: Why didn't I got S on this particular match
I give this performance D at max.. 0 wards placed, low objective damage, literally no farm, only kills..
: Wat do i have to do to get an s or s+
1. Buy a vision trinket and place wards! 2. Participate in combat, you just got outdamaged by a qiyana..
SuperJunk (EUW)
: is this a joke?
Why??? Because master yi is a jungler that pretty much cant help any lane before lvl 6 and if he comes after that he will take all kills for himself and not let the rest of the team scale...
: ARAM matchmaking bonkers!
There is no ranked mode for aram tho.. so every1 is unranked
: The State of Ranked Gold Players
I think the thing is that most people go into ranked with a decent attitude, start climbing until they approach their limit, when it starts to go bad they stop playing, come back a week later and expect to perform :P
: How do you force Team Fight's and Objectives?
Secure vision at baron or drake, wait for enemy team.. Or just take the objective if they dont come? For towerdiving you will need specific setups or if you have decent range you dont have to dive, just poke the tower.. Slow and steady usually wins but if your team dives then you should commit aswell.
AllBear (EUW)
: I need help
1. Always pick a sup that matches your adc, google will help you if you dont know matchups, this is alot more important then trying to counter the enemy.. 2. Upgrade your ward item on first b, then you buy hp crystal and boots (with few exceptions like yuumi ofc..), after that it doesnt matter so much what you buy.. 3. Get control wards every time you go b. 4. Check how your adc is playing and try to adapt and support him instead of doing your own thing. 5. Always keep a ward in the bush closest to river and if you can spare it a ward at drake aswell. Control ward will be placed according to playstyle and never place it if you are going b soon.. Other then that its just practice and knowing matchups, f.e. always punish blitz/thresh/nautilus if they miss their hook, knowing if you should be infront or behind adc and so on..
EloctPT (EUW)
: What has Riot done to the normal queue matchmaking
Normal que always had its own mmr and my guess is that alot of ppl got tired of ranked and are just trolling around in normals :P
: First of all: you are right and what you say happens to me all time as well. But you are wrong if you think this can be fixed. The whole TFT game is 99% RNG, a roll of the dice. You are just very unlucky while your opponants get 3 {{champion:222}} in their selection in just in 1 reroll. But that is the core of this game. That is the intented structure of this game. You can not fix the roll of the dice when the game itself **IS** the roll of the dice. As for your combo, I can give you 1 tip. It is better to have 2 star no combo than 1 star combo. The problem is that the health and damage of a 1 star unit is so low that is really makes no sense to put them in play in the mid/late game, unless 1 champion 1 star will make that ultimate combo. There are however very few important combos. Shapeshifter and brawlers have valuable combos. Knights is a waste of space and not worth putting a 1 star unit in play for it. Anyway, I get what you are saying. And it does not only happen to you.
Knights are actually meta right now, since it counters assasins so hard
: well, i DO want to level her up but that's not my main purpose here because, after 2 more S (i got one with poppy support) i'll be poppy 7 so i won't have a use for an S rank anymore. What i really want is to get GOOD. If i understand how to get good with poppy i'll have the basics to become good with any other jungler (where to ward to get maximum map awareness, best pathing for similar champs etc...) so i can finally be confident enough to start ranking. Problem is, i can't seem to find what to improve and how to improve it :(
For an S, high farm seems to be the most crucial point. This clip helped me alot with jungling, begins with kiting techniques but also goes through stuff like awareness, wards and a few tricks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVUCpWpndKU Poppy is best utilized in 2v2 so gank alot and dont be afraid of counterganking. Especially if youre low elo its extremely important to gank ALOT, visit every lane atleast once before they hit 6 or prepare to get flamed and lose :D
: i call forth all poppy mains
Do you want to get good or do you want an S just to level your champ??
Agisilas (EUNE)
: You need to fix so much to make the game work
6 yordles is not a good comp because many players build 4 wild this patch, completely countering the yordles origin. 6 nobles is not good either because of many reasons and 6 blademaster will be very weak unless you are lvl 8 or 9 with a really bulky frontline and a way to deal with assasins. Edit: If you feel like you have a good comp late-game and still lose, then you might have failed with items or placement on the board.
