Peton (EUW)
: And there you are proving what I said, learn to voice your opinion in a constructive manner or steer clear of forums my friend.
I think he's middle eastern. Much of them exists on EUNE. This sample is a very accurate representation of the population, I assure you. Its not worth your time.
Peton (EUW)
: This comment isn't constructive or contributing in any meaningful way to the main post and instead is just overly pesimistic and nonsensical. _"Lets be real here, you're the only one complaining about epilepsy"_ - How do you know that? You don't. Its likely a very under reported concern because this can potentially only effect a very small percantage of the playerbase and an even smaller magin of those who have epilepsy, not everyone is the same nor have their condition triggered in exactly the same fashion. _"Riot won't change the skin" _- Completely false, they have changed skins and particle effects in the past as mentioned in the main post. Relating to your first quote if we followed your logic here nothing would ever be resolved because the first few people to mention a problem should just think "Well no one else is saying this. So it clearly isn't a problem." See the issue with that line of thought? Riot relies HEAVILY on user feedback, it doesn't need to be feedback from a majority of the playerbase, any feedback is good feedback. _"If they even thought about epilepsy with the skin they would change it on release date."_ - I honestly don't understand this part, you're saying if they considered for a moment that this could be a problem they would have resolved it on the day of release? Thats not how this works, things can be overlooked (And have been before) in development. Its especially easy to forget something that only affects a small percentage of users, this goes back to the second point of posts like these help draw attention to oversights or problems so that they can be addressed later/now. Riot can't just within moments adjust something like this within the game and especially not on the day of release, these things take time as they go down the chain, are then made, tested, then pushed to live through a hotfix or next patch. Next time please spend more thought on your comment before posting blatent negativity, especially on a post concerning the well-being of another person when trying to enjoy a hobby of theirs.
What a waste of thoughts on a comment to an obvious internet troll. Why even bother? I was the first to down vote him and move on. One down vote is all this person's worth dude. xD
: FEMALE YASUO SKIN! | League of Legends (Fan)
Who the hell even said akali's rework is a total failure? She is so much better than she could ever dare hope to be. Her rework has been used and played A LOT. That's a sign of success. Success happens when a champ is fun to play and she is exactly that.
: Supply and demand. In the end of the day it is the popular champions that bring in the big bucks.
: I mean she got a VFX update (even though it wasn't really needed).
Right . . because she needs a full visual rework like the one morgana/ezreal received.
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: emotes..
Yea, I always thought the emote slots were too little to support the amount of emotes in the game. I approve the idea of having 8+ slots
: Been a bug for almost a month now. Riot is currently investing money in the 9999th Lux skin.
Weird, always thought she needed investing in other ways like updating her in game model.
: remove akali
evol (EUW)
: League edit showreel!
You forgot to say pls. xD
: So... I purchase Sett..
If I had to guess I'd say you'll be compensated for to the BE you spent.
Declined (EUNE)
: Testing stuff
: I was hoping for something more like sett emote or anything i have more then i need BE so its a waste to get it well is still cool i guess
where did u get the card?
: Opening mysterious sett card.
what is a sett mysterious card? and why is it so mysterious if the obvious outcome of the loot is going to be sett? xDDD
Harpwn (EUW)
: I started the project without a purpose or name and just called everything in the project useless-x. e.g. useless-website useless-api useless-database At some point I was trying to think what I was actually going to call it, and i just thought it sounded catchy. The site is going to function for many games at some point so the useless part of the name is not to do with LOL. etc...
Lmao, and that happened after an "update". Sometimes I question the purpose of these mid season updates. They only ever seem to make functionality worse and worse. The friends list is still bugged too since the start of the season, what a company man. What a company.
Harpwn (EUW)
: Useless wiki - A wiki style site designed specifically for LOL
Why did you call it useless wiki? Its the last thing I'd think of for a league website :P
: Because Riot is only a small indie company, give 'em a break, don't be too harsh on them. It'll get fixed in a few years, I hope.
: well yes but why keep that useless feature then?At Least in this way you can get some use of it.
It was implemented to give you a choice to unlock a skin for a reasonably cheap cost to play for 7 days until you get tired of it.
