: I've been in long games too, but when those games aren't ending because both yours and the enemy team suck so bad you just can't it's a different type of frustration. When two players on your team are hijacking your game, intentionally letting the enemy push back and making the match unplayable for the rest of you until they feel like ending it's a much worse type of frustration.
no like there was a group of people queue sniping each other to get games lasting twice that infact 40 minutes used to be fairly normal game length
: A new type of trolling
"new" people already did this and to a much more extreme extent than 40 minutes xD
: it shouldnt be though when the player is actually breaking the summoners code and you just want to make sure your teammembers remember to report him so he gets punished before they click out of the lobby. the automatic system is flawed in this type of behaviour and should be looked after by employees instead in my opinion
The report system is designed so that you **DON'T** need to report call because an example a player in the game is doing very bad now somebody starts calling him all sorts of shit the rest of his team is silent then the guy talking shit calls for reports in all chat lets say even 1 maybe 2 of the enemy team start. Regardless that should be enough of an example of what the report system is supposed to prevent people are just too stupid to realize it 1 report is as valid as 9 also preventing premade bullying ect
: > Bad manner should always be against the rules are you serious in no respectable competitive event would it be completely ok for players to treat each other like crap Fighting games (trekken, Smash Bros, Street Fighter) Actual fighting games (Boxing, MMA) League of Legends (in the LCS the players trashtalk each other all the time)
the big difference is the players in tournaments know each other
Eveninn (EUW)
: From what I gather BM is supposed to be an entertainment concept. Hyping up a rivalry or fight/game. For normal players the case of an audience is not given, so I would rather call it 'banter' there. Banter always has had it's struggles, especially online due to limited knowledge and communication... I'd say avoid it if knowledge of the opposition (whether they are on board or nah) is not given, but that might just be a big pain for people who enjoy banter. :/
Theres a difference its not really considered bad manners when the big pros poke fun at each other because they know its all a little bit of a joke to rile the viewers but it takes a world of change when thrown into a situation with players a that likely don't know anyone in the game
: BM is part of the game, and making BM a bannable offense shouldn't even be considered.
Bad manner should always be against the rules are you serious in no respectable competitive event would it be completely ok for players to treat each other like crap theres a world of difference between BM and a bit of light banter
Rismosch (EUW)
: Yes, I am a flamer!
So what does the R stand for
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Ping is what would stop that from happening.
Not just that if we remember the reason EU was split in the first place
cecakawee (EUNE)
: i got 14 days then i got unbanned and after the 14 days ban i got permabanned hard to understand now?
So whats wrong with that your 14 ban taught you nothing so you get hit with a perma to get straight to 14 day ban you have to do something pretty stupid in the first place coming from someone who has never had so much as a chat restriction since season 1
gabi1510 (EUNE)
: im not low IQ like usual keyboard warriors on boards are and it is my choice will i reform or not but i choose to i will cause of my future cause ill one day have kids and i will teach them to be respectful not like this generation is not to call wish deaths,swear,not to be a sexist(which usually can be found alot of them) so better look to be optimistic instead spamming this post where i asked some strats to get better in league
Low IQ ouch where'd you learn that you realize that comment wasn't even in response to you It was in response to someone expecting to be rewarded for behaving like they should of from the start
TheCrazyBoy (EUNE)
: i tryed and before been permanent banned to change my behavior , not much work then ,you need time to start use of mute function , and yeah i still basically watch what someone write but i guess i am acting more mature... so yeah they can flame me all the day
who says I don't use mute flaming doesn't particularly bother me other than being useless eventually I mute it if it gets spammy enough to be distracting
Eveninn (EUW)
: > sometimes when you're lucky once in a while you find an actual interesting thread Wait, isn't that what shitposting is for? :c
Not everyone can appreciate a good quality shitpost
TheCrazyBoy (EUNE)
: same here been 3 years ago ,reformed and been payd back with indifference , feels bad :( , but yeah they will no see me giving any penny on this game i will play it for free ;))
Do you expect a special little gift basket for behaving properly? Spoiler warning but you should have not had to reform in the first place
cecakawee (EUNE)
: 14 days straight and then i said some things for the balance team and got permaafter 14 days
Essentially you got 14 days then still refused to stop acting like a jackass at every possible chance and got permabanned? Sorry but im really having issues understanding what this even is
cecakawee (EUNE)
: I was expecting chat ban not 14 days straight
Ellizia (EUNE)
: you will find out these season when riot feed the trolls whit this ban wave , it actualy did not scared them only made them angrier and you know what there anger is focused on us , and if a report nothing happend if i tell them to stop i get banned couse i used provocative word , if i tell them to stfu i get banned couse "asking for report" your rules are just too benefit the company not the game itself
> but you actualy broke the game this season. Are you trying to say Hansiman is responsible in some way for anything wrong with the game ?
