crfs (EUW)
: I normaly stay 10 min with him on bot if he his bad or unskilled i left him 1v2
And if he is good you leave him 1v2 because he can handle the enemy bot? xD
: Do you check the mastery points in loading screen?
Only when I want to climb (like today).
: Qiyana is useless in base
You don't want too much?
Rioter Comments
Pixelbits (EUW)
: Some champs seem really OP.
> How is this game even fair when people just heavily abuse OP champs? Was nothing op in that game. Your team was full of cc and Aatrox was the only one engager. With: Olaf Q, Jhin E and W, Leblanc W, Riven Q and W, Soraka Q and E you could easily stop him. His build was full AD so all fighting with him is not a smart move but also going with that build is not a smart move either. He is not hard to kill if he keep getting poked and in a full engage from Olaf and Riven is insta die for him so the next target was Draven, followed by Gangplank. Thresh can't cc Olaf in his ult so Riven can get even faster to the enemy team if is behind Olaf. I say that you all had a bad position and Aatrox engaged you. There he had advantage and in min 44 you can't do something after an ACE.
: Stop deleting posts who talk about Yasuo windwall bug they deleted my post
Your post get deleted only if you break the rules (you can say that this game is shit and all who work are monkeys and your post will not be deleted). You posted on the NA boards while now you are on EUW boards. Here is the post : >using fricking instead of the f i dont want this post to be delected You can say "fking" because is shorter (life advice from a lazy person) .
: Im affraid of elo boosting i dont know how thats work
You have here all the info:
: That isnt the problem Im affraid about elo boosting I wont share the account im just asking if i create another to play with my nooby firend, will riot considerate elo boosting?
Duo with someone and hard carry him is not called elo boosting.
: 2 account management
Making a new account will not gonna make you lost your main one. If your main account get banned for flaming/inting you will still be able to play on your second account. Edit: Strange that you are lvl 307 and still don't know this thing.
: first of, it's Disgusting, with a D, second, WHAT? i swear, if it is about my poppy collection i can explain!
>i swear, if it is about my poppy collection i can explain! What? They check our collections? Since when?
Merletto (EUW)
: Thank you for always watching these my friend, it really helps when no one else is engaging. Did you enjoy this one?
This video is focused more on him so is not like a montage with the best moments from a match, how I like. In the montage videos the editor win all the viewers, when in videos like this he is the one who need to get their attention. You didn't had so much to do, but you still did a good job. You have statistics on Youtube who can help you knowing if the video was more interesting than the others by the views, number of subscribers per day and others. If you want sources to make this videos more good (don't know how but you are the editor) you can watch TF Blade or LL Stylish videos on Youtube and I feel like you already did this. Now he is the only one who can change and try to be how the viewers like.
: visual bug? double dragon
_Cmon Infernal Dragon, not again._ This drake appear in chat when he want, in Death Recap with 2 {{item:3087}} and a empty slot, in game feed as the one who get the kill and the assist in the same time, before he had moments where he killed the Mordekaiser's drake... This drake is begging for attention.
Merletto (EUW)
: Our 6th video (10+ minutes)
**min 8:57** Nunu: _Sylas, you are in my way!_ Sylas in stasis: _Sorry, my bad._ Lux: _Hue hue, throw Q! Shiny!_
c9 ziggie (EUW)
: Camera Lock
You have it in settings. I need to open the game to see where. Try first at "Game" and after "Interface". Is somewhere there. Edit: Go in the game files --> Config --> PersistedSetting.json --> ctrl+f --> type "Lock" --> if you find "CameraLockMode" then change the value to "0" You can also go in game.cfg and do the same thing.
Maukiller97 (EUNE)
: Help
> C:\Users\M(i)au\AppData\Local\Temp\PKMB0C7.tmp
WárriòR (EUNE)
: a good loading screen :/ OMG! The colors... Ah, so beautiful! Who is the LEGEND who did this piece of art?
: Multiple games lost due to riot bugs
> Now I can see the 'Then don't play during the problems' coming from a mile away. I have a better one: if you want to play while the server still have problems then don't cry when you encounter them.
InHuman852 (EUNE)
: I can´t play...
> C:\Users\DoveM\AppData\Local\Temp\PKM7D23.tmp
: damn right, will keep at it till this game dies out, you keep being a tool <3
You will do this until you get banned. No one like the spam things.
Shamose (EUW)
: Can you stop spamming that stupid video. There isn't any proof in it.
: So how is the client doing today?
Had 5k ping on ARAM for 12 minutes, but no problems in Ranked games.
bebeloiuOP (EUNE)
: Taking attitude in front of a toxic player means getting chat restricted
> Taking attitude in front of a toxic player means getting chat restricted But I am not chat restricted.
TechMajin (EUW)
: Question regarding Spirit Guard Udyr
You change the forms by using the abilities, not at each lvl up.
: when is it a good idea to go into ranked?
Watch on Youtube some 4-5 videos about each role (high elo gameplays) and you are good to go. No one say that you need to get Challenger after your placements.
: my favorite bug so far. zac arms never detach
: You know that girl means "Guy in real life", right?
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Just some more funny chat screenshots, because people seemed to like them
>(I'm posting weaker ones too in case I'll make another post and need some good ones.) Don't know why but the vegetalian is one I really like, especially that what he's trying to say makes absolutely no sense. Yea ok, but that Sona is a girl? Tell her that I want to duo.
Etarga3ut (EUW)
: riot says that being toxic makes u lose more games
You was in game with each one and saw that they are toxic? If they are "toxic" then why they are not banned. You need to understand how a toxic player looks like.
