: I agree, its %%%%ing sad. I Went from Diamond 5 last season, 57% win rate with over 300 games to a 34% win rate because i have lost tons of games where i play really well and one of my team mates (Usually The ADC) goes 0/7 and loses the game. Worst season so far IMO.
See problem with the new system is it gave every a boost in lp, pushing them beyond their skill, %%%%ing up the whole match making process with it. So unless people are filtered again ranked is going to be dead weight.
: This thread deserves more upvotes , the best post I've seen in years ! . everything about this is so true , the game is going downhill by the patch and no matter how good you do as a teammate , you can never carry another teammate who just don't wanna win at all. I had many players who just give up no matter how encouraging you are to continue playing and grouping up, they just int to speed up the game end. :( , No idea how to keep up my good mentality with all of this .
Ah up votes mean nothing when riot refused to listen to its community on certain things. They care more about revenue then actual game play.
Rena (EUW)
: Then what if you improve yourself to get to a Dia level and then you can carry yourself? :D There is how you beat the "coinflip".
See the problem is you can't carry your self most game's just because how the meta is. You need your other 4 members to be also winning or at least breaking even or else you're going to get stomped. Coin flips only work at the higher ranks where you actually need a good team to win.
: How does one "champ abuse" exactly? If someone can play all the champions in a given role and wants to climb, why shouldn't they use the strongest champion available?
Because once that champ get's nurfed to oblivion they have no idea how play another one, so end up smurfing so they don't destroy their mmr. Its like when every one started abusing Sion and banner of command there was no skill to it, it was free lp if the champ wasn't banned, it was brain dead build 5 banners vs a mostly ap team and you won, no skill, no nothing, just brain dead itemizing and abusing.
Rena (EUW)
: Don't know why this post gets upvoted. You clearly don't know how to close out games with a lead like that. Yea your teammates are maybe bad but you should NEVER lose a game with 32 kills. That said you should never get 32 kills to beginn with. You should have ended the game before. I played my smurf from Iron to Diamond in pre season and yea i had games like this too. But i knew it was my fault for not closing out the games properly. The enemys were as terrible as my teammates. On top of that you play one of the best carry Toplaners. Your Runes are terrible. In every game below dia just play with PTA and buy ga when you are ahead. I don't write this to be rude to you. I really wanna help you. But blaming your teammates is not gonna get you out of bronze. You can't change your teammates you can only change yourself. So what's the point in blaming your team and riot if you could use the same energy to improve yourself? The comment section isn't helping too. People jerking eachother off because of badteammates isn't gonna help lol. Seriously people with coinflip mentality piss me off. Not just in league but in life. Nothing more tilting than people complaining about everything for no reason. If you want climbing advice you can add me. but be aware that i am not that good at this game i am not a pro player.
There is the problem you played a smurf from iron to diamond... Its a lot easier to climb in lower elo's because your skill cap is much higher. Therefore you don't really need a team to win the game, combine that with a busted ass champ and you've already won the game from champ select. The reason people smurf is because diamond plus yields no benefits to playing the game, its all luck who gets the more boosted ass smurf on their team past D5 or current meta (D4). So we make smurfs to shit on lower elo's and try to get are standard rank in less wins with higher win rate to boost are ego. I did it least season with 2 smurfs is boring as %%%% because the skill level just wasn't there for most players which made it easy to stomp lane and win games.
Voidner (EUNE)
: I was thinking about luck too but how can streamers climb so easily then?
Streamers don't climb so "easy" they either start of at such a high elo that they have less chance of getting trash players who are not of their skill, or they champ/duo abuse. Its a lot easier to maintain a diamond ranked if you already start in diamond...
: Trying to make a fair match is not fair in Ranked System.
