: there's a 4 second cooldown between explosions, if you make 5 people explode one after the other over 10 seconds (takes 2 second for blaze to explode), the first person to explode will be able to stack blaze again by the time the 3 last people explode, letting him get 3 more stacks of blaze before exploding and continuing the chain it's not practical and seems like it would only work with perfect timing
the timing is perfect automatically, since the whole chain is set off using the passive ^^ it would require the enemy team to cooperate though, which let's face it wont happen.
: In theory yes he is capable of this... in reality it relies on his enemies all clumping up for the duration of his ult and combo and frankly if you’ve group up that heavily with brand on the enemy team you fully deserve this. So not op as it relies on a mistake to happen
I know, I literally said so in the first sentence of the post ^^ It's not a serious combo, I just find it kind of interesting.
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kiwishrew (EUW)
: If you're playing Anivia or Azir, wall him or yourself against the edge of his ult and wait. Playing a powerful duelist is also an option, as well as making sure you have grievous wounds to reduce the effectiveness of his healing. Finally, if you're being chased by him, lead him into the jungle. If he ults you, use mobility spells to get over walls, wait for him to come around to the other side and then use your mobility spell again.
Again, these are not options as a support player, and I have already edited the main post to say I don't need any more responses ^^
Eambo (EUW)
: Our patches are almost always on a Wednesday, sometimes Thursday, rarely a Tuesday. You can see the time/date of patch [HERE](https://status.leagueoflegends.com/#eune). It's also worth noting however that it's pretty unlikely TFT will be available as soon as the patch hits - historically new content is enabled at a later point in the patch, and more "high risk" products have a staggered rollout (IE: certain regions might be enabled before others). I don't have exact details but just wanted to temper some expectations - you may not get TFT immediately! {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
I think people are confused because the weekly champion rotation updates on tuesdays, which appears as an update on the client (you get the update bar and whatnot)
: If your champion counters him, then you can kill him. If not, then you have 2 options. 1. QSS 2. Run away. If you can dodge his pull, then you don't even need extreme mobility. I can kite out Morde with a goddamn Soraka.
Sadly there's not many support champions that counter him, and he counters most adcs also. Luckily though, I have recently learned that Morgana spell shield can block his ult. I can also kite out a morde, but the fact that he's in range to ult is usually due to him either sandwiching me or one of his allies ccing me, and as soon as im in the ring it is near impossible to keep the kite up ^^
: I hate Riot Games. Nerf all damages!
I honestly don't mind his damage ^^
: * Take the summoning spell: {{summoner:1}} * Build items like {{item:3140}} * Soft counter: {{item:3157}} {{item:3026}} * Take a champion with hard cc, you can interrupt him ult during the channel Other tips: Without {{item:3116}} he can't stick to you. If he misses his E he will most likely not be able to kill you in the duration of his ult.
Cleanse doesn't work and zhonyas resets the counter, and they rush rilays, but the other posters have already helped me find a counter so ^^
: {{summoner:1}} {{item:3140}} {{item:3157}}
cleanse doesn't work, and zhonyas resets the cooldown so he can use it again right after ^^ qss does work though.
: I have often been playing champs that I know can go toe-to-toe with him, or as a last resort, I just stall as much as I can - dance around him, dodge his abilities (unless you get hit by a Q you should be OK, assuming you start at full HP), Zhonya etc. I played Kayn into him very well - at first I just danced around him, then ulted him when I couldn't evade him any more. Once I turned Rhaast there was nothing he could do. Yi - well, he ulted me, but he still died during his ult (used my Q to dodge his Q, he was dead shortly after)... So it's not always a death sentence. Think the best thing is to just kite him and avoid fighting directly. Like, let's say your Darius - try to build your stacks and don't go mindlessly toe-to-toe with him, I'd be surprised if you died before his ult was over... or let's say you're Lulu, just run around, shield/ult yourself, whilst slowing him down as much as possible.. kite kite..
From other posts I have realized Morgana is probably the best supp counter to him - you can black shield his ult, allowing me to save my adc ^^
: you can cancel it with zhonya too it's just more of a timing thing
how do you cancel it with zhonya? You mean lik eproc zhonya during the animation? Doesn't that just reset the cd on his ult tho? Yh I just looked it up, it does just reset the cd on his ult. CC immunity does work though, so Morgana is a good counterpick to morde supp.
