qBacca (EUW)
: You're joking right? He already has like 9 skins. I think Champs with only 2 skins should deserve a new skin (Zac/Rek'sai/Kindred etc.) Don't you think?
Ornn with 1 skin as well.
: Tribal ryze ,Winged Hussar Xin zhao and k-0 nasus legacy skin only drop in chests right?
They sometimes open the legacy vault. Not sure but they might be purchaseable then aswell
: My account was hacked into and later banned
Hard to say what the support will do, just wait for their answer. Remember that its the weekend though, so it might take some days. The problem for you is, that "i was hacked" is a pretty common excuse. You might get your account back, but i doubt that they will restore the honor level.
: the old systam was not supjective too.. you didnt know who was in the game
But every player decided differently, subjective. The bot decides objectivly.
: The report system sould be fixed.
The old system was slow and inconsistant. It was backlogged for months. The new system is fast and non subjective.
Awsane (EUW)
: Yeah. I dont want an automatic System for that. Because of the reasons you Said. Its Impossible to diff. But If Riot gets their Hands on real evidence, Like a Paycheck or Bankdata etc. ( If for example a friend of the boosted Player finds it and send it to Riot) they have no Rule in the TOS to Ban the Person.
Would likely be easy to counterfeit something like that to harm someone. Also I'm not sure if it would be legal giving riot bankinformation.
Go Won (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Timarius,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=g2By0kJA,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-11-10T17:26:49.717+0000) > > Wp man! > Congratulation! > You deserve it > > Enjoy the rewards! https://prnt.sc/pv0xth He lied this is from Riot´s stream. They said this is the only guy who has perfect pick 'ems who picked FPX.
No believe me, I did, me, that random boards guy :)
Timarius (EUW)
: Hate my life
If you cant get out yourself, there are sometimes local groups like alcoholics anonymous for gaming addiction (atleast in bigger cities). You can try to look for them online. I used to be in a similar spot and i really wish you luck with getting out of it. Believe me, you´ll be a lot happier if you get more social life and success in uni.
: Is a permaban revertable?
Its revertable if it was given by mistake. You said you flamed, so it wasnt by mistake, so it wont be reverted.
Z3ko (EUNE)
: Honor system is so bad
Its good if you dont act like an asshole and throw slurs around or tell people to end their life over a videogame. So it's good.
: We should have a Dodge Vote during Champion Select...
Hey i looked this guy up and his winrate is bad lets dodge and make him loose LP. Hey I didnt get my main lets dodge. Hey my matchup is bad lets dodge. Hey they have a good teamcomb lets dodge. Hey this guy picked offmeta lets dodge.
: Clear case of Account getting boosted
Looks more like accountsharing. If thats boosting i'd want a refund. 2/3 games lost lmao.
Lariatas (EUNE)
: Bring back the og reports
Yeah love it when people are spamming me all game. I really should be punished when I start ignoring them.
: You want to tell me that you don't flame when someone is running down your lane? xD Alright
And give him the reaction he wants? Na.
Šm Nexus (EUW)
: 14 day suspension
Just to make sure, the message you get when logging in says for inting this game?
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: There is one exception to what Shamose said. If you are banned/chat restricted on the day of season ends, you will not receive rewards. I remember that every year there are question about this.
I mean there is no way of getting honor 2 in a day anyways.
Beolius (EUW)
: I hate loosing to platinums with gold 3 account.
Wht do you post from a unranked account`?
: Why can not we see in which champ we got a chest in ranked?
Cause in ranked people should pick their best and not some champ they havent earned a chest on yet.
: Not on all regions.
Think its more cafe dependent than regon dependent.
: It's only for leauge partners. Will you be so kind to give you name of your friend?
Its also often when you play league in internet cafes.
: 9.22 UPDATE Is nothing more than a little map, item, and new champ changes.
World wars are nothing but a little conflict between people with different opinions.
: The quality is different. You always had flame and so on, but there is a higher amount of afk, int, troll and running it down aka instead of verbal abuse its more griefing these days.
: Anyone else noticed an increase in toxic behaviour?
Âizen (EUW)
: Yeah I'm aware, as stated in the thread lol.. > Now of course I understand in riots eyes this can be seen as just an elaborate excuse or just a big scheme I just think it's a little insane from my point of view to go from max honour level to a perma ban the circumstance is insane
Everyone is innocent until they arent.
Âizen (EUW)
: I'm not blaming them for my account being perma banned, looking at the chat logs I can completely agree but 'b' confessed to it because he realized he made me lose soo much money and time so even with a confession and evidence there is still nothing that can be done I'm more so questioning whether or not they can do something about it, it was clearly my fault for not being cautious enough but to go from level 5 honour to perma ban is insane
Its not hard to find some random person to "confess" for you on the internet or just to straight up impersonate someone else. Im not saying you are doing this, but its just not a reason to unban.