The game does try to force you to be at a 50% win rate, its been like this for a long while know. Currently this season ranked match making is a shit show because they added the new tiers and buffed the amount of lp you gain per win. If you've ever played in diamond + you will release pretty fast that match making is very against you climbing, you either need to go on winning spree's or loses as little as possible, because as soon as you hit diamond you lp per win drops to about 14-16lp while your lp per loss goes to about 18-20 even with a positive win rate, and even playing mmr 1 ranked above. That's why so many people are stuck diamond, also then you need to factor in all the smurfs and boosted ape's who only ever play 1 a game month so they don't decay.
: Why do hardstuck people always think its their team's/riot's fault and not theirs? Instead of complaining here how "unfair" the game is to you, go read some guides how to climb.
You understand what hard stuck means? You understand how easy it to become hard stuck in this current meta? Or you just another person who's never been above P5. When you're losing game's because your team keep on going negative doesn't = to hard stuck. Wanna know why so many people are stuck D5 because game's are coin flip and you lose more lp then you gain with a possessive win rate. If you're hard stuck in gold you're bad, but after d5 is all luck who gets the betters smurfs. Last season lp gain per win in D4 with 56% win rate 14-16, lp lost with 56% win rate 18-22lp.
: >Now , when you dropped into the more mass population that had been playing various types of players, you simply struggle. That's an arrogant thing to say and not true at all. Literally the only problem high elo players have in low elo is that they need to get used to playing without teammates and to not predict skillshots.
This is my biggest problem, like when i play with people who are less skillful then you, it can really %%%% up your game play. Like when i support i see advantages that would be taken so easy in diamond, but because i'm stuck with playing with golds and low plats i just end up dying because my adc is not on the save wave length.
Potatoe (EUNE)
: 9 years of ignorance. Sad life. 9 years still not a challenger. Sad life 9 years, still not in lec. wtf man??? Where did these 9 years go?????
I cba to reply to your shit posting anymore.
Potatoe (EUNE)
: Look at this point of wiev. Your team feeding, that means that those playing on the enemy side are actually good players. I mean, it is natural that better players win games. So you have to become the one that gets fkin fed every single game. If you don't then you have no right to complain. Ok? Get fed or get shittt on . By talking about being able to adapt. I ment that you have to play the champions that are absolutely broken. You have to get fed every single game if you want to win and carry. You have to be what the enemy is. Be the enemy that enemy cannot defeat, in any way possible. If you cannot figure the ways out of becoming one, then good luck in suffering and complaining for your whole life.
Why would i take advice from a guy who doesn't play ranked? Hhhmm do i use my 9 years of experience and constant 3 account around P1 to D3 or do i use the advice from a guy who doesn't touch ranked.
Potatoe (EUNE)
: It is called, Meta. You adapt or die. That is basic rule number one for survival in general. Not the smartest survive nor strongest, but the ones who are able to adapt. And you, complaining in here, means that you have no means of adapting. So yeah, Fare well to you. This game has never been bigger than ever before. And you are not in it. So yeah, Bye bye. :D Adapt or die.
What has adapting got to do with my team constantly feeding and playing a lot worse then the enemy? You people clearly don't understand we currently talking about match making, and huge skill difference between the teams. Adapting does nothing when you're team is feeding their socks off every game.
Papdi1 (EUW)
: Well they loose 700mil in revenue. Not sure what they care of now.
700m is nothing when they are still the best game in slot, with nothing to rival them.
: Normals make me want to shoot myself, its early season come back in 2 to 3 months and we will see how the game is going.
Its the same old shit, we climb past gold just to boost are ego's we get nothing for being above gold in league apart from say ha i'm better then you. Ranked match making has been shit for a few season know.
Xaytah (EUW)
: This is normal, it doesnt have to do with new tiers that people are toxic, greifing etc. Start & Ends of season is nearly always like this, if you want to enjoy your climb more then i suggest playing at a later time and wait out the shitstorm that is the start of season 9
No its not normal, we shouldn't have to wait till mid season just to bloody get decent games where we are matched with players of the same skill level. Pre season is a thing for a reason, yet everything still broken when the season starts.
