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: Game is still in progress, no reconnect option?
Just happened to me too! Can't believe this is not fixed yet.
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: I told you! We made it! <3
Yay, congratulations to you too! And thank you for your kind support. <3
: ***
Awww, thank you so much, so sweet!
: Xayah & Rakan Contest - Winner Announcement!
Oh my Graves, thank you so much!! So many good entries, I am extremely honoured that my entry made it out as a winner! >w< Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!
Flowbits (EUW)
: This is beautiful! Wish I could upvote it more than once.
: ***
That is so sweet, thank you! If you're interested, I can explain step-by-step the way I write and why/how, and maybe give you some tips if you like? I do love your entry though, and I envy that you can draw AND write! :D
: It's true, well I don't know, english is not my mother tongue :P Anyway thank you so much! If it doesn't have to be me, I wish you to be the winner, good luck! :)
Unfortunately it's not my mother tongue either. :( Maybe a native speakers can enlighten us. :3 By they way, I really couldn't tell English is not your mother tongue!
: I don't think "know" and "tubebow" rhymes, but beside that the poem is brilliant. You made my entry look like nothing. Bravo!
Thank you for your reply! I'm not sure whether know and tubebow rhyme; I assumed it tubebow's bow is pronounced the same as crossbow's bow (he does compare them in the lore). It is a made-up word, so I'm going play my Poetic-freedom card haha. :) By the way, I loved your story, it gave me goosebumps. You should consider writing novels!
: Story and Art contest - Xayah & Rakan! [Closed]
Hi! ^-^ I made a poem from Xayah's perspective: My father often sang to me Our wonderful folk story Of how Vastaya came to be Through our heroes full of glory I too, seek to be As brave, as tough, as strong But in my heart I fail to see A place where I belong On a quest into town I saw this strange display A peacock acting like a clown Flamboyant, to my dismay A baffoon, so indiscreet! Though a great distraction My heart asudden skipped a beat Was there a sort of attraction? No, impossible, that cannot be! I am fine without consort "Hello darling, my dove, beauty, Seems like you need support" In my foolish inattention I was ambushed, should I flee? But what's worse, not to mention, The peacock seems to follow me "A party, what a nice surprise!" The yellow feathered peacock smirked He charged at them and I realize His crazed plan has worked The ambushers, so inflamed Only eyes on this baffoon I grab my feathers as I aimed And snipe them in their doom The peaclown took a bow And gazed his eyes on me "My dove, please allow My presence next to thee" Not caring for reply And too easily distracted His name Rakan, my sweet ally I do admit I am attracted When Raken puts up a show You know that I am near Rakan, they all know But never guess when I appear A lethal team we are indeed Even with our flaws He fights for me and I for him Getting closer to the cause Bonus: "Rakan, I love you to my core But darling do you know? Snow, flow, glow and more So much rhymes with tubebow" Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it! . :)
: Conqueror Karma
Indeed, I don't like this splash art either. I own and love Order of the Lotus because she looks so tranquil; it fits her character perfectly. But this is just too out of character. Almost like some evil spirit possessed her, and is going on a rampage. Shame, I was really looking forward to a great splash for a beautiful skin.
: About the Slumber Party event due to 31st March
Upvoted so that people know the event exists. http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/slumberparty Also, "Finally, should EUW and EUNE players collectively accumulate 12,000,000 points, we’ll run a Party IP weekend starting on April 7th." "Team up with your friends, host a mini-LAN Slumber Party, and tweet pictures to @loleu using the hashtag #SnoozeYouLose and we’ll add an additional 500 points to the total pool, bringing Europe one step closer to a Party IP weekend." :)
Dessem (EUW)
: Where did it get stolen/reposted to? The most I've had is someone writing fanfiction for my work...
It got posted on Reddit. But without crediting me (or even mentioning me). They took it down, but I'm still sad...
