Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Not gonna happen... They didn't nerf spear of shoji {{item:3161}} that is op on numerous champions and you expect to get a nerf just for Ezreal 🤔 Also... Lets nerf Infinity Edge {{item:3031}} that is literally stacked on some champs {{champion:202}} and give too much crit for its value allowing {{champion:157}} to get 100% after two items.
Shojin is not the same as IBG, first of all {{item:3161}} costs a lot more then IBG and it also gives 0 tank stats. What does {{item:3161}} give ? Damage and CD. What does {{item:3025}} give ? CD, Damage and tank stats. Stacking {{item:3031}} is not the most optimable build for Jhin and its one of the most expensive items in the game so it giving a lot of stats is normal
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: Fifty Cards of Cringe
The Kold one is beautiful


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