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: >oh there's plenty of examples. instead of calling me names you should provide one
Didn't call you any names. I said that white-knight behaviour should best be continued elsewhere, as we wouldnt be able to convinve each other anyways. Apparently that was offensive enough to delete my comment. I provided you multiple examples already. > "If someone is super annoying, toxic, and clearly inting(running it down)" Let's turn my example of hitler to someone spamming racial slurs in the chat, I'd defenitly see calling them an idiot and then muting them as not toxic.
: >But if you wanna think that every single **toxic** word said in chat is toxic, go ahead Ftfy The least you could do is not strawman me while you're busy crying "foul" {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
I'd say it isnt a toxic word on itself. Surely it can be used in a toxic way. Is calling hitler an idiot toxic as well? Some persons can be called an idiot without being toxic about it
: >But nope, instead of actually banning people making the game a worse place for everyone, the people calling them idiots get chat restricted i hate to break it to you but people calling other people names makes the game worse for everyone too, wether they're involved in the exchange or not >tl;dr: Go ban inting toxic players, instead of people calling them out if you're being toxic when you "call them out" then you're toxic too, buddy
I'd say that calling someone "idiot" once in the entire game, and ignoring him for the rest of it isn't making the game worse. Certainly when the entire team thinks the dude is an idiot. But if you wanna think that every single word said in chat is toxic, go ahead
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IMelchorI (EUW)
: randomly unable to connect to games.
This problem has been going on for so long now. The unfair lp loss because you can't connect, or because remake doesnt work when a teammate has this problem is super frustrating. I don't get how riot can leave League of legends, one of the biggest competitive games, in such a bad state for this long. The game as it is now, is broken, and this should've been fixed within a few days. Instead they decide to let this bug/glitch exist for a month, pushing away their own playerbase. Disgusting

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