Hansiman (EUW)
: There was absolutely nothing random about the report against you.
Not? You think he reported me because I said %%% against my brother? Turns out, that wishing people death and calling others disabled is fine, but calling ur brother %%% is not done. Seems legit, man x)
Hansiman (EUW)
: What does it matter who reported you anyway? You broke the rules by using hate speech, and it's your behavior that got you punished; not the reports of others.
Okay, total bullsh*t, but okay. Banned for having fun, great. It is always so easy to talk about bans if you were not there anyways, and then just stick to garbage arguments, but ye that's what Riot does every time. If you were in my position, you would have talked a lot different. Seems that random reports work, so I advice to everyone, just report everyone after each game and it will result in random bans everywhere! :DD
Hansiman (EUW)
: A lot of players will report you if you're using hate speech, even if you don't target it at them directly. There's never any reason to use such slurs. Someone reported you, and you won't know who. Your punishment is perfectly valid.
Oh yes I know who, since there was just one mad person and the other 2 left immediately. And that person didn't report me because of that (since it wasn't meant to him) :)
Hansiman (EUW)
: > To clarify: %%% was against my brother in a way brothers do.. There's 0 tolerance for homophobic slurs, as it's considered hate speech. Claiming that it was towards your brother isn't a defense here, because it's still not tolerated. --- > (I muted everyone anyways, except my brother) That just means you won't see their messages. They'll still see yours.
But my brother didn't report me, and the gp player didn't report me for that, since I didn't say it to him. It's just finding a reason... But they can see mine, so what? If I didn't flame them, that doesn't matter, right?
Hansiman (EUW)
: > It does trigger based on a single game + there is no tolerance. In cases of extreme verbal abuse, yes. But that won't trigger a chat restriction, but rather a 14 day ban. For milder cases of toxicity, the type that leads to chat restrictions, it requires more than a single game. --- > But because this guy just reported everyone, because he was mad, I got a permanent ban I would love to see the chat logs you were issued, because I highly doubt your story. --- > also, that was the only game, showing up in the chat log :D The reform card is not a complete history of all the games you misbehaved in. It's just a sample.
Things I had been banned for, according to Rioteer: In game: TimingTaurus (Sejuani): %%% Post-game: TimingTaurus: Ty ezreal for assisting enemy team TimingTaurus: Why are you crying, you have won the game x) TimingTaurus: Must be sad TimingTaurus: We are praying for you, gp To clarify: %%% is verbal abuse and ban worthy, IF used as a way to insult people, which it wasn't, since I said it to my brother like brothers do (maybe not all, but we do that)... Crying thing was about the enemy, they were complaning and flaming each other post-game, and I was just wondering why they were doing that, while they won the game.. (Don't see the negativity in that) The praying thing to gp: I don't know what gp said in game, since I muted everyone in game, as I did last 5 months after the 14-days ban, which I can admit I deserved it. But post game the first thing he said (to mybrother) was: "Nami (my brother) %%% please", and later on "bunch of disabled people" to us as well. I decided not to flame back to him, because it makes no sense anyways, so I just said that. Wasn't mad the entire game, went 11-3-23 with sejuani so I was just quite happy. And then the pop-up of penalty pops up and turns out to be a perma ban, just because gp was mad and just reported us.
Mada (EUW)
: That sounds like an incredible chat log. Care to share?
TimingTaurus: gj TimingTaurus: gj TimingTaurus: meestal met ezreal TimingTaurus: hello yasuo TimingTaurus: altijd zo fijn als mensen ss'en enzo ..... TimingTaurus: waste TimingTaurus: yasuo ss..................................................... TimingTaurus: once TimingTaurus: ze heeft ult gebruikt nu iig TimingTaurus: nice TimingTaurus: Yasuo can you stay alive for more than 20 seconds now :DD TimingTaurus: what TimingTaurus: hoe was dat niet raak TimingTaurus: why are you still trying TimingTaurus: -,- TimingTaurus: %%% TimingTaurus: lol TimingTaurus: risky TimingTaurus: predictable TimingTaurus: 1-11 ezreal call boys xD TimingTaurus: how freaking stupid Things where i have been banned for according to rioteers: TimingTaurus: %%% TimingTaurus: Ty ezreal for assisting enemy team TimingTaurus: Why are you crying, you have won the game x) TimingTaurus: Must be sad TimingTaurus: We are praying for you, gp To clarify: %%% was against my brother in a way brothers do.. (I muted everyone anyways, except my brother) Gp was the flamer that said to my brother: "%%% please" and to all: "bunch of disabled" About the crying thing: I was just wondering why they were complaining, since they (enemy) won the game. Plus the fact that I wasn't even mad. I went 11-3-23 or so with sejuani so I had no reason to flame, but Riot thinks i'm a really bad person that flames every game...
