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Roxãs (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Threxes,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=zAzrRpBW,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-06-06T17:46:38.736+0000) > > it makes sense, because they work at the same company whom work on the same product > > > {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} seems like u dont know how a company is running
oh tell me more, please educate me lol
: Yeah, Riot should definitely put all of their graphic designers in the coding area... and the whole balance team should help out in the graphic area.
Ok, now you just dont get what i am saying lol. You know Riot as a company has departments that shares information with each other its similar how the financial and marketing department work together to help each other better understand customer behavior , it doesn't mean people from different department start working on something they dont know how to do. its simply means the champion design team has to work with the balance team and vice a versa because as they release a new champion the game balance is going to change. Its business management 101 Its ok not everybody have to agree with me
Roxãs (EUW)
: there is a balancing team and a team for new champs. so your complain doesnt make a single sense... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
it makes sense, because they work at the same company whom work on the same product {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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: Match the default screen resolution with the game resolution. When you start the game you force the video card to change the resolution of the screen just for the game. By putting the game in bar you let the game changing the resolution back to the default size.
Thanks, if i use the integrated gpu instead of the nvidia chip to run league would it fix the window resizing issue then?
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: Except the lux ult thing would still happen. Cause that wasn't a bug. The actual hitboxes don't perfectly align with the visual effects because of the way perspective works, and the champion hitboxes don't follow their exact outlines either. This was working as intended.
just no, it wasnt like a pixel or two off from perfectly align with everything. it was a legit 4 mm difference on screen
: > [{quoted}](name=Threxes,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=A1EeZWt5,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-01-31T14:10:20.600+0000) > > I've heard you guys cut the budget of all the department but the design department. FIrst, i didn't think too much about it because bugs happen in every other video game. But the gameplay is suffering because of poor game quality now, skillshots that 5 cm away hits, taking dmg from ezreal q while in fizz e. the constant bugs in the client and massive framedrops in game, not even talking about dcing from the game while having a solid internet connection. Please put some money and time into making your game stable. The bugs are out of control! yep,today i ve encounter this,what do you think?
yeah....its so bad. Riot is not a small indie company yet the game quality is like if it would be lol
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: It starts tomorrow morning at about 8 as soon as the new patch is out afaik.
: Tbh, i would be more hyped up if the position ranks were coming. Now it's kinda meh. Still gonna play though.
i have an na acc so i will try to see if the games are better quality with the introduction of position ranks. i will be able to contrast the new and old system. Will be very interesting to see
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DerPunkt (EUW)
: Sorry... But what is the point? How do you come from "riot changes the game for the worse" to "there is a different in skill" and how does it support your point? What is your point other than crying the same as the Alt. Right movement "where have the good old times gone" I will tell you what everybody told us ADCss s a Mont ago. Adapt or leave. Create new golden times. The old times won't comeback. You will never experience the game in a way you did when you were still learning it.
Thanks for the valuable comment
CJXander (EUNE)
: Master Tier vs Gold in FLEX? Wth?!?!?
but heh at least the queue was fast right? lol
: win get 16lp loose take 21 lp
There is a hidden rating called mmr standing for MatchMakingRating. When your mmr is lower than expacted for the rank you are in you will gain less lp for win than you would lose for a loss. IF you have higher mmr than expected for your rank you would gain more lp than you would lose. To fix mmr you have to start winning more games than you lose. Hope it helped
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: If it's that meaningless, why did you write so much about it?
Because when you used to love something, you want it back. Just like in an abusive relationship which started out amazing , you are hoping the person you used to love is there and you can can get her back.
: Well iam silver and maybe my opinion can be rlly useless, but in reality in rankeds ur teammates aren't trustworthy, i see that half of team doesnt have brain (obs they have) but i see things that make me blind. I remember playing season 4 rankeds when i was bronze and a trash player, but honestly ive seen teammates doing good things and rarely and i mean rarely they would troll or int cause somebody stole his red, and i mean i was in bronze ello. Now iam silver. and i see that u cant trust your teammates, and yes i got alot of restrictions due to the fact that i got tilt, now ive learn that its worthless being tilted, ur teammates will be bad anyways. And one important aspect of ranked. In fact u cant carry alone , or even advise ur teammates with pings, they wont listen anyways. Srry if i misunderstood something. my english is not the best.