Criamulus (EUW)
: I have to agree with your summation. I had a three year break for the birth of my son, getting back into it, got placed in Iron III (now Iron I) primarily due to not really playing for 3 years and going straight into ranked. However, 75% of games someone is either saying 'we can't win this' before we've even started, or swearing/trolling/flaming, it's worse than it was back when I played regularly (and was a decentish rank). Tried to get into it this season but it doesn't seem to matter how well I play, losing every game with absolute morons on my team flaming and talking shit (after going 0-6 in lane usually - flamers are always appalling players). Was it always this bad? I imagine because I'm in Iron this season due to losing all my ranking elo and being a bit shit in the promos that I'm now lumped in with the socially inept reprobates? I have improved my skill level massively in the last week, but my teammates are making it impossible to progress. (I realise this is often touted, it was 'how can I climb out of X league' all the time, but now it seems to be actually the case. 8 losses in a row. 3 of those I think were decent games and we lost due to late-game and fairness, the other 5 were appalling. (One game a guy even tricked me into picking Shaco for him, then refused to swap champion, (pretending he forgot what champ I said I wanted) - actually I found that very funny, I don't mind playing Shaco mid, was laughing all through the loading screen. However when he tower dived my opponent at lvl 2 and intentionally fed I wasn't so amused.. he then continued pretending to play but in teamfights (if he was there) he'd intentionally fire his skills off backwards so he wouldn't hit the opponents. Ultimate Troll. Anyhow, my two cents is - Jesus Christ I thought I missed this game over the last three year break period, but this Iron league seems to be filled with absolute arseholes who are not only totally shit, but make the game impossible to play for anyone else.
Best bet dude, is not to play ranked and just do normal's. Ranked is cluster %%%%. Or don't play the game all together league has lost its touch, people only play because they're addict or don't have a better game to waste their time on.
: Getting close to that myself too. My other acc left placements with an ~80% winrate... now sitting in low 50s.+ Now every game is a %%%%ing coinflip.
See this is what happens when riot don't test stuff, even tho we had pre season...
: Funny. The game should be a competitive game. But nothing fun in a coin toss.
It lost the competitiveness a long time ago.
FlameClub (EUNE)
: you are right, the game is bullshit and i hope it dies, some of the champs are too strong and weak and the players, ugghhhhh!
Its been like that for a long time, and doesn't look like change is coming anytime soon.
: The whole game is designed in a way that a negative player easily has more impact than a good player. Unless there is a player ~3+ tiers better than everyone else in the game, the game is won or lost by which team has more trolls and afks. You don't even need a real troll, if the match is even remotely even, the dude with potato internet will lose it. No reason to try your best, it's just a giant coin toss
Sadly that is the case, this is what happens when riot cares about profits and what people think of the lcs then actually fixing the game.
: Generally both teams have people of equal skill but 1-2 people are the ones that should not be that rank that either carry a game themselfs or int hard.
Trust me its not even the same skill, like its a stomp some one will be feeding their ass of no matter what. Going 1-13 as a jungler and turret diving at level 4 is not normal.
pacific (EUW)
: Well, as you guys are struggling... I'm being punished for doing well. I started g4 this season, and played my way to Dia 4, maintining above a 66%wr in 90 games. Yet I'm only getting 17 lp a game now. Making it almost impossible to climb.
That's normal you don't get more lp for being diamond, every season has been the same for diamond. And i won't class diamond even being good anymore since riot gave every one huge lp gain for no reason. So instead of getting 20 lp for being good you can get anything above 26.
Brokenhz (EUW)
: That system will come eu too.So you will have to deal with lucky players that abuse the system even MORE. I believe League will die at that point.
Won't have to deal with shit, if i don't play it. Every patch makes me play little less which is amazing i guess.
