AE Demon (EUW)
: Looking for a DUO main support partner for long time (i can provide an experienced coach)
I can test once. But the first time without voicechat. Coach sounds interesting, what rank is he?
: ***
I'm proud to say that I have never got a single punishment - ever. :D
: Terrible matchmaking got me ban great job riot
You deserve a ban, it is a good thing people like you get banned. I hope you get permaban.
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Arzzo (EUW)
: I am toxic as hell, any tips how I can reform to a positive player?
Um..dunno. But can't you just try to begin with. Giving yourself a chat restriction? Like, just don't type in chat, you can get mad, but don't type anything what so ever. Make the chat visible scale as tiny as possible and don't look at it. Pretend u can't type in the chat. xd
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Phoenixdust (EUNE)
: Did you DC or not? Did you lag or not? Did you die bc of it or not? You ruined the game for your team, if you wanted it or not, doesnt matter. YOU ruined it. If you experience this more times, you should probably change internet provider or dont play ranked games. But you have to understand: YOU were the problem, not them. If this happens once in every 100 games, then okay, shit happens (and you wont even get any punishment), but if you have this problem often (if it is your fault, or internet provider or anything) and you still play rankeds, you deserve punishment (even ban).
As I said, I don't get dc/lags normally. If I knew I would avoid playing ranked too. But this time was unexpected. And even tho I explained to my team, they don't give a damn. They talk like I chose to disconnect... They talk like I'm ruining the game for them intentionally. <.< I was not even disconnected in the sense that I was gone for the game. I just had constant lags, I was still in game the whole time. Like, if I happen to afk for 15 min being unable to reconnect and we lose. I couldn't blame my teammates for reporting me for afk. It would be nice if they could be understanding tho. Personally I never report people for afk unless they are intentionally not playing the game, since I understand that disconnections is not their fault, and not something they chose to do.
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: And still, after all your reasoning - you argue with your KDA? Hmmm....
After reading your comments I get thee impression that, according to you, the number of kills, deaths and assists doesn't reflect ones performance whatsoever. **But it does to an extent**, however, I pointed out that it isn't the ONLY thing that matters but the only VISIBLE thing to those who does not know the details of the game. Because you tell me, if you had to, how would you judge someone's performance in a game you have not spectated? Most people would look at the KDA, items bought maybe number of wards placed and actual objective/team participation of a player. There is a DIFFERENCE between a player ONLY playing for kda and a player trying to win, but having generally good kda despite losing. I explained the differences, but it seems like you do not comprehend at all. Just because I used the KDA as statistics which is the one visible way in defense for myself doesn't make me a kda player. In what point of this do you not understand??? :D
: I had a 91% winrate from B4 to S2 on MF - not that hard when Riot shits on you after season reset, giving you non-%%%%%%s as teammates.
Bronze and silver...anyone at even d5 level could have a high winrate playing in those brackets. It is not that hard. This game was in high plat. Unless that Xerath was a challenger smurf. It is really hard to get a 80% winrate. Good players hit skillshots well. But are they also able to fully predict where to aim at places they have no vision on a consistent level? And the guy ONLY plays Xerath which benefits the most from scripts.
: Well the point is that you raise the importance of your own KDA right after you claim not being a KDA player. We're completely different ELOs anyway so I won't try to tutor you but not dying with Janna is not that hard. It might as well be that kind of Morg that throws E on herself and runs every time, then blaming the ADC. Let me rephrase it though: If your ADC dies 11 times and you 2 times while you play Janna... that could mean a lot of things. If you then go ahead and be like: they talked shit about me being a KDA player, but I'm not, look at my KDA first... I was better... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Well, my kda WAS better and my kill participation higher. Because that guy kept saying 'Janna didn't do anything in the game' / 'Janna played bad' I could only way I could defend myself are by the statistics that were **visible** . I could explain you why the adc died so much: The reason the adc dies so many times was NOT because I didn't protect him in teamfights. He died so much because he gets caught because of over extending and making bad decisions. For example: ADC dies after over extending. Me and jungler managed to get the dragon. Right after it, my sighstone was out of charges, I was low on mana and I could afford to buy the locket. So ofc I need to go back. Meanwhile adc respwans, on his way to lane and pings me to stay. I was already teleporting back to base. He DIES and he blames me for not sticking with him saying 'Janna had no reason to go back, you were full health.' If the enemy are focusing on our T2 turrets, ofc I have to defend it with my team. Meanwhile our adc goes farming in another lane and dies 1v1 to whoever in their team. And that is basically how he stacked up most of his deaths. Making the same mistakes over and over. And sure, Janna usually have a higher surviving rate than other supports because of her kit. But a bad player could still die a lot on her. However, if you would resist on that I'm not giving it my all for my team. I do play Soraka too, who is usually a high priority target by enemy team, plus she needs to sacrifice her own health to heal the team, and has no good escapes. I usually still have a fairly good kda on her. Or will you argue that it is easy to survive as Soraka as well?
