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Skilumana (EUW)
: Lul, if you don't know anything please don't post here. They just posted something like a week ago on theyr Youtube Channel, It is called a "Riot pls" Where they claimed that they've done shit with the Client and it's taken them WAY too long to fix it. Btw, the Problem you occured was something with the Client aswell. Pretty funny that you have to flame them for something they are already fixing. (FIY: This is just a short summit of what they said, for actual sentences said please Check out the Video yourself.) To put this in more polite ways: Please inform yourself before you want to shitstorm someone/something.
i don't care what they put on their focking youtube channel, and i don't know did they fixed something, i just know everyday there is 2 or 3 red alerts on the client, all a player want is just to log in, play the game without any problem, that's all, i shitstorm rito as i want, in my focking way, because they suck, and i'm not asking you to reply, gtfo
: Nothing works
its down again euw
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