: Oneshot by zoe (not complete rant)
A Champion that can be completly trashed Early, but somehow still comes back or at least is relevant? I wonder who designed her.
: I can't focus on just 1 champion :( (Serious topic, with a hint of "that escalated quickly")
According to a Game i played lately: The Meaning of Life and You Dont like Your House and Your Son is vile. The Game was Insult Simulator
Arildo123 (EUNE)
: I have a very heartfelt request! My account was perma-banned a week ago on basis of toxicity. I agree that I did bad and I regret it. But please do try to understand my situation. I lost my third series to S3 because of trolls and intentional feeders. I did wrong, I admit that. But some situations can be quite frustrating. If it is any good, I got from locked honor to honor lvl 2 in less than 3 weeks. I like league because I can play a fun game with my friends who are abroad. Please give me my account back! i promise you won't receive a report for toxicity about me ever again!
Ill just break it here. Permabans are Permanent, hence the name. Try to build another Account if you like to still play League. Permabans also serve to be a real big reminder for the Player of what can be happening, and what will be lost. I for myself dont enjoy hearing People lose their account at all, but it wont be given back ever, it never happened. Only if the Permaban was a Mistake, which doesnt seem so in your case. Hope i could help you. Try to calm down for a week, forgive yourself, and if you want, to make a new account and start again.
orrvaa (EUNE)
: didn't understand what you tried to say
He want to write a reason to riot, kind of like a report, after you dodged. This way the Player could tell why he dodged. He also wants the Punishments to stay so its not abused. In General he want to say why he dodged towards Riot for them to have Data.
: If I'm not mistaken it deals 1 point of true damage just like Veigar's E.
Second this, also only when his w "displaces" his opponent, meaning spawming under him and pushing him inside or out by force, it trggeres the tower. If you place it so the opponent isnt getting shoved anywhere, the turret focuses as usual. Avoiding shoving the enemy with w avoids Tower focus.
TTekkers (EUW)
: #**Freezing a lane:**# * Last hit only so the enemy wave will push towards you, then you can push faster/less fast to hold the wave in a position. * Usually used to maintain the wave in a defensive position near the tower to stop the enemy laner(s) being aggressive and facilitate going even in a hard lane. * Another use is to punish the enemy laner(s) really hard, if you freeze, then step in front of the wave the enemy laner(s) can't even approach the wave and so get starved of gold & XP allowing you to snowball a lead without fighting. It does leave you vulnerable to ganks though. * After laning phase this is usually a bad idea since it essentially constitutes AFK farming. #**Shoving in:**# * Killing the enemy minions so that yours will reach the enemy tower and be destroyed by it. * If the minions die and no one is around to farm them, then it's gold and XP lost to the tower, so this can be a way of punishing your lane opponent for recalling or roaming. * It also gives you the opportunity to take the tower, which (as you probably know) gives gold and also gives map control since you can push your minions further up granting vision within a lane, and more routes into the enemy jungle and less safe places for the enemy team. #**Slow push:**# * The principle is to build up a large wave of minions, which will then push on their own and threaten to take a tower on their own. * To do it, all you need to do is quickly kill the enemy caster/cannon creeps only while the enemy wave is on your half of the map. Melee minions do almost no damage, but are tanky, so your minions won't die, and then the 2 next waves will come in, the enemy wave will have less caster/cannon minions, and so a ton less damage than yours, so your wave will kill the enemy wave and start pushing. And it will just continue to keep winning and keep getting bigger as it pushes in. * This is a good way to apply map pressure on the side of the map you're not playing around. The downside is that if you can't punish when someone goes to farm the wave, they get a free massive wave of gold & XP. * It's a good way to set up tower takes in mid-late game, you just need to rendezvous with the minions near the enemy tower. * A downside to this is that the minions kill the minions, so no one gets gold or XP for them ___ For me, the biggest macro skill is awareness. Awareness of the minimap is the first step, then awareness of where the enemy team may be going based on recent vision. Also awareness of what objectives are on the map, and what you need to do to take them safely, which can be as simple as push wave, ward enemy jungle and take tower or run depending on how many enemy champs are near. Once you have that awareness you'll start seeing more and more opportunities to do stuff and know when it's safe to punish and when you just have to get the hell outta there.
