Kioky12 (EUW)
: How do you 1v9 as a jungler every game in low elo
Any diamond 3+ elo booster has something like 80-90% win rate in silver as jungler on pretty much any champion. You must be doing something really wrong or have really bad luck or it's just EUNE/EUW difference.
Thimes (EUW)
: If games are coin flips it's 50/50. If you know anything about statistics you know that the chance going on win/lose streaks of something like 5 games is really small. But wins/loses in league are nowhere near randomly distributed as it should be if games were really coin flips. With other words: big win/lose streaks are almost always caused by player himself and not by chance, usually it's simply tilt or playing while being tired.
> [{quoted}](name=space caose,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Bf13Lx8P,comment-id=00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000006,timestamp=2018-08-26T16:33:02.993+0000) > > Ye abusing champs and preing. Lets see how well they do if solo q was only solo most those people wouldn't making past diamond 5. If you seriously believe that you are suffering from Dunning-Kruger, but I think you just want to pointlessly arguing even though you know it's nonsense. Entertainment streamers meant to be good for Silver/Gold players. To learn playing top lane in Diamond you go and watch replays of Khan, not Wingsofdeath stream. Everyone ALWAYS complained about Riots match making since I started playing in S3 and no, pros don't quit because of solo queue matchmaking, they couldn't care less about solo queue. Yes some players like Nightblue get burn out and go play something else, maybe some even quit because of game balance, but surely not because of match making. I have to go for now, so let me make it clear. There are too ways for you to go: 1) Recognize that you are actually bad and Diamond players are in general actually god damn AWFUL at this game compared to pro players and challengers. Then go find some Korean challenger replays, coaching for high elo (like LS), learn and try to improve. 2) Sit in low Diamond for the rest of your life and think you have reached pinnacle of League of Legends and only your team mates and Riot hold you there, otherwise you would be 800 LP challenger. (... with average 8 deaths per game no less) It's your choice, I'm just trying to help you, but apparently you don't want to be helped, you only want recognition of your skill and opinion. I would also advise you too read a few threads on this forum, so you see how many people complain that they got demoted from Silver 5 to Bronze because of poor match making, trolls and feeders and not even a Diamond player would be able to win any of those 20 games that they lost in row in Silver 5, maybe you see some similarities.
Thimes (EUW)
: If games are coin flips it's 50/50. If you know anything about statistics you know that the chance going on win/lose streaks of something like 5 games is really small. But wins/loses in league are nowhere near randomly distributed as it should be if games were really coin flips. With other words: big win/lose streaks are almost always caused by player himself and not by chance, usually it's simply tilt or playing while being tired.
> [{quoted}](name=space caose,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Bf13Lx8P,comment-id=00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000003,timestamp=2018-08-26T16:08:31.699+0000) > > That's why all the streamers are heading back to D1! > Most challenger players are finding it hard to get out plat never alone low diamond! > you're still not getting it, most people who are DIAMOND only play like 1-2 game's a month and jump on their smurfs. Why would you care about streamers, they are just entertainers. Guess what you can buy a boost to D1/Masters and people who boost you have no problems what so ever to get there in reasonable time. There are people who are at 3.2k MMR, that is 1200 points higher then D5. It's more MMR difference between them and D5 then between D5 (2000 MMR) and Bronze 5 (800 MMR). No challenger player ever find it hard to get out of plat, some are even doing unranked to D5 in 24h while on stream and hyper tired. PS: I know about people who camp elo first hand, cause I'm doing same thing.
Thimes (EUW)
: If games are coin flips it's 50/50. If you know anything about statistics you know that the chance going on win/lose streaks of something like 5 games is really small. But wins/loses in league are nowhere near randomly distributed as it should be if games were really coin flips. With other words: big win/lose streaks are almost always caused by player himself and not by chance, usually it's simply tilt or playing while being tired.
Yes, but so is the enemy team. I could go cheap and ask what would happen if we would put a challenger on your account. We both know he could produce something like 70-80% win rate with insane KDAs. Reaching D3 promo doesn't make you D3 player, you need to be able to hold your MMR over something like 100 games. If you constantly jump between P3 and D4 MMR then your actual skill level is in between of those ranks. I just looked at your OP.GG and I can clearly see that there are a lot of problems with your gameplay and there is a lot of room for improvement. It's not one of those account where someone is stuck in D5 for 3 seasons with good KDAs etc and doesn't know what to do. No, it's one of the account where you instantly see what's going on. Just go and compare it to someone who is consistently at higher MMR and you will see clear difference.
