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Cooler39140 (EUNE)
: Actually managed to get to 7-5 in TFT
Why keep the fiora ? u don't have blademasters.
: So you're telling me in 7 games you climbed 35 lp? That's insane! Now you know how it feels like to be d4 in soloq :D
i know i'm pretty happy about that, but if i have a bad game (i really had bad luck with items, rerolls, matchups, ...) but -48LP is extreem, what do i get for 8th place ? (-55lp?)
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Cypherous (EUW)
: > For the last month(s), i lose -20 LP and when i win i only get + 16 / + 18LP Means your MMR is lower than where you're currently ranked, you need to consistently win more than 50% of your matches over a prolonged period of time in order to raise your MMR, once you reach equal losses/gains it means your MMR has caught up with where you're currently ranked
Thanks ! my win-rate is pretty low indeed (48% 183games) but i had a bad period (1-2 months ago) where i tried to play more top champs, (42% winrate) i need to focus on my main lane (60% win rate mid, but only 30 games :/ ) thanks, i think i see the problem
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: i get static shiv for the bonus dmg you get on your first hit and infinity for even more dmg on every crit. With 60% crit chance and bonus attack speed i also can fight bruisers if i play the fight well.
Yes but you won't survive long enough in teamfight... u might take out an adc's but it will mostly cost your own life, and in some situations u won't even Kill the adc, or midlaner, and then you left your team 4vs5 Try my build once you will see :) I keep fighting in teamfight and i'm pretty hard to kill, and still have massive damage
: 1: Deal with it, because it isn't going to get any better _(unless items get added or changed but even then other champs get way more use out of them than shaco)_ 2: Play a champ that scales really well per level so you can make use of a lead, Shaco gains 10 damage per level on his q and 0.75 stealth time, and 25 damage on his E per level. If you can land a Lee Sin Q, 40 damage per cast per level so 80 damage overall per level plus double the execute scaling on the second cast. _(per level as in points put into the ability)_ I also main Shaco and the sad truth is he is in a bad place right now, he works really well as a utility so you will find yourself winning a lot of games through objectives and smart play, but the end game stats wont look great. My advice would be to find a champ that has some tricks, something unique that gives them a lot of outplay potential, nothing top tier or broken because you wont get the same satisfaction from a champ that pretty much plays itself _(so anything released/reworked after Thresh release, except Azir and Sol)_
You just can't play shaco good enough ...
: The funny thing is, afterlosing 8 out of 10 games im not on a 6 game winstreak and back in g3 (might be because of my low MMR). But I also had no flaming teammates since then, i just started to be friendly to my teammates and compliment them on doing a god job instead of saying nothing all the time. I build like that: first back i get tiamat and if i dont have enough i just get 2 greatswords. After that i rush berserk and go for the wirst dragon if im lvl 6 at that time. Then i go for duskblade after that i go for trinity (trinity part order depends on the situation). Now i would go for static shiv, then infinity edge or ga and last item is the life steal hydra (gives me extra sustain and dmg in fights and also lets be to heal myself on minions or in the jungle really fast instead of backing).
Static shiv and trinity edge aren't that good on shaco the problem with your build is that u don't have any HP, except Trinity abit, i mostly have 3200 HP with shaco and still oneshot, and with sterak gage, (and sometimes the MAM) i don't die fast, also in Teamfight, that's also why i build titanic and no hydra
: The problem with my main :(
Shaco is my number 1 main, winrate in S8 of 57.5% (sometimes i play him support xd otherwise my WR would be 60-65% i guess) (15 min ago, i play shaco again, and i had 16/1/13, as only player on the team with a possive KDA, and those kind of scores i have ALOT!!!) Some tips! 1. Look at youtube video's of PRO's 2. Look at team composition, try to main 2-3 junglers, if that's your main role. (i also prefer Eve, cause i'm use to be sealth) 3. try this build, i play this often, works amazing (never upgrade jungle item on shaco, just buy machete) Rush for Tiamat > boots (mobility, or AD/MR) > Duskblade > trinity force > sterak gage > Upgrade Tiamat (i prefer titanic, sometimes i also take ravenous) > Last item free to chose depends on enemy team, MAM(against MR), last whisper(+upgrade), Guardian Angel, Essence Reaver (also OP!), deaths man's plate (against AD) chose between your last item or upgrade tiamat, ofteni upgrade tiamat as last AS RUNES, i go for Dark Harvest, or excecute Good luck! shaco is still Strong pick! but he's hard to master... Grtz "TheOtherClone" {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}}
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: It's discouraging returning after beeing afk for ~5 minutes. I wonder why this hasn't been in Ask Riot yet. It's been debated for a long time in the community.
indeed, i don't mind getting 0LP even for winning. but then i'm still have courage, to win that game for getting 0LP instead of losing LP Now i won't care anymore, why should i tryhard ?
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: Who is the best 1v1 champion in the game?
: Just another topic of toxicity
Afk's are a bigger problem...
Cypherous (EUW)
: > RIOT should make a note, or give information when u drop out of a division/rank... They do already give you a warning when you're close to dropping between divisions
So it means i can keep playing now with 0LP
: Im Leaving League of Legends
u will come back .. RIOT knows, we all know
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: The concept itself is promising. {{sticker:galio-happy}}
thanks :D I had a DREAM, ... no more AFK-games
: Great idea! But imagine, the person got “replaced” (the afk is filled in) but later the person who afks isnt afk anymore. Is the person who filled in kicked out?
Good question, i think there should be enough time. so the person who's afk can rejoin Riot will know more information, how much people come back and how long it takes. so they have like 4 minutes time, to come back ... Maybe Less maybe more and if they are to late ... well then they cannot rejoin the game.