: Rent skins
It doesn't work like that. You always get to preview the skin on skinspotlights. Whether you wanna play it temporarily or not is your choice. It all depends on whether you could afford it permanently or not. Who the hell rents skins anyways? Just keep them in the vault if you can't unlock it, or disenchant it for another skin :P
Rioter Comments
Joetri10 (EUW)
: I got a 10 game chat restriction for these logs. It's a bit early for April fools day.
You know . . you talk too much shit. Try shutting up for one game. Might save you a whole lot of trouble in the future.
Kaluchii (EUW)
: REACTION (Amazing) - Warriors | Season 2020 Cinematic - League of Legend...
Kaisa looks absolutely stunning. What a babe <3 !
: Yeah all those SJW's that treat women like garbage and fart in each other's faces, forgot about them.
: Have you ever met someone that was justifiable banned? Everyone that gets banned is banned BC they got "hacked"
Larius01 (EUW)
: That's the point of hacking you don't need to tell someone your password for them to hack your account, if I'm guessing RANKAY didn't use a very strong password (like I did) and the hacker simply guessed it or used some kind of automated guessing method such as a rainbow table.
Really doubt it. Nobody can hack you if you didn't click on suspicious links/Share your account. Its not like the russian government used its intelligent agents to hack your account for reasons of state, very unlikely. Lmao.
: I've had the most baffling report/player situation
Hmm . . Strange, might wanna look around some.
: I am dumb.
Nah you ain't dumb, things like this happened
: Terrible Matchmaking
Convincing title. Enough to fish for upvotes.
Hananim (EUW)
: Because they can. Also im pretty sure a hardstuck master doesnt need to stomp you to feel good about himself.
There are dorks like that out there, you know? Shocker.
: Went on holiday for a week, someone somehow logged on my acc, played 4 games and got me permabanned
How did that someone get your login info? You must've shared it with somebody before but you just might've forgot? Because that someone wouldn't just magically happen upon your login info.
: Yeah all those SJW's that treat women like garbage and fart in each other's faces, forgot about them.
Robjen03 (EUW)
: LoL is just pathetic now
> league is so %%%%ing boring now. its kill kill kill kill fight fight fight fight its one side ROFLCOPTERSTOMPING the other side. That's how league and moba games in general are usually played . . so I don't get your point. If you grew bored then play some other games for a change, nobody's forcing you to stay.
AIexander (EUNE)
"Buy accounts? Ehm . . don't you mean they create one and level it up themselves in 1 day? Yea . . . so hush about the subject or you will be silenced by force" For the right prices, you can do anything you want. Welcome to the real world! xD
Slimęy (EUW)
: The reason people smurf is because they are unable to handle the heat of their main elo, that's about it.
In other words, sore losers.
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: why do people smurf?
In short, they're drop out esports wannabe players. Basically losers in life. They crave the attention because they're lacking it IRL. They wanna feel special. Its kinda sad if you dig through their backgrounds. Very sad.
: Add more bans
Yea sure, that way we can ban all champs belonging to a class. For example, we can all ban adc champions with more ban tokens. Or perhaps ban all support champions. That seems very fun.
: > [{quoted}](name=Thornhub,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=RNutWOXx,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-12-28T09:05:24.152+0000) > > I honestly can't understand where all the money goes to. This %%%%ing company does horseshit with its investments. Millions of dollars daily, where do they go!? INVEST IN BETTER MANAGEMENT AND STAFF FOR THE LOVE OF GODS. YOU ARE KILLING THE GAME! riot probably gets the least $ per player out of any game. The only thing they sell are skins, compared to any other p2win game, theres a big difference. So I wouldn't say thay have THAT much to invest.
Are you barmy?! xD They get 27 million active users on a daily basis and 80 million monthly. If each player spent $1 only . . do the maths. Lmao, can't believe there are some who still think riot games's an indie company. I alone spent 100 euros for the past 2 months on this game, now multiply me by 160 million players and rethink your comment please.
