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destroyerr2 (EUNE)
: Why draft pick is not available all the time ?
Greetings. If Normal Draft was enabled 24 hours a day, there wouldn't be enough players to ensure healthy queue times and matchmaking. --- I'm not sure when you joined League, but at the start of this season Normal Draft was actually disabled **entirely** on EUNE. That's because the number of active players was simply not high enough to keep all queues healthy. And since Normal Draft was the least played mode, it had to go :/ Luckily though, Riot brought it back, with a compromise. As long as it's only enabled during the hours with most player activity, it works with EUNE.
7daysko (EUNE)
: Discrimination? The rules for the English boards are simple; speak English. Of course, you can always speak in any language you want, even if it is against the rules, nobody can take that right from you. But you must be ready for any consequences. If anything, I am glad to see that a mod removed your post, even for something as minor as this. It means they take their own rules seriously. Don't like it? There's boards in your language on EUNE. Don't like EUNE? Then stay on EUW but follow their rules, don't expect the rules to change just for you.
>There's boards in your language on EUNE There are no Boards in OP's language, that's the problem. It's pretty much impossible to support every language... But of course your point still stands, English Boards gotta be English ^^
: Because just like every special snowflake in LoL who wants everyone banned the moment they disagree with them, every mod is a special snowflake who will get triggered over anything you type.
Wow, did you really just say this? I'm so triggered.
: Please give me opinion. My comment removed by Riot for 'Wrong Language'
Hey, I'm a part of the moderation team, and I can explain why this happened ^^ --- Before that, I'd like to point out that this is not discrimination... Riot simply _can't_ translate every piece of content for every language out there. This is the internet, so speaking english is _kind of_ required, and you're clearly capable of speaking english well. --- Believe it or not, moderators don't understand **every language**. We're only humans after all. If we do not know what users are saying, it's a pretty big risk. Some people will try to trick us by writing the offensive part of their comment in a different language. And that's not acceptable... ---- > i just saw a friendly comment on my mother language Really?... Google translates the comment you replied to like this: >Jebemi se za njega iskreno, nek jede govna jer smrdi na govna. _"%%%%ing for him honestly, he eats shit because he smells like shit."_ Do you see the problem here? We don't know what the user _actually_ said or meant, we know that we can't trust Google translate, so we decide to remove those comments... --- Apart from that, it simply sucks for other users if someone comments in a completely different language, that's not the point of these Boards. --- I'm afraid that you will have to use the English Boards in the correct way.
l MrD l (EUW)
: Why are you green? 0_0
I'm a Volunteer, more specifically, an Emissary. _Tl;dr description:_ We're here to help players, organize events & contests, or do anything cool for the community. We are the link between Riot and the community :) You can learn a bit more about us on our website: Or just ask us if you want to know more ^^
DarkManCZ (EUNE)
: I have permaban after 2 wrong words ! GG RIOT
Well, sounds like you already know that you broke the rules. It doesn't matter how many words you type... If it's toxic, you can still get banned. Honestly, this should've been very clear after your 14-day ban, why did you not listen? There's nothing that can be done for you if you were toxic again, at some point, you just don't get any more chances.
: Oh i didnt even know we got 400 RP on a new account. But thankyou. I find it strage tho you now get a 125RP Chest. Doesnt seem fair. Do we also get that free IP when you hit lvl 30 so you can buy runes?
This change _had_ to be made with the release of Hextech Crafting. 400RP would've been enough to buy a Chest&Key, thus giving brand new accounts a chance to obtain Hextech Annie and other valuable skins. _Where's the problem? _ **Botting, smurfing and selling accounts ** New accounts could simply be created over and over again, either by greedy players, or worse, by bots. That's why new players get a **special** Hextech chest. Afaik they're a little more valuable than normal chests, but you can only get certain skins. --- >Do we also get that free IP when you hit lvl 30 so you can buy runes? Not sure what you mean tbh ^^ But considering that runes will be completely free anyways shortly, I don't think it matters what lvl 30 accounts get now.
: Did we get 400 RP? did i miss something?