: As much as anyone is calling this season League of snowball, many high elo streamers i watch still have occasionally games that go deep in lategame (35+ minutes) and that are pretty close. My idea is that this usually happens when both teams more or less enjoy the same skill level. That is, when things like 3 vs 12 by minute 10 won't happen. When this kind of lopsided score DOES happens, however, the game is usually (but not always) a stomp. However i'm not convinced this necessarily happens because of the gold advantage, but rather because, when the skill gap is indeed big...well, it will eventually stays big for the entire game. If the better team is able to win the early, it will eventually win the game. Is this supposed to be a bad thing? Also, as much as anyone is swearing that damage solves it all these days, even this is not always true. Sometimes the team with the best engage/CC will win teamfights, and the 5 assassins teams will lose. So, all in all, i think the season striked a good balance. Games that are supposed to be won early WILL be won early, games when the teams are REALLY on the same level, will not. I can't see where exactly there's a problem with this.
The problem is that there is always one or a few in each team that does not perform well at all, they will feed and the amount of advantage that the opponent gets is much higher than it used to be, resulting at a gg after ~2-3 kills instead of as before ~5-7 kills to enable godmode.
: i mean... it is an execution alright? it is supposed to deal true damage, perhaps they could lower it but making it physical or magic damage would not make sense, maybe they should just make pyke more punishable since he's got 2 fairly good escapes and if you count the slow on the q it's gonna make it 3
Kogmaw and garen doesnt agree, they have magic dmg executes
łvern (EUW)
: not getting a performance ranking after league games
: [TFT] Assassins, Shapeshifters and Glacial need a hard nerf.
I can agree that assasins are too strong, but that is probably not a surprise and something that will definitely be nerfed til next patch, every1 and their grandmother plays assasin comp now :P However: 1. RFC no longer counters dodge. 2. Glacials are pretty much dead this patch even tho they sometimes can do well thx to rng luck ^^ I think biggest problem is that while most comps have 1-2 carrys, assasins can do well all around, all units contribute damage.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Reached Beta Pass Points end
So you have gotten several hundreds hours of gameplay for free and you want more free rewards on top of that??? xD
: This season
Damage buffed per usual = more snowball. Gold gain also severely buffed = even more snowball. Jungle totally gutted and in many games will be 90% invisible or feeding = snowballs can no longer be stopped.. Toxicity up by 3000% = snowball gains strength from your team. Extremely unskilled players in gold elo and maybe even higher..? = snowballs will be more frequent. Overall 10/10 top notch snowball season!
Tsurupettan (EUNE)
: [TFT] Guinsoo Rageblade should be unique
Attackspeed is capped at 2.5 anyways so no point in stacking 3 guinsoo, there any many other combos that will give you more power.. not even legit on vayne..
: Pyke mid is still overpowered as hell. Basically FREElo.
Pyke is a noobstomper, nothing more.. He will win and win hard if you dont know how to properly counter him.
: "Good" players.
Its pretty much only flamers/toxic that get banned and not so many of them either nowadays
: Raging because of kill steals
Just wait til lvl 30, you will have 2 afks and whole team raging against you when you take the first kill even :P
: Can I climb ranked as a support main?
Support is generally the role ppl dont want to play and cant seem to grasp even tho its arguably the simplest :P So if youre good you will make a differene!
: Because players constantly push, don't ward and don't even prepare for opponent ganks or camping. They expect their jungler to baby sit them, give them cs lead, kills, win the lane for them and if not, it is always "gg better jg wins". Don't get frustrated, be patient and gl hf{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Pushing is the only way to win vs some champs if you dont get ganks tho...
: Do I sell all my support items and go full ap if my adc is hard inting?
Vision is always your top priority, just roam if your adc sux, help secure scuttles, drakes and rift herald
Salron88 (EUW)
: does heimerdinger have any weakneses that melee champs can abuse toplane?
There are two ways you can counter heimer, just farming and surviving hoping for a gank, or all in for the kill(either bursting or killing towers 1 by 1 first..), you should basically never try and trade heimer unless he is out of turrets.. Btw. Heimerdinger turrets doesnt have slow unless he is building rylai.. Play irelia and q his towers, they should go down in 1 hit..
YvonnevJ (EUW)
: Weird lag problem
How could any1 tell when we cant see where you click?
: Why people cry and blame?
Because some champions are balanced around being stronger in lane and weaker to ganks aka. darius, draven, teemo and so on.. The most important job for a jgl (atleast in low elo) is knowing matchups in all lanes..