Every opinion is welcome even if i am disagreeing with someone. In theory the lower elo you are the least you can trust your teammates to do well. However, nowdays you cant really trust your teammates in higher elos either, because in my opinion of the bad matchmaking and the causal nature of league.
DerPunkt (EUW)
: ... that the simple route to science, the one that is popular in media. For it to work you have to give all your base data, so people can actually check your assumptions before they even try to confirm them. So give links to the observable resources of which your assumptions are based so everybody can check if there is already a flaw in what you assumed, or if you left important information out, or did include too much, etc. At this first stage most "science" gets either debunked or severely challenged and reformed. And than we can have a discussion. Just so this doesn't seem to hostile, from a gut feeling I agree with you, but I know my personal bias, so I won't make claims as long as the data I have is showing otherwise. E.G. I feel like I have literally no impact in games. I don't know why we win some and lose some. I don't get it, it seems to rarely correlate with my performance. But I can not say for certain since my performance is not properly reflected by stats, when I get tones of kills, I still might play bad, and when I die a lot it might be cause I had no chance from minute 10 on but still tried. You know what I believe might be the reason why the Ranked games feel so very ugly? I have a few. * Holidays are ending. There are many pupils coming back to the game atm. * In whole Europe the weather went back to rather normal. For many it was just to hot to play. Many of my friends did maybe 1-2 games per day after that they had to let their PCs and rooms cool back down. I can imagine many people now coming back to the game after they just didn't feel like playing league feeling like an overcooked sausage. * End of season is coming, you climb now or never. Smurfs trying to get the gold reward, people starting ranked to get the gold reward, me silver boy who previously managed to get to gold and stay there easy, I am trying to get back to gold. And this all comes with the addition of massive changes. See botlane, see Shieldsupport etc. So I believe the game is just very volatile in terms of being shaken up by the players itself and some hiccup on riots site with tomany game changing patches which they already acknowledged as seen by [Riots Meddlers]( post. I feel your frustration. I usually am calm playing but the last week made my worst personalities surface... I get hostile in chat and I scream at my monitor. I have to remind me its just a game but it gets so very frustrating when you fall several ranks and feel like you didn't do anything to deserve this. But I am sure I play a part in it as much as the aforementioned points. Also this is how science works. I created a hypothesis based on assumptions which on the otherhand are based on observations that I did over my years of playing and recent events in the world. I shared this information and explained my reasoning. You job as a fellow scientist is now to see if the correlation actually is a factual relation. Maybe SoloQ is actually to full with new faces that need to fall down or climb the ranks before my games feel normal again and I can get rid if the 10/0 champs I have to face as soon as I am forced to leave botlane with only one item in hand :D [EDIT] Eventhough I feel like I have become a negative influence I just logged in and received my next honor checkpoint :D seems like I am still OK and just feel very negative :D
Dear fellow scientist, Here is a little experiment you can do, Thats similar to mine. You watch Yassuo-s unranked to challanger, i believe right now he is in Diamond, then compare and contrast the gameplay you see on stream with the games you play in unless you are diamond as well, if you are diamond watch someone who is challenger and let me know if you see quality differences between those games. As you see my research method is 100% scientific and perfect(Kappa), please confirm or deny my assumptions !
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Enjutsu,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ecaTgdn0,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2018-08-17T05:21:28.019+0000) > > I don't believe it doesn't matter to you if you climb or not. For someone, who doesn't care about it, you sure talk a lot about ranked. Not being able to climb is frustrating it also draws out negative emotions from other people too making the whole experience quite bad. > > How can you not care whatever you climb or not when talking about ranked? Ranked is about testing your skill, the question of whatever you climb or not is very important.
