: Dude, I cannot rank up cuz my MMR is bad and I cannot advance my MMR because I keep having games with trolls, afk and/or inters(which are a bit rarer than the other two). I don't care if the enemy have trolls but I care about the trolls in MY team that ruin my team
I don't think you quite understand... Of course trolls suck, everyone knows that, and nobody likes them. But they are not the reason for your bad MMR. Your MMR increases if you win games, trolls will win games for you if they're on the enemy team which, as I said before, is rather frequent. ---- Therefore, trolls are simply not the reason you can't escape from your division. I know it's convenient, but you can't blame this on your teammates. Other players manage to climb under exactly the same circumstances. I'm not here to beat you down for making false statements, but I can tell you that you're much better of focusing on your own skill instead of looking at all the external factors holding you back. Don't waste your time worrying about the things you can't change, if you work on improving your own skill you're going to see satisfying results and reduce your frustration... Trust me, I've been there. Bronze 2 - Diamond 5, and most divisions inbetween.
: Trolls are preventing me from escaping my division
Greetings MasterFaustino, what you seem to forget is that the enemy team can get trolls just as well ^^ In fact, the enemy has 5 players who can potentially troll, afk or play bad, your team only has 4! You might think the trolls always end up on your team, but you have to be aware that your perception can easily be warped here. You might not even realise that an enemy player is trolling or intentionally losing, while it is usually painfully clear if they're on your own team. Negativity bias also plays a big role here, you shouldn't trust your gut feeling on this, but believe in statistics instead. ---- I'm afraid you can't blame your current rank on your teammates. If you're stuck in a Division for a good amount of time (100+ games) it's pretty obvious that your skill and knowledge is still not quite there...
LemBaka (EUNE)
: 14 days ban on league
Greetings LemBaka, your account was banned because **you** flamed, not because of the things anyone else did. You were fully aware of your own actions, you simply didn't care, this has very little to do with your teammates. Nobody forced you to flame, it was your conscious decision. --- Others might've misbehaved too, sure, but blaming this punishment on anyone but yourself is nothing but a poor excuse. You will have to take responsibility, because this ban was most likely justified.
Šumadija (EUNE)
: Hey how was your day today did you won some games or did u found a girlfriend?
Yes, but then I picked Yasuo and she left me for a better looking Ahri main. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Nabbit (EUNE)
: Today is my birthday
https://pre00.deviantart.net/5ae8/th/pre/i/2015/139/0/3/surprise_party_fiddlesticks__by_expiredkimchi-d8u19qm.png I hope you'll have a great day and celebrate it with your dearest, whether they are family, friends, or your duoQ mates! >I do not want see any toxic players in game today and report system needs some improvements. All I can do is hope you won't see them and well, no system is perfect :P
KeirosCZ19 (EUNE)
: You forgot to mention that he likes permabanning people who frequently criticise Rito on boards ;). At least this sellout doesnt have any power on NA boards.
Greetings Keiros. I hope you understand why I feel like stepping in here, you're obviously unhappy with moderation, most likely because you've been hit by it at some point. Keep in mind that you cannot make one Volunteer solely responsible. We act as a team, and if the moderation team disagrees with a punishment, it can simply be reverted. ---- Nobody gets punished for criticizing Riot. If you want us to review a specific action, just** tell us**. We are transparent and will happily talk with you about it or revert it if we agree with you. So if you want to resolve this issue, let's do it. If you want to hold a grudge and keep complaining instead... Well that's unfortunate, but I won't stop you.
: Question about honor system
Greetings Eternalbeauty, Don't worry, your behavior does not affect the matchmaking **at all!** The only thing that matchmaking is based on is your **Matchmaking Rating **(MMR). If you feel like you're experienced unusually bad games recently, you might not be happy to hear this, but it's all in your head :P
: Was there any form of information coming from Riot with the free Name Change? Anyways glad to hear that you welcome it. **_Thank you toxic Talon_** (new Meme is born^^)
>Thank you toxic Talon (new Meme is born^^) It's such a good catchphrase! ^^
: To The Toxic Talon That Reported Me.
