: kalista needs a rework.
[A few ideas that could make her more current](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/Xx4wtAah-please-buff-or-change-the-forgotten-champions?comment=0003)
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: kalista or caitlyn?
{{champion:51}} has 650 range, very safe, easy passive for poke. To get some decent burst damage out after any hard CC on them from your support, you can full combo lv3 with: W Trap, into animation cancel Q Peacemaker E net giving a double headshot. {{champion:429}} is much hard to play 525 range and most of her all in damage is delayed, so harder to judge. Her upfront burst requires good minion usage for things like: [Tripple stacked minion, with lv2 pierce transfer at max range 100dmg, then a lv3 rend reset 200dmg](https://streamable.com/f1nxp) If leona was better positioned, I would have kept stacks on two minons for a and jumped forward more and reset later, or simply ult leona in. We had both scuttle and their tri brush warded, but sadly she wasn't in range for the all in.
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: Please Buff or change the forgotten champions
{{champion:429}} First two major points will help SoloQ and casual play become more forgiving, but not actually buff pro play too much. While the third is a buff for critical scaling, it will help casual players build her like any other ADC. **Mini rework to passive, my first choice change, slows affecting attack speed:** This is my main gripe about her, that soft CC slows (very common in game) are almost as bad as hard CC. Rework - Move speed affects jump/hop distance instead of boot tier. Remove (buff) - Slows no longer affect animations of jumping or basic attack windup. New (nerf/balance) - Slows that affect jump distance, as consequence of reworked passive with move speed scaling. **Ult mini rework, to allow for better soloQ play** Keep current quick/simple cast mechanics. New - Add self cast option which. for better self peel and no surprise or stress on the support: Creates a small (200 radius?) AoE of a weak Slow effect around both Kalista and her soul bound, Kalista then has the stasis effect and then repositions to a new location causing a small (200 again?) knock back on her landing location. **Give some crit scaling** Either and/or both: E Rend passive - Critical basic attacks add an additional spear E Rend active - rend now scales with critical strike chance, as standard multiplier of 1 + Crit%; so 25% critical chance would give a 1.25 rend damage multiplier. **Optional extras** Champion passive - Revert/Rebalance :- Revert the 90% basic attack ratio, but also slightly reduce base damage to compensate; keeps simpler for the player to understand damage as with all other ADCs basic attacks. Q Pierce - passive buff :- causes target champion to have an armour debuff based on the number of spears transferred and levels in Q. E Rend - passive buff :- add grevious wounds scaled as 1% per spear per skill level, ie 4 spears rank 5 rend would be 20% grevious wounds, have a max cap 40%. W Sentinel - passive rework :- make this more impactful but with longer cooldown, so it suits late game more.
Smerk (EUW)
: > Can only place in Allied or Neutral Territory > Cannot place in Enemy Territory And then you want to call it an Infiltration Ward. Such name implies that it will be placed deep into the enemy territory.
Well as the game goes on and towers fall, yes it can go deep in what was enemy territory, or even your old territory which is more controlled by the enemy. So the name does fit with Its design to be a late game deep ward, perhaps I should add level requirement...
: > [{quoted}](name=ThunderOrigin,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=cw9NBBLW,comment-id=,timestamp=2020-01-05T07:14:02.498+0000) > > Invisible > Permanent (until a single player has locked a TP to it, removed after TP ends) I feel like this would be abused in pro play to the point where you have to nerf it so much that it's basically useless in soloq or just remove it alltogether.
I imagine fed split push solo laners (1-4, or 1-3-1) will still make use of it in soloQ, but I do think it would be utilised more effectively in pro play of course. Thinking more about it more to really narrow its use for TP, it should probably have its vision radius reduced to about 200 units, AND it becomes visible if an enemy walks within 50 units (teemo shroom is 75)... making edit.
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: yeha but still it is not fun to do that decision
As she says, "trust is a weapon".