"Also ranked is meaning less because doesnt matter how high you climb people make the same linear mistakes, i am spectating gold or diamond games, they dont feel any different same quality mistakes in both game, only people's mechanics are better and thats all. And its not better at very high elo either according to no name player like Faker." Let me add the shiny diamond or master boarder is not worth the frustration to climb to be in the same quality boring games The game doesnt test the same skill i enjoyed in the game so ranked is meaning less to me, its a personal opinion u cant argue with that just as i cant argue with you on agreeing with Riot on the changes to dragons, plants and etc that is your opinion.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: You claim the source exists, so it's your job to find it. You're still not good at giving source, it's a 26 min video. > RNG like random dragons Previous dragon was too snowbally and had to be replaced, it's also not much of an RNG, it's announced before it spawns and there are only 3 versions. > plants, Their locations are fixed, no RNG(maybe fruit a bit more, but even then) > .crab spawns, It's also revealed where they will spawn. The point of it was to encourage junglerxjungler interactions > the dumbing down the game buy removing jungle cs counting, displayed spawn timer, notice when the enemy took objectives like dragons and baron etc.. When Riot was deciding whatever to do them or not there was a question is it an actual skill or just bookkeeping, is it exciting and impactful skill? they decided it's not. Buff timer reveal was also done to encourge junglerxjungler interactions. CS counting was also unintended, it revealed enemy jungler location. > comeback mechanics such as exp and gold in season7 especially what about them? we're in season 8. things have changed Since i answered yours, does that mean now you're going to answer my original question, you've been really avoiding it.
I answered all your questions, tell me which one i didnt explain?
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Quoting source means giving a link to that, not just claiming that it exists somewhere. It's one thing to say that Riot says that they're making the game more casual and it's a different one to assume they do that because of your own observations. A lot people don't even go farther beyond the observations and just assume things as they see them instead of looking deeper.
btw you didnt give me an answer to my question: "Where the added RNG like random dragons, plants, crab spawns, the dumbing down the game buy removing jungle cs counting, displayed spawn timer, notice when the enemy took objectives like dragons and baron etc.. free win promos, comeback mechanics such as exp and gold in season7 especially, is it not consider making the game more casual in your opinion?" put the name title had put in quotation marks into the youtube search bar and press enter but i see you dont try to look deep enough so i did it for you:
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I wasn't talking about game meta, but complaints meta, you've put in everything that's popular to complain about and now you added more. You still didn't really give any sources to your claims, just assumptions based on observations.
i did quote a source, also most information is based on making assumptions based on observation. That's how science works, you make an assumption u test it, someone else tests it and it became a hypothesis and if it stands the test of time it turns into a law.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I did read it, looks like a pretty typical complain post filled with what's currently meta to complain about plus few random extras. It just looks like you're venting frustrations and putting any random reason you can come up with. I don't know where you got some of the stuff you talk about. Like where do you get this: > However, the game changed and the competitive nature of the game got changed to more causal. If you look around boards people tend to complain that game is becoming harder and harder and more competitive as well more about competitive. >** Riot said they wanted normal players to start playing ranked, **but these normal players felt the game is too toxic and unfun for them so they preferred playing with their friends and so on in normal games where people less competitive and less toxic. I follow quite closely everything what Riot says (or at least most of it) and i never heard this. > you can climb with a negative winratio because of the free win pomos (oh by for causal players it was still unfun so they stopped playing) No you can't. I guess itechnically you can call it a climb with a negative winratio if you at first lose a bunch of games and then start climbing back after all those loses. But to climb you do need at least a 50% winratio and even that sometimes is not enough. Don't really wanna to go full nitpick on everything because it gets pretty ridiculous and hard to follow.