: I feel you guys. I was plat both s7 and s8 and being near d5 at one point. After the season started im basically stuck in gold 3, i might go on a losing spree and get demoted to gold 4 but by then my overall winrate is so bad i just get back to gold 3 in 1-3 games. The problem im encountering the most is that silver-gold-plat almost always play with eachother in ranked. Like why is 3 different divisions in the same elo?? Also maybe it's just my own delusional opinion but i feel like there is a shit ton of smurfs/boosters going around in ranked now. People playing on accounts with no former rank and pretty much just above lv 30 but they play at a high gold-platinum level and sometimes even better. Like i said, maybe im being delusional but some of my game feels like 1-2 people on either teams does everything while the rests are lacking severely in skill comparativily. For example. i just had a game with a thresh support and he was crazy good but insanely toxic towards every1. I figured he was one of the smurfs. After the game i reported him for his toxic behaviour, inspected his profile and hes gold in soloq, iron in 3v3 flex and diamond 4 in 5v5 flexq. So yeah this guy obviously is losing on purpose to get put in lower elos then behaves toxic towards others so he can feed his superiority complex. Hopefully this all fades away in a couple of weeks when the only people i'll be playing against is the "hardstuck" in their respective elo like me and not people that's gonna go from gold 4 or something to platinum 1 in a couple of days.
I feel you, its just the new system buffed a lot of people up to rank they shouldn't be in. You can clearly tell based on how some one plays if they belong in that ranked. I can't get team of the same skill yet the enemy is stomping all my other lane's like its silvers vs masters.
: > Like its become impossible to get people on my team who are constantly feeding or trolling or going afk. You should be happy for that rofl. I wish it would be impossible. On a more serious note though, your experience is EXACTLY the same as mine (i'm also last season dia and now p1) except I have somehow managed to play so clean that i'm barely holding above 50% win rate. EVERY GAME there is a player in my team that plays like he is intentionally but subtly trying to lose the game. Great majority of the time it's the adc. This ofc might have something to do with the newest patch with adc item changes. Every pleb wants to play that role now and they simply aren't good at it. People just randomly run into the enemy jungle alone for no %%%%ing reason when his team is still in base and the enemy team has baron. It's mind-blowing. I have seen many master tier players that play like low plats at best too. They have no history of being even near master tier before and suddenly they have achieved master tier with very good win rates and low amount of games this season. Like wtf is up with that? I try my hardest every game and other climb with pure luck... HOWEVER, new tiers have nothing to do with these issues. Absolutely nothing.
Like i had 2 accounts in diamond last season and one of them being D3. This season i couldn't catch a break, like i can't win some one is always %%%%ing up my game, last game 1-13 xin jungler. Like how i am meant to win when i get player off lesser skill and are constantly trolling.
Brokenhz (EUW)
: S8 was bad...S9 is the worst. Right now luck is probably the bigest impact into the game.I sawww soo many ppl climbing elos this season.Like a ex gold player is already p2 after how mutch....1 month?? Lets be honest with new system that is gonna hit eu soon i guess....League will fall apart.
Let talk about na's system that shit is beyond broken. Like league didn't need new tiers what league needs is solo q where you can't abuse duo que. But league doesn't care anymore it more concerned on skins and lcs then actually fixing their broken ass game.
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Blakex13x (EUW)
: because riot purposely make you lose see my post.
Funny thing is i haven't even manged to get 50% win rate, like every time i win a game the next 2 game's are going to be trolls, feeders or afk's.
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: I got to d3 in preseason and now I'm getting losing streaks in plat 3-2. There is so little you can do when bot laners manage to go 1 death per minute collectively...
Like i lost my P1 promo's 3 times this season because of my team. Know i'm sitting in P4 its like impossible to get even matched teams. Its kinda sad really.