: Well that’s gotta come from your own experence as a support main. Doesn’t really matter what the Kalista was intending, if this is a situation where you feel like you engage then you engage, if this is a situation is disengage then you disengage... these things are already your job as the support, the Kalista can accomidate you but the choice of what you do with the ult is your own And the Kalista being able to fire you would go so badly, think about it the opinion to troll without your support being able to do anything about it is way too high.
hehehe that reminds me of this... Leona bailing on me when Im really fed... NOT landing the three man knockup, chained into three man stun... but at least she got a two man stun and peeled, [make me try-hard 2v4 quadra](https://streamable.com/kvk5g).
Shaebadu (EUW)
: kalista is busted anyways. shes is in a bad spot
Yeah, crit item changes are annoying. give her double spears on crit; or allow her rend to have some crit scaling on rend, similar to Cait's headshots, or Xayah's blade caller. Worse yet is the sometimes animation bug with really slow hops on critical strikes.
: I understand how you feel. As a Kalista player I understand the pressure I put my supports into. Especially someone who literally never seen Kalista before and is all confused on what is going on when I press R. Most of the time I feel like it's natural, that's all. Is the enemy low? You engage. Are you going to die? You disengage. That's my main skeptic with the ability but random people just mess it up and I'm wondering if they're dumb or it's just the ability that is too strange. I think it could get a bit flashier and indicate more things so the support can understand what to do.{{champion:429}}
enemy low - engage support low - disengage what about: support healty, but CC - re-engage (my favorite use, I always ask my supports to play aggressive if I have my ult, but steady if not.) both kalista and support low - sacrificial peel
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: Invisible and permanent, crazy. Also costing a lot of gold, and able to place deeper into enemy territory as you take down enemy towers. So yet another mechanic to put the team that gets on the lead, even further ahead. Because this game doesn't snowball fast enough...
> [{quoted}](name=PurpleOrk,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=cw9NBBLW,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-01-05T07:29:30.420+0000) > Invisible and permanent, crazy. It is limited to only one on the map at any time for the champion, though perhaps it should also only allow a single TP go to it, and then it disappears once TP is finished. (edited main post). > [{quoted}](name=PurpleOrk,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=cw9NBBLW,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-01-05T07:29:30.420+0000) > Also costing a lot of gold, and able to place deeper into enemy territory as you take down enemy towers. So yet another mechanic to put the team that gets on the lead, even further ahead. I dont think it cost a lot at all, it should pay for itself if you net a kill from it, which is what it should do if used right. However, decent sweeping/control wards will actually be a hard counter to these new wards, shifting the gold balance from the aggressor back to the defender. > [{quoted}](name=PurpleOrk,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=cw9NBBLW,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-01-05T07:29:30.420+0000) > Because this game doesn't snowball fast enough... Sure if teams skill/cohesiveness is imbalanced it will, but there is room for counter play in equal sides. The balance between risky plays and methodical steadiness would just be expressed more with this new ward. I'm open to suggestions...
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: Ye, But Alistar and Bruam only need Zeke's to win the game.. a support who reaches 4 items mark is 35 min+ in. The game is already won/lost at that stage.
That's just the thing, Morg getting Zeke can do the same kind of thing, and the black shield means its just easier to play aggressive, compared to what Braum and Ali provide.
: Kalista is in the weird spot right now where she can snowball really hard and is played in high elo, but not in low elo due to her high skillcap. people rather just play easy champs like kaisa, xayah, aphelios. {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
You forgot rocket spam jinx. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Hidden OP. No one plays her due to the supports that are played atm. No one plays Blitz, Alistar or bruam anymore.
Kali + battle mage Morgana, is my favorite sleeper OP. {{item:3050}} >>>{{item:3157}} Cheaper better, tank stats, and under rated active.
: A bit late, sorry.. 😅 I am just sick of rotting in Plat/Diamond just because I like playing support. I am well aware that some may argue saying that if I am good enough, I could climb by myself. Let me take a minute and respond to that. In theory, yes. It's possible but how long will that take? How often do you encounter inters and AFKers, players with 0 game knowledge? My bet is more often than not. That being said doesn't mean I am a perfect player but I believe that my in-game mechanics and, more importantly, game knowledge qualify me to at least Master Tier.
