Rismosch (EUW)
: > make support a roles that is not boring Well to do that Riot has to recreate the universe, because in ours this is simmply impossible.
just give them an item that gives them as much gold as laners. done. you now have 5 laners, one uo lane and noone is the biaaatch.
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: Brexit
Euck Furope
Perilum (EUW)
: A sad day for Europe, but the worst in the British History
: I just started abusing one of the "balanced" champs
Ye when zyra has 10% better winrate than lux, I get sad. :( Still playing lux tho. {{champion:99}}
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: that's kinda contradictory or maybe there's even a better word for it, you wanted graphs you got them, but now you don't want them or don't like them. Well riot admits theyr mistakes.
Dont act stupid now. It compares groups of 5 to groups of 1-3 nothing more. Its a tease at best. And who knows if its even accurate. Lyig is kind of a thing that everyone does these days and for the most ridiculous of reasons. I say I want them to release raw data in a framework that we can pull and make our own graphs. And a s a marketing person I can guarantee you that they used the graph that looked the most balanced. Basic PR. And if 45 to 55 is the best graph they could make, then U know its unbalanced.
Ultearov (EUW)
: Malph/yasuo can be done in old Solo Q (since theres also Duo remember?) And honestly this is one of the simplest in the book. As a toplaner, if my mid is a yas I almost always go for big knowckups top or jungle (Malph, Reksai, Zac, Gragas, etc...)
Well if you play the combo then you must know that having voice chat makes it about 200% more effective, since you can exactly time it. So dont act stupid please. Same for amumu ults. The soloq peasant has to type in chat. "Im going to ult now" "nevermind" " back" or maybe im just hallucinating and it makes no difference. idk and while chatting is ulable to use abilities. actually it does make a huge difference.
Joyi (EUW)
: Wrong. That system of 50% winrate would only work in a system that is consistent. Matchmaking include a RNG factor and is therefore luck based to some extent. Even in the old system, a 50% wi nrate over 1000000 games was not guaranteed due to the presence of duo queue, although it was significantly less prominent to change. Duo-queue DOES have an impact in this sense. Riot literally released statistics and ADMITTED in their discussion that if you premade you can get boosted, EASILY, up to a certain level (usually high plat/low diamond is where premade boosting peaks at the absolute max), boosting to gold is incredibly easy through the premade system as the lower elo you go, the more voice chat is effective as long as you have a reasonable idea of what you're doing. Tl;dr - System was never perfect and never gauranteed any win rate due to the presence of RNG and duo-queue. New system makes it even worse with fluctuations of 40-55% win rate as a solo player depending on your enemy team and your team. leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/dynamic-queue-and-future-league "softened" statistics for dynamic queue win rate (e.g. not showing specific win rates for scenarios such as 5 premade vs 5 solo): leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/dynamic-queue-and-future-league
Yes and now its just a lot worse mostly because Riot prioritizes short queues before balanced matches. Which means usually you get 1 premade per match and the people up against (which you are more likely to be on as a solo player) it will get stomped. Im not agaisnt premades, but they should be pitched vs other premenades exclusively.
Zanador (EUNE)
: Did you ask your teams for premades too? I mostly play together with a friend or two, and at least 90% of our matches are against premades of the same size or larger. Most of the time tho, we don't tell it to our teammates right away, since we know how a lot people have prejudice against premades in their own team. So yeah, it does give a good advantage, but my experience says that more often than not, both teams have roughly the same sized premades. If you have a different impression, i'm interested in the details.
Well last time I had a pemade malph yasuo on my team was like 3 weeks ago. I played against it about 3 or 4 times TODAY and yeasterday. Im not even kidding. I think they simply are trying to shorten queue times for the premades too much. Which means its usually 1 premade per match and your chances of ending up against it are much higher. (Basic Math) Or in the case of 5 man teams... 100%
Joyi (EUW)
: Riot already released statistics saying that 4/5 premades have a 55-60+% win rate vs lesser premade teams (i.e. soloqueue/duo/trio-players) lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll they just cant admit it's a broken system so they're trying to fix it by "balancing mmr" so that if you're premade you get put vs higher elo players instead of just putting soloqueue/duo back which actually works lol
Yes and that probably changes to a 80% winrate if you get a good combo like malph yasuo or amumu + any AOE damage. Dont fricking pitch me vs a premade team. This is ridiculous.