Toxxygen (EUW)
: Has anyone ever had fun playing with or against an Illaoi?
No, it's like playing against Blitzcrank who does enough damage to kill your whole team, fun factor 0.
: I never had a problem losing lp, because i always had a possessive win rate. The only chance i have off ever getting back to diamond with the current shit rank system is to abuse duo with jungler and broke champs. I already been demoted to P1 like 3 times and always went back because plat is not my elo. Like i already i hit D3 promo's, and went 1-2. Then every game after losing those promo's was mostly me being stomped. Most of the game i lost where coin flips and i had no chance of winning, it went both ways i;d either win game by the 15th min or lose it by the 15th no in between. This is no way to play ranked, most people i diamond only play 1 game a month, and don't care if they win or lose or they're on their smurf.
If games are coin flips it's 50/50. If you know anything about statistics you know that the chance going on win/lose streaks of something like 5 games is really small. But wins/loses in league are nowhere near randomly distributed as it should be if games were really coin flips. With other words: big win/lose streaks are almost always caused by player himself and not by chance, usually it's simply tilt or playing while being tired.
: I was getting low points when i entered diamond with 72% win rate. The most points i ever got was 16, when i was hitting around 22 in plat 1. Didn't help the first 3 game's i ever played in diamond, where plagued by 1 troll game running it down mid, and 2 game's of people going afk after losing fb.
It's normal to get lower amount of LP in diamond because divisions in diamond are differently spaced then in lower elo to match skill difference between lower and higher diamond divisions. However if you would be put in diamond right now with your current MMR you would get something like 6-8 LP and lose 23-25 LP. It's better to fix MMR first and then climb back.
: I don't look up people's stats before games, So i gave malz a chance, as i was already in negative dodge points. Turns he was a troll and bam i lost my game. I went back to promo's for diamond won went 2-0 and the next 3 game's all brain dead game's that where lost by the 20th min, with no chance of me winning.
Tbh. it's better to be demoted, it is really tedious to climb if you get back to diamond instantly, you will get VERY low amount of LP per win and lose 2-3 more.
: End of season rewards 8???
No you won't. Tips: 1) Play a lot, it takes something like 40 games for one check point from my experience. 2) Do not get reported, it freezes you progress for some games, maybe something like 3-5 games you gain no honor. You can do one check point per week if you try hard.
Possible (EUW)
: Ashe is a very common pick in the lck atm she is in a fine spot.
She is picked as a pure ult bot only, not to carry.
: I was already at -3 lp.
Then you go -18, you on next dodge if you dodge at same day.
: Lets slowly start of this is my first ranked game off the day and i won't be playing anymore then 1 game of ranked unless a friend ask. So i am 6-1 vs garen i'ved pull enough pressure from my team to have 3 people staying on top of me constantly. My team still unable to do anything and keep playing like shit even tho we got 3 kills at the start of the game. If i really gave a %%%% about my rank i would of played 1 game a month at D4-D3 level and ended the season D3 or D4 and be seen as decent player. But i prefer to play ranked as it used to be fun and enjoyable, now its just trolls and afk's and low skilled noobs. My demotion game to plat 1, was me having a malz as an adc who'd lost he last 6 games. I couldn't dodge because i'd get demoted for free.
Except you can't be demoted by dodging ever, even if you 0 LP, you just go -3 LP. Btw. stop dying 8 times per game on average. You even manage to die 11 times in winning games, amount of your deaths is just way too high. That tells me you are tilted and you make poor choices that's why you drop.
: Is lvl 30 too soon for rankeds??
> [{quoted}](name=Smoke WeedPT2002,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=lEGWl5HL,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-08-26T02:20:28.894+0000) > > Hey, so i just wanted to know what u guys think about when u are in a ranked game trying to climb out of Silver4 and u cant bc ur adc is feeding on purpose, goes 1/12/0 at the end of the game, i think he muted all bc he didnt give any excuse (like lag, fps…). > > For curiosity i went to take a look at his match history and I noticed that the "feeding and trolling" has been going on for a while, so i concluded it wasnt just a bad game, he made the hole team tilt and that costed us the game. Now i dont know if he is a "newbie" that just got to lvl 30 and went right into ranked games and i honestly dont care, but the way i see it i think lvl 30 its way too soon to go into ranked games. Pls share ur opinions :) The problem is not that 30 is too early the problem that new players put into silver MMR, everyone should start at bronze 5 and climb out. That would also help bronze players get see better gameplay and learn.