The explanation of the 3 Minion Managements really helped me sort some stuff out Macro wise, thank you. Also i always try to be aware and not get tunnel vision. Thanks for the Help
: Interested in what people will say. As for info from myself as a jungler. AP - start blue clear towards bot likely gank bot/mid at 3 minute mark. AD - start red clear towards top likely gank top/mid at 3 minute mark. If jungle was topside he will show up botside next (as camps top are cleared and nothing else to do, unless he camping) So it will keep rotating, he will clear top gank top, move bot clear bot, gank bot, move top clear top, etc. (note* he can recall and not gank, but with good jungler that deepwards and scouts, he can provide good info, so watch those pings sometimes) easy ganks: under your tower, laner has hard cc, enemy low, sums. no ganks: big minion wave, enemy 2 v 1 potential, countergank possibility, laner is trash* This is what I have picked up so far. as for minion control: only last hit, or match enemy laners killing of minions, quickly destroy enemy wave so your minions die to tower, have 1 more minion so minion wave will enlarge as it slowly pushes toward tower, respectively. as for punishing work around cooldowns, they missed important skillshot, you have few secs of free damage. Powerspikes is champion related experience, so you probably won't get much from here, try searching for info on specific champion you're interested in. Some one trick youtubers/streamers explain it well. That all folks.
Thanks, some of this was really new for me.
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: clairvoyance.
I loved this summoner in the early days of Ascension, on my Jungle {{champion:35}} i would take it 100% of my games tbh. sad its gone, was quite niche but a really nice way to get more vision quick and effetive
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: VGU - Visual and Gameplay Update. If both, than it's poppy styled rework - new champion, new character, new kit. While Xin styled rework is just ability update.
tbh i love Shacos lines, personally id be happy with a Ability update completly. But VGU could be interesting, as long as it doesnt destroy the Champs identity
: Shaco nerfs and his future?
I feel the same, although i dont play him so often. If you dont completly destroy Early, you will be useless Midgame, and i mean useless. And even if you rock your Early, after Lv 13 or something there is such a huge drop in Dmg and thereford your Use as Assassin. Ive never seen this Drop as heavy as in Shaco, i mean for example Zed also is bad at Late Game, but he doesnt become insta-bad, its more or less smooth, Shaco is instantly dropped. Hoping for an Actual Rework, Not Poppy styled, but maybe Xin styled.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: 13. If you hit a Q with Lee Sin, you automatically go in.
2. If you play {{champion:82}} , you can only type "Huehuehue" in Chat.
: Something we need to appreciate
What i really love about LoL or Riot in general is how good and often they listen and answer their Players. Honestly the best Company if EVER had Gamewise with Playerinteraction. Its really sad most of the Feedback is salty, they deserve so much better. Ye its not perfect, but LoL really connect to their Players and that wonderful.
Vonyalo (EUW)
: that would be possible only if all characters were unlocked
why not do that for ARAM, its the gamemodes purpose after all, being unable to decide your champ.
Xêm (EUW)
: Yeah it's not like there are champs that haven't received skins in over 2-3 years *cough* {{champion:112}} *cough* {{champion:107}} *cough* {{champion:420}} *cough*
On the other hand, said Champs have it hard to get Skins Ideawise. But i agree, i also take new {{champion:1}} {{champion:11}} and {{champion:103}} skins with a grain of salt
Surma (EUNE)
: First time super excited for a very long time about upcoming changes
Same, but personally i really fear the Preseason balancewise. But i also enjoy the Personalization. Before it was: 1: like you said, neccesary, annoying IP Grinding 2: Go Meta Runes or almost guarantee to lose Looking forward to it, with a grain of Fear. Riot is doing good lately
Rioter Comments
: Yes i hope so, and u forgot assasin {{champion:141}} :P
True, i knew i forgot someone. I´d still say, technicly, the new champ should tend to be a mage. This System is also almost always used with Positions. Bot: {{champion:498}} {{champion:497}} Top: {{champion:516}} Jungle: {{champion:141}} Mid: Maybe the new Champ?