: Well, I wasn't in that game but it's funny when you see this: "I don't see how it makes me a 'kda' player just because I had a better kda than him in game. <.< Me 2/2/13 with 63% of our teams kill participation and him 1/4/9 with 34%" The point is - you judge your capabilities by your KDA. I can't tell if you did so in that argument but you sure did in this reminiscence.
Imo, kda player are ONLY trying to get a good kda, by never putting themselves in danger and never trying to help because they might die. Only to protect a good kda. You can basically get a good kda by having 0 deaths (even if you have low number of kill/assist). Dying in a game is bad. So I try die as less as I can. But it doesn't mean I'm not helping my team because of it. Having a high participation in aiding your team, for me is one of many points in being a good support. Or do you not agree?
Sefi (EUNE)
: About xerath having an 80% win rate, he could be just a smurf, i honestly never seen a script and i dont even know if i'd recognize it if i did see it. The nami was honestly most likely just baiting the ADC to tilt hard. Was it a ranked game? Also KDA doesn't really mean anything after 10 minutes of a game, imo. --- And you think that's bad? I played poppy support for an Ashe adc and i killed the enemy carry to save her life (if i didnt ashe would have died) and what does ashe do? Spend the rest of the game wishing cancer on me and my family. People are just stupid.
You know... no one in our team flamed our adc. We basically ignored him all together when he wouldn't stop typing. And when he was blaming me, I never responded. It felt more like that enemy support had smt against me rather than trying to tilt the adc. xd Because even after the game, that guy was shit talking me in post game lobby. xd I mean... all in all, I think the enemy support flamed me more than my adc did. lol
Infernape (EUW)
: Some people are assholes simply put. Some people can't shoulder the blame and admit their screw ups and would rather offload the blame onto someone else (like what Hashinshin or your ADC does). In those cases I just put on some music, grab a coffee, mute the player(s) in question and go about my day.
The adc blaming support...I'm kinda used to. Didn't bother me. But what was annoying and rare to see is someone from enemy would back him up and flame me as well. xd
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IAmDoosh (EUW)
: This has already been said before, but I must vent.
Yeah, agreed. People seem to just call out 'cancer' so easily without even considering at all. Sure it is internet, but still. I have 2 friends who parents died at early age of cancer. I have relatives suffering from cancer. It is such a common and deadly disease. Sure people can joke around, calling people noob because they can't control their frustrating over a game. But wishing cancer to others is taking it a bit too far. But people are too ignorant and insensitive to realize this. And calling it not a big deal is basically accepting it due to ignorance.
Mas17 (EUW)
: You only need an account to share images with the community and do not need one to simply upload images. If you simply drag and drop any image on the browser with imgur open it will directly upload it and give you a link to the image itself. What you're probably doing is pressing the green "Share ro community" button which is what publishes the picture to the imgur feeds (aka it goes to User Sub, then available for people to up/downvote, comment and so forth). An account could still be useful if you want to manage the pictures/albums (even without publishing) after you've uploaded them and closed the window.
Forgot to mention, xd I use the phone app. Picture frm phone instant online. And in the app, u need an account.
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: Watch something that you watch to get to know the youtuber, not something that only his hardcore fans can enjoy. I found out about Pewdie when a friend suggested we watch him play Outlast, because both of us were so fking scared to play the game ourselves. The game is less scary when it's not you playing it and the atmosphere ain't as tense when there's a blonde swede singing the Pirates of the Carribean theme while running away from a monster. Any content that is not a game walkthrough is kinda trash tho :)
He has so many videos, I just watched some random ones, not anything specific. xd I remember watching a video of him playing a game and he was making jokes about a duck or something... and swearing a ton. That video wasn't very impressive to me. xd One thing I notice about him tho in his videos, is that he is...openly not shamed/nervous about doing weird or odd stuff or screaming in public places.I guess it isn't something just anyone would do. xd
: Meh... I prefer that other Swede... so MUCH more. Try to guess.
I can't guess. xd You tell me... Out of the entertainment/comedy channels, I actually prefer watching nigahiga. xd I feel he is really putting effort into his content, and they are generally fun to watch. Sometimes I watch Smosh as well. Not too familiar with other comedy focused YT channels.
: This site is not about Pewdiepie.. But i like him! But hes gettimg boring these days
Well, that is why I posted it in 'off topic' xd
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: Camille is pretty op right now, who did you ban instead? (as your ban may have been what tilted him if it was garbage) Also when someone complains, never reply back to him, nothing you can say will ever get a nice reply back, he is not going to say "oh you're right I had a ban" just doesn't happen. Mute him as he negatively impacts your game by messing with your head, so much so you made a forum post about it, don't give people like him the pleasure of a reply.