Dessem (EUW)
: It certainly does look like you've better odds of winning when you submit a drawing instead of writing. To be fair, though: there were a total of 15 Drawing Submissions 14 Writing Submissions But only 3 or so writing submissions even reach more than 1 upvote. Either some people've gone around and downvoted other entries, or they thought the entries were bad. However, the drawing submissions received numerous upvotes, which indicates that the community felt the writers were uniformly worse than any of the people who drew. Note that one of the winners has 0 votes, which indicates the winners weren't decided by popular vote. Will we say the creators were biased towards art? I think that'd be rather mean-spirited. We can thus only conclude the writing submissions were simply uniformly worse than the drawing submissions. I would disagree, since I saw some pretty great writing submissions, but tastes differ. tl;dr writers simply need to be even better if they want to take the spotlight off artists. EDIT: Though for what it's worth, I'm rather salty too. I spent four hours on planning, writing and editing my piece, and all I got was a lousy downvote, haha.
Yes me too, I spent a lot of time on my poem. And in the end it got stolen and posted elsewhere. It's really hard to copyright poems and stories...
: As you concluded correctly, we didn't base our decision on the upvotes those posts had on the thread. _(Because those can easily by manipulated by smurfs & friends)_ We judged them ourselves, and of course looked through every entry multiple times. We try to make this fair for everyone, but I have to agree, it's a little weird that artists get more appreciation. I don't think we're heavily biased, but an explanation I can think of is that art is simply more accessible. You have a first impression, that can tell you whether something is beautiful or not. With a story however, you'll have to finish reading it before you can really form your opinion. --- We love the poems and stories you guys submitted, and of course we don't want anyone to feel left out just because they have the "wrong" talent or skill. I'll run the idea of seperating entries a bit more. Either by asking for specific entries for a contest (only for artists, or only for writers), or by rewarding the TOP X artists and the TOP X writers. --- We're not going anywhere, and we'll make sure to deliver contests like this many times throughout the year ! We learn from every contest/ event we make, and try to make the next one even better in one way or another. So thank you and ThornlessRose for the feedback !
Awww, this makes me feel a bit better. :) I'm happy you loved our poems! Sorry but I deleted my poem as I saw someone had posted it elsewere and claimed it as his/her own. :/ Perhaps a direct submission can solve this problem next time? But in that case the community can't enjoy it either... Or only the winners will be featured, that is sort of a copyright on its own. ^^
Dessem (EUW)
: Dang, only one writer won? I'll need to try harder next time. Congrats to the winners.
I knowww, I'm also sad... 7 winners, but only 1 writer won. :( I'll also go for a drawing next time.
: Aaand here we are now: http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/forum-games-contests-en/jweAXrQL-voluntines-contest-winner-announcement
Aw, guess I blew it by going for a poem instead of a picture. :( Better luck next time I guess.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Thank you for your reply! Poor Torpedosheep, being sheared in winter. :( Next contest is a knitting contest I assume? ^^
Dessem (EUW)
: I'd wager he needs some time to decide who disappointed him least. Or impressed him most, depending on whether you're optimistic or pessimistic.
Oh wow. :P I think there were some pretty good entries! ^^ Or maybe I'm just an optimist.
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: The Valenites Rp giveaway fake?
You mean the one on the boards? i don't think it's fake, but i also don't know how the winners will be announced... Did you participate?
: This is Much more romantic than my poem ¦( But good job anyways. Blitz + Ori is good couple CC synergy too, in bot lane. Good poetry btw. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Awww thank you! I read yours as well, I like it!! Want to try Ori x Bitz botlane sometime? ^^
Kensei0 (EUNE)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Kensei0,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=gZyJEjsb,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-02-17T23:40:58.840+0000) > > So listen, girls are way too emotional about shit that does not matter. Why are you caring so much about something 16y old virgin said? Your boyfriend is right, you just misunderstand him. > > It&#x27;s not that he &quot;dosen&#x27;t stick up for you&quot; it&#x27;s just there is no discussion with flamers, the guy is like a pigeon playing chess he will walk around the board kick down all pieces and shit on the table, then fly away beliving he have won. Flamers are the same, no matter how stupid they are, how many mistakes they make and how hard they are feeding, they will still call you noob and insult you further believing they are right. It really is the best way to just ignore them. > > I have perfect solution for you type /mute all as soon as you start each game and you will never be &quot;emotionally hurt&quot; in lol again. It makes sense yes, I like the metaphor. I'll try the mute all option and see if it helps. :)
: It's nothign personal, he just wants to focus on game and not on the flame. Guys are like that.
