Zombleur (EUNE)
: I deleting my account, because I had enough
: Nickname for Rakan OTP
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Rinart73 (EUW)
: Dodging in champion select starts a game (still not fixed)
you have to press disconnect not exit...
: Attack speed bug on Sivir
if you already ahve 3 items on sivir the terrain bonus is not counter as it count as an item iteself
: Bunch of bots ON MY TEAM in CO-OP games
if they have darius/ahri/lux icon and use ignite heal so probably yes, they are bots, the same that moved from TT to co op summoners rift
: Can you increase the max number of wards!?
basically you want to play without FOW
: Victorious Aatrox
all the victorious come with the champ
Horubis (EUW)
: Wait did the season end already? Or do i still have till tonight
Senk715 (EUNE)
: Too much of a honor punishment
it took me 10 months to back to honor 2 from honor 0 playiong like 6 games per day, so...
: wheres Senna?
had her in enemy team and i hyper won, coz is not an op champ, just read her abilities so you know how to play against her-
: Boards active people check
: Ah, so you did not play it a lot and dont know what you are talking about.
Go Won (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Timarius,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=g2By0kJA,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-11-10T17:26:49.717+0000) > > Wp man! > Congratulation! > You deserve it > > Enjoy the rewards! https://prnt.sc/pv0xth He lied this is from Riot´s stream. They said this is the only guy who has perfect pick 'ems who picked FPX.
....i'm disappointed...
: I did :)
Wp man! Congratulation! You deserve it Enjoy the rewards!
: New TFT: My thoughts so far
for me, the only change fair would be this: 3 mages: 25% chance double cast 6 mages: 60% chance double cast why? because zyra mage it's ggwp next
: the new tft
last set was between protecting jinx or draven, this set is about who can make zyra a mage and make her spam the ultimate double for 2-3 times making the arena full of crazy spamming plants. already bored XD
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li3x (EUNE)
: Zac W does dmg even if it shouldnt
all zac abilities take your health do be done
Forte (EUNE)
: Did you even read my post?
the answer is in my comment, if you can not understand it you have a bigger problem
Forte (EUNE)
: Question about borders
the boarders is the division you are in, if you are unranked (need placements) you'll have no boarder
: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/367425989573345283/640899741894443038/ScreenShot_20191104150604.png i win every game with this runes try it
i'll give it a try thx
: I saw a game where Hashinshin had managed to get 900 gold at minute 20 from klepto procs. He had procced klepto 180 times in a span of 20 minutes gaining gold equal to 3 kills, not counting the gold sacks he probably also collected... So let us assume 1800 additional gold at minute 20 which is equal to 6 kills giving a huge item advantage. That is more worth the conqueror
i'm a poor gold 4, i don't think i am able to proc 180 times the clepto XD
Infernape (EUW)
: Conqueror is hard to stack on ranged champs unless they're Kindred or Urgot because of how quickly the timer ends for them. Klepto basically gives her free gold and items and is applied by her Q. So if she Q's an ADC and their support is behind them, MF gains two procs of Klepto instead of one.
ooooh, didn't now the q would proc the clepto twice is i hit adc and support, that's nice
: 🎃👻 Volunteer Halloween Quiz 👻🎃
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Bardlokas (EUW)
: My account recently got hacked and i cant get it back
: Is it possible to ban op.gg?
at least they donm't fight you with fruits, seto...
: Senna is not a support... it looks like it on the PBE
it makes less visual to play a pbe champ as a support, that's all
: Is getting Platinum easier in Season 9?
i've been gold since season 3, silver in season 2, and i see zero difference from season 2 to this season
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Network (EUW)
: Dodging BUG, fix it plz
select disconnect not exit when you want to dodge
: please dear lord tell me another free game thats fun I pray im so bored of this trash
meh it depends on what you like, there is uhmmm, dunno hearthstone? Tera is nice if you find someone to play with, yu-gi-oh duel links for smarthphone or steam, damn you can even read a book, i recently bought all the stories of lovecraft
: > [{quoted}](name=Timarius,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=dNE7qHRO,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-10-27T10:39:46.228+0000) > > you pressed exit or disconnect? Same problem for me, I pressed exit. Should I have choose sign out ? I did lock my champ ( nunu, So I hoped my mates will dodge too ) But I doged before everyone Locked a champ. and ... well, rito %%%%ed me 19 lp + I guess some MMR. I got matched with a guy with 27% Win rate ( I don't know even how it is possible ) , and a troll support wich stated "I go troll " and then banned my intent ... Had no choice but dodge. Then rito gives me a lose. Seriously. The good thing is : I reported the troll, even if pre-game %%%%ers never get banned : I hope Rito will just perma him ( again I guess )
yes you need to disconnect
: Can't get anniversary gifts rewards, waiting at the "2 AM BST" timer.