The OP is talking about the 400RP you **used to get** on every new account ^^
: The current Tribunal is Vengeance, not Justice tool
>Justice system is transparent: you can check all cases. Uhm, no?! You can't just make personal data public, there's absolutely no need for that, also... Laws exist! --- >If you are accused, instead of just passing the punishment Nobody is getting punished for a mere accusation! In the context of League, the "accusation" is the report. However, reports don't result in an instant punishment. If they would, I would've been banned many times, since a lot of people reported me for absolutely no reason. But I'm not! --- > give all data to the accused party Players already get the information they need. However, providing sensitive information could do a bunch of harm, which is why players don't get a whole lot of information for 3rd party program bans. --- >and allow them to have chat with developers. Anyone can contact the Player Support. But there's absolutely no need to invite every banned player to have a chat over a coffee. A LOT of players get punished every day, and developers are busy developing stuff. --- >You cannot rely players on giving fair reports. Correc, that's why Riot doesn't rely on players giving fair reports! --- >That is why person doing report should be investigated too. Why? If someone doesn't like their behavior, they can simply report it too. By that logic, you might as well investaige **every** player after **every** game, where's the difference? ^^ --- >One violation is enough is totally wrong way to go for justice. More often than not, one violation is **not** enough to get a punishment. Nobody gets punished for saying "ez" **once**. --- > RIot also have to start count frequency as per game not per day. Why would you think Riot doesn't already do that? --- >And check all non-reported games to see how positive player was in them. This is very important No, it's not important. If you flame in some of your games, it doesn't matter what you do in the rest of them. You're still a flamer by definition. --- > as there is really only one punishment - ban. If you look at toxicity related punishments, bans make up less than **1%**(!) of total punishmets. Sorry, but you are **completely** wrong on this... [source](
ChainedUp (EUW)
: Why reform if u did nothing bad xD. They just ban u for everything here xD
You see, that's exactly the problem. You fail to see that your behavior was inappropriate. Nobody gets banned for being a neutral or positive player. I've been using the chat in nearly every match for 5 years now, and I never had a chat restriction. So apparently I figured out a way to trick the system and never get punished... _The secret is to not be a jerk!_
: Find teammates for the Slumber Party IP Weekend!
: Banned
I'm sorry to tell you, but this won't work out the way you hope. You can't just come here and ask for your punishment to be removed. It was given for a valid reason after all... You displayed some extreme toxicity, and apparently your previous 14-day ban didn't even make you reconsider your behavior. Just because this is the first offense after your last punishment, doesn't mean it can't grant you another ban. Your last punishment clearly stated that if you continue to show this kind of behavior, you'll get permabanned. You clearly ignored that message, and now it's too late. --- You're not even showing any kind of regret here (not that it would help). There's no reason to lift this ban, your actions have consequences here!
: Torpedosheep, do you watch SBFP or is this just on your quicklist of response pics?
Nope, just had to google "SBFP" ^^ This should be a pretty known meme by now... :P
xVnFEmma (EUW)
: Saying Sona is cancer can get you a Ban Please show us the chatlogs... I'm sure there are some other things you said.
: What's the best lol pick up lines you've heard?
>Damn girl are you Morgana? you've been stunning me for a while ... **Girl:** IT'S NOT A STUN!!! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ _Factual incorrectness is **such** a turn off :P_
Rismosch (EUW)
: Did I say your opinion is wrong? Where did I say that?
You didn't, your comment is just pretty aggressive. Considering there's absolutely no argument going on here, there's no need to be a jerk ^^
Rismosch (EUW)
: I don't care what you say. URF is bs and will ever be.
Ah, thanks for correcting me, didn't know my opinion was wrong there. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Me0wstic (EUW)
: All my games were fun, except for that one game vs {{champion:86}}
OH GOD... The flashbacks. Garen is so strong >__<
: I don't. The point of a fun mode is thats it supposed to be fun. By just making this another all random gametype you take away the fun and add tons of frustration. I too would like to play syndra or veigar or lux something that is godlike in the mode... but random crap says nooooo, youre gonna be playing shit champs all day and there's nothing you can do about it Or eeven if i get something decent for once the game goes: here you can play this vs a lux a xayah a tryndamere a talon and a garen HAVE FUN
I see where you're coming from, and I guess this is really just personal preference, but I see it the other way around. ARURF is more fun to me because it's not as serious. Seeing the SAME overpowered champions over and over again just stops being fun quite quickly. As I said, URF isn't balanced, and people just pick the most annoying champs there.
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RaksOlen1 (EUW)
: Does riot even punish anyone fairly?