Ultearov (EUW)
: TL'DR Dynamic queue may be annoying, have many, many problems, but your rank being inaccurate is not one if you play solo. AAAAnd another person whining about this. I have played Dynamic Queue with premades against premades with solo/premade vs. premade/solo and solo vs. solo. I can confidently say that when I am with solo vs. premades my teammates are individually better 95% of the time, and lanes are won by my team except sometimes when the enemy jungler decides to camp one lane. Now, teamfights are harder yes, but I rarely lose these matchups simply because by the time we get to teamfights my team is fed. The same has happened when I am matched with 3-4 man premades, where my team sucks and despite some skype coordination the enemy is just straight up better than us and we lose. Then again, I have had games where premades overpower your team or the enemy team because of superior conversation, but I see both ways happening and the system is, in my opinion, balanced. And I am Silver, thus I fall into your category of "low elo" And finally, as a solo Q player I have a 62% win rate as SUPPORT main. People who b*tch that premades win more just want a reason to bitch. It used to be "Im in Elo Hell!" now it's "Im against premades!" Just look at yourself, reflect on what you could have done better. No one will disagree if I took you and replaced you with a platinum player (assuming you are "low elo - bronze, silver, gold") the game would have been won, despite the enemies being teamed and your team solo'd. Why? Plat players are mostly far superior to you (no offence, they are far superior to me too xD ) and thus can climb by carrying. **If you deserve higher ranking you will still climb in the new system.** It may take a little longer for some because of luck/unluck depending on the communication levels of premades in your game, but over 1000 games it'll still be about 500 games that were yours to lose (your team is better) and 500 yours to win (your team is worse), all that matters is how YOU play. If you are above your elo you will end with 501-499 at the absolute worst, and thus still climb (without counting the games you will lose after ranking up which cannot drop you)
I dont give a flying frick about my rank at all. I just hate to get murdered by malph yasuo premades. Its not fun. Its not competitive. I dont want the enemy team to have advantages that I dont have like a skype call, a team comp and a planned strategy.
Agidyne (EUW)
: Dynamic Queue Squaretable (UNCENSORED)
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: http://eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/dynamic-queue-and-future-league
I dont beleive graphs that I havent made myself.. and it onyl proves my point. Its not balanced.
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: This is funny and accurate satire. I like it. But most of this boards members don't even get what you're referring to, so you'll get downvoted like hell. Unlucky
Synaticxx (EUW)
: Im a Vegan
Icaka7710 (EUW)
: i like the way that there is no such a thing as nope XDD
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: mage update screwed the game over im plat elo on my main, and facing a good enemy support zyra is pretty much the most painful thing you can encounter... Zyra pretty much deletes you all of laning phase if you even try to harass or even touch a creep its broken this game...
Yes I just tried zyra support and its easily 100% easier to carry than with lux or leona. Those 6% are noticable. Just ewq all game and easy win. Even safe ADCs like ez cant farm. On the upside I can finally carry as a support. But I dont like zyra -.-
duckarp (EUNE)
: The answer is right in your title: > (I'm low elo)
So having 55% winrate champs is normal? Cause differences of like 10% between champions in winrate does not seem balanced. It basically means im 6% less likely to win on lux than on zyra. Which is a lot. Has it always been that shit?
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: Valentines Day! Post your Champion couples
well obviously {{champion:44}} {{champion:81}} obvious as well {{champion:202}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:222}} naturally {{champion:104}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:267}} sisters {{champion:201}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:10}} obvious {{champion:74}} {{champion:61}} obvious as well {{champion:1}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:99}} totally legal {{champion:32}} {{summoner:11}} And mundo goes where he pleases {{champion:36}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:103}}
: You do know that one roughly 40% of online gamers are girls with 60% being guys (had to a full uni subject on this matter which was intresting). Secondly Supports aren't only dedicated to girls im a guy who is a support main because i enjoy sort of the relaxed more helpful role. Thirdly the support role is very impactful in the game hence why its used all of the time having a support with adc in the LCS supports alot of the times are the reason the Adc snowballs out of control and also helps the team with objectives like vision from flanks when taking towers/dragons/ barons. Im guessing your the person who if goes support takes Dorans ring or something because need to carry with damage. Sources for information (this was 2 years ago the first one) http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/sep/18/52-percent-people-playing-games-women-industry-doesnt-know This was several years ago when the gaming industry is hitting its major peaks into gaming online. http://edugamesresearch.com/blog/2008/07/23/esa-survey-malefemale-gamer-ratio-is-6040-average-age-is-35/ And finally again this from late 2014 but shows you the average girl - guy gamers percentage which shows a steady demographic of girls and guys playing video games. http://www.wsj.com/articles/gaming-no-longer-a-mans-world-1408464249
I don't doubt that girls are getting into playing candy crush on their phones or feed the cow on facebook. No that I can believe. And over all platforms they may well make up 40% of customers. But a MOBA is something entirely different. It kind of requires the use of a PC, which is in itself something that a lot of women struggle with. My YouTube stats tell me 91% men and my experience backs that up. Also google is the kind of company that was built on statistics.
