Chôky (EUW)
: Is ''ez'' the new GG?
40 Minutes in any mod Can Not be considered 'easy'... Take it on the chin & laugh at it's absurdity. Yeah, Sure, I can see how it can be annoying to hear... but once you target & kill them... all that goes away. On the 1st instance of seeing something you could report, instantly mute them and report them at games end. Just Have Fun !
: Stop Perma ban for Flame ? (Riot Games)
Seems to me you knew the rules... In SR I only play Teemo... so I get flamed a LOT just for playing him, he often doesn't do well against certain champs but I see that like the game as a whole, as 'My Challenge'. I'm here to enjoy the game win or lose, which is why I don't surrender... and I get flamed for that too. I don't know why you are on these boards asking others to mentally adjust themselves to have a flame-%%%%%%ant personality, so you can justify your abusive language to others. I see abuse & I report it, regardless of who it's from or to. This game needs less like you and I am trying my best with Riots help to see that happens.
: AFK / New Fill-In-System
I had this thought a few years back... when the Tribunal was active. Had a few thoughts in its development in the idea... 1) The loading screen is for all players to load up all others prepared stats... Therefore the new player would likely have to play the original champ with the original runes / masteries. e.g. No switching from Original Wukong to the Teemo you wanted. 2) It could be linked to the Honour System - Non-punished players would get more Honour points and Punished players could work off any negatives faster. A Standard Rate of Honour points could be offered, more if they help win. Just mulling around and not doing anything while expecting rewards for doing nothing is a possibility of abuse in this system. A check-guard of: Minion count + K/D/A should be taken into account. With a personal Score Reset on Surrogate Players Entry into the game. 3 - 5 Minutes can be a long time in the game, much can change in this time, so additional thoughts would have to include: Lost leveling & Gold boosts for the new player, which could be calculated from an 'Average' of the rest of his team mates. A Team Kick / Replace Teammate Button - To make it Official, at the * minute Mark, as the 'Afk' maybe someone's buddy; who claims they are coming back but are having trouble and needs time to put a penny in the meter. A live list of afk'er games to join in a new lobby, showing which champs need to be filled with a surrogate player. Grats on posting, as I thought it was too much for the Devs at the time. I would join afk games.
: First off, the talon queued bot lane and was never mid at any point, the mid I was with was actually a pre-made. He absolutely had a difficult time and was dying every 5 minutes or so up until that point. I ganked bot lane twice as rengar, who cant effectively gank until 6 with a 110 second cd in the early game, first time where he wasn't there on account of dying, which resulted in two kills, one for me and one for his support, and another where I got a double right after he immediately died to their burst because he decided to engage first. If you've ever played jungle before, you know sharing your buff early with someone whos constantly dying is a terrible way to use it, it should be given to a winning lane to allow a snowball or at least someone who isn't systematically dying, because the buff itself would do little to help that person (especially a red buff on a melee assassin lol) and just instead would result in the enemy adc getting the buff as soon as they kill him again. Also, if you're going to call my name insensensitive due to the fact that some people with very particular histories could take offense to it, I could literally propose the same to quite literally any name in existence then, if someone called themselves cornlover69, then Timmy who had been beaten by a corn cob as a child could absolutely find offense in that, that does not mean that the person choosing a name is responsible to account for people like timmy, nor am I responsible for not including a word that is used often in conversation. To top it off, no matter if I give the buff or not to someone, it is my choice as a jungler to do so, even if its the wrong play. Even if it was the wrong play, the individual affected has no right to wish death upon me or report me for an unrelated reason to attempt to get me perma-banned (despite the fact that Im happy that he did). You're entire paragraph is built out of ignorance, assumption, and defense of horrendous player behaviour, all in the name of appearing like you have some justice to enforce.
You openly admitted to stealing the red he had almost killed on his own. Junglers are not meant to stay in the jungle, the buffs are there for everyone after the laning phase is over, for anyone to steal it from another player who may be trying to improve his situation, regardless of how bad they have done up to that point, is a despicable act. Has it happened to you? How did you like it when it was done to you ? I offered how the possibility of your old name could be perceived as insensitive, your original post suggests you agree 'Power of Sexy' is insensitive, as you expressed as a regret & Riot agreed in offering you a name change & your acceptance of that offer. Why defend a different position now ? What are you hiding timmy? It might appear to some as if I'm over reacting; but did you give him any help ? Some people are new, don't play as often as you would like, too young to understand the dynamics of the game or are having a bad game. Why the need to come on here a regale us of the insensitivity you displayed towards him ?
Hajrulla (EUW)
: Is this a bug, why does this happen? Level difference
You don't have to kill ANY minions to get exp from them, just be near them is enough, this is how supps level. Having Teleport helps a lot in this manner too. They use them but you don't ?.. is a question you ask yourself. Timing in this regard can be important too, clear the wave... then go B then TP back, where appropriate. Make your shop purchases quick as possible, so make sure you have your Champ Item Setup sorted. Have Fun !
Hydnoras (EUW)
: This has been explained multiple times already why you can't honor the enemy team. In short, trolls get honored. Riot is looking for a way to show appreciation towards enemies but not in the form of honors. It has to be a different system.