>my friend got banned for 14 days for talking to the person who was inting and flaming in our team. I guess that "talking" is a creative way to put it ^^ He probably didn't ask him how his day was, or engaged in some small talk. ---- Your friend must've flamed the person, and if he got an _instant_ 14-day ban, he must've said some very serious things! Homophobia, racism, death wishes etc. are severe offenses that can immediately escalate your punishment to that level. We don't know what your friend said, so he'd be willing to share the chatlogs with us, that would be awesome! --- Keep in mind that if your friend really flamed, the punishment _is_ justified, no matter what others did. We're not in kindergarten anymore, "_but he started it_" is not an argument that justifies misbehavior.
icounter (EUW)
: I'm sorry, I dont really visit the NA board often. Can you elaborate on the different cultures :)
Well, there are simple things like running gags and memes. For example: Some time ago, it was common to use a fake thumbnail to "trick" people into thinking your post is about something completely different. Hard to explain, but it was widely used in the Memes & Games Board ^^ Then there's more complex stuff that would make the merging hard, moderation for example, the NA Boards are mostly moderated by paid moderators, whereas EU Boards are exclusively handled by Volunteers (_which does not affect quality of moderation btw_). Recently however, they've also added different Volunteer moderator roles on their Boards, allowing players to moderate single subboards to some extend, for example locking/closing discussions. --- I don't use the NA Boards much myself, but these are the biggest points I've noticed.
icounter (EUW)
: Join EUW and NA baords
Well from a Volunteer's perspective, the EU and NA Boards are **very** different. I like the NA guys and most of the stuff they're doing, many of us do have contacts over there, but I could not imagine merging the two Boards right now ^.^ The culture of those Boards is just very different.
: > [{quoted}](name=Nakoruru,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=rwtfgNqV,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-08-09T15:36:27.214+0000) > > A compliment :) It is. Please don't take it wrong and don't report me ; _ ; some moderator is not waiting for anything else but this.
>some moderator is not waiting for anything else but this.
: What is the most important lessons you’ve learned in life?
In the past 2-3 years, I think I've learned many important "lessons", too many to pick a single one, or even to consciously remember them all... All of them helped me in one way or another, and they surely shaped my personality. But in the end, it all comes down to one skill, or rather a mindset: **Self-improvement!** You have to be open minded and look for things to improve on. Learning more, and analysing your mistakes is SO helpful. This applies mostly to **social interactions**, but it can also be applied to very specific skills and your everyday life. --- So that's the most important part for me... Don't grow an ego, learn from the mistakes you make, and you can focus on improving. (_Yes, this perfectly applies to League skill too ^^_)
: Email notification on boards
Lamaslol (EUW)
: why riots sup is so useless??
Because this is not what a Player Support is supposed to do... There are systems in place to deal with toxicity and leavers.
Aymbiceps (EUW)
: Why i always Get banned??
Because whenever you leave the game (whether you want it or not), you put your team at a severe disadvantage! > riot unban me and i'll find solution Why didn't you look for a solution earlier? You just kept playing and hoped that it got better, while purposefully accepting the possibility that you might have a negative impact on others. That's the problem!
: okay so say i end this season in bronze 2 i am likely to get placed in bronze again? you know how hard it is to get out of bronze? have you seen these {{champion:157}} "mains"?
It depends, if you happen to be _much_ better than bronze 2, you could get into a higher Division. I've had some placements where I ended up higher than I was the prior season. But I doubt that'll be the case for you.
: My season 8 plaement games i want to ask something about hem
>okay so i was wondering if i will be able to get a better rank next season with my placements then i have now if i do well? That's very unlikely, most people start in a lower Division.
Wa5abi65 (EUW)
: Parma-banned? That's what happens when you go ham {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Underrated! ^^ {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Lux Q hits 3
Heya, Lux main here! ^^ Are you sure that it actually **hits** a third target? I know of a visual bug that makes Light Binding **appear** to continue after hitting two targets, it's merely visual though, it never actually hits from what I've seen. {{champion:99}}
VictorGLO (EUNE)
Greetings. The point of remake is to prevent players from being stuck in an unfair game from the very beginning. If people never connect, or join too late, the team is already at a big disadvantage. You didn't connect to the game in time, the game has started, and your absence was about to have too big of a negative effect on your team. That's why they were allowed to remake. The line has to be drawn somewhere. People who come ~3 minutes too late are barely okay, but anything above that is just harmful for the game.
: How did I just notice THIS!?
You mean loading screen, right?
Stommelol (EUW)
: riot
Greetings. I'm afraid there's not much that can be done for you if your ban was given for a valid reason, which it apparently was: > i cussed them You clearly violated the rules, rules that you have agreed on following! This means you aren't entitled to any kind of refunds here, let alone an unban.
: Why did i got banned from League of Legends?