Wow, have you actually read it? i didn't mention the meta even the slightest bits. The "few random extras" made up the vast majority of my post. Also ranked is meaning less because doesnt matter how high you climb people make the same linear mistakes, i am spectating gold or diamond games, they dont feel any different same quality mistakes in both game, only people's mechanics are better and thats all. And its not better at very high elo either according to no name player like Faker. Where the added RNG like random dragons, plants, crab spawns, the dumbing down the game buy removing jungle cs counting, displayed spawn timer, notice when the enemy took objectives like dragons and baron etc.. free win promos, comeback mechanics such as exp and gold in season7 especially, is it not consider making the game more casual in your opinion? People today dont know how to play around if jax is splitushing or anything, all they know is to ping timers and do what the timers tell them to do, people go for kills and objectives junglers perma ganking and thats all, no strategy or deep nuances left in the game anymore. Also, what these people confused on is the words, the game is not more competitive but more difficult because of the new champions with complicated kits and so on. Its like confusing punishment and discipline, both feels similar but the intent is different. Where RIot said that? season 6 and 7 was all about that especially season 6. for example, Riot openly admitted their intentions in the "dynamic queue roundtable" video for many things, 2 years ago. i see people climb with negative winrates people at the beginning of the season have inflated mmr so u will climb with negative winrate and the free win promo will accelerate that. I know a person who got diamond with a 49 percent winrate because of that, and they wont demote down if they play unless day stop playing for weeks.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I don't believe it doesn't matter to you if you climb or not. For someone, who doesn't care about it, you sure talk a lot about ranked. Not being able to climb is frustrating it also draws out negative emotions from other people too making the whole experience quite bad. How can you not care whatever you climb or not when talking about ranked? Ranked is about testing your skill, the question of whatever you climb or not is very important.
You didn't get my point go back and read again.
: > The quantity of your games matter more than the quality of your games That's not true and was never true. MMR doesn't work like that. The Quality of your games matter more than the quantity. When you are CONSISTENT with your games, then you climb more. No matter if you played less than usual. And even if you have someone that plays more, let's say 2k games, he can't top someone that gave his best in all of his games but only played like 500 games but climbed more than the guy playing more. Quantity doesn't matter, it does give you a little edge since you have more Input (could be negative input) but Quality is what matters in the end and that's the thing that makes you climb.
i know people climbing with 49 % winrates . I know person who got diamond with that winrate, and the very same person cannot carry gold 5 games on his smurf.
: when you can get solod by a random support as any laner because 0 MR AR given anymore unless you take it and lose out on 20ad/ap then you get this cluster%%%% of burst or be bursted gameplay that no1 but highly autistic addicted players enjoy - nonethless i still play league everynow and then a few games a day because the other games out there are filled with DLC pay2win or straight up shitty netcodes and the same "toxic" communities i encounter here. i recommend a 0 %%%%s given attitude and playing flex with strangers - not taking it seriously no butthurt and i actually enjoy games that way wether i win or lose - the mentality is the true burden for most gamers in league. the urge to win win win be a bigboi carry is what causes most frustration and ofcoruse no voicecomm which is lethal and much needed in league - i can´t type out an approach while playing but i can use voice and give direct instructions how to handle the fight while others make splitsecond calls too and that saves us all 10-20seconds of typing standing still not being able to cast spells. but i guess riots technology simply isn´t there yet and tencent doesnt want voicecom but skinsales instead.
I am not talking about meta or solo carrying tho, i was talking about the competitive nature of league, and in my opinions why the games feel so bad. I used to have fun with the process of improving and playing in a level of game where people know how to play around split pushing if you play with a jax, playing with a farming jungler etc... Nowdays, people play on autopilot the objectives are timed for you and you get noticed if the enemy took one. You used to be able to count enemy jungler cs to predict their paths and so on. Now junglers only gank and people play for kills and taking objectives when they are off timer. But even things like this is hard because of the imbalance of players skill in ranked. A player with a skill level of silver will prioritize different things what a high gold player would and so on. You might ask how a player with a silver skill playing in a elo with high golds? Because they tried to make the game more causal and easier to climb like free win promos, or with comeback mechanics so bad player can get carried (maybe, just my idea). Only people with the same skill and mentality can work together to execute fun and different strategies fitting champion playstlye. But its only my opinion of course :)
