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Savage Devi (EUNE)
: A **remake** feature is in the works. We'll likely see it in 6.10 or 6.11. Basically the team can end a game early if a player has never connected, resulting in a loss forgiven for all but the disconnected player.
Oh that would be great, that is my idea in a sum up ^_^ I just described it a little bit more detailed.
: > imagine if you are Bronze V - Silver I (aka hell) and there is an AFK player (which happens in about 1-2/7 games), how are you supposed to get out of that league Don't forget that the enemy team has the same amount of AFKs...even a bit more because your team has 4 potential leavers and the enemy team has 5. Thats why leavers can't stop you from climbing, they are helping you. The problem about your idea is that it can be abused. Game not going so well? Make someone leave! Harass him, convince him, bribe him, hire him, use your friends or fans, there are plenty of possibilities. Thats why a system like you suggest it could (and would!) be abused to avoid the negative consequences of a loss. Riot is currentyl working on an alternative:
I think you are missing the part were I said that this should apply only when the AFK player doesn't come until the first player hits 5-6 level, so you can't abuse it by telling your friend to go AFK because he will already have played in at least one of the 1-6 levels.
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