: Got tired of same face syndrome so I drew them with very cartoony properties cause I enjoy character design!
Janna is cute. Sejuani is what I imagine she would be. Kai'Sa looks undead. Katarina looks very old, like she looked good in her 20s but 40 years have passed since. Sivir looks kinda male because of combination of nose and eyebrows. Quinn same as Sivir but even worse. Ahri and Xayah could have been good but you exaggerated and made them look like puppets. There are many different face types that are vastly different but don't look male or abnormal, you managed to capture it with Janna for example.
: look at kata's face LOOK AT KAISA'S FACE
She is just 40 years older.
i no talk (EUW)
: Well, imo I still don't support such 1 report system. I stay with my opinion as it could pin point how many people think that the reported player ruined the game. Now about that toxicity points. **Lower it*. That is the point of this post. Make it so players get punished more for offensive behavior. Make it clear that we won't tolerate such behaviour anymore.
There is one aspect that you as player don't have to worry about. That is that Riot loses money if they lose players, they have to carefully balance between removing toxic players to make the game more attractive to other players and not to lose and scare off too many players. If you look at Korean server which is the most competitive server there is, you might have heard that there is no punishment system at all, you can flame and troll all day around. It's absolutely normal there when 3 people go afk at 5 min after losing jungle invade or similar. Also the surrender rate is more then twice as high as on EUW or NA. Yet everyone is dreaming to play on Korean server, which gives you a counterexample on the opinion that you need a toxicity free environment to have a good and competitive game.
i no talk (EUW)
: I am happy for you that you don't experience too much of such players while playing, hope it stays so or turns for better. Now lets move to the point about "all reports count as 1". This is a problem. They should count differently and there is a simple way to stop premades from abusing it. Simply if lets say there are 2 players duo in ranked, if they both report a player, let it count as 1 report, if there are 4 premades in normal and they report a player, let it count as one. And non premades that report him also count as one and simply add it up, 2 premades and 3 others = 4 reports. No abuse of system, better accuracy of how many players think that the reported player(s) ruined game and better system. Report value. Now that is a interesting thing that I would like to say my opinion about. I consider many things punishable, which RIOT also finds punishable according to their rules and summoners code, and when such behaviour occurs in my games, I will report it. Seeing how only rarely players get banned, my report value drops because RIOT doesn't have a proper punishment system? What kinds of logic is that. If you go and read the summoners code, under number #1 Support your team says: "And most of all, if you're having a bad game don't take it out on your team!" I interpret this the next way: Try to not have a negative impact on your team, don't troll because you are tilted, don't flame your teammates, don't use bad language on your teammate and such. Of course I think that this should also be behavior towards enemy team, don't flame or use bad language on enemy team either. Want to know situations what really happens when you have a tilted teammate? They feed, they don't cooperate, they do soft trolling or hard trolling (under soft trolling I sort the players that will mute everyone, refuse to cooperate, afk farm their lane while dying quite a few times which results in ruining game, stealing farm from other laners, farm while team is trying to make plays for objectives, doing a jungle camp while team fights next to him while he refuses their tries for cooperation. He will come there maybe and help and after making a mistake he will just blame team and continue what he is doing untill his team loses the game, hard trolling is running it down I suppose). I don't report players that try to make an effort to win even if they are 3 11 or 2 15 or whatever crap unless they are obviously doing it on purpose. I report toxic players and those that work against their team. Bad players that make an effort yet end up playing bad is simply part of the game, one team will have some worse player and other team some better player. It's cool, it's normal, it's how PvP works I suppose my report value drops when such players that obviously break the summoners code don't get banned because the bad punishment system. Totaly OK I suppose Such cases also need to be properly handled, and I am not saying to perma ban such players, give them a 1 day or 3 days bans to take a short break from league and you will notice how game quality will improve and how there will be less trollers and toxic players and people will start having fun again. I am playing the game from season 2, now for what, 6+ years maybe? I know how it was back in season 3 and 4 when there was not much toxic players or trollers. Somewhere around season 5 it started going downhill. Ask any active player that plays for 5+ years and he will tell you the same. In recent 3 seasons behavior went bad, and by a lot. I will make you an example: You play a game, you have one toxic player (lets name him player 1) on some side and he behaves really bad. His team asks for reports on him, some report, some don't. Totaly fine. Some player(s) that were a victim of that behavior and lost that game and saw that that player wasn't punished started to think either it was fine to display such behaviour and then displayed such behaviour themself (lets name that player player 2). Then the player 2 went into another game, displayed such behaviour and then a player 3 was made. Then player 4 etc etc and thats how we got to this current situation. Bad behavior wasn't punished and more and more people started to behave like that. I know that RIOT can't fix everything instantly, but lets start by solving the biggest problem that I mentioned on start of this thread. Excessive toxic behaviour and the obvious hard inting. A simple language detecting program might mostly fix this issue and changing reports to a number suggested above. We need to get RIOT to show players that toxic and bad behaviour is not a thing that is allowed {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