> [{quoted}](name=Hydnoras,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=WxkmEKkh,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-07-08T15:30:51.181+0000) > > This has been explained multiple times already why you can't honor the enemy team. In short, trolls get honored. > > Riot is looking for a way to show appreciation towards enemies but not in the form of honors. It has to be a different system. I am at a loss on how I used to Honor enemy Trolls. Link Please. It that was the case surely the enemy team mates would have reported him / her for it. Which if it helps re-instate the enemy honor system, Riot could negate any Honors with any the reports, 1/1... without telling us.
: Champion mastery 8 & 9
Interesting comments, although only "some" of the truth is expressed here in relation to people who spam-play mains. I myself play Teemo a lot as I endlessly enjoy playing him; I find him funny, having gathered over 2M champ points. With 141 current champs in LOL, 3 lanes and 7M accounts playing daily and where I don't always get Top Lane; it's an endless changing environment, keeping it different every game for me, offering many challenges to keep me going. I do not play ranked 'BECAUSE' I only play Teemo (Regardless of the Recognized Meta) as I would get reported for it. I digress... Teemo has many natural enemies ( as all champs do ) to contend with, making it difficult to get or maintain high elo/lks; but I am still worth my spot in the game, as I focus on the objective (turrets, inhibs & nexus) which often doesn't get me a good KDA. My playstyle is adaptive but occassionally isn't suitable for the champ I'm versing on top lane. This puts a spanner in your idea of getting a 'Proper working model' that ideally expresses enough opinions of a good champ spammer. Have Fun !
: To The Toxic Talon That Reported Me.
I have been playing League for several years now, having played many thousands of games and it has been a journey in itself. There is NOTHING the enemy can do or say to upset me and tilt me, what I have found to be true; is the only one's who can tilt me are my own team mates. From your own description I can reasonably conclude Talon was having a difficult time in middle, where you likely did little to nothing to help, with you feeling it necessary to punish his inabilities to conquer his game challenge ( Talon VS Enemy Champ in Mid), by passing by and smiting (Kill Stealing) denying him the red buff, which you felt was rightfully yours as you were the jungler. Very Funny Indeed !... Stealing someone's work and taking it as your own. I would suggest... YOU GET OUT THE JUNGLE AND HELP !... If he loses the game, so do you. As for your earlier insensitive name which you yourself lament, with a little thought; could be seen as insensitive by some who have suffered incomprehensible personal abuse but you felt it necessary to come on here waving your flag of triumph over this newbie player who was having a difficult game. I can only thank Riot for having the sensitivity to eventually change it. I care little for what you call yourself now, I have my own name for you... I look forward to shredding you in the Field of Justice.
Valzuuuh (EUW)
: Hey, This is known issue, you have to play using borderless/windowed mode until Riot fixes this: > * Log in to League of Legends > * Browse to C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config and open "Game.cfg" in notepad or any other text editor * Find this line: WindowMode=X * Change the "X" to 2. IE: WindowMode=2 * Save this, then launch a custom game Thread by Eambo:
> [{quoted}](name=Valzuuuh,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=GsGKW8Uj,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000001,timestamp=2017-03-12T02:50:06.157+0000) > > Hey, > > This is known issue, you have to play using borderless/windowed mode until Riot fixes this: > * Find this line: WindowMode=X > * Change the "X" to 2. IE: WindowMode=2 > * Save this, then launch a custom game > > Thread by Eambo: Fixed my problem... Thankyou !
: Help getting out of my PvP phobia?
Hey there, I've been playing LoL for over 5 years now & have experienced, like everyone else, the toxic environment that LoL players unfortunately have to acclimatize to. My advice is to Mute Anyone who's attitude is negative to you. If it was reportable content, then report it at the end of the game, it really is as simple as that, Do Not Engage with them verbally in-game or at end game screen, continue to play your game as normal. You can report their end-game screen chat as well, just state that in your verbal abuse report. ( All chats are recorded & the GM's can see them ). Stay Positive !... It is a game, just do your thing to enjoy it. Riot Is Trying to deal with the toxic players... and they need help from all of us !
Sharkeye (EUW)
: Ty for advice
It sounds like your computer has some age behind it, so if you don't have a lot of ram (500Mb or less), your comp may be 'page filing'. If this is the case I would suggest opening 'Task Manager' and shutting down some processes that are not required before your game play. Another possibility is to try turning down some of the graphics settings in game. Also check to see the games graphics settings are properly set for your monitors native resolution. Good Luck and may the Shrooms be with you.
Mabons (EUW)
: There is a filter so you can only see Tier 3 IIRC
> [{quoted}](name=Mabons,realm=EUW,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=n67nM0P3,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-04-29T12:26:30.419+0000) > > There is a filter so you can only see Tier 3 IIRC There is a Rune Limit, that can stop you owning all the tier 3 runes if you have a lot of any other rune tiers.