Im ADC main, I dont play much ranked, get tilted from bad support or bad teams, when I know the macro theory of all roles and a lot of team comp styles/win conditions. When I play with decent supports (gold-diamond) on my alt account they think my game knowledge puts some diamonds to shame, while my mechanical skill they estimate as plat/diamond. Only yesterday, on my alt I played it's first ranked promo, had fill support, but still wrecked their vayne got first blood in support kill trade, got double kill was 3 0 up. The opposing zyra who carried bot lane (ended with double dmg of vayne), said the gold 1 vayne was useless and flamed also. Even my Diamond friends say I just need a decent regular support, as playing kalista main in low elo (currently Silver 2, getting 30LP a win, high MMR, previous win skipped from S4 to S2 no promos needed) is just hobbling myself. So if you want to slum it on an alt and give me a try?
: These are the basics indeed, but honestly I can only see Kalista be able to outplay anyone if she has a black shield. Otherwise it's just way too easy to cancel her passive and she's really nothing without it. Confirmed in a recent game, playing as Jarvan, my W at first rank was enough to keep her in place...
Jarvin ult though... unless you chain CC kill her, she will wall hop and sit easy. On the subject of wall hopping, that's where she really outplays, jungle wall hops. Have any other support with decent mobility, (thresh hook- jump, braum jump to allied, rakan double skills) and you can do some serious jungle ambushes.
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: I think Kalista needs some change too, in my opinion regarding newer champions, her passive feels really clunky and that's all about her{{sticker:galio-happy}}
Lol clunky is politely putting it. Look at how many bug fixes she has had, and its still buggy.
Wait for Season 10 Conqueror rework... it will be like the old Feavor of Battle, but better. should give her great drawn out fight scaling with Bork rage-blade build.
: Let's talk about Kalista.
She can out play but needs a proper support duo... and most people can just xayah & rakan much easier for better gains. As for how to do her, attack speed: Hail of Blades for confident crush lane, high risk high reward gamble; Lethal tempo for decent all ins in lane, but also usefulness outside of lane phase; Conqueror, for even scaling vs high tank lineup; but wait till patch 10 for it to really shine like old Fervor of Battle. Build is still rush Bork, with second item either: Runaan - farm, or coordinated team-fights. Rageblade - better snowball if winning small skirmishes. get other item third usually. then situationals BT, Merc, Maw, GA.
: Kalista Ult?
Could be part of a rework to her, however to make sure to balance soloQ and pro play more, I think she needs more self agency on her ult... Like a self cast, where she ults herself, but instead of the AoE knockup, does AoE slow on both where she was at cast point, AND to where she goes to. So if melee dives her she can slow them, escape and re-position to get on top of their squishies and slow them also an alternative engage.
Infernape (EUW)
: 200 + 10% of the Oathsworn's max HP.
Make sure its magic damage (give her some hybrid balance) Give HP, Armour, and AP scaling, this will fit most supports classes of warden tanks, catcher and enchantress mages; and even burst mages. However make sure that ratios is weak on AP, so suiting tanks most, and full AP mages least, for balance.
Mustamaa (EUW)
: group dynamics apply in a single game based on single game performance - even if you'd get banned by 4 players for playing bad/being toxic it could only ever escalate into an actual problem for you if you'd always play/act like that, and being banned by 4 players in a game of tens of millions of players doesn't mean a thing.
The point is, if one person is pointing out harsh facts that the majority do not like, then the majority (group identity reinforcement to deflect ego vulnerability) quite often illogically will refute these facts for a more palatable narrative. Sure it may not gain as many people's approval being that lone person, but heck who wants to be a sycophant for temporary temporal gain?
Hexa XV (EUW)
: My acc was not hacked. It is not really possible. I have other acc from season 2 and it was never ever hacked. I asked Riot what can I give them to prove that I didn't use any software. They said that I can't do anything... Lol
> [{quoted}](name=N3TNINJAH,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=TH0E96pT,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-26T22:06:48.168+0000) > > THE IMAGE ON THE TOP IS TO SHOW THE HACKER IN MY ACCOUNT IN SEPTEMBER when I was out of country and never touched league since JULY 2019 ! I usually play MOSTLY Teemo and Gnar just casual !! > [{quoted}](name=Hexa XV,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=TH0E96pT,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-09-27T18:37:08.302+0000) > > My acc was not hacked. It is not really possible. I have other acc from season 2 and it was never ever hacked. You are contradicting yourself here, where you hacked or not?