Hmmm, most of the times I see the flamee reacting to the flamer though. It ruins most games for sure. I don't want him to flame the flamer, a 'just play the game dude' would suffice. Even if I don't know the flamee or the flamer, I try to lighten the mood by being positive. But no one has ever done it for me. I stick up for my boyfriend if he gets flamed, but he won't do the same for me. :(
: Right. [Roast them like this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwZrnWtqYFA) And continue with the game in silence while they try to comprehend wtf just happened <3 Peace Out! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Haha nice! I like the comeback to 'k ys'. ^^
: About LOL: You have to get over it. Just mute all if you are often flamed. You can't ask a person that act properly to violate the TOS and flame back. It's not healthy. In real life: You should talk about that and discuss the situation. Why he says so? He thinks that you are over reacting? Or he just avoid any arguments, even when needed? Maybe he is too sensitive and doesn't want to start an argument, for any reason. Maybe he thinks that you are too sensitive, and that you should not care about stupid people.
I think it's the latter. I did already discuss it with him, but he doesn't understand. He doesn't see why it would affect me, and thus why I'd need comforting.
: Your boyfriend sounds like an outstanding member of the community. I would advise you to drag the chat panel off the side of the screen if it upsets you. He is right to not stand up for you, doing so would only incite more flame and put his own account at risk of being a banned or punished. He's right about "get over it" too, but I can see how that might upset you. You probably are too sensitive, but that isn't a bad thing. If he's a bit cold, he probably needs some warmth in his life. And if you're a little sensitive you probably need that wall to lean on. I'm exactly like him, except when I get flamed I often spur them on. I don't rage back, but I'm not above giving them something to rage about.
I see, I'll try moving the chat box and see if it helps. But you know, sticking up for me doesn't necessarily need to be in game. Would be nice to be hugged/comforted IRL too, but he doesn't get why I get so affected... Well neither do I, but in the end I do get sad, so some love would be nice...
: I understand him, he is just wiser and more mature than that flamers, and uv get emmotionally hurted from flamers bcz ur a woman, woman all things takes to much bcz they are to emotionaly sensitive thats so diffrent from man, so your problem is that you dont undrestand man.
I do understand, and I admire his composure. He explained already why he behaves that way. But I also think he doesn't understand women...
: Greetings. I think your boyfriend's approach is probably the best way to protect you. While I understand that this is unsatisfying for you, trying to "defend" you by arguing with flamers is definitely not going to help. It's close to impossible to stop someone from flaming using reasonable arguments. Muting them, and not reacting is the best thing both of you can do. This way it's most likely that the flamers will simply realise it's not worth the "effort" to flame you, because they get absolutely no reaction. --- > if he sees I got sad because I got flamed, he's pretty much like It's quite apparent that he doesn't get affected by toxicity as much as you do. It's not that he doesn't care about you, I guess he just doesn't understand that you get so affected. Don't try to read too much into this though ^^ Just because he won't feed the trolls, doesn't mean he isn't on your side, let alone that he doesn't care about you. You can try to talk with him about this, and say that this toxicity **does** affect you quite a lot. Ingame though, I'm afraid he's doing the best he can to reduce the toxicity. And all you should do, is mute the flamer, and report them at the end :) --- Good luck & Have fun with your games - hopefully, without any flamers !