Dmitko (EUNE)
: I feel Gathering Storm is very useful for long 40+ minutes games. As for Grasp, I use it when I go onhit tank build. Aery is useless when I have almost no AP early. Plus Grasp gives some small health regen every 4 seconds. When the game go longer and I stack extra health, the bonus damage from Grasp is not that bad and more fast and reliable than Aery. It also does not reveal me when I decide to ambush some squishy in the jungle :)
Aery doesn't scale that well its good early game combine that with scorch which are the only 2 mandatory runes on Teemo because its what makes his poke a problem 40 minute games are not Teemos strong point so it doesn't seem worthwhile building for them
: Does Rito ban people for intentional feeding? If not, why even have it as a report option?
Yes likely you dont find many people complaining because its hard to argue against it also they likely dont really care either way I cant understand what enjoyment they get out of it meanwhile people that get banned for chat based offences will always be justified in their own head and because of this they will always get angry about their "unfair ban" which in most cases its not
Dmitko (EUNE)
: I personally play Him like this: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/preseason-update/8200-8214?build=20012036 If You expect a shorter game, You may consider Scorch instead of Gathering Storm. Another build against hard counters such as p*ntheon: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/preseason-update/8400-8437?build=30122280 Here You start Doran's Shield, some armor, then rush Guinsoo. This build kind of sucks early game, but the longer the game goes, the more monstrous You become.
why would you ever go for gathering storm over scorch and grasp ? you get like 2 hp per proc its not worth it your better off just going resolve secondary with aery taking second wind for the extra staying power in lane the lane phase is teemos best moment in the game scorch aery is a must or you will just be ignored
Rumkatten (EUW)
: Thx, I see both domination, resolve and inspiration used frequently, maybe it doesnt matter that much what you run then besides from aery.
I would recomend domination or inspiration mostly but so long as you have scorch and aery to make your lane poke hell then after that the rest is just playstyle choices
BlueFoxNL (EUW)
: Theres no such thing as elo hell...
Theres a huge difference between winning lane and winning the game if you are winning lane you should be pushing that advantage with roaming how often do you do that because if you win lane but don't leave it and your other 2 lanes lose you wasted your advantage go gank the other lanes go help the jungler invade go for objectives herald dragon you get the picture take towers
Rumkatten (EUW)
: Best runes for Teemo?
The best build is to not play teemo but if you want to make people hate you as long as you have aery the rest is down to you whatever you feel like taking personally I would recomend sorcery inspiration but thats just me as long as you pick up scorch and aery your doing it right
: > [{quoted}](name=TormentedSalad,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=OFMxZPnp,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2018-02-18T00:04:37.290+0000) > > So delete support and jungle and what make it 3v3 ? or just whoever wins mid lane wins the game because everyone else has half the fed ass mid laners farm and hes walking about with way more than twice everyones gold more levels too? Delete the role, not ammount of players.
: Delete Supports and Junglers
So delete support and jungle and what make it 3v3 ? or just whoever wins mid lane wins the game because everyone else has half the fed ass mid laners farm and hes walking about with way more than twice everyones gold more levels too?