: Except there's no joke here. Mindnumbingly stupid isn't the same as humorous.
: Veigar stun does sometimes _**stun**_ but not cancel dashes STUN so yes it is pproperly casted btw after ~300k mastery points i know...
I'm not sure exactly how many I have on him, possibly under 100k, but MR7 and I know it has a delay, and can cancel dashes/abilities (as long as they are not unstoppable), and additionally knock-backs into the fully formed event horizon also will stun. What ping are you playing on, and do you have any CRC errors / packet loss detected on your router?
DrPacheco (EUW)
: im to young to work
ask parents for a paid home chore
: Veigar stun issues
His stun has a delay after initial cast and visual formation. > ACTIVE: Veigar forms a cage around the target location which materializes after a 0.5 second delay and lasts for 3 seconds, knocking down and stunning all enemies who pass through its edges for the first time.
Mustamaa (EUW)
: Ignoring summoners to prevent being teamed up with them again?
Due to social dynamics of the in-crowd needing a black sheep to give them justification in their cohesion, a hence an unjust cause to persecute a minority; you're proposed system may not be as impartial as you expect. Similar how a 3 or 4 stack group can mass report a single player all because they refuse to switch role, or do not follow up on their risky dive, of the pre-made.
: yo can I get banned for this?
Open a support ticket, and report the offensive name, this should also serve as a foundation for defense of your account if any subsequently is needed.
: yes riot, discord is super hack, it allows you to communicate with ur team8s, super chaety, also grants you speedhack, gold boost and 0 ping, u %%%%%%ed company.
Rofls... Discord... read the EULA, its practically saying "Our business model is to sell our Intellectual Property that is generated from our system by our voluntary staff" aka the User who freely agrees to provide us all this data.
Hexa XV (EUW)
: No. They not, believe me. You can't give them any proof that you didn't use any 3rd party software and they don't want to talk about it because they say that it's a secret and they can't tell me that. So the "evidence" they have is something you can't even confront and explain or anything. I didn't installed anything on my laptop for months, I had no weird softwares on my computer when they permabanned me. I even made scans after the ban to see if something was wrong - nothing. Also I played on 2 other servers and it was totally fine, I didn't got ban there. I argued with them for 1-2 months and I never received any serious answer. It was only "sorry, we can't help you". They just don't care.
How do you think your account got hacked? Do you suspect it was more on the part that it was intercepted and decrypted, so on the fault or RIot Games, or would it more likely be that your details was simple or even was willing shared, either player shared (against EULA), or fished (again User responsibility)? Did you provide all relevant player dates and IPs that were valid, to help them exclude those and see if there was a discrepancy with the claims hacked usage?
: When the hell it didnt? Also I think your the only one that did not get the original post, or dont have an idea of what ptsd is.
Yeah, I think the OP does have a decent enough grasp of it, and is using for intent of ironic black humour.
: my question was how can this player be in my game, i am not shaming her. I only described what she was doing.
As said: > [{quoted}](name=Arcade Lulu,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=K2PlBizT,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-27T16:10:55.780+0000) > Naming and shaming isn't allowed on the boards So sure, you can describe a players actions, and start a debate about them, but NOT if you name them. Take it they are (any of, or a combination of): 1. new to the game and do no understand the meta. 2. a DGaF player who got fill 3. a troll who is purposely lowering their MMR to reach lower ranks.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: I'm a simple Fiddle main. I see Fiddle topics, I upvote.
I appreciate the backing, not sure that the reason gives it any value. :D Fiddle was one of the first champions that I wanted to try to jungle with, but sadly his dueling is a mixed bag, because any CC ruins his W and he then has no 1v1 potential. On subject, what is your opinion on role / runes / items for him? Do you still try to build him as full AP carry even with the so-so AP ratios?
