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Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: >where does the poor adc player fit According to Worlds, they fit in bot lane, mid lane, top lane, jungle. The only role where they do not fit yet is support. It is really hard to say that ADC are struggling right now. >point clk cc that some times lasts for more than 8sec Which champion have a 8 seconds long cc that is a point click skill?
5 taric team in urf 4 years ago with old taric XD
: Newsflash, assassins are shit tier since forever now. That you can't place a ward and get perma-ganked or you facecheck a bush while enemy has kha/pyke/talon in their team ? That's not a marksman survivability issue. You're squishy, yes ? So are assassins. So are mages. So are bruisers. Everything that doesn't rush thornmail or sunfire in this game is squishy in the early levels. BUT BUT assassins are high mobility. So are marksmen. So what's the issue then ? That you fail to play the class ? I legit see no way how marksmen can die in lane. It's impossible. If they play hook supports you get ezreal/sivir or you simply learn how to sidestep. You ward the bush. You keep the wave well managed so you can't get 4 manned or dove. This all equals to safe laning, to scaling up, and dominating the whole game, since this is the meta dictated by Riot. So what's the problem ?
no need facecheck with blue trinket man
BIood Moon (EUNE)
: Please answer this question! It's about JUNGLING.
it depend, if you jungler pinging is on the other side of the map ofc you wait, if he pinging, usually the firt to engage is the one with cc, if you have more you engage when he is very near the enemy/is blocking his run route, if he have more cc than you, just start to go vs the enemy when you can see the jungler is in a pretty spot to engage and then let the action happen i am gold 4, and i've been gold 4 for the last 6 season, you can see by my badges if you put the mouse on my name
if you have at least 170 minion at 20 minute mark ok, i can understand that the game is unbalanced, if you have less than 170 minion at 20 min cap, then, just stop cry and learn to farm to have the item you need to have at 20 min so you can survive and do more damage than a tank
: after IE and Runans huricane+ boots i would first go for BT or static shiv. of course i cant see how the game went (like positioning etc farming at start etc) but i think youre not doing that bad trough one game you died a lot. this could be because of overextending or just bad warding , could be bad positioning etc ...
Dat's why i asked to watch the replays XD Thank you anyway!
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: I'd start by not dying 14 times.
just a tilted match, thank you for your useless answer! :D
JustClone (EUNE)
: For the love of god, do not play marksman champions. If you want to be bot lane, pick a mage. You are bellow average in basically every significant stat. (The bad thing that you do is you pick a champion, that requires game knowledge, good mechanics in kiting, positioning, last hitting, and before everything else, trading and dealing consistent damage to enemy champions, and you lack literally everything of this).
Basically you answer is: you suck in evetything, improve on everything, or uninstall. It's not the kind of answer i wanted but ok XD
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Delusion (EUW)
: Anyone want a bit of free coaching?
yo! would be interested, if you have time can you have a look at my 2 last games as adc and tell me if i can improve in something, like grouping when necessary or keep pushing while others are stupid fighting mid, advises on farm etc?
: Whats going on with Twisted Tree Lines
and that's why at end of the season they remove that map forever
: I'm not sure why {{item:3153}} is classed as 'essential' on {{champion:22}} . My only guess is that the active ability on the item helps make her kiting even better.
> [{quoted}](name=Garbage Manlet,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=mEpAwlW8,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-12T17:14:56.805+0000) > > I'm not sure why {{item:3153}} is classed as 'essential' on {{champion:22}} . > > My only guess is that the active ability on the item helps make her kiting even better. i actually saved myself with the mov speed the active gives, but the damage at end game is still half of midlaner's, only happen to me with ashe, with cait or jinx the damage at end game is top tier
DeejayF (EUW)
: Why does Zed not have to build Tiamat?
coz the item you close with the tiamat is not worth the cost, and you finish the game with an half item, long ago people were usually buil botrk for the R proc, coz the ignite + botrk was calculated in the damage done during R, but now you do not build in enymore coz is nos cost efficent, with the new lethality system you go for as many longsowrd as you can, and with zed damage you do not really need tiamat to clear minions
: Explain to me platinium 4
SebuPeba (EUNE)
: New rotating game mode [hide and seek]
nice but you can play with a very little pool of champ, example, if you are using udyr there is no way to reveal teemo or damaging him, coz is autoattack only champ, so meh
: Scary champions in your opinion?