I banned Yasuo. I don't quite remember what the guy banned...but he banned another toplaner for himself. I only replied to him once tho. And even tho he complained during the game. It wasn't anything I'd make a post about. Nor did it affect my own gameplay much. (Because there are flamers and blamers almost all games, I'm used to it.) But it was what he said in the post game lobby that pissed me off. That for me, was totally not OK.
: Incorrect, lost a 12/2/7 khazix game vs a 3/4/2 hecarim simply cus my botlane was 0/12 and my toplane was 1/5. was pretty much me and my mid 2v8, and they had a fed Yasuo so........ Fun Kappa
Yeah, well. You can still lose if you have lanes losing that hard on their own. I'm not saying jungler has to do EVERYTHING. Other roles matter as well. But I'm speaking of cases when lanes are generally even, or losing/winning by a little. The game I played just now. Our lanes were doing more or less alright. Then the enemy jungler kept camping everywere possible. He made good ganks. And eventually... I think he had a score of 6/2/3 something and by now all lanes lost/towers gone... Meanwhile, our jungler was 0/0/0 AND had less farm... We managed to turn the game slowly tho, when our MID laner stole baron. (jungler was not even near by) And our adc managing to catch up, we eventually won the game by keeping adc alive, cuz Jinx late game is a monster. That was a game we almost lost because early game was like a complete 4v5... Btw, if you got so many kills. Assuming you did great ganks. But it is quite hard to carry if you're the only fed... and your laners aren't. xd
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: Srsly how can you say that everyone wants to win when so many ppl are feeding like hell and doing bs all the time. I really want to believe in such a thing like they are just bad but they tryhard. Sorry but I live in reality and the reality is: **Their are just too many ppl out there who don't give a fuck about giving their best.**
Originally, MOST people who play ranked, play it to win. There are ofc real trolls, who intend to feed right off the bat just to ruin the game. But let's admit it, it is a rare case. I had a game not long ago. Top was losing, got frustrated, flames junger. Jungler gets mad and decies 'this top doesn't deserve to win' and he trolls. But at the start of the game, everyone wanted to win. It is jsut that, people's attitudes affect eachother.
: Game with the highest amount of dumb retarted people yay
You want to win right? Feeders? It isn't just you. Last game on my promos, my toplane was 0/8 at some point. Our mid wasn't the best either. But we win, because everyone just shut up and play the game. Trolls and flamers might not troll or flame if you keep up a positive attitude in team. Cuz pointis, everyone wants to win.
: LOL Ofc u main Janna, Soraka and Sona LUL
So? What's so funny with that?
: What do champions say about you?
I main janna raka sona and nami. Means im super kind and pretty. xddd
: Does anyone else hate the plant system in the jungle?
I disliked the plants alot when they were new. I still don't like them... But I have got used to it.
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Hìjaal (EUW)
: I had enough of your trolling so i reported you, to you did choose to start the new year with trolling. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Stumbled upon this post. And I saw this guy leaving you a mega long comment. His advice to your itembuild is rather helpful. Idk why you're calling him troll. I also looked at your game history as Braum. If you would be playing in Gold/Plat. People would simply call you troll by your build. Because it is terrible. Support, you will always need {{item:2049}} . Melee support > {{item:3109}} {{item:3190}} along with your {{item:3401}} or if you upgrade it to {{item:2303}} is fine too. (to save a extra slot) {{item:3107}} Is just OP. Additional good item for a melee support would be {{item:3800}} {{item:3065}} Is NOT for support. Read the description for the passive. And you will see it isn't an item for Braum because he doesn't have a heal. If you want to go MR. You have locket. More MR you have {{item:3102}} {{item:3022}} Is just bullshit... For armor, you can always go {{item:3050}} or {{item:3143}} {{item:3512}} if you know where to effectively place them. Randuins Omen has an active that is a slow, which can be useful in teamfights. {{item:3110}} has aura for reducing attack speed. {{item:3083}} is fine. But rather situational. It gives HP only. The regen is good. But pure HP with no utility for your team isn't good enough. When you pick your items. Do check what the enemy team is building, who has the biggest damage in enemy team and build against it. What kind of damage is majority of enemy team made up? And how will your item benefit your team/how much utility does it bring? Read the passive description of the items. Seeing you are quite dedicated with keeping a ranked diary, I decided to tell you the flaws I see in your build and I hope you can get out of bronze and improve your game play. Quit blaming your lost game only on others and look at what you can improve for yourself. Otherwise you will be stuck in bronze for quite a while.
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10962670 (EUW)
: Added you, Im only gold 2 though, won my last 13 in a row. Was plat 5 last season, et's be hoenst there's no difference between plat 2 and g2 :D
I really don't wanna risk my mmr, thats why.