Aww thank you! I understand his motives a bit better now. Don't feed the troll, yes, I try. It's just so frustrating when someone deliberately ruins your game... it's hard for me to understand. Maybe I'm also too competitive; I always go for the win. I would never AFK or feed, so it upsets me and I wonder why someone would go that far...
Eveninn (EUW)
: I'd just crawl into his lap and be sads. Then he'd be forced to do somethin'! \o/
Awww that's cute. ^^ I'll try this tactic!
Purejoyce (EUNE)
: You don't need to mute all, you can mute a single person at the first sign of flaming, but f%ck logic I guess...
I understand that, but isn't it too late by then? As I already got flamed by that point?
House x33 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ThornlessRose,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=gZyJEjsb,comment-id=00170000,timestamp=2017-02-18T12:54:48.211+0000) > > I like to give everyone a fair chance, and not /mute all at the beginning of the game. It is a team game after all, and I do enjoy communicating with my team mates. Downside is then of course, that I&#x27;m get flamed before I had a chance to mute them. That makes me sad. All you need to communicate is smart pings. Nobody has to tell you any of their stories in game anyways.
True, though getting spammed by missing ping is also pretty annoying...
: i agree with your bf. backtalking a flamer brings no good. you are just too sensitive. quoting tyler the creator, "Hahahahahahahaha How The %%%% Is Cyber Bullying Real Hahahaha %%%%% Just Walk Away From The Screen Like %%%%% Close Your Eyes Haha"
Yes, I wish I was that strong hearted...
: Random passerby here. I ´d say that it's a matter of perspective. His view that flamers are simply not worth is definitely correct and arguing with them or even responding is simply pointless. With this in mind he´s not wrong for entering a argument with said flamers. However the tricky part here is that i don´t think you're in the wrong either, depending on the situations. It's not wrong to expect help from your BF for he should stick up for you for it seems a little distant to just remain quiet. This is most likely not something a cool BF would do. But, there are more factors to consider and i wish to ask a question. Which is, are you responding to the flamers? In that case i would perceive you as being the one who isn't doing things right. Entering a argument with them will only lead you to say something you´ll regret in the future and expecting your BF you join you in such a mess is not really a cool thing to do. I have seen several people lose their temper when dealing with flamers and then get banned for it. They are very regretful about it later however Riot's judgement are ironclad. Once banned you are stuck banned. However if you get flamed outa the blue and simply sit there quietly and they keep going i would expect him to tell them in a most gentlemanly to stick their heads up their asses so that they´ll get an idea of what they appear like. Now for my personal opinion, always mute the flamers if you find yourself affected by their words, there is absolutely no need for you to mind their words. Simply ask your BF what he thinks if there is something you're uncertain about. Because even if the flamer has a point they are still wrong if they can't deliver that point in any other way than insults, accusations and other verbal abuse. I formed this opinion after quite some time, at first i was also somewhat affected however being raised by a father that constantly likes to joke and mess with me i learned to tell when i was being lead into a bad spot. At first i wrote out witty responses to try and make the flamer even angrier than before which eventually escalated into full blown argument. I kept my temper in check and didn't outright flame back, more like passive aggression. This however got me a chat restriction and a ban warning so i quickly decided that it was time for a change of strategy. Which lead to the current plan which i've used for the past years. Looking at your BF's reactions i'd say he too got flamed a damm ton and ignoring it was the solution to dealing with it. A likely guess is that he hopes that you´ll adopt this idea too. My final verdict is therefore that neither is really wrong or right. It's a question with the answer lying in ones own point of view with that one exception i mentioned.
I used to respond to flamers, trying to reason with them or explain why I did something in a certain way (skill on cooldown, lack of vision, dragon about to spawn etc.). I hoped that once I explained myself, they would understand and focus on the game instead. I noticed however that it usually just worsened the flame, so I started muting them instead. But then they just ping spam me or troll in other ways (feed, AFK, tell the enemy team my location etc.). :/
: Btw Are you a Zyra main?