There is no point of stacking reports because even one valid report is enough to review the game. The system decides if and how player was toxic based on many factors but not number of reports per game or stats. It might work like that, let's say a mildly toxic player gets 200 toxicity points for a game, hard toxic 800, the points would decay over time and if reach 1000 players behavior over last x days will be compared to banned toxic players and checked it he is all the time toxic or only has a bad day/week etc. In reality form what I got from Riot video is that the system is much more complex and player behavior is compared using advanced recognition algorithms to what Riot and people in general consider toxic, how much such level of toxicity has impact on toxicity of other players, game performance etc. The system is also learning all the time to recognize new ways to flame, language expressions etc, very complicated. I'm playing non stop since early season 3 and I don't feel like toxicity got worse then it was when punishment system was completely disabled between removal of the Tribunal and the new system. In fact I felt like it dropped very hard when the new system went life and a lot of toxic players were ranked restricted or banned. You should also consider that your own perception plays major role in how toxic you perceive others. For example you die 1v1 mid against zed, your jungler tells you to get Zhonyas. Will you say "thx for advice, I get it" or "stfu and care about your own jungle", most of people would go with second variant, because they perceive that advice as a hidden attempt to flame and hit you in a weak spot. In fact if you make a few weeks pause and go back to game fresh and in good mood everything seems much less toxic, unless the first game you play is already toxic.
i no talk (EUW)
: This is not my problem, this is our problem. Whole community suffers from it. It's been going only downhill for last 2-3 seasons now considering the behaviour. Lets take this scenario in example: My team, or enemy team, gets a toxic troller that flames and goes on other lanes to steal their farm, that runs under turrets, that simply laughs then at your efforts to win game and make him play properly. Completely ruins the game for that team and the gaming experience for all of us. He gets over 5 reports 100% and yet he is not banned. Later on he goes in another game with some completely different people, does the same, doesn't get banned. You have over 15 frustrated players that got their game and/or game experience ruined by a player that has a negative impact on the game and is not punished. Such players need to be asap hard punished. I understand that it's hard to keep tract of "inting" and "trolling" when so many players play, but reciving over 5 reports average for few games in row while having highly negative score and toxic chat logs, I belive that is very justified reason to give someone at least a 14 or 30 days timeout from league. I also noticed that you are a silver/gold and 1 season p5 player. Also not very active in playing it seems. I don't judge, but please, understand, it's not okay to make such statements just with your casual way of playing this game. I am someone who is playing between d5 and d2 for few years now on my accounts, and it's very frustrating to keep getting such players and they go unpunished. I am sure many others feel this way.
Well first of all, I have over 800 games this season alone and this isn't my main account, so I use it to post on forums. Over last 200 games or so I had only one person who really ran down mid lane with mobi-boots, other "inters" were just tilted under-performing players. Second amount of reports per game doesn't matter, reports do not add up, there is only one report in each category per game possible. That prevents pre-mades from abusing the system and also makes begging for reports pointless. That said you can be banned after one game of hard flaming only if you wish people cancer etc, but usually it takes something like 2-3 games for 14-day or perma ban. One other thing for you to think about is that if you misuse the system your report value drop. For example if you report a player for intentional feeding because he went 0/10 but he didn't actually do it on purpose your next reports will be less impactful and it will stack. The system does work, it works well and fast, but if someone is really toxic one game that doesn't mean he is toxic all the time as well. There is actually a nice video form Riot where they explain how the system distinguishes between someone who just snaps after a losing streak and being trolled in previous game by other players and actually toxic players who do it consistently.
Aseraan (EUW)
: ***
Truth hurts, I know.
: Trolls and int feeders becoming more and more common
No they don't, actually there are much less of them then it used to be before automated punishment system was introduced.
: when you report a bug will you get even a reply if people look in to the one you reported?
People who fix bugs are busy fixing bugs and not reading forums. Your reports will be sent over, assigned priority, put in a queue and maybe some day fixed.
