Wait wtf are u smoking? Remember the global xer Q. U want to ban everyone that died to it?
: Ty for calming me down I was scared!
Camping autofilled players in ranked isnt bannable for exploit so this def shouldnt be bannable either
: You can roll Predator with Omnistone without boots
I usually get Dark harvest When im the one thats low. Its supposed to be when a nearby enemy is low but so far i only get it when im low. ”Youre low, go in and int in hopes of a stack”
Morrhen (EUW)
: You underestimate how incredibly easy it is to abuse it.
My friend got kicked from a csgo match cause he didnt wanna surrender and his team kicked him for it
Wolity (EUW)
: Old ranked vs Current ranked (champion select)
I might be fifth pick but im mid no matter what.
Cheini (EUNE)
: Request for an option to disable the profanity filter for a friend's PM
There is. In the top right of the client theres a mechanic thingy. Press it and disable language filter Nvm: didnt read the full post.
: Senna is actually really bad in solo lanes. I can't understand why you think she is op.
I have played her with great success mid. Few champs can stay healthy enough to fight her
Alatharia (EUW)
: They'd understand it, but you'd probably get reported for "hacking". Most people in Gold or below, won't understand that someone cares so much about that match that they'd track summoner spells. This is mainly done by the support or jungler (people who afford to take 2s away from laning to type it out without getting punished too heavily) But to give you a quick rundown of how it's done: 1. Enemy mid flashes, you check what his flash cooldown is, add it to the current timer, and type in the time his flash will be back. 2. Paste the previous string of timers (CTRL + V). 3. Select all (CTRL + A). 4. Copy the new string (CTRL + C).
I usually ping summoner spell usage in the middle of a fight and write timers after. I have horrible shortterm memory so i would forget if they used flash or not to escape.
: I started with zero stacks.
Was it the total dmg or dps that was different? The ticks can be based on every second on the counter so if u R at 6min and 43,5seconds etc.
: Best champion for first blood?
Depends on lane. Xin is good jungle Talon trist mid Draven adc Blitz, thresh
: Smurfing on ranked should be bannable
Sometimes you kinda have to smurf. My first account was on eune but when i switched school, most of my new friends played on euw. That meant i either had to spend 20$ and not be able to play with my old friends or make a secondary account on euw and ”smurf” my way up to the elo i belong. The euw account is currently at its peak as im hardstuck plat 2 on this account.
: Give Yuumi back
I know the song in swedish, but this is the first time i’ve seen the entire lyrics in english. This is much better
: Dude! Don't waste that talent! Go to some kind of art school! I just printed your masterpiece on a high quality paper and put it in a frame just above my notebook so I can watch it while my games load! Thank you!
They should use this instead of the current kda akali splash art. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Hi there, Emissaries are part of the "Riot community Volunteers". Meaning first of all, please don't mistake us for Rioters, we do not work on the game or for Riot and won't be able to remove Aphelios :P --- Emissaries are chosen from the most active and engaged players around here. Most of what we do revolves around the Boards, and we are in close contact with Riot and the Player Support to clear up problems if needed. - We engage with the community, try to help with any sort of questions that come up, or even forward immediate problems to the Player Support. Most of us have been around for a long time and have specialised in Player Behavior knowledge. We've stay in contact with Riot's Player Behavior specialists, gave feedback on issues and most importantly, asked questions about PB topics as much as possible. - We also work as a group to organize contests & events that are basically just for fun and engagement here on the Boards. - We also moderate these Boards (ie. delete all the spam & inappropriate posts) --- We're connected across all the regions and know/talk to many of the other Volunteers in EU. You'll find Volunteers _(playerswith a fancy Boards color)_ on almost every language of the Boards, they're just not called Emissaries everywhere ^^. Let me know if you have any more questions. :)
If u cant remove religious Sona combined with halo, can u atleast remove either Yasuo or every Champion i usually lose lane to? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} I can provide a list if needed
Uriel (EUW)
: 2020, year of the rat, but NO twitch skin?
: Is it just me or are champions coming out of nowhere recently ?
The only way senna isnt banned is if aphelios is out and etc
: Poll: What aspect of the game needs (drastic) improvement?
Client and playerbehavior without a doubt. Oh, and the availability to Crystal Scar in customgames.
: Funneling strats need to be adressed and nerfed
The reason 3V3 was shit was due to funneling. After funneling being meta for 4+years, rito removed the mode.
: About Lucian build
Botrk is better mid where mages has less armor and melee champs has more hp than marksmen.
: Can we please get back SPECTATE LIVE feature???
They removed it because it was a nightmare to be in one of the featured games. So many friendrequests. Im guilty to quite a few sent friendrequest.
: Bring back dominion T_T
Rinart73 (EUW)
: Dodging in champion select starts a game (still not fixed)
Never had issues. U press the X in the right corner and it works 100% of the time. Unless u try to dodge last second
: Remove surrender vote from all Solo Ranked games.
Can u still drag the surrender box out of sight? Just write /ff if its a remake and it will vote yes for u, even if an ally started it.