Omega Bot (EUW)
: Tank meta wasn't *that* bad
I also prefer the tank meta, though it had one issue: tanks could kill you pretty easy (hence the name tank meta. Only tanks had real relevancy). I think they went the wrong way when trying to fix it - rather than combatting the actual issue (tanks dealing too much dmg), they made everyone else deal more damage. I think they should instead hae shifted power from tank's damage to their utility.
: cleanse the summoner spell doesn't but skills that cleanse cc do GPs oranges Rengars W abilities that can cancel the cast spellshields going invis going into bush going untargetable
Kinda sucks that cleanse doesn't work, since that still means you're %%%%ed when playing an ap champion (as building qss on those is generally not the most useful thing). Still good to know, but not very useful when encountering him as a support (he's played a lot in my elo (very low) as an adc-killer support). Kind of annoying ya can't save your adc from it either though :|
: https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/026/981/0bd0ed742059cd7f4c83882095aeb3752e45dfbfv2_hq.jpg or kill him if you can but just as he can stall you for 7s it's just as possible for you to stall him you can get tenacity or you can get qss mercs reduce the duration to 5s~ which is low enough that he can't use another rotation of his spells
I was unaware that his ult is considered cc by the game ^^. Do you happen to know if cleanse works, too?
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Cypherous (EUW)
: No because thats literally how its designed to work, the expanded tooltip even tells you this ingame https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/319140823344087042/590837996832423936/unknown.png
That didn't show in the expanded tooltip when I hit tab O.o
Cypherous (EUW)
: It does block it i've managed it, you need to make sure you've fully exited stealth because the clone won't block anything until you have, the thresh skillshot is pretty quick so if you're trying to use the clone reactively at close range it won't have had time to become able to block it
Even so it's still a bug if it doesn't block untill you have exited stealth...
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Wen294 (EUW)
: If there isn't a reason for it to work like that it's safe to assume it doesn't.
True, I'm just interested is all ^^
Lari (EUNE)
: really? let me check.. It is just an a ability visual update
Wannes (EUW)
: Wow, you really put some effort into this! Sounds great!
Well, I made it in the middle of the night so I was kind of half dreaming the kit anyways so idk if that helped or had an adverse ffect lol.
Hananim (EUW)
: Wrong. Hexakill and legendary kill are mutually exclusive. Kill 6 ppl in summoners rift and you will get a legendary kill. Kill 6 ppl in hexakill and you get a hexakill.
Ah. I must've misremembered then.
Hananim (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheWizardM,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=vgVr5BTm,comment-id=00040000000000000000,timestamp=2019-06-10T10:32:01.213+0000) > > Hexakill doesnt exist outside of hexakill mode, 6 kills and onwards is legendary kill
a Hexakill doesn't exist inside the gamemode either... it's just the name of the gamemode, where one could obtain a legendary kill.
Wen294 (EUW)
: I mean they could do it like this but that would make it unclear in the tooltip so it's better to not make it scale with itself for clarity. Also since it would go in an infinite loop (even though it would get infinitely near a certain not excessively large number) it would just make the game laggier due to the conversion calculations. Quite frankly there's just no reason whatsoever to make the ability scale with itself.
I'm not saying that it should by any means, im just wondering if it does.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: The announcer was literally saying "Legendary Kill", so there's no way it was a bug, unless the game got free will and decided to mimic the announcer's voice and make up a new multikill, which is really unlikely. It was only possible when the enemy was low level so they would respawn fast (this probably wouldn't have happened in a real game, only vs bots and in staged games, aka the enemy team staying in base until you level up to a point where you can oneshot level 1 champions, and then just help you get a legendary kill), and the thing that could happen in real games was when one of the enemies had revive and revived right after dying, going back into the fight.