_NE'd _ I don't think "power of sexy" was too bad, maybe just slightly cringy :P Sir Pouncealot is beautiful though, I wish I could come up with names like that on the spot. Thank you, toxic Talon. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: I promise I'll reform
Greetings ConsensualClown9, I'm afraid I can't be the bearer of good news. As the others already pointed out, permanently banned accounts are never unbanned, unless it happened by mistake. Maybe you are now truly able to see what you did wrong, and would behave well. However, you hopefully understand why Riot can't grant this wish. If they unbanned you, they'd have to unban everyone, and sadly only a very tiny percentage of banned players are able to actually reform. ---- If you wish to continue playing League, you will have to create a new account and start from scratch. If you don't, and this is where your ways part, that's fine too. I wish you GL&HF, regardless of what you play next!
TheCrazyBoy (EUNE)
Sadly, this is an issue we can't assist you with on the Boards. We suggest you [submit a ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) to Player Support. They'll be able to further assist you.
Snowfox (EUW)
: I don't know but I've been told, MOCHI GAMING's best of all ! ! ! [EUW]
I really like these cute and well-formatted posts ^-^
ScratchHelp (EUNE)
: Hey m8 im just browsing throught these and i find this funny opinion. I can link u my post where i was banned for 14days from 1 game with 1 chat log where i didnt flame anyone ye ye i was a bit cocky i can admint that all i did was -> i asked enemy team to report a dude wich called us %%%gots this word + him being premade + me being cocky led to the mass report for me ... 1 game slur out of context ( i tried to help community) and 14days for me .. and the funny thign is .. he kept playing :-) few days after i recived perma ban for 2 other games where i was again cocky and slightly negative i wasnt crying about surr in 5min i just again get mass reported by premades oh i didnt even insult anyone so ye all it takes is 3 games to get perma ban and u dont even have to be extremly toxic in my opinon even toxic... contacted support multiple times 3 supprot workers so far didnt even care ban desrved bye ... thats how this system work
> thats how this system work It's not how the system works. Mass reports actually don't increase the likelihood or severity of a punishment. There's no different between getting 1 or 9 reports. The reason you got banned for one game is, as you already noted, the use of zero tolerance phrases, which the system probably picked up out of context. You delivered your own answer here, there's no need to make things up.
: so you are insulting me by saying im not normal?, thats cool i suppose?
Well you simply aren't the norm, you are part of a tiny minority. That's hardly an insult, although it's nothing you should be proud of either.
Airbend (EUNE)
: Got chat restricted 3 years ago.4 months ago i got 14 day suspension, over 1 game.Now my account is doomed, because i know that it just a matter of time when i lose control and say something bad and get perma.
Well, 14-day bans _can_ actually be given instantly if you use zero tolerance phrases. These include death wishes, racism, homophobia etc. That's an exception though, and definitely not the kind of behavior OP was talking about.
Airbend (EUNE)
: And again, maybe what you're saying is true, but it doesn't mean that at some point in your life you lost control and said or did something you regret.Its in human nature.Imagen if you could get mad only 3 times in your whole life, and after that someone comes and tells you, now i have to kill you.Same is with RIOT.You have 3 chances to improve an imperfect human nature, and after that your accout is banned.Seems fair...
That's factually incorrect, everyone has bad days, Riot knows that. If I decided to flame in 3 games right now, I would most likely not even get ONE Chat Restriction. These are only given for **consistent **misbehavior, a few hiccups will not get you punished. ---- Only about 0.006% of the community qualify for a permaban. They don't represent the human nature. Normal people won't have to worry about permabans at all, even if they occasionally can't control themselves.
