Etherim (EUW)
: It does sound easy and It Is easy mate. Best solution Is still to mute all of your teammates and listen to music
I do it 7 out of 10 games. But sometimes you just genuinely want a conversation, preferably without "fk ur mum" phrase every 30 sec :/
Etherim (EUW)
: Don't flame.
Sounds so easy... xD
: Balance discussion feels quite hopeless because...
The problem is... the game can not be ideally balanced, never :) It's like saying that all the people in the world can be ideally healthy... And again, what would you with overpopulation (imagine ppl living over 100 years)? The game can't be balanced perfectly, that's the reason there is Meta and Off-Meta.
: 3 AFK in ranked within 8 minutes for the first time ever.
Mute all :) From bronze to challenger, the community is just toxic :) Just enjoy the game and not chatting - that's my solution :)
: Typical bronze champion select 2k17 :D
Aahahaha, you are the man of the Day!
PepijndM (EUW)
: I don't want to sound salty, but you basically want a Maokai-Teemo skin?
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Revelations about Xayah and Rakan
Would be true, but my gf hates video games :(
Ârzo (EUW)
: Yeah and what if I told you the funeral was not even 2 full months ago?
I think she would want you to be happy. As long as she in your heart, she is still somewhere with/near you, watching you. She would want You to move on with your life and strive for the things you want to achieve. She showed you how precious the life is. These are the things that my grandmother said, not long before she passed away. I’m sorry if the things I say may seem unpleasant to you, I’m just sharing my personal experience.
: Words are weapons. I bet you don't even know what cancer really is, it's more than just "some disease". It strikes sadness and pain into many people, one of which was this persons younger sibling who fell to cancer. Have a little respect and consideration for this person instead of calling him a "%%%%%". Grow up.
Life is not black and white. I agree with both of you equally. :)
: Yeh, you will never be allowed to int-feed my enemies with your shiny gimmicky "Intfist Lee Sin" skin. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Ow, come on, man! Give me a break... It's sole purpose of my life XD
: Disable new champions from ranked the first 2 weeks
Dude, this will never happen, because every new champ is OP, noone knows how to play against him, which means freelo. How can you not understanddddd....
: Can't wait for the 10 ban system...
Nooo, I will never play my Lee again :(
: I don't debate that kata can't give easy wins but i am going to debate that she needs more skill in order to be able to carry as hard as fizz does
Completely agree on this one. Fizz is much more slippery as a champ. Even if you cant play him properly he is way easier to carry games
: Have you actually played Jax tho? His greatest damage powerspike comes with 2-3 items, after that he either goes tank or becomes too squishy so in terms of damage he does slow down. And getting fed with jax is far from easy with how weak he is early compared to the competition. 500 damage instantly? Yes indeed, Q-W- AA+R+E. All of his abilties at the same time deal around 600-700. At lvl 11 that is. And he remains weak to crowd control the entire time, stun jax so he misses his E and suddenly he is way less effective than before. He is played as a splitpusher for a very good reason. Of course since you can't beat him you must be lacking in skill right? That is according to your previous logic? It´s not like Darius combo that deals 800 true damage and 1k AD in a matter of seconds right? Or Fiora dealing 600-700 true damage and more depending on time? Jax's Stun is very small, if he manages to stun your entire team then you damm deserve to lose since you all stand ontop of eachother :/ Irelia is a fantastic duelist it´s true, but her team fighting is mediocre and she can also only build 2 damage items before going tank unless she wants to get oneshot. And while she does handle crowd control better than most thanks to her passive she doesn't burst super hard post the midgame. She only grows weaker in time once she has powerspiked on trinity force. And the items used are extremely expensive. And did you even read what i wrote? I wrote that i can indeed beat him in lane, that is far from difficult as long as he does not exceed me in skill greatly. But he beats me once he gets a certain amount of items regardless of what i do, and we're talking 2-4 items, this is what my main issue is. One i find with Darius as well. With my reasoning and decision making i made it to platinum in 110 games last season before i had to stop due to work, please do tell me what rank you are since you write so grandly of skill and competence? Surely you must be very high diamond since it's "so easy" to shutdown Yasuo? Do you even know who APDO is?