: actually kalista is good for arurf
Mainly because she has a wicked ult, and a decent if mana costly poke tool.
: I don't exactly got why i should buy AP when i may want to have MR (Infact, i often buy {{item:3001}} as {{champion:14}} when there is significant AP damage in my team). {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Yes that is using the item for its intended role, playing as a tank with a utility team focus item.
: Base stat increases don’t really matter, remember they changed bonus % pen back into total % pen so having an item that increases your % base resistance might as well just give normal stats. Plus there’s the issue again that this would be stronger on bruisers than tanks as a lot of the have high base stats which will result in the exact same fate as cinderhulk or gargoyles stoneplate. That’s the issue with balancing tanks... any buff to their items becomes a buff to bruiser items as well, and as bruisers are already stronger than tanks it doesn’t solve anything.
I am not sure I have made myself clear how I want the item to work, I want it to scale as a % from base stats. So it does matter, that it will affect tankier champions with higher base growth more than damage orientated champions. Just to show the point and not actual real champions: Item +100% base Tank 40 +2 per level; level 1 total 80; level 11 gives 120 Squishy 30 +1 per level; level 1 total 60, level 11 total is 80 Obviously this item is more cost effective on a tank than a squishy Yes even though %pen is total stats, a %base+ item will still be more effective on a tank and have a higher gain after the %pen, than if the item was on a squishy. Using the above example with {{item:3135}} that has 40% magic pen. tank level 11 with 120 MR, leaves 72MR remaining instead of 36 MR squishy level 11 with 80 MR, leaves 48MR remaining instead of 24 MR Again the increase in MR on the tank is greater than on the squishy, so putting it as base does matter to what type of champion it goes onto. This item IS a buff to tanks, and less so to bruisers, BECAUSE True tanks have greater base stats and base growth per level. So the **true issue with balancing tank items** is they are all generalized regardless of champion class **because they all give flat increases**. However I think that because LoL is aimed at a broad demographic, its mathematics is left to be simple so that its not too difficult. Ive seen people get very confused about operation order (of addition and multiplication when used in either basic, compound or a mix thereof) in other games and perhaps they wish to avoid that here. #Thinking-Warframe Terms like which stage its implemented Base, Bonus, Total; not to mention if Penalties effects have their own order so that Gross and Net come into play instead; and finally how its calculated, Flat vs Percent giving a three dimensional array of where when how its all calculated.
: > The first three all come under zoning, "you want to get damage on a target that isn't me, I'll damage you", where the AoE Amp potentially is more effective; Sadly the eternity passive is lost on but digressing. True tanks don’t deal damage, so this point is irrelivent... like I said a % increase of nothing is still nothing. Notice how out of the 4 champions you listed as good abyssal users that get messed over by the health only 1 of them is actually a tank... zac. The rest are bruisers (and vlad who is a mage) they are part of the problem, champions who abuse tank items until the tank item gets nerfed to hell. > While the 4th point revolves around CC cool-downs, hey but the best form of CC is death right!? Burst that before he gets more than just a Q onto your back-line. But to burst that Yi you have to go within 300 units of him to get that bonus, as a tank unless you’ve engaged directly onto that yi your not going to get that close if he’s killing your back line... and if you are your 2 seconds away from death if that. > is only recommended it as he is a sustained damage tank; however since he has decent AP ratios the meta is also seeing a more AP focused into carry mage items. This is more a reflection of perhaps the Over-buff of runic to encourage AP mages, without balancing the AP burst/assassin jungler vs what use to be more utility sustain damage tanks . > Though that, in my opinion, is an issue with how over tuned the the AoE effect of Runic/Ludens is. Nope thecreason is simply how bad tank items actually are these days. The items themselves keep getting nerfed because of non tanks, and anti tank keeps getting buffs... until the point where you get no meaningful power spikes, by mid game you loose 1/4 of your stats and late game your losing 1/3 to 1/2 of them, and everyone else is doing your job better. Why play a tank that will die instantly when you can build them full ap, die just as fast, and maybe actually do something before you die. > But back on track, having a look at the range of the items: > all have 325 range. > has a 300 range on the item holder's AoE effect. > its 325 range is perfectly capable of working for these item. But you don’t need that... both zekes and sunfire gets up to 6 more damage per tick with abyssal... nobody really cares about the damage from these, zekes is for the damage your allies get which is by no means going to someone in range of you if your engaging, and