Mr Stabby (EUW)
: If this thread isn't intended as a joke/troll it is no less amusing. Imagine if a guy posted a thread like this about his waifu not sticking up for him xD If it isn't a joke he just needs to click on your online profile to read this whole embarrassing post btw. Do what a normal person does when they get tilted and scream into a pillow or sacrifice a goat to the blood god.
It's not a joke, and also he's not active on the forums either. He plays casually, and plays other games as well. Unlike me, he plays about 3-5 games per week where I play about 6 games per day. I'll buy a goat just in case. :o
Rismosch (EUW)
: Chatting is a waste of energy. If you can't handle toxicity, type _/mute all_ from the beginning in the chat. Pings are more than enaugh to communicate. The chat is used 99% of the time for mocking other players in any way. So it's definetely better to have it muted.
I like to give everyone a fair chance, and not /mute all at the beginning of the game. It is a team game after all, and I do enjoy communicating with my team. Downside is then of course, that I'm get flamed before I had a chance to mute them. :( But perhaps it is the best solution after all.
Panth (EUW)
: The most annoying reaction for a flamer is no reaction at all. When they don't get any reply it annoys the hell out of them. Copy your boyfriend's approach and just don't give the flamers any acknowledgement or energy.
ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: From what I can tell, he doesnt "stick up" for you because he'd just fuel the flames. More people talking in chat, more people flaming, everyone having less fun AND playing worse. Its really just not worth it. As for the get over it part well... dunno, that just seems a little rough to me too.
He doesn't have to comfort me in game perse (though it would be nicer, also to let the flamers know I'm not alone). Even if he'd just pat/hug/comfort me IRL that'd make me happy. But he thinks it's silly I get so upset over it, and I know it's true, but I just can't help it...
: Your boyfriend is right. It's not worth even thinking about what god knows what kind of person that doesn't even knows you as a person flames you, hidden behind his monitor. Also these days you can get banned just for responding to a flame so do you really ask why your boyfriend is not risking his 4 years old account just to "defend" you from an unknown person that you will probably never meet irl? Just mute the flamers and get over it. Edit: Just wanna ask you something personal. If you are with someone for 7+ years why are you putting your personal relationship on risk just because of some video game? For 7 years you are supposed to know already if the guy next to you is for you or not, he probably proved himself to you many times. If you are having your doubts then reconsider your future with that person but if you just looking for a reason to end your relationship with him just know that is not the way to do it.
I know he's right, and I admire the way he plays. And you're right too, why would we risk a video game to ruin our relationship. That's why I don't understand why he doesn't take my side. All I'd want is for him to comfort me, doesn't even need to be in game...
Eveninn (EUW)
: In the matter of flamers he is doing the right thing... Relationship wise there could be many better ways, but no matter how much we wish for it boyfriends tend to not be perfect. <.< Depending on how he is you can try to press the matter a bit, as someone who cares little abou flame I got into similar situations as him with some of my friends and I always found it to be quite annoying to get something forced on me which I 'solved' for myself. Then again, for one's partner I'd think that's worth dealing with. Maybe don't think about him standing up for you, but firstly for him helping you to not feel bad about flame.
Yes, that would help. Even if I don't respond to the flamer in-game, I do always verbally question his morals IRL. Even then, my boyfriends says nothing. It would be nice if he'd just say simple stuff like "just ignore him, he's the one playing badly" or "don't worry about him, don't feed the troll" or "just play babe, I'll be sure to report him after the game too". But nothing of that. :(
: Well, it wouldnt be for any good. Theres so many opinions in league that it s not even worth to talk about, - maybe the guy was right, maybe he was not. Why bother taking the attintion of multiple members of your team into the chat? -> this is how you lose games. Ignore all, flame back, do whatever u want. Everybodfy deals with the game different and thats how your BF does it. As long as ignoring works for him, leave him :)
Yes, I know. I especially noticed during ranked, where it is relatively easy to get back from a gold deficit if you just work together as a team. Sadly though, mostly the blame-game starts when your team is behind and the situation just starts to worsen. I always try to soothe the atmosphere (I rarely get flamed in ranked for some reason), but it almost never works. :/ I wish Riot would just remove the chat option...