Declined (EUNE)
: Not wanting to change your login name?
I litteraly own all the accounts that share the same username as my main...
Morrhen (EUW)
: How to ALWAYS get unbanned
U forgot the part where u tell rito ur account was hacked.
Jenny247 (EUW)
: Add a Mute-Button directly to the in-game chat
U can add the names to the scoreboard. Or look at the champion they are playing.
Wex0r (EUW)
: This works ??
I havent tested it yet, but i think someone said it worked. But they didnt think it was worth it since u lose the wards midgame
Wex0r (EUW)
: Answer to the Support Issue
Buy ad version of spellthief. Stack it. Sell it and buy ap version. U lose wards for gold
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Remove Anti-Poaching from Tier 3 Support items
What happens if u sell the tier 3 support item and buy another tier 1? Sell tier 3 spellthief and buy tier 1 relic. Would that work?
: i dondt care about elo i just wanna play and have fun the only time i can have this fun is when its urf becaus there no one focusses on best build and there isnt a strife to win most game modes have these hardcore players (soloq: aram ect) wich makes those game modes unfun for me people who binch champions just for score or filling in missions trying to go off meta is met with flame and harrasment i mis the old days with solwof coming with wierd and fun ideas now its all streamlined centerd to be the best and i feel that it gutted the game in last patch some champs just falls outisde the norm and get changed for instance people said that morde was a good pick in the earmy days in league with sion bot and this was normal then they changed morde and sion becaus they fell out of the meta both lost most of it morde became adc and sion full blown tank the ap was good but they nerfed it enough just like morde ad nerfs then they changed morde yet again now to a tank im just saying im done with reworks why not put that concept in a new champ and let the old players have their wierd picks i dondt care about winning but about gameplay and if all the strong builds are free avaible on the internet with profesional tips its just %%%%ed up try to see it if they did that in other competitive games every instance of this saw people leave in verry rapid ways like world of warcraft and other og games they became farming try to go pro games no one wanted to have fun but rather win and get a new game and win ect the game became unfun and they dondt wanna fix this so be aware of alot lower elo people quiting and seeing a shift in game ranks becaus people on top need people on the bottom of the rank
I started maining trist mid back in season six as it was a fun offmeta strategy. I went from trollpicking every game to being a metaslave.
qBacca (EUW)
: Beemo {{champion:17}}
That was this year?
: Favourite skins of 2019
I might be biased but littledemontrist is a good one. My only issue with the skin is that the back of the head is see-through. Starguardian xayah and rakan (in their non-evil forms) are great too.
: > adding limit on atackspeed unles you use certain runes then the limit gets a bit higher **laughs in season 6 kog'maw**
: ok i got a very good question about tft
Olaf can glacial other olafs even when both are uluing.
: Give Kindred a skin already
: From what game is Kindred?
Minecraft ofc, thats why she has a square icon.
Mada (EUW)
: Yesterday in a normal I had my hovered Senna banned by someone who proceeds to pick lee sin
Rinart73 (EUW)
: Neeko and Yuumi bugs
1: works with all clones 2: idk 3: neeko Clone is untargetable during the first part of her W. Try using her W vs velkoz and see his Q fly right through.
: i find senna way weaker then pyke and way less annoying. yes she gives stealth but u always know where the stealthed players r while pyke can go anywhere and gank the %%%% outta u. also senna has no dash with stun or hook.
Summon aery bounces like a maniac if there are more than 1 enemy in her E.
: > [{quoted}](name=King of Laris,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=4udetrcB,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-11-18T11:05:02.132+0000) > > > I dont know why the only 2 supports we got the last 2 years (if i remember correctly) are actually assasins. {{champion:350}} am I a joke to you?
He means senna and yuumi. Pyke isnt a support. Fear assassin Yuumi!
: Senna = Pyke 2.0 ?
Yuumi is an assassin? Sounds good to me{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Bring the DESERT mode back.
: I sometimes take smite ignite on shaco mid and just steal enemy buffs on CD. When they spawn i leave some boxes on my lane for wave clear and go into jg and take enemy buffs - jg falls behind i get buffs = my team profit
I go smite trist mid and do the same.
: Hail of blades + shaco ult bug
If i go titanic hydra and then R. Will the clone use the empowered titanic proc on every auto? And how does it work with sheen?
Pikaguif (EUW)
: These comments show that riot allow everything on the boards, even things so rude as this
Well then, i hope your socks are wet the next time you wear them.
GoProNooB (EUW)
: Akali's nerfs hit the rift so bad
I think rito is planning to nerf akali again. Good luck convincing them that a heal would be a nerf
AllBear (EUW)
: because they have boobs
Shamose (EUW)
: I'm used to toxic people, but this person just crossed the line.
: I've taken a month long break from league, what's been going on?
I went from trollpicking every game to being a meta slave. Hint: read my name
: We don't need Victorious Aatrox,Riot! Let us vote
Im down if they would let us atleast vote for the style. Victorious maokai had this greek mythology feel. Justicar aatrox with a cape is ,well, justicar aatrox but with a cape.
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