Teahyun (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hansiman,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EEwIV8Jx,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-30T21:06:39.495+0000) > > Matchmaking attempts to match you with people that correspond to your current skill. If you're sitting at a 70% win-rate, it means it's matching you up with people that are ranked lower than you. > > Having a roughly 50% win-rate means you're where you belong. If you want to climb again, improve. improve. haha. When the system detects the high winrate it forces down a 50% winrate. The optimal way is to find stronger opponents obviously. But the system isnt perfect. Esp the higher you go the less likley you will have the optimal enemyplayerpool. Hence instead of giving you better opponents, it gives you worse teammates. By elo system, the difference doesnt exist. 5 to 10 is a 5 point difference. and 0 5 aswell. But INGAME it makes a huge difference. fighting stronger and better players or fighting equal players with much worse allies. Why? Because the game got fundamentally changed every season to be more team oriented and hence the team is as strong as the weakest link. note im not saying that improving doesnt work. It literally is the only way. That said that response in itself does not combat the inherent problem with this elo system in League.
This is so true and it also works for promo's. Most of the time promo's are either a hard stomp for one side. The game will always force you to obtain at least 50% win rate when you're super high. Yes you can get lucky with win streaks, but the it will knock back down with a lose streak straight after. I've had multi-pal account around P1 and D3 and the worst one is when D5 was a thing you either got players who try or didn't give a %%%%. It was luck who go the better smurf or the better team, skill plays very little part in this game anymore, since team comps can just win you the game out right.
Ηuawei (EUNE)
: The matchmaking is always trying to make you get 50% win ratio
That is very true the game does want to get back to 50% win rate no matter what. So last season i managed to get into diamond 3 promos with 62% win rate. Both the promo's where 20 mins stomps for the enemy team, then after that it was impossible to win a singe game, i mean my bot lane kept inting and lost turret in under 8 mins. I think i managed to derank all the way back to p3 in less then a month. The funny thing is this account finished D4 with 56% win rate yet, this season i am currently at around 30% in p2-p3 unable to win a single game with out some trolling or playing beyond bad.
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Lari (EUNE)
: In my 10 th game for my placements i got a 2/15 level 7 Riven asking how poppy works. And I was plat last season so either the matchmaking is awful or something is wrong with the player base
I went 2-8 in my promo's got P3 some how, and i ended last season D4 with 56% win rate. I dropped to about 25% win rate before i started winning any game's.
Lari (EUNE)
: My season 9 so far :)
https://gyazo.com/e713ca47df749aecf2b0bbeb4ab96889 Its fine these are the type of game's i have to deal with in P1-D4 yet i am the person who needs to improve. i've lost so many game's because of others yet people tell me shouldn't be bad. When does it stop, there is no balance in this game is 10 people put at random in game hoping that you're not stuck with troll/boosted player. League used to be fun, but now it soul draining.
: Never did i say to buy it as a first item, but if you arent a rookie you would have still bought it eventually either second or third item. An Udyr with 4 armor items by the end of the game. Malph about to do his 5th and funny enough taric was the only one that stacked the least amount of armor.
The game was over anything i bought would not of mattered. They had to much armour stacked and where ahead. Bc would of done nothing since i wouldn't be able to survive long enough to get the stacks.
: Although I fully agree with you don't forget you're on placements even though Riot implemented a system that allows you to see your rank you're still against a lot of players that are bad both on ur team and the enemy team..
The funny thing my player are a lot worse then the enemy team even with a lead, its like upwards struggle every bloody game to try and win. Its like my team are low gold/silver while the enemy team get high plat/diamond. Like first game off the day my top like i'm going to troll and my jungler is autofilled. This is 2 days of the same shit.
DutchPro (EUW)
: Why are you getting so defensive. I dont care what rank you are. My point, which you missed, is that other people are giving the same conditions as you are, yet they can climb higher. What would you say to a silver player that was saying what you are. You know you could have won that game he is complaining about.
How are people given the same conditions as my self? So having too one trick's who are in the wrong role's are the same conditions when the enemy team get all the roles they want and are on their best champs? Its funny cause you'd ever been anywhere near high elo or you'd understand that being off role has more of an impact then low elo. So no your point isn't valid, after 3 accounts in diamond i have found out winning game's is pure luck and based on your team. Yes you can carry, no one is saying you can't, but currently the meta doesn't allow for that. If one person feeds their ass of in this meta you're most likely going to lose.