Murdarici (EUNE)
: Bronze pride! (_also me unranked_)
: > [{quoted}](name=Cypherous,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=0f4Xg0E4,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2019-07-18T21:58:30.610+0000) > > I fail to see how attempting to start a witch hunt against a single player and being banned because its a form of harassment is "childish" Do you even know what harrassment is? So in your world, if I killed someone and police would try to catch me, that would be witch hunt and basically be harrassment against me? Rofl.
No because you did a crime. Here we speak about other rules. Another example: You do a crime, you are a killer so you are guilty. You don't surrender so you get killed by the police. They are killers, but they are not guilty. Same thing apply to your example.
: Don't really see anything wrong there. This is exactly what I was saying. It's a problem of perspective. Ahri's heart visual is a pseudo-3d shape floating above the ground, whereas the hitbox calculation is done in a 2D plane somewhere around "ground level" afaik, so at the very edge of it's range the heart appears to go further than the actual hitbox due to the observer's perspective (which is slightly diagonal instead of looking down perfectly vertically). It can appear odd, but this can't be "fixed" unless you change the observer perspective. Trying to somehow calculate the hitboxes of the actual shape of the projectile in 3D space is not only pretty expensive in terms of computing power, I doubt it's even possible to do since it would require changing how the game works on a very fundamental level.
But how a potato PC with win10 on it will still compute the game?
: Well theres one chellenger Panthon main that would like to have a talk with you.
"What? I don't buy Control Wards. With that gold I can buy items to win my lane." Also him: "I ult the lane to get the farm. Let my team fight, I push the lane."
: Lets riot agains Riot
I recommend to do this. Maybe they will see this like an opportunity and close the server to fix it more easily.
: This is not acceptable. Like, really!
>I don`t think it will hurt Riot`s pockets to give to every active account some refunds or 1350 RP each for the trouble. They don't throw with money in us. You don't see how hard they give a free icon and how each event become more and more poor for the free players? Is a free game and our rights are not so important and I am neutral with this. If they give something free then is ok for me and if they don't give I don't cry. free to play --> community worth nothing pay to play --> community decide the game changes
Xelithras (EUW)
: Worst match making ive seen
>Call of duty has a better matchmaking then this Comparing the matchmaking from a Shooter with the one from a MOBA. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
licky dog (EUW)
: I got chat banned, is my account doomed
The punishments for flaming are: 10 games chat restricted, 25 games chat restricted, 14 days ban, permanent ban. After finishing your punishment (or even sooner) if you keep the same attitude against your teammates or enemies then you will get the next punishment until you get permanent banned. If you attitude is get even worst then you can skip a step and get a strongest punishment that 10 games chat restriction. For now you should not speak at all with someone who start to till you. Press Tab and above the item slots of that player you have 3 buttons: one for chat, one for emotes and one for pings. Clicking on them you can activate/deactivate them and I recommend you to do this because one word is enough to give you another punishment.
: Honor " Electronic jihad"
> don't forget to honor him after the game because he is a sportsmanlike player and a very nice person *_putting the sunglasses_ Looks like you don't know so well this person.
TheNewbie1 (EUNE)
: We stormin area 51 boys
The commander of the Area 51: _Who knock on my door his mother is a @@@@@_ And you can't break in with 9 people... ######*9 because statistics
God of Seas (EUNE)
: Change my mind
This shit {{item:2055}} is too expensive. Better buy a {{item:3089}} or {{item:3031}}. Do you think people have gold to throw in the air like that?
GitGudYasuo (EUNE)
: Hextech
: whats wrong with the new loading screen ?
You see the mastery 4,5,6 and 7. What is below 4 is hidden.
nikiBG13 (EUNE)
: they can have the option like battlerite it's a game that has no roles but its a 3v3 or 2v2 deathmatch from a moba like perspective, in this game there is a ranked mode where u can choose faster queues where they just prioritise speed or longer queues where they prioritise more even skill level on both ur teammates or opponents why don't riot implement something like that
> they can have the option like battlerite it's a game that has no roles This game have roles. Don't compare them if the games are not even close to this aspect. And if you want faster queue in LoL you can just click on autofill, the others choose their role.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: I keep collecting funny chat messages, just thought I'd share some of them
Mada (EUW)
: Just complaints, all the time. We should be happy that from what I can tell everyone mentioned in the death recap is actually in the game.
"KIlled by the Infernal with {{item:3087}}{{item:3087}}{{item:3637}}" xD
: Client doesn't open at all
I am already in party and no one else complain. Check your PC instead.
: For everyone thats confused about whats going on with League today.
So you don't play from too long because this happen all time. The bigger the patch is, the bigger the bugs list is. Something like destroying half of the game just to force the players to go to play the other half is not a real thing.
: Came back from a break
> Came back from a break You can go back. Nothing to see here. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: I sometimes write "stfu" and never got even a warning...i guess its something else ;)
"kido","hard noob","braindead","sad to be you","like to waste our time?","afk is better" *_fly away_
The server have a stroke, the boards are on flame and you post this? Who will gonna watch this? (_grabbing my headphones_)
Kurotsu (EUW)
: "Jungle Difference"
The noobs who give free kills to the enemy jungler say this. Have games where my mid die 2 times before I finish 3-4 camp and read in chat "better jg win" but we still had 0 vision on the enemy jungler from beginning. Is in their mentality to blame someone with no logic. Full ignore them because if you start arguing with them they go afk or troll.
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