GawnMower (EUW)
: Take you main and give him a buff....
{{champion:412}} He's not in need of any buff or nerf, but in case I had to make some changes: Buffs: -Revert W changes: Let W shield multiple allies again Nerfs: I can't really think of any. But if I really wanted to mess his kit then Riot would have to either rise his CDs, remove completely his passive and give a standard armor growth or remove the slow on his Ult.
: When do we receive our ranked rewards?
Ranked rewards will be given out **in waves** until November 18. If you don't receive them by that date you can send a ticket to Riot Support
TsukiSora (EUW)
: Starting with Thresh?
On Thresh you want to max E first if you want to poke more in lane and harrass with autos and if you don't feel that confident in your hook. On the other hand you want to max Q if you're hitting those hooks and need the cd. Personally I prefer Relic over Coin simply for the fact that it gives nice tanky stats and a shield at its third upgrade. If you feel like your team lacks the engage part you can start coin and that gives a nice movement speed boost, but you'll sacrifice your tankyness a bit. As for your third/fourth item after your support item and sighstone all comes to matchup and preference. I go locket if I feel like the AD isn't a threat but their AP is/are or go omen if I feel like the AD is the issue Hope this little tips from a Thresh main can help you start
Affixy (EUW)
: Game time bug?
I believe your friend is stuck in a so called ghost game, where everyone is unable to reconnect. Give it some time until the server will notice it and just reset everything
Mada (EUW)
: loss prevented even though there were no problems
I believe it's a preemptive move for the maintenance that is currently being done
: i cant creat a ranked game
There is a live maintenane going on, perhaps they disable ranked queue to prevent anyone from having ingame lag/disconnections during the maintenance

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