: Flaming, toxicity and punishement
Greetings eveyone, here's my take on it, I'll try to keep it short. Of course I don't think small violations should be treated the same as wishing people cancer, inting etc. However, phrases like "_ur bad_", "_get rekt_" and "_easy_" can definitely be considered toxic in my book. I really don't like to see someone mocking their enemy after a winning a game. It's not sportsmanlike, in fact it's quite disrespectful, and despite what you might learn in Tyler1's stream... This is not **"alpha"** behavior. You're celebrating yourself and putting others down, smells like pure insecurity. _But that's just an example..._ ---- People take every chance to complain and whine as soon as the game goes sideways, instead of making the smart call and supporting their teammates, they'd rather save their ego and blame others or even give up early to feed their cognitive dissonance. I see so many people who can't man up (_not to offend you, ladies_) and swallow their ego for once. THEY are the ones getting mad, flaming and THEN complaining about an allegedly "sensitive" community. ---- Inconsiderate and rude people might not be as bad as Hitler himself, but that doesn't mean we should accept that. Another example which happened to me just an hour or so ago: I was about to take a highway exit when a black Volkswagen cut right in front of me with high speed, squeezing between my car and a semi. It was hardly dangerous, I didn't even have to brake... But that guy is still a huge jerk! Did I get offended? Of course not! I carried on with my day. **But I'd still very much like this guy to be off the road if he continues to drive like this!** Because he's being egoistic and inconsiderate. It's pretty much the same with people who think they gotta act like jerks in a videogame that's first and foremost supposed to be fun.
Lystry (EUW)
: Chat restriction pings
That might backfire on you... Outing yourself as chat restricted won't exactly make you likeable.
: How do I volunteer on the boards?
Greetings. As Shiwah already mentioned, our applications are currently closed, and it will take at least a few months for us to start the next wave of recruitment. However, we're always keeping an eye out for friendly, dedicated and knowledgeable players to pick up into our team. The Volunteer role is given to players who already do (part of) the job naturally. If you're an extraordinarily helpful and friendly member of the community, it will show :)
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: https://robin-sky.deviantart.com/art/Torpedosheep-653487758
I remember that <3 {{sticker:katarina-love}}
: Riot on soft inting vs Riot on slightly negative behaviour
Greetings Bleach Eyewash, This image you linked is clearly made to spark controversy. Which is why I'd like to know how thruthful the creator actually was. Are these Rioters' comments, which have been put on display actually directed at the Nunu who inted 60 games in a row? It could easily bend the truth, or even be a completly unrelated case, all it takes is someone compiling an image like this and people will happily join the hate train without being sceptical for one second. --- Could you give us a link to the conversation, or some sort of proof that Riot was actually referring to this case?
Matuš (EUW)
: The danish guy: "UPDATE 2: Through support it has been confirmed that the ban cannot be lifted."
Would be interesting to know their reasoning or what the reason for this decision was.
Matuš (EUW)
: I was talking about the OG k-y-s. The one I got the inspiration from for my test... Heck you yourself were active there, you might remember that. Maybe.
I see that I commented and recommended to contact the PS about it. That's why I am interested to know how it turned out. What did the PS say?
Matuš (EUW)
: The k-y-s was NOT lifted. The other one was, but hell, it was after that post got trending on boards. I send ticket yesterday, no answer yet. Will update main post when I get an answer.
Well you don't know if it's gonna get lifted until you get a response. You're getting a little ahead of yourself here.
Matuš (EUW)
: Saying "kiss" in Danish (k-y-s): https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/U3WehdPN-i-just-received-a-14-day-ban-over-1-a-game-chatlog-for-something-i-wrote-in-danish Forced to say bad words in order to avoid teamates trolling: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/OeZ3ipZB-got-a-14-day-suspension-by-a-teammate-on-purpose There you go. And no, the ban was not lifted for using K-Y-S in danish.
>Forced to say bad words in order to avoid teamates trolling: And they got unbanned, as you can easily see in the comments. ---- Did you send a request to the Player Support? What exactly did they tell you?