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Invısıble (EUNE)
: Lagging sound in new client
Reias (EUW)
: How do you folks deal with this?
You take a break after this game and only play again when you've calmed down and forgot about those random people.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Tiichu,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ymRdUBGJ,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2017-01-05T15:39:29.527+0000) > > In that specific game, I played Soraka with a Vayne and we got constantly pushed in by a Draven and Fiddle. Our jungler didn&#x27;t gankfor us, nor able to help out other lanes. So mid was losing due to enemy jungler ganks. Top losing hard 1v1. > > Like really. Idk if you even read what I wrote properly. I discovered you can hit tab and just mute people(The tiny speaker icon next to their KDA and equip), easy does it.
And I discovered that you don't get the point of my post and still talking like you do. <.< I will explain for the last time. I know I can mute flamers, I don't even give a damn about them. I don't waste my time talking back to them. I got mad because this guy **made up lies** about me. And he wrote this in the **post game chat**. That I 'flamed him in game ever since champion select'. Simply because of a champion wasn't banned. ON TOP OF ALL; when he could have just banned Camille himself. This type of people are plain disgusting. If he didn't have a ban on his own, I would have banned on his request tho. But I'm not going to let randoms boss me around. Flamers are those who cannot control their anger. Fine. Trolls are immature kids. That is fine too. But filthy liars is a whole another story that I'm not fine with.
: 1- What you should do in that case is have another champion that can top lane against Camille if need be and then just change lanes. 2- If you are countered hard in lane you need to do whatever you can not to feed and wait for jungler to help. 3- I am somewhat sceptical that you lost the entire game because of one champion winning top lane. usually there are more reasons : Overextending, lack of map vision etc. That aside , You are support , you should do what you can to support the team, sometimes that means letting kids do their thing. Yes he was a bad top laner for flaming and feeding like that but telling him something like 'stop crying' won't help him play better. Last game I had to go Xerath so-called "support" because jungler picked Akali and declared they have no intention to gank(though they still tried to their credit) , ended up having to do more than support by having to leave ADC in order to help mid lane who was a classic ekko feeder and using long range ult to cover up for members of the team going solo on reckless jungle chase on more than one occasion in that game which ended up helping them secure a kill.. We won but that is not the way it should be and I think its only because I dropped an elo on normals, playing with my lower Elo league friends(which ended up in defeat time after time because low elo is a different meta and players are so often reckless or play badly , (total damage to champions for Xerath showed as even more than ADC, top and midlaner , just FYI and 110 points less than jungler which is not how support should be). So my point is that as support you need to put the needs of the rest of the team first when you can even if it means covering for bad players(without letting them on how bad they are).
In that specific game, I played Soraka with a Vayne and we got constantly pushed in by a Draven and Fiddle. Our jungler didn't gankfor us, nor able to help out other lanes. So mid was losing due to enemy jungler ganks. Top losing hard 1v1. Like really. Idk if you even read what I wrote properly. I don't care about how you play, and I don't really care that I lost my specific game. I know how to play support. I'm not even complaining about 'how that guy lost lane'. The one thing that got me mad was that he was blaming me,** for not banning a certain champ he can't play against**, when he could have banned it himself. And **falsely accusing me for flaming him**. Because all I said to him was 'you had your own ban'. I typed nothing else to him.
Eveninn (EUW)
: How to talk more ingame?
Everytime I see Ahri in my team: 'fox fur is soft' That's all xd... I can't focus on the game if I chat too much. Need to focus at all times...I wanna win.
Yeah I thought the first version too, looks a bit weirdo. xd
: > [{quoted}](name=Tiichu,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=mwrWiHR7,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-01-05T02:48:05.348+0000) > I have been playing the same champions, support role in both servers. Ever thought that maybe, just MAYBE the EUW players are better and are able to carry you easier? Hmm?
So if I understand you correctly, I am getting carried every single game? That supports are the role that cant carry them selves? And that it is easier to play support in EUW than EUNE? Really? Seriously?
: Did you look at ping differences, toxicity, trolls. All of this has effect on your winrate.
Hi um... i replied to u, but look the one below xd
: Eune is much more toxic by far. Like me, I'm a toxic animal who got stuck in d2 last season because hes too lazy to climb lul
Ping is the same. My attitude is the same. About toxic players...i don't notice too big of a difference to be honest. Except the stuff people say: Eune wishes more cancer and calls u boosted animal, tells u to play tetris more often, ask if ur pl player Euw calls people bonobos and apparently have disco nunus (smt new to me) I feel eune has way more insults, but the number of toxic players i meet per game seems same. Im usually unaffected by toxic players. So i dont see how it should affect my winning too much, since toxic people are in both teams... Ps. I was gunna reply to the comment above. Clicked wrong n didnt notice until too late. :(
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