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: Xayah already has so many new released skins. I'd like to see any other world ADC skin (Not Kai'sa too).
She has 4 skins , SSG , Cosmic , Star Guardian and Sweetheart. And the only good one is the Star guardian but its expensive as hell so i would enjoy another xayah skin :)
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Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: She is confirmed to be support so forget about playing her adc... Unless you play adc Kindred 🤣
So they could have said ranged support .. when i saw the roadmap i was like : Yeah finally a new adc. I mean they removed Graves what appears to be a long time ago to become a jungler , but i kinda miss him botlane. What i'm saying basically is that the matchups in botlane turn more towards ap champs or combo lanes since there are not many adc's, and with the changes they announced it seems like botlane will get even weaker.. So hopefully the marksman they announced in this roadmap will really be a true marksman , with his little balls and faith thing it looks like it's gonna be like a Zenyatta rip off from overwatch. And to be fair without having seen what Senna does it also seems like an overwatch rip off..
: Oh well, i'm a bit disappointed because i expected her to be an ally of {{champion:412}} and an enemy to {{champion:236}} (i expected her to come back because of {{champion:412}} turning her into a monster, or corrupting her, or something like that). But apparently that's not the case. Marksman support, eh? I guess she will have other quirk ways to scale off AD while limiting her solo potential, like in the case of {{champion:555}}.
Yeah that would have been nice actually. I hope not , i hope she can play adc with another supp . But hey Riot have been shredding the botlane to pieces since pyke might aswell continue
: Senna (?)
Marksman Support , like really , what the heck, give us an adc already , champion pool is so small.
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