Matuš (EUW)
: I tested Riots ban system: HOW TO GET BANNED WITHOUT ANY FLAME
Greetings Matuš, It looks like you really stress-tested the Instant Feedback System here, and maybe it scored so badly because you didn't exactly put it into realistic circumstances. The fact that you used a zero tolerance phrease (k.y.s) also makes it more difficult, the IFS knows no mercy regarding phrases like that ^^ ---- What would've been a more interesting test is using mild toxicity. How would the system react if you wrote: - You are a noob - My team called me a noob last game This kind of context is what matters, and I'm fairly confident that you would not get banned for a (authentic) use of such phrases. ---- I have yet to see a player who gets banned for using Zero Tolerance Phrases in such a harmless way. And if someone _really_ got banned for something as innocent as this, they would simply get unbanned upon requesting the Player Support. --- **In conclusion:** This test might look like the system is a terrible failure, but realistically situations like this aren't gonna be an issue ^^
: Bronze For Ever
>_Disclaimer: This is going to sound harsh, but swallowing your ego and listening to some advice is definitely something you should try out._ You're on an 8 game losing spree... It's pretty common to drop a few Divisions if you perform like that. The only reason you got demoted is because you weren't good enough to win your games. We're all treated the same, you have the same chances in ranked that every other player has. There's no Rioter who decided you should be kept in Bronze. ---- >i play a 600 k mastery sona - You also play a Full AP Support Sona. While you _do_ buy the ward item, you don't really place any wards. - You take Teleport on botlane. - You don't upgrade your trinket. I'm not saying this to point out how terrible you are (well, kinda), I am trying to show you that just from looking at your match history, I can see plenty of big mistakes you make in **Every. Single. Game**. It's fine to make mistakes, we all do, but if you don't give a damn to find your mistakes and fix them, how do you expect to improve? ---- The title of your thread is "Bronze For Ever", and that might just be true if you continue to blame others for things you need to get better at yourself. Your feelings don't matter in ranked, your skill does! Kind regards.
DyD eXe (EUW)
: Clash doesn't work
To test if it works ._.
EdoDave (EUW)
: God bless
Greetings EdoDave, I smell a bit of sarcasm in your post, so let me explain... While it's obviously not a very severe offense, [Naming and Shaming](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements-en/3eWpXbJi#Reporting) is a clear violation of the Universal Rules. Putting the names of misbehaving players on display could lead to witch hunts and lots of false accusations. Some people use the Boards to report other players, this is not only completely useless, it can also get spammy really quick. --- We're super lenient with N&S because we realise people usually don't have bad intentions. When an otherwise constructive discussion happens to contain the names of toxic/misbehaving players, they usually just get edited by a mod, but if a thread solely revolves around those players, there's not much use in keeping the thread. If you want to share your experience in a constructive way, you're of course welcome to do that, just make sure you don't put the "bad guys" on display. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Haniii (EUW)
: but how.. all the money i spent on skins.. all my champs.. my rank history.. i rly need it.. not now.. i dont need the ban now.. i rly need my account..
Well I'm sorry, but if you have something that is valuable to you, like your account, why did you put it at risk by acting so reckless? You should've probably thought about the consequences before it was too late.
Haniii (EUW)
: i got permanently banned because my team is flaming me ?
Hey Haniii, I'll have to disagree with you there, I think that ban was fair. Here's why I think so: You know it yourself, you flamed. I'm sure you had a reason to flame your teammates, but that doesn't mean it's okay. When you signed up for League, you agreed that you would follow the rules and not flame your teammates. Despite agreeing to them, you broke the rules multiple times, you were even warned before, but you still carried on breaking the rules. **That's** why your ban is fair, you consciously broke the rules multiple times. ---- I'm afraid there's no way for you to get your account back. You should make a decision, either quit the game for good, or create a new account, start from scratch, and do your best to respect the rules and your fellow players.
: But i've never actually given up on a game, I've never went AFK or anything. If someone dies 11 times, let me go to your ''on the road'' example, if some guy destroys your car on accident, but then he decides: F it, it's destroyed, let me ram into it another 10 times because it's over already L0L. You're not going to be pissed? You won't call him a straight idiot or ask him how he ever even managed to get his license? And now, you say this to him and you're going to jail for being rude and you won't be able to see your family/kids/friends for a couple months. ^Honor System btw.
You're stretching the analogy way too far here. In League, nobody destroys your property or endangers your life, worst case scenario, you lose a game. You also completely disregard other people here. Starting to flame and spreading negativity affects the entire game negatively. Maybe you have a problem with someone, but if you contribute to a toxic environment, you are definitely not honorable. --- If you'd rather get mad instead of swallowing your pride and being the bigger person, that's **your** decision. Being honorable can be difficult, but if you decide to go down the easy path, don't complain about not getting the benefits.