Wukongz (EUNE)
: >Am I too sensitive? Yes. > If you get his way of playing you would do the same? I'd probably say "can you stop flaming and focus on playing instead?" but that's about it. No reason to waste time in arguing with people when I can waste my time trying to get a last hit or do some damage.
That's all I'd want, really. I don't want him to flame the flamer, just to show I'm not alone. Like I said, I admire his composure.
: Just mute! :) Sometimes I mute everyone before I even buy from the shop lol especially if i see I have premades on my team and if the game ends up going ok i eventually un mute them, responding to flamers just gives them what they want and a lot of flames are incorrect anyway its just their way of trying to pass blame onto someone else instead of accepting they made a mistake :) Just mute the kids and it will be ok :)
I like to give everyone a fair chance, and not /mute all at the beginning of the game. It is a team game after all, and I do enjoy communicating with my team. Downside is then of course, that I'm get flamed before I had a chance to mute them. I made a lot of friends through League and I'm afraid that this will stop if I just mute everyone from the start. :(
House x33 (EUW)
: Just start to mute them ? I don't understand you people, it's a random kid on the internet trash talking, just laugh it off.
I like to give everyone a fair chance, and not /mute all at the beginning of the game. It is a team game after all, and I do enjoy communicating with my team mates. Downside is then of course, that I'm get flamed before I had a chance to mute them. That makes me sad.
ExpStealer (EUNE)
: As many said - just mute them. It isn't worth the trouble responding to a flamer, indeed, but your boyfriend is supposed to comfort you, at least I would, lol, there's no way I'd tell you "Get over it" and do nothing if I can see you're sad, be it for something minor like this, 'specially if we've been together for over 7 years. For 7 years you two must have developed a spiritual bond of some kind, so he, more or less, should feel what you feel, you know... I don't know... Maybe I just can't act like I don't care about people's feelings. P.S.: You are too sensitive, though I'm not surprised. Girls are, in general, a bit more sensitive than we, men, are.
Hm, yes, I'm sure it's also a generic issue... Like I said, I do admire him for being to composed when being flamed, wish I could do the same. Will try at least! We've been together for a long time yes, but IRL he's also not very attentive. I'm not sure what I expected, but I did tell him it bothers me (the fact he doesn't take my side in game). Still, he won't change his ways...
Overloard99 (EUNE)
: I don't know for him but whenever someone abuses my girl, i always say to them ''leave her alone'' and so on. I always try to defend her. but I'm never going to flame as well, just a simple thing to say then mute.
That's also what I'd like, at least to let me know I'm not alone...
: I understand your boyfriend. And yes, you are too sensitive (at least as far as the game is concerned :-)) ). If he would take party for you, that could start a flame war. No good. You can read all around here that the best response to flamers is -- not responding. What is it good for? You need to grow a skin so that any flame doesn't affect you. Start with immediately muting the flamers. Maybe see it like this: They flame your champ, _not you_. You are just the person behind that noone sees.
I understand. Thank you for your feedback, I will start using the mute button more often. :)
: First of all it depends if you are a girl or a guy. I'm not saying that to be sexist, its just that I think that guys are usually expected to stand their own ground and be strong so maybe that is how your boyfriend looks at it. If you are a girl I honestly don't know why he doesn't defend you. Not because girls are weak, more like because it gives their boyfriend the opportunity to appear stronger in front of them :P Could also be that he secretly thinks these "flamers" have a point in what they are telling you and he doesn't want to go into a big fight with you because of it.
Yes, I'm a girl. I don't get upset if flamers tell me I'm bad, (because normally they do that when they themselves are feeding/failing), but when they get too personal. Like "%%%" or "get cancer" and stuff like that. Makes me sad, there's no need to go that far. :
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