12kingomg (EUNE)
: just dont let him to stun you {{champion:516}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
He doesn't even bother, just E's away.
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: Gives you the little bit of extra dmg Naut needed sometimes. I was a nautilus main for sveral seasons now i know what I am talking about... if they buff anything of naut even slightly more, he will get OP again..
Naut main still. Jungle, top or support. His Q isn't remotely where he needs help, his E and W need either a impact boost (not necessarily damage) or mana cost reduction to E back to pre-nerf state. It depends where they want Naut to go, but the damage he lacks isn't because of his Q.
: Q dmg early is very important. I found it a great buff...
Where? Why? Context lad, there's no situation where maxing Q first is more advantageous than E or W.
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: How to buff Vayne whitout makeing her ban or play?
That PBE buff to her ult would have made her insane, she's already hard enough to put down in teamfights between tumbles. Healing for a % Max HP of the frontliner you just destroyed would be next to impossible to focus down.
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Cryptidian (EUNE)
: If you were the head of RIOT's development team for a day, what would you change?
Remove the clown from LoL... Broken in pretty much every featured game mode, annoying as hell in the rest. Not OP in SR or anything, just an instant tilt seeing him in champ select.
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xEchy (EUNE)
: How to reach Challenger rank in the new season with the new Flex 3v3
Tried this as a premade last night after being intrigued by the idea. Always had a Lux bot/Gnar top, and I switched between Maokai, Naut and Trundle. 2 deaths in 3 games between us, all ending in surrenders. This bruiser top with smite + tanky support thing is BROKEN AS HELL! Seriously, the bruiser coming in level 3 with a quick level 4 is insanely strong when staring down a level 2 laner and level 1 jungler/support. The most fun we've had playing LoL in a while, thanks for making us aware of this! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Purejoyce (EUNE)
: Riot not banning bots in coop vs ai games?
It's awful in Twisted Treeline too. When both others players are bots on your team, it sucks. A Janna standing next to wraiths every 2 minutes before walking to turret and back to wraiths is a dead give away. The periodic messages of "push" and "GG" matching nothing going on in game are a dead giveaway too.
Neonchan (EUW)
: I also doubt he was ahead, only that he was less behind than what you might think when you see 0/5. Ryze is designed to be strong 1v1, so if you weren't miles ahead of him, I would expect him to be super strong in lane. That's his identity. His weakness is basically every situation with multiple enemies
So it was the right choice to leave him to it and force fights/push elsewhere then? Sucks that even farming has to go out the window for fear of a snare-combo. At least I know to repeat it for next time, thanks!
: Without a real damage item its very unlrealistic that J4 would kill Ryze, he can shield the bit of damage you do and kite you to eternity. If you wanna 1v1 as J4 you pretty much have to burst them or have enough item advantage to kill em with auto attacks after your passive damage is down. Ryze can just spam his shit nonstop and you have 1 combo followed by huge window of cooldowns where you can basically only auto attack.
You're probably right there. Just astounded me that someone so behind (or at least hadn't backed to spend CS gold if he wasn't) could still destroy 1v1 so easily. I have a hard time imagining a champ that could do the same, even Riven or Yasuo wouldn't be that forgiving.
Neonchan (EUW)
: Seeing how Ryze ended the game with more than 100 CS ahead of everyone else, I doubt he was as behind as it might have looked for you.
He wasn't that far ahead at the time, we were both level 11 (I think?) and if he had the gold to spend, he still only had those items during the fight. His CS lead really kicked in when I realized I couldn't do anything against him and started to force fights elsewhere, leaving him to just push through top lane. Probably wasn't the smartest idea, but we won in the end.
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: I heard a Rek'Sai rework to make her more dmg based is on the way, where is it?
As others have said, I'd expect her to have a pass during the diver update. Champions like Rek, Irelia, Xin, J4, Aatrox, Vi and Jax could all use a look as a uniform class. I've always had bad luck with making Rek'Sai work myself, and TBH half of her kit (E bite being the biggest offender) feels underwhelming most of the time.
Robi (EUW)
: Courage of colossus kinda strong in my opinion
Strong? Yes. OP? Not really, we'll take some contrasting examples here... {{champion:92}} : By going 12/0/18 to get CoC, they're losing out on a LOT of damage, especially since Thunderlord's seems to be the prefered Keystone Mastery from what I can tell. Since the only HP item you're likely to buy on her is {{item:3071}} , and your base HP + growth is relatively low, it's a bit of a waste. {{champion:111}} : Now this guy has multiple ways to activate CoC, but you lose out on Grasp for a heal/damage boost. What the shield does is make the tank better at tanking and does NOT boost the damage (unless you count providing Naut more shield leeway for his W, but then why are you focusing Naut in a fight?) I think it's the mastery tanks like Nautilus and Sejuani needed rather than Grasp, particularly as junglers. I don't find it's as hard to abuse on fighters with hard CC like Riven or Xin as other players make out for the reasons stated above.