Dardasim (EUNE)
: Have people who applied been contacted already or what? It's kinda been like 40 days.
Hey, we've already reached out to the first candidates and had some interviews. We have to work in stages because of the sheer number of applicants. There are still some applications we'll have to get to, yours is one of them :)
: If someone says that and it really hurts your feelings, then you should probably go outside for once.. It's a shame that the honor system is an actual thing, it's terrible and I hope for everyone to go back down to Honor 0 to see what it's like :) ps. Still haven't gone up with Honor level, not even one checkpoint. meanwhile I went up 4 divisions and barely said anything except for that Autofilled comment.
Why do you think it hurts people's feelings? I don't know if you have a driver's license or not, but you can probably relate to these situations where someone near you drives like a total jackass. They cut you off dangerously close, they overtake when there's no reason to, or they find some other way to be a jerk. Do they hurt your feelings? Of course not, but you still want that guy to get off the road. --- It's the same with you. You're not hurting anyone, but you're an unsportsmanlike teammate, and who wants such a person in their game?
Shiwah (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Torpedosheep,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=eGoexPms,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-06-03T11:47:17.419+0000) > > I wish we could keep Butcher&#x27;s Bridge forever though... No please, it hurts my eyes ;^;
Dardasim (EUNE)
: I have to say, I love the ARAM reroll changes
ARAM feels really fresh now, it's definitely a little more interesting :) I wish we could keep Butcher's Bridge forever though...
Bot Zileari (EUNE)
: All riot employees went to summer holiday vacation ? WTFFFF??????????
>I can't see any riot employee comment on boards on any topic Maybe that's because they're actually working on identifying and fixing the problem?
: Are you sure that thats the case, i'd believe it because maybe I say something bad every now and again like calling someone autofilled.. But that'd be quite stupid wouldn't it, if it worked like that?
>But that'd be quite stupid wouldn't it, if it worked like that? Why? If you occasionally act dishonorable, how do you expect to gain honor levels? Calling someone autofilled is not cool, it's a pointless and negative comment that definitely doesn't fit into the definition of a sportsmanlike player...
: League of legends will soon be gone...
Ichaelus (EUW)
: The player Level in boards is still capped at 30
It's not capped to 30, the Boards simply didn't sync your profile. Creating a thread fixes this, which you just did... So from now on you won't be mistaken for a low level noob, enjoy! :P
: let say some one made a wall of text and have many spelling mistake and someone reply "English plz" is that an offensive comment ?
Might be slightly rude, but probably nothing to get you punished.
: judges mmmm , first of all 1 or more mods ? , secondly any independent third party review that decision ? while if i am very honest i prob will make the same decision as you did if i am in your place . so i am not really upset that u ban me , i am upset that u claim to use a fair and judgmental system, when you didnt . P.S. sorry to break to you but a judge dont judge is the defendant guilty or not , the juries does . the judge only judge the sentence when the defendant are found guilty in many court case , the grey area is what actually used to exempt the defendant form the accusation. so the grey area is a valid argument dont just disregard it
The moderation team consists of multiple mods. Unless the procedure isn't quite clear, only one person will judge the post and issue a punishment. There's no such thing as a third party review, we are already quite independent by nature. I feel like that would be a little overkill.
: **It doesn't mean we're judging randomly, ** can i understand that as you think you followed a judgmental system ?? like i dont want to make a argument and then you say thats not what you mean . **that we are out to specifically punish you.** i never said that , dont assume things , and if certain part of my comments or post make you think that , plz quote it and i will change it or explain it to u what i exactly mean
>can i understand that as you think you followed a judgmental system ?? Not quite sure what you mean, but we do have certain guidelines and try to ensure that all of us are taking actions with a similar understanding and severity. >i never said that , dont assume things , and if certain part of my comments or post make you think that This: _"you know look t the mod reply , they did target me"_ And whatever "RewardWanted" referred to: _"since you were saying mods were target silencing you. "_
Shukr4n (EUW)
: Im waiting for the one who write "english please"as answer to posts to be banned as well
Depends on the context... If someone starts mocking people for their lack of skills, they're certainly entering the dark-grey area.