: I wish pronhub would have a ranking system... I'd be at least part of master tier with my handsolo skills.
Yraco (EUW)
: I feel your pain here. Only played 5 games and have lost 3 but out of those losses I honestly think 1 was my fault. One of the defeats was down to our top, jungle and support being at each other's throats from first blood then another loss was when the enemy Tristana was literally 4/0 in the first 5 minutes of the game. I think I played well on the victories but since I can't see the enemy team's chat I honestly wonder if I only won those games due to the enemy team playing against each other more than me.
Ye that's been a big problem, i even streamed my game's. So there is that, you see that most of the time we had some who had no clue what the where doing which had a huge impact on everything else. There is only so much can do when some on the enemy team is feed. Its near impossible to carry in this meta alone anymore.
Cpt Rusty (EUW)
: im sorry but i dont agree with all u guys say... i dont blame eveyrthing on my teamm8s i still recap myself on what i could have done better in a game.... but these placements seem so %%%%ed up that i only won 3 out of 10 games while before the reset i had a 55-60 % win rate... strange how can that drop to a 30% instead of the usual 55-60%
Ha ha don't blame my team m8's! I streamed most of my first 10 game's and i was also duoing with another diamond. Funny how ever game we either at a one trick who's champ got taken or banned and yolo a champ they've never played before, or they where in lane which they had no clue about. If you wan a proper game analyst i'd happy explain ever game to you. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/369042431##
: You literally went vs a malph, udyr and taric and seriously thought to yourself "i am not going to buy a black cleaver for the champ that stacks armor for damage" (malph and taric). You cant expect your team to be any decent in solo Q, especially in gold, either one trick something op to climb out of gold quick, or think about your build/macro. Your team might all be ass but you cant just blame them all for everything.
We are not in gold i started off in plat 3... i'm playing with diamonds and high plats. The game vs malph would of been won but yauso even tho ahead kept doing some questionable things. Black clever as first item on panth would of been so bad, ik my path and i know the later the game goes i would fall off. I'm no rookie.
DutchPro (EUW)
: And yet people can climb to higher elos than you. But of course that is because they get lucky with teams right. Right?
I could of climbed to high diamond last season if i wanted to but d4 was good enough since i don't gain shit for being Anything after gold. Weird how last season i was 56% win rate, ye as soon as new season drops i can a win. 3 account in diamond i think i'm good thanks.
Blakex13x (EUW)
: wow the season not even started properly and so many people are saying the same thing wow riot you need to wake up.
I've never ever gone this by in my promo's ever, even when i was trash at the game. But even playing with my other friend who's diamond we couldn't for the love of god get a win. didn't matter what we did some else on the would lose us the game.
DerPunkt (EUW)
: Whats your main position? I feel ya bro. Same happend to me. Took a decent team for me to finally win again after going something like 20ish/4. After losing games where I either did die 1-2 times in lane while my support fed, or I did quite decent in lane outfarmed and had fun until I med the jungler or top laner who said... well thanks for the 1000k Gold.... for just running at me at our red buff. ADC life, tough life.
My main is top and support. Even playing duo with my other diamond friend we couldn't get a win between us. Didn't matter how well we played some one on the team was hard feeding or straight up trolling.
: Well you got a point there bro its always hard to win
It's not even hard, its impossible. No matter how well i play or ahead i get my team they always find a way to %%%% up and refuse to listen to basic shot calling.
Napoleon3 (EUNE)
: ***
Its so biased its a joke every game i get some stupid otp who's champ gets banned or is in the wrong role and just decides to troll.
: I always love top main yi or teemo. Then hearing "first blood" and after he uses tp, goes to die again.
I ended last season D4 with 56% win rate and the teams i have gotten just prove's the game's gone to shit, i for the love of god can't get a decent team. So i'm done this game and go %%%% its self.
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