you. Also, we (aka EUW) doesnt only have hardwood floors. Tiles, carpet and plastic floors are common too. Taking shoes off imo mainly has to do with feet comfort and avoiding to carry dirt into houses.
Oh mb, didn't specify, was talking about Scandinavia regarding the floors.
Eveninn (EUW)
: In austria it's considered formality, but a few households care a lot less about it than others. (And well, noone does in (more or less)puplic buildings like restaurants or even facilities for courses.) There actually seem to be a lot of weird expections when thinking about it. :o
Ikr, it's such a strange though that these subliminal actions have such a big social impact. Oh, and we don't take our shoes of in public spaces if it isn't specified lol, I think it has become more of a question about cleanliness. Since our weather on Scandinavia is complete shit.
: What kind of Americans do you know that keep their street shoes on in the house? If you only know them from TV shows, I got bad news for you and your assumptions...
No need to take offense. I've got quite a few friends from Arizona as well as Canada, most of them think it's strange that we take our shoes of indoors, and the fact that we've only got hard-wood floors lol. I just wanted to see what the Boards had to say about it.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Can't speak for American's, I'm Russian But they do take off their shoes when it matters. Yes their weather isn't that bad so most of the time a little dust doesn't hurt. What Europeans and Japanese alike have regarding their shoes is more of a cultural thing too.
Interesting, maybe it originates from some king of sign to show respect to the house owner.
Adama (EUW)
: I'm Dutch too and I am used to taking shoes off... maybe you just live in an uncivilized part of the Netherlands.
: Srls you find it weird to take your shoes off? And you find it rude? See what will happen if someone enter my home with his shoes on when ive just cleaned and he walks around with his dirty shoes walking where animals poop pee (and some ppl too), all those germs all around my floor all kick his out faster than he can feel it....
Did you even read the post... I find it weird that people don't take their shoes of.
: > mac players not being able to play, Wait you mean the issues I've been having have been happening to others...
Mac players with the renita screen had a special bug with the resolution which made 3/4th of the screen where black. It was really annoying haha.. and it lasted for a solid 4 days until it got fixed.
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