: did you read what he post , he basically ask op to be a robot at that point , and i admit i join mid way of the conversation of which he and op was having so i made not see the the full picture but since i can only base on what i see, i replied . i am not try to defend anything i am just exposing the mods and let everyone know thats how they work . you know look t the mod reply , they did target me , let me quote **Along with your rather colorful violation history, we feel like an action was definitely warranted.** so they first they didnt ban me for this one comment and they judge as they feel like
I'm afraid you're not exposing anyone but yourself right now. Boards regulars know how moderation works, and if anyone doesn't they can simply ask us. We reply to every question people have about moderation and their violations, there are hardly any secrets here... ---- If you break the rules once, it's generally no big deal, but if you break them several times and still refuse to follow the requirements, you're going to receive a harsher punishment, that's how pretty much all punishments work... It doesn't mean we're judging randomly, or that we are out to specifically punish you.
: you feel liek and not go by your rules yup see what i mean
The rules and moderators' job is to do what's best for the Boards and their users. Rules will always have grey areas and the correct actions will always have to be decided individually. That's why judges are needed, and that's why mods are needed. --- Your behavior has often broken clear rules and created an unpleasant discussion environment. So there's not much we can do for you...
: nice call forum board mod
Greetings gnosisshadow, If you put aside the aspect of your comment being mocking, you're still left with a pointless and quite nonconstructive comment. Especially on the Player Behavior Boards, discussions can get quite heated, so keeping discussions mature and valuable is an important part of the moderation. The user you replied to tried to help and left a detailed and rather positive comment, you on the other hand portrayed him as someone who thought he was something better. --- Along with your rather colorful violation history, we feel like an action was definitely warranted. Let me know if you have any questions. ######Moderator note: fix'd formatting/spelling errors.
: I failed to create community, it just does not stick together in league
Greetings. Interesting to read about this problem of yours, I can definitely understand where you're coming from, but at the same time, I think you shouldn't give up on building a community. You're right that it is very easy for internet friendships to fade out once you lose contact, even though you get seemingly close to some friends, it just disappears outside of the game. --- Unfortunately, there's no perfectly tailored advice I can give you here, it is very difficult to tell what exactly goes wrong in your interactions. You shouldn't worry too much about being fun or extremely interesting yourself. You say that you are interested in the people you play with, and love hearing their stories... **THAT'S PERFECT!** People love talking about themselves, and if you can talk with them about a (common) hobby, interest or passion, you can bond in no time! _Even if you think you're a little socially awkward._ ---- If you find someone you get along with well, maybe try to find more activities than just playing League together, other games are the obvious choice, but there are a lot of fun things to be done. Maybe you can actively get people to engage with each other, promote certain topics on your Discord, or just post a funny gif you just saw... At the end of the day, don't sweat it! I've had a bunch of my online friendships just fade away over the time, but I also met the amazing people that I call my best friends. Around me, I've seen people meet amazing friends and even their partners. You made an active move and are proactively socializing, that's great and I think if you just carry on, you're gonna meet some cool people who actually stick around.
: Okay. I do understand that Iam not allowed to share misbehaving players names, but don't you think everyone should know that he Int feeds?
No, why would they need to know that? The chance that someone who reads your post actually ends up playing with that person are slim to none... Even if they do, who says they're going to int again? Most players behave perfectly fine in their majority of games, but might occasionally snap. Judging them so severely because of one **past** game is not going to make someone's game better. ---- The point of the rule is to prevent witch hunts. It could happen that players make up lies about others to publicly shame them. Additionally, it's rather pointless spam, because no action will be taken against a player because of a post on the Boards.
: but do you also see that there is also alot of people who like the old urf more ? dont just say oh arurf have same player counter etc , so they are just as good , no it is because we dont have a choice start a pole , and see how many people will pick arurf and how many will pick urf while it is bold for one to claim their opinion are the "people"'s opinion , but claiming there is only 1 person who think that are equally bold
I was just presenting an opposing opinion, I know there are many people who prefer one over the other. There have been many polls every time URF or ARURF comes out, I never paid close attention, but from what I've seen they're about equal, maybe even a slight preference for ARURF on these Boards.
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