: Then you get another autofilled support.
I rahter be filled myself then have the above described teammate ;)
: @Riot: When you don't want this behavior in your game the please let us report it and also PUNISH IT
had the exact same thing today: http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/glZllRB3-autofill-punishes-adc-mains?comment=0001 Auto-fill was a good attempt at fixing these issues but i don't think it has worked out for the players because of these toxic people.
: These "supports" are going against their best interest. It's a ranked game, you want the LP, so you try your best even if you aren't playing your best role. Right? Right?? ....ok, i forgot how dumb people can be. They should return to the ages of pick order, where the last pick would play support all the time and can't complain because they would get reported. The next time you see a "support" like this, i advise you to get anything else besides ADC. ADC can't function without a support. Get a mage or a melee bruiser. Fight fire with fire.
Fortunetly it wasnt ranked but yea will do next time. Thnx for the advice i quickly and harshly came to notice
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: a word of advice: next time you see a player like this and someone dodges, leave the queue. wait for 5 minutes and queue again. chances are he has already entered his game and you'll get someone else
Yea should've done this :)
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