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: RIP Talon
Will need to see cooldowns, but that map mobility puts most junglers to shame. Early deep vision? That sort of thing is worth consideration in pro play for sure.
: {{champion:63}} {{champion:69}}
You are patient and deliberate, preferring to allow your obstacles to decay over time if it means avoiding making a fool of yourself/putting yourself in a disadvantageous position.
Klatumatu (EUW)
: {{champion:60}} and {{champion:143}} it's mostly elise tho.. elise is fun
You see others around you as merely tools to fulfill your needs, often using schemes and misinformation to achieve your goals without direct involvement.
FrogBeat (EUW)
: I nearly only play {{champion:102}} so she i my main but others i like to play from time to time are :{{champion:122}} ,{{champion:268}} ,{{champion:78}} ,{{champion:111}} ,{{champion:32}} ,{{champion:25}}.
Some men just want to watch the world burn at the hands of a hot chic.
IndigoFenix (EUNE)
: Guess someone's personality based on their mains!
: Very true. I've been thinking about it, but what if Yasuo's Q didn't apply on hit effects, but could still crit? That would solve the Tri Mallet thing, without devastating his damage potential. Would hurt other niche builds though.
That'd make sense. Being able to abuse the Q like that doesn't feel right, and Riot have said their balance ethos is happy to sacrifice niche builds in order to balance the common ones (AP Tristana with her rework for example).
: Yasuo Nerfs On The PBE.
So going by OP.GG (http://euw.op.gg/champion/yasuo/statistics/top) his big 3 items are Phantom Dancer, TriForce and Frozen Mallet. With these nerfs, his ultimate will no longer do harsh damage until he finishes PD, but what about that rest of his damage with the bruiser build? TBH, I found the TriForce proc spam of Q to be more of a problem that Yasuo deciding to ult. It's just a ridiculous amount of DPS for someone with ultimately very little damage built. Being slowed by the Mallet pretty much condemns you to death unless you're using a dash/blink champ and you survive until you reach a wall too, and unlike most tanks (Ekko excluded) Yasuo will kill you a LOT faster during your slow than say a Nautilus or Renekton. The nerfs don't really fix that, they just lower his ults damage potential in the tanky build.
: Never gank a losing lane is the worst
If you are 0/3 to something like a Riven or Darius, why would I gank that? I'd likely be 2-3 levels below them and from so far into the game you'd have proven yourself unable to cope with them alone. Why would I risk the double kill to help you go even instead of getting the other lanes (not going 0/3 btw) ahead?
: Kled: The Reunion FINALY ! Kled & Skaarl REVEALED (Video Teaser)
Sooooo...it's RenGnar ridding Toothless from HTTYD?
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: I am British, and after much research, my opinion is this: My fellow countrymen are morons.
Top men agree!
: So with Britain leaving EU, will they get their own server? :)
: Brexit
I'm honestly dreading this as a UK citizen. The implications that were ignored are staggering. inb4 entitled "leave" voter says "So Riot, when do we get a UK server?"
Őrangyal (EUNE)
: The Voice Chat
I'm surprised no one is really talking about this other than yourself here, but I agree. You give players the tools to be toxic, they will do so. If you are banned for even a throwaway line (because lets face it, due to resources Riot will go off "amount of reports" than re-listen to voicechat) then that has defeated the entire purpose not only of voice chat, but of communication in game. Like you said, if voice becomes "the norm" enough, players will neglect typing in chat. So you get the added downside of playing with something similar to a 4 man premade without them having to be a premade (the 4 players with mics will talk instead of type for the 1 who doesn't). And don't get me started on the language barrier here in EUW...
M4ndrake (EUW)
: Can we please tweak/rework Akali ?
Seeing as Riot is likely doing an Assassins Update near year's end like the Mage Update, I think Akali will receive a pass there. I think she was on the rework "to-do-pile" they released recently anyway wasn't she?
: For once I fully agree with Redmercy. Tank assassins are just pure Bullsht.
This is exactly why I think people are complaining about "oneshot from tanks" too. For the longest time I thought players were just idiots for saying "tanks need a nerf". Like, really? Nautilus, Malphite and Sejuani needed NERFS?! I realize now they mean assassins, which were always BS, building tanky like this and they still call them tanks. SMH.