Nadatari (EUNE)
: True! But look at this: changes to map were very good! We got unlimited lvling. Okey! And thats it! First they removed reading Bios in game! I do remember time where I enjoyed Bios while waiting for respawn. I mean I bought all the items and now I have to wait for 40 sec and do what? Nothing but wait and most likely rage in chat XD Ranked is bad for one more reason and that reason is: FAST LVLING! Every fool, in one to two weeks playing can start playing ranked! I made a new account and started playing it for mission rewards! In three hours I was lvl 11 -.- If that wasn't bad, hear this: I got 6 high BE champs (talon, ahri, yasuo.... ). So Riot atm wants this: New players want ranked? Go then :D Some of those players never played Mobas in their life and they start playing ranked and in gold V they have only Zed for mid ( and Zed gets banned so yeah so they pick some other champ and look at that they dont even know how to farm, harras or deffend -.-). Ranked is total shiiit! You play it for rewards and thats it XD Everyone %%%%%h about grinding runes! Back in first 4 seasons when meta was new and favorable way to build and play champion and not the ONLY way to play champion ( like it is now) grinding runes meant you have to spent playing a lot of games ( to earn a lot of ip :P ) and in those games you would learn the mechanics of champions and the game! Now I have adc raging me for playing bard cause I go and roam to collect my passives so I could get mana for heals ( I do warn them about it but they decide to be Rambo and overstay in lane with 37 percent of hp to get dived with top, mid and jungle!). Grinding meant experienced players in ranked (mostly)! Now we get everything but pages for free now -.- Champions are unbalanced!!! I mean, LoL champs always needed some form of buff and nerf but nowadays.... I am ashamed of even playing LoL! Smite and Dota2 are games I now play bcs LoL is unplayable! I dont want to play Zoe, Yasuo, Zed.... I want to play Soraka which heals and Supports and Soraka that requires to buy support items not Soraka that is much stronger if it goes full AP, burst enemy adc in seconds and the decides to heal, not a support role which gets eaten alive if enemy has Brand or Lux! My Bard with his passive can destroy adc in mid and late game in seconds!!! Especially if his build is Mercury Threads, Redemption, Warding Item, Twin SHadows!!!!! Those are support items and yet I can destroy well fed adc!!!!!!!! Reworks are shiiit! Invisibility doesnt exist anymore! And yet for me to see Eve, I have to be close to her, close enough for her to finish me -.- Same for twitch! But for that Riot said: Okey! we will remove Oracles Elixir and wards are shiit XD!!! So they decided to mess with mechaanics that existed and then reworked them in this!!! Example: I cant see teemo and kha when they are invi, but if I am closer to eve I can see her and twitch???? ( I am not familiar with how invi works now on twitch so excuse me here if I missed point for twitch). I cant see difference between Aatrox and Kayn! Their model is same and I always confuse those two!!! That is, I confuse them until they burst me!!! With the introduction of rune system Rework, Tanks and I mean, those Tanks with full tank items, became fearsome thing in LoL!!! Bcs from season 4 or 5 we all started playing bruisers cause tank builds never dealt dmg and champs with those could never go in get three or four kills ( and lets face it Rito slowly started implementing that thinking "Kills means I am good player" which was always said in thsoe times XD) and return back( beside Singed which could chase Yi through three turrets if well fed)! Thats what hapenned with Tank runes rework! Tank champions never got their dmg lowered but they got all the benefits of tank items and runes! I played Garen and Mao with full tank items ( garen without black cleaver and mao without rod of ages, rylai and similar items, only mr, armor and hp regen) and owned every game! I stood under turret and tanked whole enemy team!!!! Whats worse is that enemy team focused garen, mao, singed, leo in every of those games! Why? Bcs new players never learned not to focus tank and to focus adc and mid laner!!!!! Why they never learned cause for some time noone played tanks XD Only bruisers and they are more resilient in tfs even though they build black cleaver and hydra instead of armor , mr items -.- Thats what mobas like Smite and Dota2 have and what Riot had! You dont focus Axe -.