probably you need to reach level 5 or 10 don't remember, are u sure you created it before the 16? in any case write to the support, good luck
Nàxs (EUW)
: Why when i win i just get +17lp?
you are lucky i win 13 lp and lose 16 XD
Hiropoof (EUW)
: Championship skins
che chroma for the normal skin are just chroma, can't use it without the base skin, with the prestigious is different, they count as a separate skin, so if you buy a prestige you have it as it is
: What game mode to play?
i think you should change game considered you are not having fun with the game itself
: Dodging is bugged
you pressed exit or disconnect?
: Ok riot...
devi attivare windows
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Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: >where does the poor adc player fit According to Worlds, they fit in bot lane, mid lane, top lane, jungle. The only role where they do not fit yet is support. It is really hard to say that ADC are struggling right now. >point clk cc that some times lasts for more than 8sec Which champion have a 8 seconds long cc that is a point click skill?
5 taric team in urf 4 years ago with old taric XD
: Newsflash, assassins are shit tier since forever now. That you can't place a ward and get perma-ganked or you facecheck a bush while enemy has kha/pyke/talon in their team ? That's not a marksman survivability issue. You're squishy, yes ? So are assassins. So are mages. So are bruisers. Everything that doesn't rush thornmail or sunfire in this game is squishy in the early levels. BUT BUT assassins are high mobility. So are marksmen. So what's the issue then ? That you fail to play the class ? I legit see no way how marksmen can die in lane. It's impossible. If they play hook supports you get ezreal/sivir or you simply learn how to sidestep. You ward the bush. You keep the wave well managed so you can't get 4 manned or dove. This all equals to safe laning, to scaling up, and dominating the whole game, since this is the meta dictated by Riot. So what's the problem ?
no need facecheck with blue trinket man
BIood Moon (EUNE)
: Please answer this question! It's about JUNGLING.
it depend, if you jungler pinging is on the other side of the map ofc you wait, if he pinging, usually the firt to engage is the one with cc, if you have more you engage when he is very near the enemy/is blocking his run route, if he have more cc than you, just start to go vs the enemy when you can see the jungler is in a pretty spot to engage and then let the action happen i am gold 4, and i've been gold 4 for the last 6 season, you can see by my badges if you put the mouse on my name
if you have at least 170 minion at 20 minute mark ok, i can understand that the game is unbalanced, if you have less than 170 minion at 20 min cap, then, just stop cry and learn to farm to have the item you need to have at 20 min so you can survive and do more damage than a tank
: after IE and Runans huricane+ boots i would first go for BT or static shiv. of course i cant see how the game went (like positioning etc farming at start etc) but i think youre not doing that bad trough one game you died a lot. this could be because of overextending or just bad warding , could be bad positioning etc ...
Dat's why i asked to watch the replays XD Thank you anyway!
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: I'd start by not dying 14 times.
just a tilted match, thank you for your useless answer! :D
JustClone (EUNE)
: For the love of god, do not play marksman champions. If you want to be bot lane, pick a mage. You are bellow average in basically every significant stat. (The bad thing that you do is you pick a champion, that requires game knowledge, good mechanics in kiting, positioning, last hitting, and before everything else, trading and dealing consistent damage to enemy champions, and you lack literally everything of this).
Basically you answer is: you suck in evetything, improve on everything, or uninstall. It's not the kind of answer i wanted but ok XD
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Delusion (EUW)
: Anyone want a bit of free coaching?
yo! would be interested, if you have time can you have a look at my 2 last games as adc and tell me if i can improve in something, like grouping when necessary or keep pushing while others are stupid fighting mid, advises on farm etc?
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