Addrifix (EUNE)
: Teemo name suggestions
: i know i'm pretty happy about that, but if i have a bad game (i really had bad luck with items, rerolls, matchups, ...) but -48LP is extreem, what do i get for 8th place ? (-55lp?)
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Teemo either needs a rework or some serious buffs
Teemo was fine when jgl had an actual impact on games, but now its either you make enemy ragequit or you leave your lane at minute 5 and try to annoy another lane :P However i think teemo has the best game delaying abilities and objective control in the game no matter how behind he is..
: Any Pro Tips for Jungling please?
Ekko = Gank as much as u can or instantly lose, preferably not picked if your team has no engage. Jarvan = Needs good followup from team and preferably some extra protection in the form of enchanter, heavy cc and/or dmg comp.. Voli = Pretty much 100% gank success, abuse this.. Can be played in any comp pretty much..
: Why do we have the ability to report people?
The only time i got punished was when i was targeted and bashed a whole game by premades.. 10/10 system! x)
Weak early, dominant mid, useless late unless way ahead :P
: TFT - matchmaking
0.5% which means ~ 1 in 200 games
Eygenikos (EUW)
: I'm lvl 267 with 101 :O
Eygenikos (EUW)
: How many Hextech Keys/Chests do you have?
MissJJess (EUW)
: Top Lane
Garen is the easiest by far, just a chill champ while you learn some toplane basics. Edit if tank-pick is open (you are not firstpick) then you can try maokai, hes a beast and can duel anything in top.
trashbob (EUW)
: Ezreal ultimate
Probably just you, him or server that is lagging..
Alicite (EUW)
: TFT. I don't see imps or nobles anymore.
I love this patch in so many ways, but sure its still a long way to go, it is a beta after all.. Nobles i see from time to time and have had great success myself with em, i mean its pretty much free win if you get 6 nobles.. literally no good counters to it and you can mix in any champ you like. Imperials have faded i can agree, high risk high reward strat i guess
alcanii (EUW)
: TFT is getting better
If everything was fixed there would be a few super-op strats that ppl would go for every game and how fun would that be.. You cant win every game but getting 4th spot is enough to climb, when i realised that i started having alot more fun with tft! ^^
Franz Kafka (EUNE)
: To much time to log in game
Same on EUW, every damn loading screen (but not in tft) and tabbing down seems to freeze the client since the latest patch..
: Idk what I'm doing that's so wrong
1. If enemy team pops rift herald you must go there, especially as toplaner since its pretty easy for you to make a difference there. 2. Objective wise speaking if you ask me, toplane tier 1 turret is worth nothing compared to other objectives on the map, losing 2 mid turrets will make you lose control of most of your jungle and overall create alot of pressure on your team. 3. Getting help in toplane is a thing of the past it would seem, you have to hold your own and if you dont succeed just go roam and secure other objectives and what little farm you can here and there.. About the aram mid, what i usually do is farm the stuff that is nearby and go in to try and help if a good window appears but dont linger too long.. A bit of presence is usually enough to calm things down.. if not then just mute and push sidelanes as hard as you can :P
: You're never going to be able to balance a champ like Pyke with a kit like that
You miss the point that he cannot build hp at all, pyke eating a cc is most of the time a rip for him..
: Do the trolls really exist?
Trolling can be many things and we all draw a different line, most of the time you just call some1 a troll when it feels like they are not trying their best to win the game.. The worst act of trolling if you ask me is not calling out miss.. game 100% lost instantly
: What is wrong with ranked?
Too much damage, too many new players that get placed in gold+ and not iron where they belong and too lazy moderation from riot, or not even any moderation to be fair...
Ilinxz (EUW)
Diana has literally 1 spell, learn to dodge it and she is totally useless
: Who do I deal with a fed Darius
Darius is one of the most immobile bruisers in the game and getting kited is pretty much his only weakness, but darius is also one of the "easiest" ganks in toplane due to not rly having an escape. So gank him once or twice before he hits 6 and he shouldnt be an issue
: Taste of Blood too good on ranged champs?
It has a long cd, so with full uptime it only gives ~1 hp per sec at lvl 1 and at lvl 18 its just double that plus more from scaling, but the scaling part will hardly make a difference in laning phase.
: I think sometimes smite does not wok
Perhaps you are using the new cursor with the lousy hitbox?
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