> 6 kill streak was nessecary for hexakill
Netenir (EUNE)
: A nice idea, I myself was thinking about a champ with some vision mechanics like this. One thing that comes to my mind is that she doesn't have any gap-closers. Currently, in game there is a need for such thing (look what happened to Aurelion Sol). Maybe, there could be a blink ability implemented that would produce a flash of light (similar to your Q) stunning enemies caught near the cast spot? Second, what do you think if her wards had a custom skin (a lit candle) that after expiring would leave a blot of candlewax slowing and revealing enemies on contact? Also, I think there is an option to connect Q with Passive. You would start the game with some amount of candles (serving as wards) which number increases with summoner's level (like you mentioned) and while you keep at least one of them you gain a passive that provides a true sight around you. I'm looking forward to seeing such a champ in league if Riot actually would implement someone similar because the concept seems to be innovatory in the current league champions kit, Regards
her ult is a gap closer ^^ Also, she's not an assassin or damage-heavy champion, she simply ccs people so her allies can follow up. If your team does a good job at warding you don't even need to go to their lane to gank, since, other than her q, all her spells are global (but require a ward to target). I like the concept as it is rn, and there's already multiple champions that have revealing traps (Zyra, cait, nidalee, etc). Of course if it were to actually be implemented it would most likely need some changes, as all concepts do. Her main intend to to play around ward - they provide the vision, not her thank you very much for your feedback ^^
: Leah? Dude, I can make a champ called Bruh... Get a better name please XD
There's already a champion named Lux and a champion named Nocturne, so there weren't many fitting names left. Leah in this case is supposed to be a derivative of the word "gleam".
: I like it but I'm just confused about the R Do you switch places with the targetted ward à la old urgot R ? or is it just an illusion where you look like a ward and the ward looks like you ?
You do teleport to the wards location, but the ward doesn't teleport to your location - a fresh stealth ward is placed instead.
: Fiddle is getting reworked, I spent some time and came up with my own Idea, what do you guys think?
AH I see what you did there with the interaction between his q and passive. Pretty neat!
Matadon777 (EUNE)
: Serbian Language on EUNE
I mean sure, but I don't quite understand why you post this on the EUW boards?
: [Gamemode Concept] Teemoball
Wannes (EUW)
: Vision Champ
I just made an attempt at this, whaddya think? https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-creations-en/lp1ajl1T-leah-the-scared-spirit I'm not that good at coming up with champs and whatnot, but it felt like an interesting concept so I gave it a shot :)
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Shamose (EUW)
: Does anyone think that deciding games on the worst player/troll is fun?
> You're dominating the jungle? Though luck top is 0/8 and keeps fighting. if top is 0/8 this is a clear indicator you are not dominating the jungle... Other than that I absolutely agree the game is too snowbally - if one lane gets a bit ahead they can just rompstomp the entire enemy team by themselves.
: If you get a penta kill, then an enemy respawns and you kill them fast enough you get a legendary kill It’s such a niche thing that it’s likely only a handful of people really saw it in a real game... and not many more knew about it until the YouTube video... I certainly didn’t
ohh those. Pretty sure that was actually a bug though - 6 kill streak was nessecary for hexakill, but kill streak is supposed to reset before respawn.
: Qyiana
I keep reading it as Guyana, which is a tropical country and Qiyana is a "jungle queen" so idk seems kind of on the nose to me.
Sarokh JR (EUW)
: EUW is such a horrible server
As an EUW player with smurfs in both NA and EUNE, I must say I completely disagree. EUNE is the most blatently toxic server I've played on, and NA is less toxic than both EUW and EUNE when it comes to chat (or at least, they swear less - they're still nasty f***rs they just mask it with flowery language), but more prone to actual inting/trolling (not talking about people playing badly, but literally sating they troll and then proceeding to.) than both EUW and EUNE.
Backstard (EUNE)
: Why So Trolling Community?
While I generally disagree with the notion that trolling is common, looking at your match history I can see where you are coming from. You've have plenty of games recently where your score was pretty good, and your entire team had a bad score. This happens sometimes, and is generally not people trolling, but people simply losing lane, which snowballs. if I may give you some advice, when playing Jungle you should try to gank more often - your kill participation in those games is pretty low, which may contribute to your teammates losing their lane. Try to focus whichever lane is most even, preferring lanes that are ahead over lanes that are behind: it is pretty hard to fix a losing lane, ganking a balanced lane may push it to a winning lane, and ganking a winning lane may get that lane fed enough to rompstomp the rest of the enemy team.
