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: I just solved my own problem, for some reason it says the 25th on the client but officially it's 19th. Wowza that's confusing.
I just solved my second problem. Turns out 25th only applies to the "use" part and not the "buy" part. That's even more confusing Or maybe I'm just dumb. Maybe. Probably. Most likely. Cri.
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: Worlds pass
I just solved my own problem, for some reason it says the 25th on the client but officially it's 19th. Wowza that's confusing.
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: It is east, and here's my explanation. First, understanding P&Z - The cities are basically atop one another in a way where Piltover is split in two parts by a fault, north and south. Said fault is crossed by an arc, described in Progress day, where the characters met, from there they could also see both of the towers. Both towers are said to rise from the fault, so the only chance that the shadow of old hungry crosses the tower is if they're East/west of each other. In the story, the set time was evening, hence the sun needs to be set in the west position. Old hungry is then between the tower and the sun. Old hungry is west of the tower, the tower is east relative to Old hungry. I was going over splashes and arts, thinking I could find a picture. Now I'm sad that there's no picture of Old hungry (or at least, not that I know of/can tell apart)
Holy, the information never stops!
: 🎃👻 Volunteer Halloween Quiz 👻🎃
Hi, I have a question; I started a quiz but my phone died half-way through, as it was charging on 2% while I did this and the charger detached without me knowing, I then put it back on charge and redid the quiz on my phone once more, what happens to the first incomplete quiz that I did? Is it discarded or automatically submitted? Also, after finishing the quiz I realized that I had screwed up on a question, is there a way I can change my answer or is it unchangeable once you submit it?
: 🎃👻 Volunteer Halloween Quiz 👻🎃
I've never seen this happen before, seems fun! TripIe D EUW
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: shields add up to damage migrated But healing adds up to damage healed.
..Probably. Get a barrier. {{summoner:21}}
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: _"47k dmg taken and 57k dmg mitigated! 57k! How does any spell block 57k dmg in a game of 30 mins, that's denying at least 2 champions!"_ Damage Mitigated is damage mitigated by everything, your healing, armor, magic resist, damage reduction, shields, everything, not just her W. I had a game today where I played Rhaast and had like 100k damage mitigated from almost only healing. [EDIT]: I'm not sure if healing and shields also add up to Damage Mitigated, but armor, magic resist and damage reduction for sure.
shields add up to damage migrated But healing adds up to damage healed.
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: I think it says MAX HP...not on missing HP
% damage to max hp, but if her hp is 0 she should be immune to any damage as her HP shouldn't be allowed to drop into negative numbers. Once her hp hits 0 it cannot go any lower, therefore you heal 0 hp as you have dealt 0 damage upon exiting, her={{champion:1}} because wynaut. Get a barrier. {{summoner:21}}
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: Could a Rioter please explain why...
Ok so take{{champion:1}} or something and put it up with{{champion:141}} now{{champion:141}} spams his abilities on her then ultis{{champion:1}} but then a kill stealing mushroom loving{{champion:240}} ults in and kills her and at the same time your team compiled of deploys all their ults {{champion:22}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:81}} ult (your team is kayn ashe gangplank kled and ezreal now, rip your road to master and your sanity..) Annie's hp drops to 0 even though she has been barraged to death, her hp shouldn't be under 0 since HP should be able to go into negative numbers? Unless I remembered wrong, in which case stop reading right here and tell me I'm wrong. Since her hp cannot go into minuses, you cannot deal any more damage to {{champion:1}} since the damage dealt is shown by the loss of HP and since she cannot lose HP once her HP is 0 you cannot damage her anymore, therefore the healed amount of hp healed is equivelant to the damage dealt which is ZERO.
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: Master yi-s true damage
... What have you given birth to.
: Didn't help ;/
Enter a team fight or a turret under seige with a lot of minions around when in range with e then q. Keep a distance away from your enemy and use Q when they try to engage then back off then use W to damage. Your passive doesnt help with cs. Use {{summoner:3}} and{{summoner:4}} Always get {{item:3116}} use your ult to create distance for your W Get W then Q then E, max out W first and then Q and E last. Go mid.

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