Yep, I do. It's nice that you can do the math... but the raw damage in the game means nothing outside of low elo, I was hoping you were able to realize it. It's not even about itemization. The pivoting point here is the potential of being kited. Darius, Fiora, Jax, Yasuo have different levels of Utility... Darius is eliminated at very first comparison, I hope you understand why... Actually, seems like I need to explain everything: - 1vs1 Potential - great! - after early game Potential - 0/10 (if your enemy team are not bots, who walk into your E) - split push potential (taking towers, ext.) - meh… - team fight potential - meh…team-reliant And then Fiora, who can go from 0/5 to 10/5 just farming 3 items… Ult+Q+E into ADC + good positioning and you trade 2-3 for 1. You can’t really flash out or stun her (well timed W), all over in 3 seconds. Or unkillable Jax after Guinsoo, Trinity, Rageblade + offtank, who can flash/press all keys and get your bot lane…Kiting jax is like kiting Lee Sin and, oh boy, you won’t have so much time in team fight. 

But I find your manner of speaking a bit unpleasant and aggressive, so I leave you to that. Just a friendly advice: focus on yourself, your level of mastery instead of going off on someone just because you can’t deal with 1 out of 134 champs. After all, you are a grown man, I believe.
Kyugorn (EUNE)
: He learned his lesson: Flaming doesn't win games. I approve of that.
: And among them how many do actually powerspike on every single item? Yi and Trynda, Even Jax starts slowing down, he deals less and less damage to a point while growing tankier instead. And yes ninja tabi does help, until he has 2-3 items. Then it´s not enough and you need a randuin to just survive him engaging. Even APDO has said it, the only limit to what Yasuo can do is the skill of the player behind him, if played well he is nigh unbeatable. Seems fair? NO. Perhaps i am a sheep for listening to others so easily, but i dare think that one of the worlds best midlaners might not be wrong. especially since i´ve encountered the same thing even if i couldn't explain it well. Honestly regardless of their skill lvl i can often beat Yasuo´s pre lvl 11 and 2-3 items as long as i don't screw up. That while playing Orianna who often struggles with mobile targets. I´ve done it with wukong, jax and irelia as well. But he becomes a damm unkillable monster with more than 3 items, 2 crit items? 80% crit and then he goes of to build hybrid and outright tank items and becomes able to burst squishies super hard and still survive even if he positions badly, only other assassin to survive like that is Fizz and he does at least not DPS like a ADC. Jax, yi Tryndamere and Xin zhao......i´ve beaten all of those more than i care to remember, for they all have clear and defined weaknesses and strengths. CC, kiting or burst, they might endure one or two but they are vulnerable to at least one of these. But Yasuo is able to adapt nearly perfectly to everything and still maintain a massive pressure on the enemy team by virtue of damage, CC and windwall as well as mobility altho conditional. Only weakness he really posses is melee range CC chains. Which is extremely hard to pull of when his tank goes in first even if you have a rammus on the team. Tell me how to handle a Yasuo that engages following a tank with his team behind him, i have never found a way to stop a good one doing it. He just engages on his target of choice, throws up a windwall and the fight turns into a 1v5 since the other team can't save whoevers stuck on the other side of the wall. Playing against him feels quite like pre nerf Vayne, win within 20-30 min or lose the game. Or lose earlier if he gets fed.
Haha, nice joke about Jax and his "slowing down". How about Jax with 2 kills slapping ur ADC with Point-Click minimum mixed 500 dmg and then dodging everything he wants while proceeding to finish his triple ? How about 5 man stun in the middle of teamfight? Or may be let's talk about Irelia with Point-Click abilities ? Yasuo at least needs to land skill shots... I truly believe that its a level of competence in your own champs prevents you from beating Yasuo in lane. :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Titanic Bear,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=4EGBPnOw,comment-id=00040001,timestamp=2017-04-15T23:04:19.249+0000) > > Because he is very easy to counter as any AA based Champ, like Tryndamere... These posts are just funny to read xD I don't play trynda, but trynda is not a good champ at all. Sure he can solo win games by splitpush, but hes very very predictable and easy to outplay, and yasuo's love that. I can just see a yasuo dashing around while you slowly walk into their q's just to get your auto's off. also, i never said auto attack based champs, i said champs with empowered auto attacks. Cause you don't need to constantly auto, but you can outtrade them with the quick burst. So i'm glad you handled my posts the same way you handle yasuo, you are just to tilted to even undestand whats happening.
Man, most of top-laners up to date can 1 vs 1 yasuo early game and will be more helpful in teamfights later on (mid/late game) . Exp.: Renekton, Irelia, Fiora, Rumble We can come to the point where i can say even Rammus will kek Yasuo... Mate, just.... just stop, you are really making fun of yourself XDDD But I won't, so I advise you to go through the Top lane roster and check out champs/abilities. I can assure you, there are plenty that can make Yasuo's game miserable :) Edit: If you REALLY want to get to this, how about Renekton Point-Click stun ?
