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: Normal draft
Will advice all new players to play bot until 30. normal is not for new players its just sad system
: Matchmaking
Normal draft
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Shukr4n (EUW)
: ok define to me "too many" about those 3 points listed.
i quit. have a nice day & have fun
Refôrmed (EUW)
: Why league of legends has gone to %%%%ing shit and %%%% you riot for pretending like the game is fin im done to
Shukr4n (EUW)
: > To many patches > to many changes to maps > to many reworks i fail to understand why these points are bad... anyway gl hf.
To many of everything is never good, sometimes things are as good and dont need a change, think about a house. people live in it but dont change the house every once or two months, maybe a bit but not the roof for example. sometimes things are just good the way they are
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Pyrosen (EUW)
: Well it is their game, why wouldn't they change something whenever they'd like to? MF was under performing, she's mediocre still lol
she was just fine, i've seen it happen before. buff + new skin = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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kokakola92 (EUNE)
: Please stop playing ranked if you're obsessed with personal problems
radetari (EUNE)
: Demoted to g4 from gold 2 again
i guess, its the system, it doing some weird stuff, have u being flaming to talking fast lately? i guess system detects that and puts u with worse people everytime u talk shiit more. or game have just change to more macro and teamworking state
Montazuma (EUW)
: What constitutes intentionally losing a game?
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: Why, because of the chain fear? Then you might as well remove every champion with hard CC from the mode.
remove him from all for one all im asking, its sad and not fair.
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: Goodbye,Riot Games
he's right! lets buy some ice cream! :)
Fang1 (EUW)
: Like, what am I supposed to say about this?
wow. best post of the day :) im happy now and i use ziggo..
nick453n (EUW)
: Ziggo Provider with League of Legends.
i use ziggo.. i have problems to all day.. im from NL.,..
Rittou (EUW)
: ASK4 Users having any connection issues?
im ziggo.. got major lags and connectin problems..
m00nIaser (EUW)
: Lagging, unstable servers AGAIN
i have the same problem here.. i have 17 ms on whats my ping.. so its not my problem.. but there.. fix please :( i lost 2 ranked already cause of this
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Ventom (EUNE)
: This is getting retarded
sounds good. then i can play Always support :)
: Why nobody play Mages?
I mostly play Lux & ahri, u should give them a try. get more mechanics and become a better player.. is all about mind tricks on mid. vs ad.
: My champion pool for solo que. Need some help from the experts ;)
The problem for me is, that i cant play a champion more then 5 games. i like the champ but easy get bored with cause. simple kit or i win 4-5 games with it. that's why i keep switching to keep my mind the tickle it needs. so from these post i can see people pick and play champion wich the like. not how they do in the meta.. a click.. ill go search for the champs i feel the click with. good reactions! thanks all off you
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: Someone is failing to understand the concept of a four letters word: F I L L
Maybe, i just dont want to have support all the time. i like other roles to. and i have a couple of games now support so i invited a main support to play with me now i get different roles offcourse. i know what u mean. but i dont want support every single game.
Luxray93 (EUW)
: I got a loss prevented in my promos but still got a loss is it supposed to work like this?
sad.. soure.. not fun :( i dont think so.. maybe contact support?
Shyr (EUW)
: Btw the lags happenned before the huge crash, there was a game I wasn't able to even connect to, and I didn't get a loss prevented :D.
That's soure man.. .realy.. :( not happy to hear that
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: i got lag and i cant reconet to game and i get ban and lost ranked
ur lost will be loss prevented.. i guess? mine did.
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Loss prevented.. :) nice!
yusuf1974 (EUW)
: cho gath`s Q wont ever hit ANYTHING
: Anyone else stuck in lower leagues after placements?
i still climb. got placed b3 after 9/10 wins. now Climbing olmost silver :) good luck fellow summoner! ( was silver 2. )
Sinarie (EUNE)
: Secondary role: support = ALWAYS support
Dont realy have a problem with this. im first = top and second = support mostly get top.
Flubby (EUW)
: yes a good measurements is when challenger is filled up again. That's when people will start getting back to their own ranks again.
Cause i it seems to be a problem and golds are in bronze.. not so fun.
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EmEx (EUW)
: yeah thats probly good idea but i think the system should tell people if they/you get muted otherwise they dont know why you dont anser them when they talk to you
that's totaly up to rito to make that ;) but sounds good.
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Rara K1 (EUNE)
i wish, there was hexakill again :) aram still fun, but i do fairly well with all my champs but not le blanc :P
EmEx (EUW)
: Why do people believe they know your champ better than you?
Just mute. like i do. Say GL & HF then mute everyone and put all chat off. then play your own game. thats why i win more games ;)
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Killermc2 (EUW)
: looking for some normal friendly people to play aram or normals with


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