Sefiroz (EUW)
: Well, there's not really any point in knowing why, but I suppose it can be frustrating. Then again if you're so unhappy about it you could always not play it {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
I would totally agree with you. Here comes the inconvenience on riot's part though, I bought the pass. Delaying 2-3 days goes by uncompensated, and I don't even complain about it. The point is . . it affects millions of players on euw who bought the pass to grind for points. Riot literally robs them off their time when major problems happen like last week, they don't compensate and they don't even seem to show any concern about it. In fact, not once did EU players get compensated for any inconvenience done. Not once.
Snacklers (EUW)
: They have always been there, they are just informing us about the now, that there are some minor things they are working on, small buggs n stuff. Alteast, most of the issues they are having does not require that they shut the ranked queues, wich to me the only real important thing
The whole point of this is that they shouldn't happen anymore . . these minor issues or even major ones should be a rare occurence, not frequent . . They make billions . . can they not maintain stability? Something's really off about that.
Sefiroz (EUW)
: People are getting things such as their promotionals counting as unsuccessful when they should be successful, not gaining LP etc, imho that's not something they can keep ranked up with it happening.
Then why did it happen in the first place? Literally not a week ago they incurred a major maintenance for the servers when they blew up. Wtf?
Sefiroz (EUW)
: Wot. Apart from the issues that came this patch I haven't seen many issues for several months. Guess I might not be on during low-population hours, but still...
You can't be serious . . there are bugs and issues with the client's functionalities EVERY WEEK. Sure the issues aren't sometimes repeating, but its always a new bug that happens. I can't remember a week of this game without noticing a maintenance notification that vaguely addresses some "issue" that we're not allowed to know of. Blue, yellow and red. Regardless of the notification's color, it occurs VERY OFTEN.
Sefiroz (EUW)
: Ah yes of course, they take ranked down to fix it because of greed, how didn't I see that... xD
atleast two times a week this happens, when it really shouldn't is what I mean. They always disable features and functionality of the game's whole every week because of their weak allocation of resources. They did the maintenance a lot of times last week, why does it happen again and again? When will it be stable for a WEEK is all I ask. Mind you this only ever happens on the EU servers. Because of commenters like yours, this company will keep treating this server's players like sheep. Keep enjoying your inconvenience with no compensation what so ever. A day's delay of performance issues and maintenance on NA gets compensated almost immediately, but not you guys. Why? comments like yours encourages riot's ignorance towards the EUW server. Btw, did I mention they never fill us in with the details of the problem? How long will it persist? what's causing the issues? Yea . . I'm pretty sure all that's convenient to you.
Sefiroz (EUW)
: Well there's no maintenance atm except for ranked queue, which kind of can't be up just for convenience of players when there's something wrong with it xD
Nothing this company does is for the player's convenience anymore, greed is mostly what's left of it. They make a lot, and goes no where to the benefit of the community or the game.
: EUW Ranked down with zero information?
I honestly can't understand where all the money goes to. This %%%%ing company does horseshit with its investments. Millions of dollars daily, where do they go!? INVEST IN BETTER MANAGEMENT AND STAFF FOR THE LOVE OF GODS. YOU ARE KILLING THE GAME!
: Game is dying?
We'd soon be 6 feet below before that ever happens, so rest assured.
: hope they can fix it.
they are, but if you didn't get your points . . you won't be getting it at all. It will be almost as if it didn't exist. Sorry to disappoint you . . but a riot support told me that if I lost LP they can't revert it and If I didn't gain LP, they can't give it.
Shamose (EUW)
: Holy shit. A player asking for compensation that isn't RP. And it's not even a bad idea too. Compliments to you sir.
Its only reasonable that we're compensated on what we lost, which is event points. Maybe give us the amount of points that would account for two days? Like 400 points or something like that. Or they could just give us as I initially suggested, 2 more days and we'll farm on our own. Again, one can only hope.
: you ppl should learn riot doesnt give a flying f. 1, they wont read any of this 2.the few stuff they would read are from support staff and most of the stuff support staff cant do anything about, they are there just to answer questions, in the worst scenario u would get the "bot" fix which would give u a meaningless fix which doesnt work
Nothing further from the truth, I believe they do compensate when compensation is due. I think. Okay, I'm not so sure but its always worth a shot. I mean people who bought the pass would otherwise be getting ripped off if riot doesn't compensate us for the time lost because of the server issues. I don't see why shouldn't they compensate us, its common sense.
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