Greetings. Unfortunately this isn't the ideal place to ask why you've been banned, you're on the Boards, a community discussion platform. You'll have to [submit a request]( to the Player Support, and ask your question there, those guys have the information you need :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Torpedosheep,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=EdEeegB8,comment-id=0000000000010000000000000000,timestamp=2016-12-22T09:34:26.196+0000) > > I have spent dozens of hours doing research about Riot&#x27;s PB systems and their effectiveness. > > I am working on a project which involves reading every piece of information Riot and other sources have ever published about their system. > > And while the system is far from perfect, it is pretty damn accurate with a rate of about 1 false judgement in 6000 punishments. > --- > There is no prove that the system is flawed, and if you&#x27;re unable to show me any right now, > I don&#x27;t see a point in continuing this discussion. The hell you getting this 1 to 6000 numbers from? Can you just stop this FUD? You flame, you get reported system check finds blacklisted words and there u go u have it. It is not some AI as you trying to present. It bans premade players because of jokes they wrote to each other and than loser team nab reported them :D So again pls shut it and do something positive in your life :D Love u all
>The hell you getting this 1 to 6000 numbers from? [Here](, [Here]( and [Here]( >Can you just stop this FUD? Sadly I can't, because players like you always think that they know more than others, even though they didn't bother to spend 5 minutes doing their own research. Do you think some kind of god gifted you the knowledge? No! You're making assumptions based on your own perception, and then start treating them as facts... ---- >system check finds blacklisted words and there u go u have it. _That proves the point I made above_! You THINK that this is how it works, but you actually have no clue, and zero reliable evidence to back your "hypothesis". Sorry, but this form of arguing has a lot in common with "flat earthers" or "anti vaxxers". Being sceptical about evidence is fine, but you have to be consistent about it, which you absolutely aren't right now! ---- >It is not some AI as you trying to present. It's not an AI, it's a machine learning system, but that's just a technicality. --- > It bans premade players because of jokes they wrote to each other That's correct in certain circumstances, and it is SUPPOSED to be that way. Again, you just have to read up on it... I even got the quote here for you: >_Context is taken into account; however, there's a nuance. For example, you can joke and use memes and banter with your friends and it's usually fine if it's a premade 5. In this context, everyone on your team knows who you are and that you are joking. If there's even 1 stranger in the party, it's potentially possible that the stranger finds your language offensive and doesn't realize you guys are friends, and in that case the behaviors could be punishable if the stranger reports the behaviors._ --- >So again pls shut it and do something positive in your life Oh gosh... This hypocrisy perfectly concludes your comment. You are here being a jerk and crapping all over basic rules of debates, all because you don't like to accept your ban. How is that positive in the slightest way? Self improvement! That's the key word here, LEARN from the situations you're presented with, and the mistakes you make.
: My Attempt to Draw Ahri(kind of idk)
Hey that's pretty good! You hit most of the proportions very well, I just notice that the eyes and boobs are a little off. (_or maybe those are just the parts I was focusing on :P_ ) Personally, I would've used an eraser to slightly brush over the shades in her hair, it would make them much smoother, but maybe you wanted to go for the rougher sketch style.
Butzti x3 (EUW)
: What do you think about my first video?
That's really not bad! Honestly, I have to compliment the quality of this video. It's sadly very rare that beginners upload videos with a good resolution, framerate and proper sound. --- One bit of criticism though, I personally got bored quite fast by what is essentially just a kill montage with AD Garen. You can basically oneshot squishy champions, that was apparent quite quickly, but then it's just 2+ minutes of the same :/ Maybe it's just because I don't really watch this content in general, but I feel like there needs to be a little more variety.
: Her voice <3
What a soothing voice, kinda beautiful. Wish I could understand some of that though ^^
I am Gaja (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Torpedosheep,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Mnvgf0fg,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-05T15:27:39.763+0000) > > Welp, that&#x27;s pretty shitty. > I&#x27;m glad you understand that this ban was justified. > There are absolutely no circumstances that justify telling other players to kill themselves, and you really HAVE to make sure this does not happen again, because as you should know, the 14 day ban is your **final warning** before the permaban strikes. > > Good luck &amp; Have fun, I hope you&#x27;ll manage to control your behavior a little better in the future. Wait, this is the final warning before permaban? This is my first ban ever? Is this that serious?
Yes, usually first time offenders only get Chat Restrictions, however, you have to remember that you told people to **kill themselves**. Sorry, but with such severe toxicity it's no longer just jokes and giggles. Writing that is pretty much the worst form of toxicity you can display, and as you can see, Riot takes it seriously. ---- I don't mean to bash on you for writing this, you made a mistake, and we can forget about it, we all do stupid things at some point. Bottom line is, I think you understand why this punishment was given, and as long as you can focus your energy on being a pleasant teammate in the future, you absolutely don't have to worry about further punishments :)
: Toxicity bans (how do they work?)
