: Game Crashes and the it says i have vision in lane when i don't ): pls fix
im having this minimap bug /game vision bug alot. it seems to happen when game crashes, i've lowered it happening by disabling windows defender when playing league. but that all i can say to help. other then its not just you. it might be worth reinstalling your drivers and doing updates.
: Platinum Support looking for a Duo Queue ADCarry. [Discord, Ingamechat]
hey, i don't have a clan or anything but im lacking a duo while my friend decided he hates ranked. I would love a support, i'm mostly exclusively play MF {{champion:21}} but can do some ziggs {{champion:115}} or swain {{champion:50}} bot lane to. i do enjoy a good lulu{{champion:117}} that laugh tickles me in the right places :) In game name is TibblesEvilCat, i got couple discord's "might" be able to use. I will be focusing on improving my playstyle and i hope you have the right mindset. thanks x tibble


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