- You focus %%%%inng Invoker! ( that was just example of tank hero and mid laner hero). Reworks are the worse thing Riot ever did!!!! Why? I was there for first rework and I remember why they introduced reworks. It was cause they always were breaking game mechanics with new champs so with that, lesser and lesser champs could be played. More and more decisions were based on your ranked picks not on your desire to play champion you would like to but picking a champion who got buffed or reworked/buffed plus new champions! Atm I cant remember the number of Ryze reworks and yet he is not played nor is he ranked picked! I loved to play him and I cant play him if Yas, Zed ( evasive af), Syndra Lux, Ahri (range longer then Ryze), Zoe (burst) etc are picked and played!!! Third, there is NO BUILD DIVERSITY in this game anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only diversity is, at most, two items with slightly different mechanics! Before you all jump at me ( XD ) I mained Yi at the season 1, 2, 3 ,4 and I played him cause he was skinny, was wearing glasses ( I am shortshighted XD )! I played champs bcs of their stories ( and mostly cause they were fun, similar to me or just apealing to play). My build mostly was full att speed rune page plus 3 purple lifesteal runes! Item build would go like this: Wrigle, Ninja Tabi, Warmog, Atma, Something for mr and last items would be dmg items! Reason for it would be; starting the game with 6 lifesteal, 0.9 att speed, prob buying dorasn to get 11 percent of lifesteal. I would not deal massive dmg but as a ganker I would usually dive under turret and get the lane another kill. In time where meta was to play Yi Ap, I have played Yi offtank XD I have even seen Yi with few support items owning Lee -.-. That just shows how META wasnt MUST TO PLAY but it was new, favourable and %%%%inng good to try gameplay XD I picked champs bcs of their Bios now I dont play them if they are not buffed, reworked etc XD This LoL doesnt have that diversity!!!! Either you play Zed pure dmg or you dont play Zed XD ( Or Leo support and not full Ap XD ). Bios are changing constantly so I dont even read them anymore! Whats the point in there if they are going to add or change bio of champs bcs of their rework XD Summa summarum: Riot destroyed this game! Made it dumber= build dmg and win fast, easy mechanics, constant changes, buff and nerfs that change gamestyles over night, reworks that are just copies of each other ( swain rework makes him just a demon lord not the old poor grampa that would destroy enemies with his beatrice -.- and he is not anymore swain we all played , he became new champion, same for galio -.- ), easier lvling and acquiring champions which let new players to enter ranked queues faster and easier, Runes Rework actually makes me sad thinking having rune pages gives me advantage when all I change is only one rune, No diversity in item builds! I am not ashamed to admit that I have played ranked in season 3 and 4 and got ranked in bronze cause that bronze then made me play more normals to learn, get better and to perfect my gameplay, gamestyle and search for new builds, ask for advices!!!! Now getting ranked in Bronze doesnt make me do that ( bcs every gameplay is the same boring one, burst dmg XD), actually I play ranked only to test new champions, reworks and test new buffed champs -.- Gonna play this game just for events cause atm that is the only time LoL is worth playing!!!! Btw Interactive map was added to quell rage bcs adc were destroyed in patch before XD Same with this new map mode! Nothing new, new aram map on template of 3vs3 map that last only 10 minutes!!! BURST DAMAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Btw this is just my Opinion and how I saw this game! I am not generalizing or stating facts!!!!!! Just my experience!!! If you think I am not correct just reply and explain it! I would like to see if I actually made an error in judgement! Thank you! I apologize for grammar and spelling errors!!!
Well, if you are new and u just started in LoL i believe farming ip just to buy champs and runes was boring. But i now what you mean its an issue that new players get into ranked faster. Also smurfing is a bigger problem as well now. I believe these new masteries and these new champs with overloaded kits are just game balance issue . Lets be real here most people dont customize champs with these. People look one runepage for the champ and use it just like 4 years ago. However, since it doesn't give flat or scaling stats but extra abilities instead its harder to balance the game. i cant remember 4 years ago rune nerfs or buffs. Just removing them all together would be best for balance in my opinion. New champs need kit nerfs like when LB had silence on the chain it got nerfed because it was overloaded kit, or when ahri could interrupt dashes with her charm. There are too many champions as well, and new champs or reworked champs coming in all the time none stop. That hurts the balance as well. But Riot does it so people use real money to buy them and the new cool skins as well.
: I have similar feelings but for different reasons. For me it's the champion reworks that ruin the game.
That's an other issue for sure.
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