Greetings! Nice to hear that you've changed your behavior for the better, I hope you'll get rid of those small outbursts too ;) >will i get a warning like usual, will i get a 1 day ban, or does my ban history continue and i get the permanent ban? Warnings and 1 day bans don't exist, the punishment system consists of 4 stages: - 10 Game Chat Restriction - 25 Game Chat Restriction - 14 Day Ban - Permanent Ban If players continue to break the rules after they've been hit with one of these penalties, the higher stage will hit them, even if they aren't _that_ toxic anymore. However, if players show signs of reform, and don't flame for a long time, they can drop down stages. Nobody can tell you what stage you're at right now, so don't push your luck, but if you're considered reformed, you would get a milder punishment than a permaban.
: summoner code help
Here's a kinda old quote from Riot Lyte, this still applies today: >Context is taken into account; however, there's a nuance. For example, you can joke and use memes and banter with your friends and it's usually fine if it's a premade 5. In this context, everyone on your team knows who you are and that you are joking. If there's even 1 stranger in the party, it's potentially possible that the stranger finds your language offensive and doesn't realize you guys are friends, and in that case the behaviors could be punishable if the stranger reports the behaviors. **TL;DR: **The random player does not know you're only joking with your friend, to them it seems like you're a genuine jerk. Most players don't want toxicity in their games, no matter if it's directed at them or not.
I am Gaja (EUNE)
: Got banned today
Welp, that's pretty shitty. I'm glad you understand that this ban was justified. There are absolutely no circumstances that justify telling other players to kill themselves, and you really HAVE to make sure this does not happen again, because as you should know, the 14 day ban is your **final warning** before the permaban strikes. Good luck & Have fun, I hope you'll manage to control your behavior a little better in the future.
iKayos (EUNE)
: My account was permanently banned
Greetings. Unfortunately, things don't look well for you. Bans don't get removed just because someone else played on your account. Account sharing is strictly forbidden, so letting your brother play is **already** a ban worthy offense. You shouldn't have given the account to your brother, because YOU are responsible for everything that happens with YOUR account. And well, this ban was clearly justified considering the severe toxicity we see here.
: I am lonely
Greetings. I think most of the others here already dropped some great advice, but I'd like to expand on that a little, especially on the part about being true to yourself... Obviously, don't try to be someone you're not, but I'd tell you: **Don't force yourself to stay the way you are.** You and your life can and WILL change around you, change might come gradually, or maybe you will have some really impactful experiences in the future that change your personality and perception of things. --- I was pretty introverted myself, and I was really shy for the majority of my life. In the past few months though, this is changing. I enjoy going out, and I actively look for opportunities to do so. I myself had some impactful experiencs, they were basically just new and kinda uncompfortable situations that totally paid off in the end. I had to **dare** to do something fun, and it TOTALLY paid off! --- That's the next important part: Dare to do something new and uncompfortable, you slowly have to push yourself out of your compfort zone to gather new experiences, think of it as an RPG, you have to level up and do new things in real life too! You might've heard of things like the "yes challenge". People say "yes" to every opportunity they get, which is essentially just forcing yourself out of your compfort zone too. --- **To recap: ** - Don't just slap the label "introvert" onto you... Even if it might be true now, ALWAYS be open to new things, and don't let this "definition" of yourself define what you're doing in the future. It's purely based on what you did/felt in the past. - Try to do new things a lot, and find new stuff that you can enjoy doing. "Just do it" is a phrase everyone hears a lot, but rarely actually follows on, because well, it certainly is hard at times, no doubt. I wish you the best of luck, I hope you will also find a way to be a little more satisfied, no matter if you stay an introvert or not :)
xPerfectx (EUW)
: time to stop carring
>toxic people stay toxic. Well, no. Toxic people _can_ change, and they _have_ to change if they want to keep their account. Games have rules, and in this particular one, not being a jerk is one of them. >you have your profit just take it Toxic people don't help with making profit at all. Players no longer want to put up with jerks, so they'll leave the game for good. Flamers drive normal players away, resulting in less profit for Riot, and a less enjoyable experience for everyone. There's really no reason why people should be allowed to flame.
: Oh right, you got a massage (thank you autocorrect) from the bot. I know what you are talking about :P
Yeah, the massage bot was a great idea, my back was **killing** me!
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