: On second look your maths is solid. Even then I’d argue that it’s obvious that Yuumi doesn’t scale with herself... the scaling would be much larger than it actually is and that’s something the wiki people would have picked up on and mentioned... plus it makes no sense that riot wouldn’t make it work like vlad or jhin.
It's actually a difference of slightly less than 5% when you max w ^ ^ that's not too much of a difference imho.
Wannes (EUW)
: Vision Champ
There's already a few champs that have some vision in their kit (though not vision-focus as you mentioned): nida teemo kalista ashe zyra maokai rek'sai
Wannes (EUW)
: You are right. Focus on vision, but it will need a complete kit. maybe lots of movementspeed, visiontools and some campclearing.
Yh or maybe some debuffing interaction when she spots an enemy with her vision or smth.
Lari (EUNE)
: Amumu visual update
Didn't they already put a VU on the PBE? I thought SKinSpotlights did a video onit...
: new mode idea: very large map. 33 teams of 3 players. jungle mobs all over the place, once killed they drop random items. last team to survive wins. tbh, its easy to make new mods, but riot is lazy.
Taking into account the type of stuff Riot has considered infeasible in the past, I'd say their code is an absolute mess, so modding it in a way you'd for instance mod Dota 2 is pretty much impossible unless Riot were to restructure their code completely ^^
: Even if it’s just addition it would still cause infinite stat gain. Yuumi gives a % if her ap as adaptive damage and visa versa, so if you increase one of their ad/ap the other gets increased, if it scaled with itself it would keep adding to itself. So if her ally got 100 ad, she would get 12 ap, then her ally would gain 2 ap... that would keep looping as there’s no way for it to stop if it scaled with itself... so it would give infinite ad/ap by simply going in a loop constantly increasing it by a small amount. So therefore it cannot scale with itself as we can see this not happening in game.
Maybe you did not understand my comment. It was a limit calculation. That is, if i scaled with itself (and thus would loop infinitely), it would approximate the result of said calculation. As long as the ap scaling factor is between 0 and 1 (but not equal to 1) it would not be infinite. example: imagine you have an ability that increases your ap by 10% and which scales with itself, nd you start with 100 ap,it would look something like this: 100 + 10 = 110 100 + 11 = 111 100 + 11,1 = 111,1 etc etc etc as you can see, while it keeps getting bigger, it _tends towards_ 111,1 repeating. That means it will never quite reach 111,1 repeating, but it will get infinitely close to 111,1 repeating. a similar thing is true for Yuumi's w. Yes, it keeps getting bigger indefinetely, but it will never pass a certain point.
: It would not be infinite, since Yuumi doesn't multiply your ap, it simply adds to it. Let me demonstrate. A1 is Yuumi ap without w, B1 is ally ap without w, A2 is with w and B2 is with w A2 = A1 + 0.21B2 (we're assuming it self-scales here) B2 = B1 + 0.21A2 A2 = A1 + 0.21(B1 + 0.21A2) A2 = A1 + 0.21B1 + 0.0441A2 0.9559A2 = A1 + 0.21B1 A2 = (A1 + 0.21B1) / (0.9559)
tldr: just because something loops infinitely doesn't mean it's value is infinite.
: If it self scaled it would be infinite... think about it if it scaled with itself it would give your ally ad, then that would give you ap, which would give your ally more ad, which would give you more ap... you’d get over 1000 at level 1 cause it would keep going in a loop. Vlad was the first example of scaling like this so it was stated that it wouldn’t in the tool tip, since then others have gotten the same mechanic it’s assumed that it works the same as vlad without needing to be specifically stated
It would not be infinite, since Yuumi doesn't multiply your ap, it simply adds to it. Let me demonstrate. A1 is Yuumi ap without w, B1 is ally ap without w, A2 is with w and B2 is with w A2 = A1 + 0.21B2 (we're assuming it self-scales here) B2 = B1 + 0.21A2 A2 = A1 + 0.21(B1 + 0.21A2) A2 = A1 + 0.21B1 + 0.0441A2 0.9559A2 = A1 + 0.21B1 A2 = (A1 + 0.21B1) / (0.9559)
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