Omnus (EUW)
: I'd still like to know where, exactly, your "91% of viewers are male" statistic came from, and how this data was gathered. What channels were considered? What data was used? Because if it uses the account's gender setting, you're ignoring the fact that people can simply leave it blank.
Sorry. Just telling you what I have observed in my youtube stats, but not here to give my identity away. But you are welcome to check with any prominent league of legends video creator. And even if I gave you my channel, Im afraid Im the only one who gets to see the analytics^^
: Rito let me teach you economics.... NO DEMAND for playing Support! (Abused Housewife Syndrom)
So much arguing just to establish the entirely obvious fact that most people that play a "hardcore competitive multiplayer online battle arena" are Men^^ I mean the name itself should make it obvious. People these days. So caught up in political correctness that they lost their sense of logic.
Omnus (EUW)
: Okay, but my argument still applies. YouTube users may be League players, but not all League players are YouTube users. Even in that case, you can't just assume that YouTube user statistics = League player statistics. Seriously, before you say EVEN ONE MORE THING ABOUT STATISTICS TO ME, please at least read the Wikipedia article about it. Even if you don't know what the terms "expected value" and "standard deviation" mean, please don't just throw numbers around without any idea how to interpret them.
Well of course statistics are not the reality. Noone knows reality, except maybe god if you believe that there is a god. No means of measuring or counting or estimating will ever be entirely accurate. Even if they all stripped down, you would still have cases where people might not be male or female.^^ But I think you have to agree that if 91% of viewers on League videos are men or claim to be men, then most likely most LoL player are men^^ Of course there is always a margin of error... as I said unless you are god. Of course that is even ignoring the common sense approach that says that men play online games and therefore the majority of players on a hardcore competitive online game are men^^
Strigina (EUNE)
: I actually don't think there is any oficial and actual Riot statistic about genders.
No but youtube does have some very juicy statistics if you own a YT channel. 91% men for an average league channel. Also riot does not even ask for gender afaik
Omnus (EUW)
: All streamers are League players, but at most a tiny fraction of League players are streamers. The amount of male streamers vs the amount of female streamers allows you to _make an educated guess_ about the amount of male League players vs the amount of female League players, but the two are not directly equivalent. It's a complete and utter fallacy to say otherwise. Seriously, it makes my eyes burn when people do this. Please stop it or I will have to send you the hospital bill.
Google has the most accurate statistics out there. They can even tell you what your users shop for. Youtube is not streaming... its videos. Counting streamers? Really? You do know that women are over-incentivized due to the horniness of men on twitch, right? Also again... YouTube =/= Streaming. Im talking about viewers here. trust me 91% is slightly below the average gaming channel at 92% men.
Silisa (EUNE)
: Oh, look, another stereotype! My brother is a hairdresser. So is my uncle. And I'm not a hairdresser because I have two left hands.
Yes and my Uncle is Bill gates. Prove me wrong. Demographics and Statistics are not sexist. 98% of lipstick users are women. 91% of League of Legends users are men.
Silisa (EUNE)
: So, here we have: a stereotype - grills only play supports; guessing (making up things without factual backup _(9 out of 10 lol players are men)_), and description of the support role stolen from the 2 year old Sky Williams video. Good job! ^_^
Demographics. Men and women are different. Deal with it. Its the reason why you dont play with barbie dolls and are not working as a hairdresser.
Omnus (EUW)
: > 9 out of 10 lol players are men I would love to see where you get your statistics from.
Lyon511 (EUW)
: Supports & Dynamic Queue - A bigger Problem
supports need to be able to carry lord it up. stop making supports the get me a snnwich biatch guys.
Mavnorian (EUW)
: Buff the supports so they could singlehandedly win. : p
yes that would do the trick
: If u want your primary role you've got to pick mid as your secondary. This leads to a new type of troller who cant play mid but picks it anyway, then feeds when it actually gets mid. I used to play support quite often before dynamic queue. I could firstpick the OP Tahm Kench support for example. I used to get my main lane jungle a lot also, but now I mostly get top. To be honest I have more fun with dynamic queue, but its still frustrating when your jungler and midlaner and support all suck for different reasons. Also Ive had several 10 minute queue times during normal hours. Queue times are much longer now.
