: Stopped at "limiting the fun" You dont even limit fun in a game, its a fucking game! lol
Definition of game: _a form of competitive activity or sport played according to rules._ So you think that League of legends, the same, repetitive, monotonous 5v5 aspect, with only 2 game modes, ARAM and 5v5 being played, is more fun than URF Mode? Jeez you are easily amused my friend.
: > why conserve the fun Because after 2 weeks nobody will play it anymore, aram will be the next dominion and people are gonna cry about balance in URF and then cry why they are being ignored
You're wrong. Everyone will play it. It's not like Riot don't have the time nor the money to adjust these balances. By the look of all your previous comments on other threads, you have a reputation of being dearly pessimistic and negative about anything. There are so many more people who want it in than not. After looking at polls etc, 80%+ said they want it. So I guess you're with the 20% minority. If its added, so what? If you don't want to play it then don't. Play your Gold ranked games and have fun on that, which I'll doubt you will have. The number difference of people playing at the beginning of the 2 week period URF compared to the end was undoubtedly insignificant. From 27 daily million players to 34 million players whilst URF was on is a statistic you've ignored. And "crying" about a fun and relaxed game mode is pathetic. Nobody will mind some champs being OP because there will always be OP counter champs to play in it. That's the whole point of the game mode. To actually bring fun into the game.
TTekkers (EUW)
: 1st April =/= Bring-back-URF-day. I love URF - it's fast, ridiculous and no one cares that stuff is broken because it's not meant to be competitive. However, by limiting the fun (as you so deftly put it) they make it that much better when it does come out and it's not around long enough to go stale - look at ARAM and how stale that awesome, ridiculous game mode has gotten by being out on permanent queue. Everything awesome is better in small, irregular doses - making it regular makes it go stale and you forget how awesome it actually is.
Having it as an option in custom games can allow players to have the game mode at their dispense. If they want to play it, then they should be able to.
Lighto61 (EUW)
: Riot doesnt care about the community they care about the money;)
True that mate. Spread the word about this if you can!
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