: [System Notification] Your match will start soon. Please wait as we load up your game. This process
I have the exact same thing on my main and not my smurf. Edit: Literally started working now. So what I did to fix this was start a game and wait out the 'system notification' until it forces me out of the lobby (about five minutes) and then restart a new game without leaving the client. The game should automatically then start working, or at least it did for me.
: need a plat mid (smuf)
So you're boosting your mates account?
: NERF %%%%ing lee sin please
You're still new to the game, he's just a noob stomper.
DasIstNyul (EUNE)
: Before you freak out about Aphelios, read this...
Thank you for the analysis, my bronze 2 friend.
Rheinlander (EUNE)
: AFK and Mastery requirment
Agree with the second point. The first point can be abused in so many ways.
: ranked rewards going hand in hand with behaviour?
No cookie for you young man. Edit: You actually created multiple accounts to downvote us all LUL
: Hi there, DARKBOW923 from the Blitz app expert team. As you know, the currently problems (FPS drops, self-close game, and other type of issues like screen freezes and infinite loading screens) are due because of an issue with the game with dual core (or higher) processors. A Rioter from LAS, Riot Mokarran confirmed that in this comment: https://boards.las.leagueoflegends.com/es/c/ayuda-y-soporte/rXXl1YEx-situacian-activa-caaudas-de-fps-y-crashes?comment=00000000 If you don't understand spanish, here's the translated quote: >The problem is that at the moment, the issue appears to be because this only affects to specific PC'S with specific hardware, like the dual core CPU or certain infrastucture. Also, we talked to Riot yesterday and they confirmed to us this is a game problem and isn't related with Blitz. Regards.
That's a joke of a response. I have a 1080 ti and i7 processor and confirmed with 10+ people that the moment we closed the 'blitz' app, we all managed to start playing the game properly. This is a problem with your application or how the new patch interacts with your client, but at the end of the day, your application is the reason for the current fps drops. It's also been been confirmed overlays are the issue by Riot on discord as well, with blitz being one of them.
AshGGx (EUW)
: Game freezes randomly since latest patch.
You and your friends need to close the 'Blitz' app. It's confirmed that this is the root cause of the huge fps drops.
: Lag in game
Close the 'Blitz' app, it has been confirmed that this is the root problem.
: Horrible Framedrops
Close the blitz app.
: Solution for Massive FPS drops since Latest Patch - Found
Just confirmed this is working with other people too.
Febos (EUW)
: Disable eye-candy. I haven't experience any FPS drop. My machine runs in "potato mode".
Since the latest patch, there's been thousands of complaints with massive fps drops (including myself even with a high-end pc). It's not targeted at you, but for people who experienced this problem.
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: can we nerf yas pls!
Each player has the option to ban one champion. My advice? Use it, instead of always banning Zed.
: [BUG] Malzahar Void Shift
Fruits are meant to slow, so I'm assuming it was a quiet bug fix.
: Horrible Framedrops
Exactly the same here...
: Bump. Same issue here: fps droop from 200+ to around 10 for 1-4 seconds. Makes it pretty much unplayable.
Exactly what's happening here... What's your processor and gpu?
: Horrible Framedrops
Yes, hopefully Jagex see's this sooner or later
: Started for me since patch 9.22. Random ass fps drops , as i said before , it goes like this. I could be fighting in the most messy 5v5 fights and not get a single drop , then i could be walking back from base and get the fps drops. Lmao. Support answers from my ticket are also kinda worthless at this point. Just get a new machine i guess 5Head
Rito - Get new PC Me - Give me a second to upgrade my current 1080 ti with my i7 processor LUL 5Head
: same here go from 200 fps to 0 no matter what setting i use...
There's tons of threads about this yet jagex can't make it official that they're working on it at least...
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: > "But why not let them all available all the time ?" You may say > The queue times would grow up exponentially I would also add that it would use up alot of man power to miantain them for evry patch, Riot already tests evry mode in PBE before releasing them. This was kind of one of the reasons why they don't make it avaible in customs.
Ah fair enough, just wish there could be a way for URF to somehow be in as frequently as possible considering how great it is.
: Always interesting how URF fans think almost everyone loves the mode based on the fans beeing really vocal about it
Always interesting that people who aren't even level 30 think that others care about their opinions, oh w8.
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: Cannot connect to game...
Resolved after restarting my computer, did not expect that at all.
: Cannot connect to game...
I repaired the client, I closed any external programs (which I did not have in the first place anyways, incase your thinking I have lolreplay) so basically nothing is working for me right now. What a pain, can any rioter say something about this :s
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