{{champion:141}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:35}} this one only when in my team
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Satip CIS (EUW)
: Problem with starting TFT game with a random champion
i think this problem persist since the launch for everyone sadly
Sefi (EUNE)
: Probably done with league for now.
it's not like you have to leave on league, actually i am playing bloodborne mostly, in the night when my gf is home we play league a couple of games and then have a lot of sex, you can play more than one game XD just chill
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: wtf is the point of promos
unlucky man, keep going, i mean, if you realy want. if you do not think you can reach plat just stop, so your mmr doesn't crash
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: It’s possible to win on clash?
no not on clash, riot gives codes to whoever organize a tournament that is approved by riot, if you search online timetimes you find websites that organize them
: Ryze
yes, by winning a riot tournament
: Rolestealing, Lanestealing, how to report
can't do much, just report her/him end game with negative attitude and intentional feeding, and hope
NetherJacK (EUNE)
: But they can reverse the game so I think they can do smth , or fix this problem instead.
NetherJacK (EUNE)
: No , I am still using the old one , I wrote a ticket to riot support because they dont give a damn about boards.
you should know that the system, for how it is built, can not modify your LP, add or take off, they can not simply put hands on the player's LP, just forget those 15 lp and go on
DzigibauxD (EUNE)
: chests
actually in my lasts 5 chest i got only epic and 2 legendary XD unlucky man
Furrysax (EUW)
: 3 v 3 Intermediate bots go afk after 28 minute...
and that's why riot is deleting 3v3 at the end of the season, coz they can not stop bots
: why r some "mages" seen as troll for support=,,
lux can shield more people and snare 2 enemy at a time while doing damage from afar, zyra can slow, snare, and knock up multiple enemies with no risk, xerath can stay very far, can stun a target, slow many, and do damage from afar, brand can do damage from afar, do damage over time, stun multiple target with the passive. ahri can "stun" a single support troll pls no help
Finnifox (EUNE)
: Are there any active girl teams atm? (D4 supp)
my question is, why you girls keep going on the "i want a team with only girls" instead of find a normal team?
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IkOerman (EUW)
: What is your LUCK rank?
went from iron 1 to gold V in like 3 days, at the launch, now every person try to go same broken build with demons so it's more like who roll more like a crazy to get those champs first, kinda stop playing it since next season
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: Water walking is underpowered
i use it often on hecarim, sometimes on nocturne and yi, not that bad actually, expecially in late where you need run away or follow a pick
: Well it still needs to match you with someone just up or down - you don't want to be last and fight against the strongest - hence why you face the same opponent every other game.
actually you should be able to do it, i mean, face the first if you are last, i have played MANY games, and sometimes, my last palce build was meant to beat the first, but if i can not face him, it's like ggwp, nexst game
MØrfis (EUNE)
: new accounts mmr ?
usually with the first win in ranked you'll be placed in like bronze 1 or 2, and you will win like 60-80 points per match, with no promo, basically if you win every math of the firsts 10 you will be placed in like plat 4- gold 1
: You're obviously paying your way up the ladder, just buy more skins and you might reach plat
Silent Note (EUNE)
: In TFT, do you hit 0 LP before demoting?
actually depends, i had 13 point and with a loss i got to 0, another time i had 5 points and i got demoted instantly
AhernnY (EUW)
: sooo rank has nothing to do with skill?
well...i suck hard at this game but i was able to reach gold for 6 season in a row so...if i suck and i am much more than me you suck?
Godsg1ft (EUW)
: Very few people understand league is a team game
with the passing of years people got the misconception that you have to make lot of kills, die little, and don't give a %%%% about your team, call, because they are useless, and if you win it's because you are pro, and if you lose because your team suck, time ago you were with 4 other people trying to get a strategy to stomp that enemy zed with 21 kills, now if zed have 21 kills you surrender in 16 minu and someone get 4 report...sadly it's not the game, it's the people who play it :(
VinneLoz (EUW)
: I got all skins... What now? Orange Essence for what?
if you buy a sticker album and you end up completing it, and you want more, what do you do? nothing, you already have everything, you wait for another sticker album to come out or you start again a new one, same with lol skin/emote/wards/icon, you wait something new come out or you start spending money on a new account
frezura (EUW)
: Only 4 Champions?
it depends when you created the account...if it's old you can't have the new system reward, try making another account and see
: shit man. what role you play?
> [{quoted}](name=HI IM MELTZAHAR,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=QE36bTIt,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-08-02T17:08:07.249+0000) > > shit man. what role you play? jung, adc
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Suphix (EUW)
: TFT: Come on now Rito, jokes over.
well, i understand perfectly, but the game is that, now much you can fix, unit are in a precise number, if everyone want a comp it's obvious not all can get it, you have to counter it another's like the race to who get akali in ranked (just an example) only one can get her, and you have to play around it, in the end not much you can change
: they also have low ban rate
thank you, but i already am in gold, just wanted to increas win rate, that is lowered
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Shamose (EUW)
: Got 4th in TFT lost LP.
no, they said that if you are 4, but the other 3 have A LOT MORE MMR THAN YOU, then you lose lp, and i suppose this is right, coz 4 is not even vronze medal
Timarius (EUW)
thank you guys ♥
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