DoWhyTe (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Arcade Lulu,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=PPcfngQK,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-01T13:42:20.469+0000) > > That would make riot lose a lot of money > So, never gonna happen > > It would be cool, but it ain't good for riot Why? Nobody claimed players would not be buying skins anymore, it will just give a chance to somebody to trade to somebody else, IF the other person wants to trade. So at the end of the day, it all comes to players will. And like i said, it's a same-type limitation, so you can't abuse the system.
It would create a blackmarket where people can find the exact skin they want and can trade for. This has been posted about before many times and there are just too many problems that would break Riot. Things like making botting more lucrative etc. im not gonna write again what is already written on all the other posts.
: Just a bad game or Int???
You wanna talk about your 4/14 teemo game or? https://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/2301055753/2143648127291744?tab=overview
: "your login credentials don't match any account in our sistem".
Did you look if it might have changed the server selected?
: Opinion about a PermaBan
Why repost this? Your other post is still up.
: i didnt attack anyone besides saying to report trist and saying eve was tunnel visioned
You called for ff, told your teammates how bad they are and called for reports.
: 25 Prestige points + 25 for Pass = 100 to actually buy something?
They will introduce more options for things to buy with prestiige points in the future. Just sit on them until they do.
: What's wrong with people. First they are "Plz no more normal urf it's no fun" Then "Plz no more random champions it's no fun" And now again "Plz no more normal urf it's no fun"
People always want what they cant have
Zakir (EUW)
Santa draven was 1 year and 10 months ago. Lets compare that to some others: Zilean last skin 4 years and 5 months. Zac 2 years and 4 months. Karthus 2 years and 11 months Malzahar 2 years and 2 months. ETC
: No, you do not get reimbursed for it. Maybe if you went to your bank and claimed that the transactions were fraudulent, but I doubt it. Deleting your account just... deletes your account. There's no bonus for it, you don't get a pat on the back for it, you don't get money for it, you don't get the time you spent on the game back. It's just for when you need your account deleted for one thing or another. I guess there is an upside - if you get banned you can ask riot support to delete your account so you can acquire your original summoner name back, if it's really important to you.
Claiming they were fraudulent when they werent is in itself fraud and a felony.
Shrekler (EUW)
: Not human, doesn't count. And Rek'Sai probably is a really pretty attractive one when regarding her species, since she is the queen of them.
You think all queens have to be attractive? Have you ever looked at historic paintings? There are quite a few whose parents were a little too closly related.
: Gold season rewards
You need honor 2. Honor resets only affect honor 2 and higher setting them back to 2.
Shamose (EUW)
: How do you click on 3 different skins and then a button by mistake?
Its so many buttons, click on a shard, click reroll, click 2 more shards and then reroll again. Thats like some next level mouse slip.
: Diamond 3 player searcing another smurf for playing on Gold acc
So you are diamond 3 and your "smurf" has over 400 games 48% winrate in gold? Lmao smurf my ass.
: Proposed changes for season 10
Basicly all of those changes are only benefitiary towards smurfs. New players would be overwhelmed by the amount of champs. The time it takes to unlock a new champ is a prettty good timeframe to get used to a champ. In addition there is always the free rotation.
: Trading
Wont ever happen would create a blackmarket make botting more lucratove etc If you want more reasons there are like a thousand posts just like this that have comments why it wont happen.
Chommy (EUW)
: Hextech trade shard
Wont ever happen would create a blackmarket make botting more lucratove etc If you want more reasons there are like a thousand posts just like this that have comments why it wont happen. Also why post the exact same thing from 2 accounts?
: Old Skins
You´re on the english board, you can change to german on the top right. Also no, there isnt a way to get them anymore.
: Bans in Summoners Rift shouldnt ban you from TFT
If you get permabanned, Riot doesnt want you as their customer, in none of their gamemodes.
FinexLV (EUNE)
: Smurf
So you want to buy/share it? You know thats not allowed?
: banned
Yeah, riot has a 0 tolerance policy towards homophobic slurs and punishes it with either a 14 day ban or permaban depending on previous punishment.
: Perma-ban over nonexistant hacks
Did you let someone else play on your account? The last 3 games have flash on the other key than usual.
: Ban sistem
They can flame all they want on their stream as long as they dont type it in game, just like every other player can curse infront of their monitor.
: Why do I get peace of shit unranked level 30 yasuo in my game 1/7 80 cs 25min ?
Love your 0/5 into afk thresh game https://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/2283645884/2289162805170848?tab=overview Shouldnt complain so.much about others.
: How to deal with a 14 loss streak mostly caused by others?
First step would be coming to terms that it isnt because of others.
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