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: Jungle/Support in Ranked and 9 out of 10 times I got Support
Agreed Support role needs to change. Noone wants to play it. Because it sucks.
: Annie and teamfights help
1. Roll your face on the keyboard 2. wait for cooldowns 3. Roll face on keyboard again 4. Wait 5. Roll 6. Flash 7. Roll 8. Pentakill
: Its not broken. Its simple mathematics. If 10 players queue mid top and 10 players top mid and 10 players adc mid and 10 players jungle mid... And there is one player constantly queueing as support + anything else, he will always get support.
Yes it does make mathematical sense thats true and I'm not arguing that. But if demand outweighs suppy by this much, maybe CHANGE THE FREAKING ROLE... BECAUSE NOONE WANTS TO PLAY IT. >>_> RITO 9 out of 10 people that play this game are men and men usually tend to want to carry and not make other people a sandwich. Call me sexist but its true. Statistics do not lie.
: Free League of Legends Skins and Champions
ask every player you meet that has a skin to buy you stuff. {{champion:103}}
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Wards Bot (EUW)
: How Long is Too Long?
Well on the other hand you now get much less AFKs, trolls and its generally easier to climb ladder, because I get a role that I'm actually good at 99% of the time. Overall I think us being able to play our roles will safe time even if we have to wait 20 mins.
: It is not. It is just harder. In Bronze, most players do not mesh together as a proper team. For a support to carry, you must push your carries. You must provide for them and nurture them. Sadly, many Bronze players have not developed the team play mind set and will not take advantage of your pushing supportiveness. You also have the players who don't know their left from right and simply can not stand up and be useful when pushed. Essentially, from about Silver, Support's can begin to help carry games. As they rise up, they can push their team more and more, but back in Bronze, carries are the key as they are required to *pull* their team along. To carry as a support you either need to be melting the enemy team yourself, essentially just being a carry, or else pin the enemy team to the floor, shoot them in the knee caps, get your carries to kneel on their chests (not their own chests, that might need so explaining to them though) and hold their hand as they drive the knife into the opponents chest. Supports pushing their team in Bronze requires you to make the game as easy as possible, which is hard, not impossible!
Yes that is exactly what I experience. Full AP katarina supp or full AP lux supp can really carry in bronze, while champions that rely on the team to do damage like sona, leona, nautilus end up useless, because the team does no damage while you tank and cc and heal. But good to hear that that might be different once you get to higher leagues :)
Nar7ia (EUW)
: Yesterday my support main friend told me that is actually harder to carry as adc than it is as support.I was surprised a bit at first as well but then she explained me why it is so;If your adc is bad then you can support your mid/top laner but as adc if your support is bad then you are ****ed up :D As an adc main I actually agree with her. Tbh both adc and support roles are quite team dependent roles.Its easier to carry as mid/top/jungle in my opinion.
Nah carrying in bronze V as ADC is easy. Just get twice the cs of your lane opponent and then kill him over and over^^ Well your friend must be a really good supp then.
: It really does depend on the sync you have with your partner when you're in botlane. If your ADC is too aggressive and overextends, it's kinda your job to make sure they don't get themselves killed while trying to stave off the enemy botlane. I've played in every role so far, and ADC which is somewhere I main really does depend on team sync. Example: ~~I played Graves bot~~ actually never mind I managed to hold down that lane solo because it's Graves. Here's a proper example: I played Kalista while my support played Thresh. Our sync was so well done that by the end of the game I ended up carrying the team because both my support and I were very well synced together. We knew when to retreat/bait/ult and so on. We pretty much read each other's movements throughout the entire game so it ended up benefiting us greatly and we managed to get the win for that.
Yes that's the thing. You need a decent ADC in order for the support to be useful. Also true about Graves... I think I had 100% win rate on him last season over 12 games or so^^ Its just at the end of the day someone has to do damage to the objectives and the champions and the support cant really do that on his own. And Bronze players rarely follow up on bindings, stuns, snares, slows ect. Sometimes they even ignore the map entirely and get ganked and killed through 2 wards. Another problem in bronze is that often 1 or even 2 players will be entirely useless... like 2/12 or something ridiculous. And then if you are leona support build, you are screwed, because your team has no damage and you just tank and die.
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: Shop does not work (3 weeks now) "Session Expired"
reinstalled still noting... ...oh well if Rito does not want my money.
: Maybe you should delete+reinstall the game?
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