: League of Premades
> If you actually took away a premades ability to communicate, Care to explain how Riot would even start on that? > Its not premades as much as it is, the DIRTY, UNDERHANDED tactics they will use because they DESPERATE for wins. No honor amongst dogs right? A wise man once said if what your doing causes anger in your opponent your probably doing something right and who knows maybe they just enjoy playing with friends
: Tribunal system is a bit clapped.
you know it really shows how much you know about the punishment system when the tribunal isn't around anymore
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
> Accounts below 30 are subjected to harsher punishments than those above level 30. I didn't know that
: > [{quoted}](name=TormentedSalad,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=FmyAUj5J,comment-id=00050002,timestamp=2018-02-14T12:02:01.509+0000) > > I have seen logs worse than this https://www.logicallyfallacious.com/tools/lp/Bo/LogicalFallacies/155/Relative-Privation
Tell me why this would deserve an instant perma ban give reasons also that must of been the only part of my comment you read.. > **yes he deserves punishment but if he really has had no other punishments before this** I have seen logs worse than this go for a **14 day ban** if your going to copy part of what I said at least copy the whole point I even made the important parts bold for you since you clearly only noticed the least important part please note that I can't imagine the case IF the op has never been punished before like he claims why its **NOT** a 14 day ban. Edit: I also want to point out quickly im not comparing it to the worst case I am comparing it to what I consider average for a 14 day ban with no chat restrictions
: > [{quoted}](name=HookerOfSouls,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=FmyAUj5J,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-02-14T09:14:51.239+0000) > > Game 1 > HookerOfSouls: u kidding > HookerOfSouls: me > HookerOfSouls: are u > HookerOfSouls: fcking > HookerOfSouls: kidding > HookerOfSouls: me Negativity. > HookerOfSouls: uf > HookerOfSouls: fcking > HookerOfSouls: %%%%%%s Insulting, and possible slur. > HookerOfSouls: why didnt > HookerOfSouls: u > HookerOfSouls: go > HookerOfSouls: fckijg > HookerOfSouls: mid > HookerOfSouls: are > HookerOfSouls: u > HookerOfSouls: seriosu Blaming. > HookerOfSouls: seriouslyend > HookerOfSouls: this > HookerOfSouls: i dont wanna play with u guys Negativity. > HookerOfSouls: gotta carry ur noob ass Insulting. > Game 2 > HookerOfSouls: kiss yourself Do you really think people wouldn't know what you meant by that? And you're surprised that you jumped straight to the stage of a ban. Please. > HookerOfSouls: u %%%%%, Insulting. > HookerOfSouls: now u come > HookerOfSouls: u puyss, Insulting. > HookerOfSouls: wouldvebeen faster if yi isnt underage Insulting/blaming. > HookerOfSouls: delete you r account Insulting. > HookerOfSouls: uninstall your life Insulting/suicide wish. > I know i was harsh, but they just got on my nerve and it took over me That's still your fault, you know. Instead of doing something sensible like muting those you got irratated by and continuing on regardless, you snapped in full view of everyone, in a way that invokes slurs and suicide wishes, no less. I'm sorry, but going by your chatlogs, you are _not_ pleasant to play with, hence why you got banned. Other people's actions do not excuse your actions. Punishment deserved. Good riddance.
Get over yourself please yes he deserves punishment but if he really has had no other punishments before this I have seen logs worse than this go for a 14 day ban
: Permanently Banned With No Prior Warnings
I would suggest going to Support if you are telling the truth then I really cant understand how this = instant perma
: etc etc = homophobia and general hate speech. What you don't seem to understand (or Riot for that matter), is that you can't have a competitive environment which Ranked play inherently is, without having times with heated arguments. Just because 1 player is there to have fun, doesn't make him / her more "right" than the next player only being there to obtain whatever rank they can get to. I've been here since season 3, and have seen many changes all leading to the exact same thing... Nothing! This unannounced change to handing out 14 day suspensions to first time offenders for standard verbal abuse won't change anything either, and as long as Riot wont implement true permabans, nothing will unless that "0 policy" actaully becomes a 0 policy, by that I mean instantly banning accounts that display toxic behavior in even a single game. _No Hansiman / sirDarts, go find 1 of thousands threads making real proposals on how to permaban players, I dont care for another revisit with fanbois on this subject_ At this point with the implementation of ingame features designed to stop toxic behavior, they could get the exact same result as now, by not handing out CR's / suspensions at all, and save the cost of having people assigned as moderators and supports for this area alone.
