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: Where is the fun in this game?
I agre to what u say but since im playing im mid gold elo I espect a bit more off knowlodge about the game from my team, but ye if im lucky enough I get 2 afk people in my team and I must give 300% effort to win in a 3v50, thats great to test your limits (sarcasm).
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g0uvas (EUW)
: MMR is an unfair system
all riot gives us back is dont worry the system is well rounded and it works how it should, nice to know that someone shares a diferent opinion such as I do
: DuoQ Partner S4 (Kayle top & yi jung) OP STRATEGY
: Looking for a Gold/Plat duo to use chinese strategy on climb (EuW)
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: Individual Coach for You
U are Gold 2 on Euw right now, according to
Snowcorn (EUW)
: Finally got to promoted to gold but
Totaly agree this season smurf's or players just having a very good game(wtv u wanna call it) in silver was so common and it takes a good part of the fun about the game, as the same time that show u how to play and how to carry, but in this games since I dont consider them fun I turn on the auto-pilot and learn almost nothing from them soooooooooooooo ye its sad to be playing on silver at least this year. Btw contratulations on the promotion.


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