sunfire is a farm tool. Ike I said 15% of no damage is still no damage. Tanks don’t want to be buffing their own damage, that’s not the point... they buy this to buff other champion’s damage.... but if your item’s aura realistically can only hit single targets at once you waste a lot of damage from AoE mages (who this item is litterally built to support, it’s for follow up wombo combos), and single target champions don’t want to hit who your realistically gonna be near then realistically it’s a bad item. > An alternative (I'm not stating this as a proposed fix, nor balanced, or even a replacement, it could be separate item entirely), could be instead of affecting enemies in range to take more damage from all magic source, to affecting (non-self) allies in range, giving them a damage boost. Still doesn’t help tanks... you’ve helped support tanks but let’s face it they are the only viable tanks at the moment... your jumping into the enemy team, if your trying to support a back line you can’t. A better idea is simply to prevent the item holder from getting benefit from the item (similar to your idea but still the same mechanic of debuffing enemies rather than buffing your allies), so enemies in range take 15% more magic damage from allied attacks, then revert the range issue. You’ve now created an item mages, assasins, and bruisers can’t abuse, while also giving tanks a good magic amp aura that engage tanks can actually use.
Yeah the revert, with caveat that its non-self allies only, would work. On a side note of tank items, perhaps % base stat MR/Armour increase on an item?
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: Supp / Mid. 99% of the time solo queue. As I queue as a support, I'm always autofill protected. Mid is the most wanted role, I get mid maybe once or twice in a year.
Exactly my point though, because you are picking the least favored role as your first choice, 99.99...% you will get it.
: Don't know 'cause I've never been autofilled. Guess it'd make sense to keep the immunity until you actually finish a game with your guaranteed role.
Never been auto filled, what roles do you pick? Support is usually the least picked role, while Mid and Top are most preferred. Meaning picking Support or Fill in either selection for the most part will give you support. Though I have had 4 man lobbies where our Support gets a solo lane, fill gets jungle, and jungle gets support... Riot Logic!? I think it doesn't looks at the groups as a whole and compares, but assigns players one by one in sequence.
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Are you sure, that what have you written is correct? According to Support page: >Dodging doesn’t cure autofill. If you play an autofilled game, you’re immune to autofill for a while and much less likely to autofill for the near future. If you or someone else dodges during an autofilled lobby, you’re just as likely to autofill in your very next game. Reading it the other way, if you are autofill protected, even if someone dodge the lobby, you should still be autofill protected. Things are different when the game have already started: >Unfortunately, /remake will count as a game against autofill protection. This is really rare for how difficult it is to fix, so we’re not currently prioritizing it. Sorry =(
> [{quoted}](name=Mcgalakar,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EU6HZdEO,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-09-21T06:44:32.263+0000) > > Are you sure, that what have you written is correct? According to Support page: > > Reading it the other way, if you are autofill protected, even if someone dodge the lobby, you should still be autofill protected. Things are different when the game have already started: Yes remake canceling Auto fill does kinda makes sense, even if its may feel unfair. As you did in fact start a game with autofill protecting allowing you one of your chosen roles. However, as started, when other players dodge in lobby, Several times, and on more than one account I have had it so that I loose Auto-fill protection status and quite often get support on those ones ( when practicing usually queued as Mid with either Top for a change, or secondary ADC which is my ranked preferred role).
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Luciferrx (EUNE)
: Its easy to gank low elo...But once you reach gold +you need more then luck to do a good gank especially with YI. And as i say you get "bots"players in your team 90% of the time.Thats why is hard to climb.If you dont help them they lose you lose...If you dont 1v9 you lose. Simple.I got plenty of games with real "morons"that were plat +even diamonds that didnt know shit wtf they doing.They were worst then bots and those players shouldnt even be allowed ranked.Yet is happening. As master yi you got no cc so ganking a lane especially if your laner doesnt have cc or root neither youre just %%%%ed. And if your team doesnt play well youre done for.Cuz you wont reach that 25+mins to scale. That doesnt mean yi cant win games..especially if he farms well and gets some lucky kills on the map.But that doesnt happen very often.So you struggle. I palyed yi too...i like him but his early is weak.Thats why i prefer {{champion:64}} because his early is way way better.And if you win early you won the game.Games end too fast.