: LoL rly need new Mage champ! Pls
In theory a mage should come next, since the last releases were ADC/Supp {{champion:498}} {{champion:497}} and Tank {{champion:516}}
: Is anyone else starting to hate playing League of Legends?
I personally only hate the Communitys Tendation to %%%%% about Everything. In the Assassin Meta about them, Now about ADCs and Supports. The Game itself is great, but the Community is just unbearable at times, especially when todays Top Topic is %%%%%ing about something you like.
Smerk (EUW)
: You shouldn't get punishment if that was only one leave in a long time. Riot understand that things can happen and don't punish people for occasional leaves
I still feel bad for my ADC and Jungle, they lost for no reason at all because we were afk. So unneccesary.
Rioter Comments
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Brotaku Turanski,realm=EUW,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=crYpLWAu,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-09-24T15:06:15.337+0000) > > I was panicking for few minutes too until i realized that. I felt rather juked by Riot. :') Just a prank brah.
bamboozled again.
Fawkz (EUW)
: Don't you just hate it when...
Or when you just Lost a great game where the Team suddenly gets Toxic for "Throwing", but you still got the S for the Last Mark for your Tier 7 so you dont know how to feel and just sit there like: {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Scköll (EUW)
: I will never understand why people even play ranked.
Same. I will also never understand why everyone tells me, you need to play Ranked to fully experience League. Its not like just putting a Rank on me will suddenly improve my Gaming Fun. I honestly think it would be degreased because of the added, unneccesary Stress.
: Average game with a Zed in the enemy team. {{champion:110}} 8/5 {{champion:238}} Ooh a lonely adc! {{champion:110}} pls protect me {{champion:75}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:85}} nope {{champion:110}} 8/10 And the "I can press R" award goes to ... every Zed main!
A Assassin that is able to 100-0 Burst a squishy thats out of position? Rito pls what even its almost like they are Assassins wtf are you even doing!
: Add real emote block button or report option.
I honestly see no reason for a boards post here. I for example instantly tilt when {{champion:117}} laughs, its annoying as hell. Thats why i mute the player the second he does it. I wish theres an solution so i can still see his Chat, but this solution is so easy and effective. You should try it aswell.
Rioter Comments
Shiroy (EUW)
: Intermediate Bots
Also, they ignore Pulls/Pushs or any other Displacements in about 70% of Cases. Especially {{champion:24}} , he just...stops and moves on. Mostly its just hilarious, but it surely doesnt work as it should.
: Shaco insane damage
Only when Backstabs heal the Enemy Shackek will be balanced. Rito pls do it now.
: Dud, emotes as in Laugh Taunt Mastery spam
Can confirm, i emote muted my friend to test it and his Mastery wasnt there, even tho i know he loves to spam. Chat still worked as intended. Honestly a good idea, if you want to mute someones laugh spam ({{champion:117}} ) whilst still being able to talk to em.
wingzerzzz (EUNE)
: Why is Xin riding a horse on 3 of his skins?
He rides a horse since He kind of resembles a typical Hun (asian looks, Spear as weapon, Warrior and Honor Focus). It just makes sense sitting him on a horse. I also like his mini rework, his walking animation and AA now look realistic, and its still our Xin.
PionZ (EUNE)
: What to do with ip when you own all champs and all runes
You cant do anything with it after that. Thats why the System is getting changed. Saves Low Levels/Casual Gamers from the heavy IP drain whilst getting rid of the IP Mountain of Hardcore Gamers.
BereInBurta (EUNE)
: "I havent seen one single Flamer since the introduction of the Honor system." - have you played rank at all?
Vonyalo (EUW)
: Can I have more losses please?
Main {{champion:82}} , go full Offense, Head down Bot lane as ADC, and the losses should come themselfes.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Is there an iq injection?