Rioter Comments
: Basically, mages have either burst potential with high mobility and/or range (LB, Ahri, Akali or the less mobile Viktor, Veigar and Lux), or possess high utility in their kit (Orianna, Morgana, Lulu...). They have {{item:3157}} , and they usually do not need spellvamp. There are also drain tanks, Vladimir and Swain, but they have enough healing in their kit. As for AD, they are either squishy and build lifesteal to get effective health (getting HP back while being in combat), but are prone to burst, or they are Bruiser/Tanks who either have healing in their kit so they don't build aditional lifesteal (Darius), or they just don't benefit from lifesteal (Garen).
I can easily agree to what you have said... BUT... not all ap champs have high burst damage nor can they drain hp and It's hard to believe mage supports have to settle for mastery's to regen hp when they are up against a lifesteal ad monster.
Rioter Comments
: ryles
You can mute them all .. Press 'O' and look for the small speaker sign for each offensive player. Remember the offenders at the end to report. As for 'how much can You swear' ? ... as much as you like .. if you want reported for it... if that is what you want. I would be more than happy to report you and everyone else doing it. Just Remember, it's best to Mute & Report... NOT join in the verbal abuse. The chat is there for 'Banter' .. hopefully fun chat.
: It is so that noone ever buys them
> [{quoted}](name=EXTERMIANDORHH,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=BHuNGIAc,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-15T22:37:34.568+0000) > > It is so that noone ever buys them I bought them >_> leave me alone... I had nothing else left to buy... K
Fjiordor (EUW)
: Fun fact: you played so well and won so much in your couple last game your MMR(what decides who you getting matched against) rose so much that you now get lvl 30 enemys. Dont play so good. :D
> [{quoted}](name=Fjiordor,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ufqVA11I,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-16T02:26:08.766+0000) > > Fun fact: you played so well and won so much in your couple last game your MMR(what decides who you getting matched against) rose so much that you now get lvl 30 enemys. > Dont play so good. > :D I don't think so... My last 10 games I have won 5 of them... in the last 20 games I have won 7.... not exactly awesome enough to go up against 2 Level 30s with full rune a page for the champs they were playing.
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Malus (EUNE)
: the meaning of adc
I only play Te emo so when I'm forced to go ADC, I get moaned at... So I have to remind people it also means **A** **D**on't **C**are.
: Things you shouldn't do in League
You lost all respect and credibility when you said '** Don't Play Teemo** '
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HarrisBFD (EUW)
Own all champs play with only 1 ... {{champion:17}} bought 99% with IP.
Rioter Comments
: All this emphasis on champions with power locked behind certain barriers to certain players...
Technically speaking you can easily get away with 4 rune pages, AD, AP , DEF & SUPP pages. As for rune prices; a typical page of Tier 3 runes cost around 16k to 20k, depending on what you want to buy but Tier 2 runes, which Riot have relatively recently introduced to address this problem for newbie's, are good and come in at a fraction of cost of Tier 3's.
Acaymas (EUW)
: teemo/jhin
Hey there, blind only works against skills that are _'Single Target Aim_', that's to say that it won't affect aoe's, multi target skills or point and shoot skills like Jhin's. Technically speaking, this should apply to Caitlyn's Ulti... but I am so far unable to confirm that.
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KishiGOD (EUW)
: This has to stop
What's wrong with naming and shaming if it's true ? How many times do we have to suffer these toxic players ?... It brings down everyone who is exposed to it and brings down Riots image. How many parents would BAN THE GAME if they knew their kids were being exposed to this ? As for naming and shaming... maybe it's time we exposed this to the newspapers so the parents can find out how it's dealt with. As for muting and ignoring players .. this CAN'T BE DONE during champ select.
TigerFist (EUW)
: Exclusive Club ?
Before I started finishing off the runes I did have over 120k IP. I Had to spend it on something.
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Steel (EUW)
: Is League of Legends Really Getting Destroyed By Riot
Your Inventor story ~ Thomas Edison. I'm glad you posted.. because I want to rant about the stupid changes made to this game I play nightly... **Where are the long awaited maps?** before this new champ imbalance was implemented?.. Not all champs that needed change got it. **Mana Potion Removed:** A seemingly ridiculous item to moan about but it has larger implications to those players who buy them to keep them out in this new 'Field of Injustice', resulting in a build change OR more trips to the base. **Item Changes:** Runaans {{item:3085}} which now has reduced range... making it virtually pointless for the ranged champs to use. **Inflation: ** Many items cost more now, making the average game last longer, to be able to afford game finishing items. Champs are being forced to play much closer to the recommended prescribed builds as opposed to the dynamism we used to have that suited the play-style of the individual, where personal hybrid builds are now more difficult to have. I'm not happy with the changes... Doe's Riot care? I prefer Nikola Tesla as an Inventor.
Rioter Comments
: got gold playing teemo (´∇`)
Grats ! .. in showing the non believers how ~~evil & ruthless ~~ good Teemo is. I stopped playing Ranked years ago due to being reported often just for playing him, **it's still bad in Classic.** I only play Teemo in Classic... joining Aram's later in the night of my gameplay session ... still wanting {{champion:17}} . Again ... Grats !


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