Yeah I really like {{champion:64}}. Great clear, decent play making with gank providing both swift bust and clutch shields. Solo Objectives fairly early, or can fast take after successful ganks (especially if rotations and larger skirmish wins). Although his burst falls of late, going the more bruiser build {{item:1412}} {{item:3071}} into tank/utility items finish, never looses its worth. Its that playmaking utility that can work both in offensive priority engage/picks or defensive shield/peel similar to {{champion:412}} that has a huge skill gap between passable at the basics and professional beauty.
: Powerfarming till 6 is good but if you can get a gank then it helps a LOT. Nomatter what side of the map i'm starting on, both power clears lead to topside. So after you have cleared your camps, try to see if top or mid are gankable. If not, try to take top crab or reset and take the bottom crab. Laners shouldn't expect a Yi to gank before 6. So many times a lane will lose before level 6 due to greedy fights that don't involve the enemy jungler and they will cry for help in chat. Just ignore and focus on getting your bloodrazor powerspike. Anything you want me to explain just ask. I've played a ton of Yi (750k mastery points).
Totally agree, its opportunity only, and I really don't care (even as ADC main) who gets the kill, as long as Im up and my opponent is down. On a side note what isnt good is people chasing late kills so its a kill for them and no assists, while they die providing counter kill AND assists for the other team - which is a net gold swing in favor of them. As for clear pathing, I'm really a novice jungler, probably only done it under 10 times total on SR5v5. All pathing and timings are based on observation and study or other players and patch notes. Yes, that's it about farming junglers, similar to pure damage mage supports, that I personally find can be a gamble. Why I was so annoyed with the Qiyana who wasnt baiting out vlad's pool, so both tactically and HP loosing; spam pinging me, what does she expect?! I helped her shove reset once when she was low, a mini freeze once, and a counter kill. Likewise in top lane, I blast coned into the river bush and control warded it to make sure it was clear, but yas was already in the lane brush way before, and I barely got out alive in the poor 2v2 (more like 1v2 followed by another 1v2). In both cases, Is there anything I could have done better? Feedback appreciated.
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: Im sorry but...especially low elo taking drakes herald ..objectives doesnt really matter that mutch. If you wanna climb you need 1v9.Yi is good low elo cuz people have no idea how to deal with it.However if the games doesnt go 25+minutes youre done.. And in that game what cc enemy had...You can easily avoid lux q with your q and yasuo is just yasuo as usual. If you get lucky kills early sure if you dont youre out.Yi ganks are awful.When i played yi i Always ganked mostly top bcs they had cc like {{champion:57}} or {{champion:92}} {{champion:24}} .So we could easily burn flash or a kill.. Yi is weak early.If you get lucky that your team wins or play safe thats something else.NO 1V9 NO CLIMB.
While I agree that neutrals are less appreciated in low elo, its still an XP gold lead over their jungler, and yi is a farming late carry. As for lane ganking, Id only do that if there was already decent wave control / hp leads / vision. Otherwise its just not worth the risk. All lanes vision scores were half mine for the lane phase, I was not exactly deep warding, but getting it just their side of the river while taking scuttles or at their blue. Played another game of him on a smurf. Late invade from blue to red side, stealing their blue with help from bot duo, instant gank bot. Tripple buff again, full clears, Resteal blue into tripple. Snowballed my ADC before lanephase (pushing inner towers) was over with repeat visits if pathing and gank opportunity arose, he was something like 7 0 5 to my 5 1 5 on my first death. His triple kill going from 4 to 7 made it extra worth. though with a lack of grouping pushing inhib tower proved fatal as not all lanes pushed evenly, and their team 5 man death-balled. We had to concede an ocean before we grouped and closed the game.
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