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: >People who wanna be the hero, or wanna play a shorter game. Can join a (random) game, and take place of the afk. It is impossible for one reason: what about this person level and gold? Do we keep it the same as it was when player left? Then they will lose LP just because they were handicapped from the very beginning. Or are we going to give them a random number of exp and gold? But then, how can be sure that they would not get way less when playing from the start? I understand your frustration, and I agree that the current system is too friendly for people who AFK, but this idea will be very hard (or more probably impossible) to implement into the game.
1. u take his place, his gold his champ his level, ... 2. This idea is not for ranked system, just for normal games. In ranked there are less AFK's. 3. this is just a concept. i'm sure people or RIOT could on work on such system, i don't think it's that hard. as outsider, u just click on PLAY > PVP > "Fill In" and u enter a game in place of the afk. 4. Ofcourse riot could work on a better way, imagine the champ that was afk for 5 minutes, u get a bit Bonus exp, or some gold. so you're not TO FAR behind; But like i said. This need to be tested. But i don't think it's impossible such system
Blue009 (EUNE)
: First ever idea that is good on boards.
Thanks! I hope somebody of Riot reads this, but :/ i don't think so... Imagine :) No more Afk's (in Non ranked games)
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: > There is no way to get more LP for a win ? You can get more LP if your MMR is higher than your rank, you can achieve that by continue getting wins after promos. > because when i lose with a champ, even if it's my main champ like Shaco, > i think i lost cause he's not in the meta, then i try champs, that fits the meta well. but i kinda fail with them. Keep in mind that you that you are Gold 5 Shaco, Malzahar main if you switch to another champion you throw away everything that got you to that rank(or at least a lot of it) and have to start from scrach. > But u think, u can get into Gold1/platium5. with shaco, malzahar,... **wouldn't it be easier with meta champs ** It would be easier with meta champions if you knew how to play them, but you have to learn them and that's the problem. If a champion is Meta he's very likely to get nerfed soon and all your time invested will be wasted. It's better to stick with what you know than try to chase latest trends. I think chasing the Meta is what keeps players stuck in whatever they are stuck in. Also if someone did intend to climb by following the meta he would need massive amounts of games and you specifically don't seem to have that luxury.
: The answer is simple, you need to play more games :0) If you have a positive winrate, you will automatically gain more elo with time. Just keep playing.
Thanks, and the 0LP thing, would i directly drop out of gold, if i lose now ?
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Ranked and climbing IS hard, for most people just getting into the next league per season is already a lot of work done. > if i win i get like 21LP if i lose, i lose like 18LP, is that normal ? looks pretty normal. > Do i need to play with a teammate ? unnecessary > Aren't my champs the meta ? Doesn't matter > Do i need to play normal games first to get higher Elo so i get more LP ? no, if you want to climb seriously the majority of your games should be in ranked. Big issue i see is that you play way too many champions, you currently managed to try out 55 different champions. Try sticking more to your mains.
There is no way to get more LP for a win ? Yea i know :/ i try to play all lanes and all kind of champs, The biggest reason is, because when i lose with a champ, even if it's my main champ like Shaco, i think i lost cause he's not in the meta, then i try champs, that fits the meta well. but i kinda fail with them. But u think, u can get into Gold1/platium5. with shaco, malzahar,... wouldn't it be easier with meta champs
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Rift Crab (EUNE)
: Not at all. It's just a rare drop, and hextech chests are rare in itself as well. By rare I mean the way key fragments drop.
I have a bigger problem with the Keydrop, i have 7 chests waiting, i remember in the beginning of the hextech crafting, u could easly 2 keys fragments in a day. now it's like 1 Key Fragment each 2 days or even less.
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ImGere (EUW)
: Hextech Crafting drop rate
Gemstone is just a bait so u would spend money.
: Twisted treeline has actual lanes, jungle,objectives and most importantly isnt random. There will never be a ranked aram. Making a champ select nonrandom would mean its no longer aram(all random all mid).
i'm not talking about ranked aram, i'm talking about ranked howling abyss
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Rondö (EUW)
: How to solve problem: If someone didn't left fountain for first 3 min (no matter what the reason) - you can /remake Why not?
we couldn't remake, they said cause he didn't went disconnected for longer then 90 seconds, ( he never left fountain ) it's not a joke. i wrote a "ticket" to ask for support, and i get a reply. that the remake system doesn't work in that case. :/
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Mas17 (EUW)
: Before logging in you should have an option in the bottom right about launching the legacy client. It might take a second before showing up when you launch the client though. Otherwise, you can still launch the old client via "lol.launcher.exe" instead of "LeagueClient.exe" in the RiotGames\League of Legends folder.
: Hi, There you go, Hope it helped, (/RRPhantom\)
AtozoL (EUNE)
: Cant install new client
Don't install it, it's terrible
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Tarolock (EUW)
: and what if you get 5 squishy champ with mid/low range vs a team of lux/xerath/ezreal/jhin/nidalee? you can build anything you want theyll poke you to death from a safe distance
Yea ofcourse, there should be some small changes in general. it's also just an idea. i think it could be amazing
NightHunter (EUNE)
: Agreed with Tarolock. Aram depends on the champions you get and that's not good for a competitive queue.
ofcourse it would have some changes, like more rerolls, or u can select, fighter, tank,adc. or like "Special reroll, for example i reroll my champ for a random ADC, or random Tank" i'm not an aram god, but i have now 900 Aram wins Winning a game is really not just about the champions u get.
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