There is a heated argument then there is being a god damn asshole believe me theres a difference handing out 14 day bans for standard verbal abuse doesn't happen thats for people who cross the line which common sense something todays society apparently lacks should keep you away from
: Can someone explain to me how good players smurfing can solocarry games?
other than straight up outclassing everyone else in the game they don't get caught up on the mistakes of their team they know they are alot better by not focusing on that they are able to focus on what they can do to make up for those mistakes the enemy team is likely making just as many mistakes
: Don't get confused, as far as racism / death or cancer wishes etc etc goes, I am all for bumping that into a straight "permaban" without any prior warnings or anything, but that's not what this is.
So homophobic behavior is ok? its no different than racism really the major difference its targeting people for a reason other than race Im not homosexual but thats my choice what they do and what I do in our own time is our business because at the end of the day it doesn't make us different really not in any major way. The point is if people are going to complain now that they didn't know then im sorry its not Riots fault its their fault for not knowing what so many other people know or just behave normally as for the OP if he was in a 5 man premade ok but why not say that shit over voice chat I would of
Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: A orn walked into a bar
Not as disappointing as I thought but still not the best joke try to be a little creative next time but I gotta give credit for being mildly surprised when I came in
: I know you are one of Riots biggest fanbois on EuW, but try to control yourself. It's the equivilant of your insurance company cancelling your protection scheme without warning, and making the amendment on page 56 out of 59. On top of that, it's just good policy to make your "customers" aware of such massive changes.
is it really that massive I mean you shouldn't of been saying it in the first place I have no idea why you would be on this side of the argument its down to simply behaving properly I for one was taught to behave properly in public by my parents. I however down the line growing up grew to hate censorship but I can respect theres a time and a place for everything and act accordingly the way I behave always depends on my company and situation for example if im in a game with friends I will say whatever I want but if im in a game with a few friends and randoms I will behave because its public space. Edit: This has been this way for quite a while too so if you don't know the instant ban behavior well thats actually your own fault because funny enough alot of people realize it
Cheini (EUNE)
: pm supp, they keep the logs and will be able to assist you (and pretty much perma-ban the genius) lux, he couldn't have known his intentions pre-befriending him, so it is okay, and yes it might be childish but would you like me asking my frenemy to burst you with his .._word_ knowledge? i guess not..
> lux, he couldn't have known his intentions pre-befriending him, so it is okay Making some wild assumptions there let me provide you with facts that prove it wasn't exactly an idea to expect anything worthwhile at least > Opponent ADC: WOW! Congrats you won a normal game, be in diamond and then come and see me..blablabla...Just the usual. That alone proves that the adc was pretty salty at least now depending on how toxic the guy is will determine how far he goes if the friend request is accepted. Do try to read posts before you comment
Wthunder (EUNE)
: Befriended me then threatened me
Try support no idea where it will get you but you really shouldn't accept friend requests from salty opponents/allys and expect anything different
See98x (EUW)
: Quit being a baby you snitch.
Wanting to report death threats isn't being a baby calling someone for a baby for wanting to do such is however being a class A moron so congrats {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: Everyone but Zoe mains will agree on this. Rito its not bad to be not right sometimes. Everyone makes mistakes. Delete her :)
Then how you explain me I don't play her I have in total about 3 games on her bots from when she came out and an aram a week or so after and i disagree honestly I have played against her when someone doesn't ban her and I have yet to lose lane to her nor have I ever really noticed her doing anything too special in my games the most i've noticed is people playing her on my team and doing awful
OliverWild (EUNE)
: Why is everyone complaining about Zoe?