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: What about building Trinity Force, then going Full Tank (Spirit Visage usually next item)?
63.33% first 3 items according to OP.GG: {{item:3078}} >{{item:3053}} >{{item:3742}} Spirit Visage, Randuins Omen and Maw of Malmortius are all pretty high on the winrate side of things too.
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: Does Irelia deserve a nerf?
It's been known for a while she's one of those "overloaded" kits. An item comes along every once in a while that's balanced on it's target audience, but breaks her somehow, so they nerf the item and it loses value on those other champions more than it loses value on her. Considering she's the highest pick AND highest winrate toplaner, I'd say there's grounds there to take a look at her: http://euw.op.gg/champion/statistics
: Ranked feels wrong to play currently
I have to play Ranked games as my normals now. I'm the only Silver on my team, ever, in normal matches and I'll be lucky to see a Gold. It's not fun, I don't feel like "learning to improve" whilst I'm going 0/3/0 to a Fiora top in 5 mins, I just want to play with people of my skill level. Apparently I can't have that in normals now, so Ranked it is and I just have to weather the storm of "first time X champ wtf?" or "why not play srsly?" Riot. Fix matchmaking. It sucks for both ends of this problem here.
Rioter Comments
: Are you satisfied with season 6?
That's a "Kick their Ass" nope from me. End of season 4/mid season 5 were the closest to balance for me. Then jungle change after jungle change, the repeated kicking in the teeth of tanks that weren't the top 2 tanks (see Seju/Gragas Cinderhulk patch or Malphite/Nautilus top earlier this season), and then the increase in making melee champs lives hell through kiting resource increase has made this boring for me. The toxicity has stabilized for me. Took a massive nosedive in preseason and hasn't recovered, but hasn't worsened either.
: Swain / healing champions deserves 90% winrate. Healing must be BUFF ALOT!
The item isn't strong/pushed enough for players to consider it. Mortal Reminder is used in SOME games, but by and large %HP damage and pen tend to favor out. Particularly with so many users or {{item:3165}} in the meta already applying that debuff.
raps1355 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Time2ConductEvil,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=qEQTicxE,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-05-31T10:45:21.158+0000) > > I've been doing this lately, but the problem here is she'll just get the farm and items she wants for teamfights whilst I'm stuck just getting tankier. Then it comes down to who plays the teamfight better, and I'm still left feeling that it was a lost lane straight away. > > In a lot of ways, the complaints people level at someone like Xin Zhao for me apply tenfold to Irelia (jump>CC>never die>kill carry fast) with the benefits of better damage and inbuilt tenacity. Whats wrong with who plays the tf better? If you maintain the same gold as her what you buy is up to you. She can only really attack 1 person then she must disengage for cooldowns if she isnt bursted down or kited into oblivion. A lost lane to me is a noteworthy gold advantage over the opponent or if certain champs that should have been shutdown early and werent.
It's more what defines a "farm lane". Say I was Malphite, even if she can't kill me she can give me a damn good thrashing before sustaining what damage I'd return whilst I cannot and am forced to play on the back foot due to possible ganks or allowing her to repeat the process. That in turn leads to me sac'ing gold to prevent giving her the opportunity for a dive/gank a minute or so later. The usual argument is "trade back", but her sustain trumps that if I'm a tank. You're right with it going to TF, but that relies on your team somewhat. What I'm after is a solid way to beat her in lane rather than stalemating and relying on others.
: {{item:1036}} +{{item:2003}} {{item:2003}} {{item:2003}} if you want early damage. Darius has a very high base health regen, so he doesnt really Need any more sustain items except for tough ranged matchups. Also make sure you hit the Q with the outer ring and max it first in this matchup. Dont harrass with the Q though. If possible, deny farm by Walking up to her, AA+W+AA, E if she runs away, AA then Q as last skill when she getting away and your CC is on CD.
I found the mana was an issue, like in terms of damage vs cost of the spell. I'll try it again, I think I ended up using Doran's Shield last time anyway so that'd explain the low dmg.
camump12 (EUW)
: Please fix your matchmaking!
I'm silver as well, and I will be the ONLY silver on my team. If I'm lucky, there's a gold too. Either their MMR sucks and every other silver has awesome MMR, or matchmaking is busted. The other scenarios are impossible: - I don't win enough to have the higher MMR, 40% or so winrate. - Silver players having high MMR and they wouldn't play ranked instead.
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