Perilum (EUW)
: ***
Yep, Trynda to Yasuo is a free win :) After Static Shiv Trynda needs 3-4 AA (or 3 + E) and Yas is kekked, and then... full game of humiliation for Yasuo. I hope people will learn the game instead of spamming hatred posts (and answering to comments with the same hatred)
Perilum (EUW)
: Another Yasuo whine. The moment you leave Bronze you will never see him again.
Because he is very easy to counter as any AA based Champ, like Tryndamere... These posts are just funny to read xD
: League is unplayable pre-30 - is there a way to make it at least slightly enjoyable?
I don't want to disappoint you, but nothing will change after level 30 :)
: Yasuo makes me want to quit this game at times. I've never hated a champ as much, and I've been around since OG Kassa warping around the map deleting as he pleases, or old Fizz/Riven taking blue/red pot start and killing you at level 2 every game.
Respect. Lone survivor :)
: How about Yasuo with energy?
Good idea, i like it. :)
BIue Monk (EUW)
: Most of the time, they will not get banned :) Very easy to verify : when you get flamed very hard (death threatening, racism, etc.), just write down the name of the player, and check his account on, you'll see that his history will fill with new games. I did that many times, rarely gets banned. Their automated system is NOT accurate at detecting toxic players. My advice : /mute all, especially plat.
Agreed, 110% agreed. Every fking word. :)
: In ranked i can understand. In normals i think you are a prick.
The number of downvotes on this comment represents how toxic the community is. From this I can conclude that 1 out of 10 is a positive and friendly player. It makes me sad considering how large lol player base is.
: > [{quoted}](name=Bad News Badger,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=Fxc0T2JM,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-04-04T06:32:51.416+0000) >who is it most fair to report? You, without a doubt. Flaming is very bad (and report worthy), afking and %%%%ing the whole game for ALL your team is way worse.
Disagreed, flame is 90% of reasons you lose. If you flame/blame someone in the game, be ready for 4vs5, and it's only your fault. Although, both are reportworthy, most AFK rage quit AFTER being flamed, NOT before. Do the math.
Maveric93 (EUNE)
: Surfer Taliyah Skin Concept
Great idea! Somehow I thought there is already one !
elinsss (EUNE)
: toxic 4 premade teammates going over the top + the game bugged so I couldnt report them? very explic
Pretty sad, mate :( /mute all every game helps I strongly recommend it, your situation is pretty common Good luck on the Rift :)
: Support ticket. They can't tell you if the person got punished, but they do those things if something goes overboard out of game chat. That's the only way you can do it for now.
That's the best solution, because people just want to continue flaming in private chat, lol. I wrote 2, and 2 got punished. So it worked in my cases. :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Protocol Zion,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EvXFAKWm,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-03-27T10:30:41.835+0000) > > Lower elo players used to say "No tanks, we lose ggez noobs" , now with tanks dealing the most damage, i understand what they meant. I take rammus adc
Actually works pretty good in low elo
: Read up until the first sentence and quit. While both Camille and Galio are indeed banned pretty often, I'd honestly have you know that they're not all that affective, unless they're snowballin you(which can happen to anyone against anything). At that point I already thought that this thread will be full of incompetence so now I'm posting this because I'm a douche and I do believe that what I said is not an "imo" thing, it's facts.
Agreed, totally, every champ can snowball if fed enough :) And new reworks now require some time to put in to learn the champ :)
Tayroar (EUW)
: Always the Junglers fault no matter how much the others feed
Mates, it's team fault. Blaming 1 single player is pretty silly :)
LA Losty (EUW)
: There are 2 mistakes in that sentence.
"me" is a "my", mostly used by scotish/british/irish. Not a mistake ;)
: hi, i'm Boss Pak , and i would like to join with you guys and i can speak in English and available in game i was wondering does mic req? im fed up from trolls and toxic and afks in ranked my id : boss pak
Same here :) I'm up to some team :)
: HOLY COW! Warwick Champion Update Preview (SOCIAL)
{{champion:106}} + {{champion:107}} = NEW {{champion:19}}
Rioter Comments
íGengar (EUW)
: So if Ziggs ADC is a thing
Same as Twisted Fate jungle :) and Singed Smite support :)
Sefi (EUNE)
: heres why
So true, I finally found a well-sound answer. 101% of truth.