Rstonius (EUW)
: thats the thing i have a 52% winrate after like 700 games, so i would say my win rate is 100% better than most people.
Your total win rate is no relevant. You have 35% win rate over last 20 games, that is what counts, not your overall win rate. If you will keep losing like that you will soon be demoted, usually it happens when you start having P3 players in your games.
i no talk (EUW)
: Make punishment system stricter
How about you solve your problem yourself for a change without Riot holding your hand? I'm sure you will survive without those players being punished and you will never see them again anyway. Alone the fact that you check their to see if they got banned means that you are toxic yourself and even if you not talking in game it dwells inside you. I rather play with people who flame each other for 5 min after a bad game and forget it, then with people who check my 2 months after I played to get satisfaction of me being banned. You have some serious issues there get help and I mean it seriously.
1shotbyme (EUW)
: Important tips
Best tip to escape silver: Stop "just playing" and start putting effort in at least some aspect of your gameplay, doesn't matter if it's CS, map awareness, not dying or something else and you will climb. You can't outskill players who "just play" by "just playing".
Volarberg (EUNE)
: "Atack move to left click" problem
That's is why I spam A since dawn of time.
: > [{quoted}](name=Thimes,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=pkPoulXA,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-08-24T20:38:24.494+0000) > > 2) You don't know who those players are, they might be indeed 12 yo kids and most likely they are, why would you expect them to be mentally mature? In game however you have no real authority to tell them to stop, so they will not, but you can just ignore them and that is the way to go. > 3) I haven't see "i'm (insert rank here)" comments in a very long time and I'm playing a lot in Silver/Gold, so I would if that would be so common. 2: no, but lets see. do being 12 and actually accepting the rules of the platform remove any potential punishment for bad behaviour? 3: try aram. most ranked players there justify their actions by that sentence.
2) That question is irrelevant. How about to approach it from the other side and instead of demanding that other players grow up and stop flaming, you grow up yourself and stop caring about flamers, mute them and play your own game. 3) A lot of them are boosted and they play ARAM and normals not to lose their boosted rank. They like to use their rank, because they have paid for it and there is no value of paying for something like that if you can brag about it.
: valid answers. yet not quite hitting what i was aiming for. don't turn this into being my fault alone. i know i make some mistakes. Replies: 1: i can even mute that players pings. 2: the comment "please stop biggering" being taken provokative. then people should start growing up just a tiny bit. there's nothing remotely provokative in that sentence if you ask me or really over 50% of the world. 3: in-game, forums, post game lobby. "i'm (insert rank here)" seems to be ranked players best and only defense to justify their actions of flaming/provoking other players by abusively using ping-/chat-spam to degrade a specific player.
2) You don't know who those players are, they might be indeed 12 yo kids and most likely they are, why would you expect them to be mentally mature? In game however you have no real authority to tell them to stop, so they will not, but you can just ignore them and that is the way to go. 3) I haven't see "i'm (insert rank here)" comments in a very long time and I'm playing a lot in Silver/Gold, so I would if that would be so common.
: Lots of smurfs/boosters at the gates of D5??
There is just a small amount of masters players and a lot of plat players, there is absolutely no way you can have a smurf in every game, not even once every 10 games even if all master players would do nothing else but smurf in plat, there is just not enough of them.
Kraycat (EUNE)
: Flex
What did you expect when you win all the time? The more you win the harder enemies you get.
: Behavior of ranked players i've met untill now.
1) Missing enemy ping is just missing enemy ping. It means as much as you interpret into it. If you are so allergic to it, you can mute pings of the respective player. Besides if you get missing enemy pings often, it means that you do a lot of stupid things, start playing smarter. 2) By telling mad people to shut up you provoke them even more. If you get frustrated to look at chat, you mute everyone at the game start with "/mute all" command. There is absolutely no reason to talk to people in the game, anything you have to tell them about tactics/your intention can be done with pings only. 3) In game or on forums? There is nothing to discuss while game is going on, doesn't matter who is right or wrong. I don't see many Elo arguments on forums, since they are usually used when players are mad, that is in a losing game.
: Wouldn't it be nice to have custom gamemodes / 2 player practice?
blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
Support is role with by far most trolls playing, more then all other roles combined. It's also role that consistently forget to use summoner spell like no other role even remotely, decides not to build their core item aka sightstone. Consistently goes first time new champions in ranked at cost of lost botlane. I didnt get it when i mained support, but when i started learning ADC, I started to HATE soloq supports. No other role loses you so much game and lanes like that.
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