: Hi all, This solution worked for me too. Thanks ;) One thing : I didn't have to open the old launcher. Just clicked on the question mark (?) on the top right side of the new launcher and then clicked on "Initiate full repair". I took 15 minutes to the launcher to get me back into the fields of justice :D {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thanks! I'm testing it now :D You're a saviour if it works
Imagø (EUW)
: ***
I just played a normal with her thank god. She is not touching my ranked. She is like you said completely unplayable. W has no dmg and Q dmg isn't changed against enemies and the only thing she really has going is the e. I honestly think you are better of going ad Leblanc and still maxing w to just use it for mobility... She was horrible. Even when landing my chains 3 times and doing the combo in lane early game vs a ziggs I couldn't kill him.. and that is supposed to be her early game.. And then she scales off.. scales off from what? Having less kill potential than a soraka! How is this an assassin champion. I'm waiting til they change her archtype to support instead where she probably is the most viable no... Riot is honestly horrible when trying to balance shit. Where are the neerfs for other champions of that same type like zed or talon or rengar? Nowhere to be found. A talon or zed eats this needed Leblanc in lane so hard.. not even faker can make this work if he played her in bronze. But hey it's ok they can just remove her from the game to since she is useless. I'll just leave my Leblanc says behind me with my 500 k mastery points and start maining another favourite champ Ahri. Don't you dare touch her too.. Really disappointed, probably gonna play much less league thanks to this
ChaosJuda (EUW)
: She deserve it all, honestly, she should be nerfed harsher than this, she has waveclear, which is something that she shouldn't have, she has too much mobility, so her damage must be gutted to compensate for this, the same applies to Lee Sin, champions that have a very high mobility shouldn't have high damage at all, or one or the another, so I'm glad, maybe she will disappear a while and she deserves it.
You're a joke! Are you kidding? Nerfing leblanc and Lee sin? Why in the world would you want a nerf to lee sin? First of all they are not op. If riot really wants to balance the game its not by nerfing leblanc and lee sin. To balance the game you should nerf graves and quinn or something like that
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