Ashton (EUW)
: Feel free.
Mute everyone :D
Hansiman (EUW)
: If you were chat restricted, then you were issued a log containing details of what you said in your games that triggered the restrictions. --- > There should be some tolerance here. And there is, because Riot is well aware that we're all human and have emotions. Chat restrictions appear once you've displayed an unwanted trend in your behavior recently. It does not trigger based on a single game. If you got restricted, that simply means you've been stepping out of line a bit too much lately.
It does trigger based on a single game + there is no tolerance. I muted my team and other team last 4 months and didn't flame (cuz why would I). Then there is just another game, same stuff, wasn't mad or something, didn't flame anyone. After the game someone wishes someone else's death + calling others disabled and I responded in an ironic way, like: "We will pray for you". But because this guy just reported everyone, because he was mad, I got a permanent ban :DDDD To empower my statement of not being mad: I went 11-3-23 or so with sejuani, so there was simply no reason for it. You can't say "Riot has some tolerance", cuz they haven't. also, that was the only game, showing up in the chat log :D
Mada (EUW)
: Why I report players
Being positive results in bans too, so it doesn't even matter what you do. Protecting your brother and saying "we pray for you too", because a guy wished my brother dead and called people disabled, was enough for a permanent ban, according to Riot games. If these are reasons to ban someone: 70% of the players should have been perma banned. Another proof that the system is crap x)
: A Hobby to replace video games
Maybe try to learn an instrument? Or make music on your pc, make remixes, or something like that?
AdgaR (EUW)
: League is dying
Been gone for 6 months. Came back: everything is worse than it was x) S5 was quite fun, but was going down and down... so youre right. Only funny for meta players, which is the majority... :/
: Than you are punished correctly. You know that you have problems with the game and you keep playing anyway.
x), ur logic is almost as logic as Riot's
Hansiman (EUNE)
: You don't get hit by LeaverBuster for disconnecting from a single game. LB targets consistency. This game was simply the last drop in a cup that was already full, pushing you over the edge. If you were punished by a 10 minute LPQ, then it implies that this isn't the first time you're being punished for leaving. Everyone has technical problems once in a while, and we won't get a punishment for that. If you keep queueing up knowing you have problems with the game, then you can only blame yourself. Ensuring that the game properly works on your system is your responsibility.
not once in a while, almost every game...
: First ever game you missed/left?
Maybe, cuz it almost every game :)
: ''Ban'' LUL 10 mins queue timer is not the same as a ban/suspension, a ban/suspension is when you're disallowed to play the game for 14 days/for an indefinite amount of time.
Dude, that's not the point........
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=TimingTaurus,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=AzrE8lWg,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-11-11T21:16:58.719+0000) > > it doesnt it does. Just not to the point some of you expect it to work.
It does, but it's not fair at all
D O Cane (EUW)
: Want to apologize
> At least i aknowledge the ban system works it doesnt
: Cant choose a Mastery Page
Masteries dont exist anymore, preseason has started, bro :D Runes and masteries are combined now
: Zoe Reveal
Another proval, this game is going down and down. What is this, a game for kids of 3 years old, made by Disney?
Vashtrall (EUW)
: He would have spent money on silly things either way. Why buy a sandwich when you could have bought tomatoes for a more nutritive lunch?
Tomatoes are disgusting :p
Phrase (EUW)
: Im about to buy my first skin
I should advice you not to spend any money (ye standard). But think about it: you play it a lot i think now. But in a few years you will probably not play this game again and wasted money anyway. So is it worth? I spent money and it's one of the most stupid things i've ever did...
i3IackCat (EUW)
: >I got banned, so now i call this game and the system crap, cause people dont want to deal with my toxicity. FTFY
Did I? oh thats new to me. Riot is just a profit-based company, nothing else. Only care about money.