: Just out of interest how long have you been playing League? In your opinion what is the difference between the current autofill system and the old last pick gets landed with support way of things? Additionally what are the benefits of the 1st pick chooses their role and last pick takes whatever is left Vs autofill? Before I joined Riot I learned quickly that support is the 2nd role that everyone needed to learn as it's the one most people don't want to play and have not mastered meaning that if you had a good support on your team you had a better chance of winning bot lane because the other person wasn't up to par or picks a random mid laner and calls it support. If someone is just not willing to learn a role that they know that they have a high probability of playing every once and a while that's their decision. In normals I understand but in ranked well it just seems like logical sense that you would want to be proficient I do find at times that Autofill bugs me so don't think just because I have a red name that I think its all sunshine and rainbows but does autofill not encourage players to have a more rounded champion pool? I mean since the introduction of autofill I've gone from being able to play 3 roles to all 5 and am more open to trading position with others as I now have champs and a proficiency in each role?
Can sign under every word. Thank you for putting this well-rounded response to many players out there!
Trekkorm (EUW)
: Jesus, dude, i just made a statement, i didnt insult your entire family tree and all of their friends. No need to get so pissy. ######I guess that attitude is why you have so many accounts lol######
: Oh let me shed a tear for the poor smurfs, really, really sad thing that it would require more than some money and a month of grinding to get a smurf ready to ruin silver and gold games.
: Minimum mastery for playing champs in ranked?
Neonchan (EUW)
: Why do they speak for themselfes? Imho bans outside of professional play are outright useless anyway.
: Yet none of those really win any games.
BexXz (EUW)
: when do we get the 10 banns..
may be 120 champs ban ?
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: The last nerf to Lee Sin was in Season 4, is this a joke?
It's a pretty balanced champ. Where is so much complaining from ? XD
desalmada (EUW)
: man. punisher in league of legends is ban bot. if you reported 3 times in a row, you will be banned, reasons does not matter. ppl from support had no power to unban you. they just write things from manuals, imitate good attitude. riot management dont care about your or my oppinions.
Tiichu (EUW)
: Suggestion for toxic (and friendly) summoners
Actually looks good! Login to upvote :)
: No. Bronze is like a bathtub full of boiling water. It feels like you're dying when you get in, but unless you're retarded, you get out insantly.
Ahaha, good one! ^^ Feels like i'm a bit retarded, took me good 4 days from b5 to s5. LOL
CS Primo (EUW)
: Riot made this game non competitive this year,time for a new online game until matchmaking is viable
Zanador (EUNE)
: The question is: with whom do you argue in real life? Your friends? Family? Other adults? Yes in those cases using harsh words might be justified to a point, and claiming that this never happens is suspicious to say the least. However you fail to see the nature of online games, and the internet: we are all anonymous here. LoL is not an age restricted game, so how do you know that you did not just tell a nine years old child to kill themselves or grow a spine? Do you know how much damage that can do? The consequences? Would you flame and abuse a child with everything you've got face to face in real life? Is that part of your natural life? If it is, then i feel sorry for you and everyone you know as well. As a stable and healthy adult i'm pretty sure i can take anything you can write to me over the internet, but i also know that not everybody i meet online is like me. Have you ever seen anyone asking in game if everyone was at least a teenager before they started to flame? Have you asked anyone? If the answer is no, then no, flaming is not an acceptable part of an online conversation. And on the topic of punishments and statistics: how long have you been playing? If you were here before season 1 like me, and more importantly before the Tribunal, then you should remember that this game was far more toxic back then, without question. And if you have been here, then you might remember the hundreds of thousands chat restrictions the automated Tribunal delivered on the first week of it's run. While i indeed do not have the statistical numbers, i do have the experience. Cya and have fun.
Thanks for supporting my pretty obvious comment. While I do agree with most of what you said, I would like to still hold my opinion still. The flame and verbal abuse are correct towards neither children nor adults, no doubt. However, the same children are most toxic in online games. I am glad and honored to meet another sober mind in this community, but... Don't get me wrong. My statement is: I do not see the reason to emphasize on the topic of flaming so much. Only EUW Boards are filled with exaggerated posts and useless discussions about flaming. It is not acceptable, yet it still exists. P.S. I agree with rito, not banning 80% of players for flame, because they do realize that's normal and only extreme cases are truly bannable. Indeed, have a nice day.
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