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: lmao, vietnam flashbacks.
i cant look at my self in the mirror ;_;
MØrfis (EUNE)
: I am a jungle player and I dont play riven at all but ill agree with you there she is the champion with the best mechanics in the game by far, the best champion with out play potential and also carry potential if you know what you are doing
you can play it jungle tbh, its just early is rlly hard since you gotta use Q combo to do your aa faster, to me riven is like the zac of top, you can lead your team to win easily or go down straight
Lamadora (EUW)
: what smurf u have lower than 50 wr xD
idk been inting and chilling on the game
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: you got King Rammus skin?
and judgment kayle, but they arent rlly rare
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: How many seasons?
: Hide & Seek in Summoner's Rift (Custom Rules)

This Riven tho

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