: > [{quoted}](name=skorpion1625,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=FqroYzon,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-09-07T12:16:41.510+0000) > > Chat punishment for this League bb unistalling good. Now please do not re-install. Ty.
And this is good behaviour? Nice, m8 x)
i3IackCat (EUW)
: Cya. If youre punished, it does show that the Community doesnt want you here anyway.
The entire system is crap, just like this game
aydrotech (EUNE)
: How to make a bad event
The entire game is sh*t, so then it's not difficult to make a game mode like this
: Nonsense. If all they cared about is money, we'd still be stuck with dynamic queue, bombshell champs in bikinis, etc. They would never listen to us or our concerns, and we wouldn't be having replays, soloQ. It would be a game riddled with untouched bugs and ignored unbalance. It would be a game where player support never bothers to reply, and if it does, it's always the same bot giving you copy/paste messages. I mean, have you played games like For Honor? Now there's a game where the company behind it only cares about money. Riot is one of the exceptionally few rare companies willing to step up and admit they have made a mistake, and work on fixing.
maybe a bit. but look at their skin launchings. Only meta champs
: Dear Riot, about your future content...
They only care about money...
Estti379 (EUW)
: What about {{champion:11}} ? Or even worse, 450 IP for {{champion:1}} ><
: \*reads title* But Singed only costs 1350IP
: Find the Teemo (Gamemode)
> This game will only work if everyone's honest and play it fair there is where it goes wrong...
Gaming159 (EUNE)
: MID laners for bronze
: Is the meta fair, as a support player?
Just keep your own playstyle. Play the champs yóu enjoy. Don't pick "what is strong". If you are bad with a meta pick, it's easy for an enemy as well. So then u lose ánd u had a boring game, cuz you didn't play one of ur own champs. Just let people play what they want, and keep your own playstyle. You will benefit from it.
R3KTbyR4du (EUNE)
: how can i tell rito to give me a icon ?
Icons like te Marksman and te Support icon you could get in the old teambuilder. you cant get em anymore, same for bronze icons.
: Need 10 order tokens :)))
Complete another mission
aluucard (EUNE)
: GALIO nerf will kill him
> his nice damage while u can build him tanky That is the problem...
HolyCase (EUW)
: Recommendation for buying RP in client
Don't buy RP, it's not worth, you won't play this game forever.
: You were baited hard and outplayed by a Darius and now you wanna blame the champ?
Darius is not really able to outplay
: You can't carry with a support. If the adc is brainded and the jungle is the same, you will only be blamed. Plus if you are camped and your team wont come, you will just lose all your mana on defensive/healing abilities and then they will dive you and you still die. So, just go damage support and take all the kills so you can carry. I do not know what are with the adcs today, but a lot of them just eat damage.
Cant carry with a support XDD. I really hope you are not a support main
Infernape (EUW)
: The MMR algorithm is kept secret. There is no way to reliably gauge how high or low your MMR is. And the MMR's in each game mode/queue is kept _SEPARATE_. They do not effect one another. You can potentially have the MMR of a challenger player in one queue, and the MMR of a bronze in another simultaneously.
And now the information i didnt know please
Pengi (EUW)
: Just because you dont understand mmr dosnt mean its bad
Eratos (EUW)
: DRAVEN broken as hell
Rioter Comments
: new trump skin in lol
The Draven Draven skin but then with Trump's head
: Dual wielding champion
{{champion:98}} has 2 swords on his back, right?
Adama (EUW)
: He can sometimes seem overpowered if he wins his lane hard. But he actually isn't. His healing can be countered, and he can be kited pretty easily.
Not with {{champion:266}} {{item:3070}}
Toxilz (EUNE)
: I had the same happen to me on my other account, really sucks since i'm a Riven OTP ;_;
Rioter Comments
Leptyx (EUW)
: Should have an extra "Confirm" button before you ban a champion which is declared by a teammate
: TOP 10 HATED Skills
haha nobody says {{champion:26}} R
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