Oh right! I almost forgot to take my daily pills of common gameknowlegde! Thx for reminding me. Brb. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
dimbo21 (EUNE)
: One for all game mode
its all fun and games until the enemy Team comes with 5 {{champion:16}} . Still the most fun Gamemode ive ever played. I played my heart out the last time, and i very sure will do it again once it comes back.
GLurch (EUW)
: Greetings! The board posts you read were either not well-informed enough or a bit older. Report Feedback doesn't anymore pop up whenever your report triggered a punishment. It was like this in the past, but seems like it isn't anymore. It's random now, so to say! Also, you shouldn't worry about report value. It doesn't exist anymore, all reports do is trigger an investigation. And just in case you didn't know, "gg ez" is considered harassment by the system. If a lot of players report a certain type of behavior, a Rioter will check it and then the system will start punishing for it. ######If you're doubting me, here are the sources: [Report Feedback](https://twitter.com/RiotSupport/status/776560376657879040), [Report Value](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/t4INpYH4-i-have-heard-that-saying-ggez-is-against-the-tos?comment=000300000000000000000001), ["gg ez"](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/36sgex/soo_anybody_gotten_banned_yet_willing_to_share/crh7gnt/)
thanks, this really helped me keep up to the current state of Reporting.
Rioter Comments
Jespiran (EUW)
: Kennen Visual Update Concept (By Vlad Bacescu)
Looks good, especially since im still waiting for Riot to apply the Yordle Unification Pass to all outdated ones.
: Have you ever been against a friend in normal matchmaking?
I have a pretty heavy one. But first ill need to explain something: My IRL Brother also plays LoL and were almost right next to each other (same room). So one day, around 4 months ago or something, I played ARAM whilst he did something else. Around the time we lost the ARAM, he started League and matched for ARAM aswell. at the same time he gets a match accept i also did. the ARAM starts and guess whats going, Brother vs Brother. Good thing it was ARAM tho, Summoners Rift would have been critical when you know (its almost impossible to NOT see what either of us is doing) what the opposite team is doing.
: can you delete zed
No Problem. "Pressed delete button" Done, enjoy your game
737706 (EUNE)
: I don't get why riot is changing something again that isn't broken or doesn't need changing...
to keep it fresh i guess
: Do you get banned with ''fking'' in your name?
I remember someone on the boards here who´s name was "Holocaust". He mentioned to be {{champion:27}} Name and that this was supposed to be black humor. I dont exacly know if he still goes under this name, but i think youll be fine. Especially since "%%%%" is used to strenghen following Words much more then as Insult in itself.
Big Weenie (EUNE)
: Smart ping menu
Same, i wondered that too. The Menu suddenly almost shrunk to half its size. Pinging feels "harder", before this patch is felt much smoother.
Loonstaa (EUW)
: I've lost every game I've played today.
Been there aswell. Take a deep breath, close LoL for today, and do something different. Tomorrow is a new day, dont force yourself to play a game whilst feeling bad, the bad feeling can only get worse from here on.
Strigina (EUNE)
: I had really rough day today
If it helps you, i feel good for you, mate. Enjoy the Poro ward. Personally, i prefer things that are more {{champion:119}}
: Well the more perma bans I get, the less I care. It just becomes a common thing for me to get a perma ban. And me and my friends make jokes/fun about it so I kinda dont mind getting perma. Also the people that I meet in League, with some of them I kinda compete in who has more perma bans. TBH me being proud of perma bans isnt really a good statement, Im just OK with getting a perma ban, I dont complain about getting banned or am I sad, im just like ''Oh cool another perma, k let me take a break and create a new acc later'' I mean i dont really know how to describe my feelings towards perma bans, you would have to get perma banned 4 times to understand me better tbh. If youre wondering, I get perma banned for flaming, and the funny thing is I always get perma banned when I reach Gold, I guess in Gold elo the need to flame increases.
Thanks for the answer, i think i understand you much better now. Have fun in the rift, may it with this or another account. But i would still like to ask you to try not to flame much. Just a personal preference.
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