I don't hate Zoe I hate people but thats nothing new I thought Zoe was really cool when I first saw her not a champion I would really play but pretty awesome either way
: I really do want to talk to riot! But for now i just want to hear your opinion! My research question is - how has the gaming industry evolved with its players - but with the specific example of league of legends! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
the game and some of its players evolved the rest of the players actually devolved if you want examples of such specimens they can be found in PB boards
Montazuma (EUW)
: They should just change Blind pick into something that makes the name 'Blind pick' logical. * Select 1 of 2 roles * Get a role assigned based on priority * Get a random champion assigned based on role No ban-phase and all 10 champions are revealed at the same time (or not revealed at all until you are on the loading screen). That is true blind pick, make the best of the hand you are dealt.
Blind pick does make sense... your picking your champion no bans blind to the enemy team while in draft you can adapt your pick to the enemy team
: Is this actually bannanble
Were you taught how to talk to people when you grew up or were you raised by animals? Also... > II2BII: AND NO I WONT GET BANNED CUZ I DID NOTHING Priceless you might want to avoid saying that when your spouting shit the whole game
: Doesn't Illaoi needs her "Tentacle Dungeon" all set up for that burst tho? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
hes probably right with talon tho illaoi isn't an assassin other good options might be {{champion:131}} {{champion:84}} also if you want to count him {{champion:62}} technically not an assassin but it tends to work better most of the time than any bruiser builds at least in my experience
: where did he say that to anyone? the abbreviation of "kill yourself" is "%%%" but he never said that. he never said "kill yourself" or " k y s " what the f are you talking about ???? although, after rereading his chat. there were two lines who are suspicious >PrayatNight999: %%% >PrayatNight999: yi %%% plz since "%%%" "k y s" the abbreviation of "kill yourself" is %%% out he really might have said that. so thats ban worthy. good thing tho, we can say "kill yourself" on the forums and %%% is blocked lol
theres only 2 notable 3 letter censors thats F ag and K ys both of which are not ok and its pretty obvious if we look at how its typed its K ys or just a horrible use of F ag
: banned for some verbal after 20 games of beeing mute and friendly .
Nobody cares who started it you did wrong and 20 games of being neutral thats legit nothing > PrayatNight999: %%% Can I safely assume this is the infamous kiss yourself because I can't imagine why you would even think thats remotely acceptable
: ***
Why there is every chance this new found kindness would fade away once the ban was lifted theres the secret in how permabans work they rip all the progress all the time you put in away if you could "prove" you changed there is still a chance that given all that back that maybe not instantly but over time the changes to behavior would also change back and that is why riot can't lift bans
: Can you name some of those midlaners please? Ive been learning mid and i ban akali every game cause i cant handle her.
Most mid laners handle it with abit of practice I don't play akali as a mid laner personally but the few times I have I remember azir being a pain especially orianna is by standard awkward your looking for mid laners with good poke and moblity/defensive options and the more waveclear they have the better since akali cant use ad runes anymore with the new setup
: What to do against Akali aside from hoping and praying Jungler comes?
Akali isn't so much of a concern in mid there are plenty of mid laners that can keep her in check you need to be completely aware of her power spikes the major ones to watch for are hextech revolver with level 6 this is when akali should start turning the lane on you and then gunblade your goal is to try and deny her as much farm as you can so you will have a lead go even with her and your not going to have a good time. Remember she is melee and vs ranged matchups she has to rely on her shroud to get any real harass off if your not blindly walking into her ass not only that but her only escape is going to be her shroud too akali would perform alot better against bruisers top really because she can bully them harder than someone who can push her under turret and keep out of reach
Zonazz (EUW)
: About level upping
As Shiwah said the BE store will roll around again at some point which is exactly that a way for people with nothing to spend BE on to spend it and those champion shards are good for more than just BE you can use them to raise your champion mastery so you can hoard even more BE for the next BE store
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