DarkG0d (EUNE)
: Hey man dont worry Logs are Logs. if he spoken those words the Admins can see them try ALT+ENTER next time. This WIll ADD an Enter without sending it.
Thanks, I'll remember that. Still though it hasn't always been like this, it's a new client thing. Don't you agree that it would be better to change it back to how it was?
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Megumìn (EUW)
: [CURSED]imposible to win a single game , afk in every game in my team lost 15 division good job riot
You're not winning games yet because you're still level 12 and people don't know how to play yet. What do you mean you lost "Division"? You are not ranked in any way yet. Get to level 30 and play some ranked, if you're good enough you'll get to ELO where you don't have as much AFK'ers.
0utPlayer (EUNE)
If Riot has problems with people disconnecting they would adress and fix the issue.
Kiroshi (EUNE)
: Glitch??
You might be confusing ranked with flex. They are different. The real ranked season has not started yet. Flex is not the same. You might have silver 2 in flex but still be gold in solo/duo ranked. :)
: How is LoL affecting your realtionships?
My personal advice is to take a stand with them. If they are your friends they can take it, if they can't take it: They are NOT your friends. 1st guy: Tell him he's ruining the game for other people and tell him to knock it off. If he says "Whatever idc fuck this game" reply with "Fine bro, your choice. I'm also making a choice: I'm gonna play without you from now on." Don't keep negative people at your side for the sake of not losing them, because in the process they lose you. It's a matter of time before you snap or let the friendship fade. It's better to face it and see what is what. The second guy may just be releasing some stress at you, but if he's really trying to flame you and disrespect you, you should drop his ass as well. When I play with friends, we always hang out in a Skype call. And if someone is getting angry, you laugh at them and make a joke. Lighten the mood. Remind them that it's just a game. If your friends can't handle that, they're not actually your friends. It's quite simple, you've helped these lads up, and now they backstab you because they don't need you. You've had bad luck and managed to get what I like to call "Fake friends". Drop them and move on, if you are indeed a positive person like you claim to be, I will guarantee you that you'll find new mates to play with. Mates become bros, bros become homies. Give it time.
: The most annoying thing in League
It seems everyone disagrees with you, but yeah... all of us are in the wrong and you're the smart one who's got it all figured out..
: [Resolved]Cant get to the load screen HELP!!
If you're using the legacy client, make sure you have battle.net installed next to League of Legends. My knowledge is limited but it sounds like the process of the client loading up a new process (the load screen and game) is not being allowed by your computer/is being closed due to an error (software related most likely). Could your virus software/fire wall be interfering? Could you have wrong/missing software? Could you have downloaded and installed wrong drivers?
Jackamo (EUW)
: Smite Buffs
It's interesting to discuss it, but to actually try and change it is a waste of time. There is no way in hell Riot will undo something that took so long to create and apply. I for one am in favor of these new changes, they are a welcome new touch. In the age where every viable champion has a gap closer and flash is the most chosen spell in the game it's good to have a way to create/close a gap by using an object ingame. I love the fact that you can now properly use the vision buff the jungle provides. The raptors were a good idea, but that aura could be triggered by enemy champions in various ways, instantly taking away an advantage Riot meant you to have. The river fruit is a new interesting reason to check out the river. I think we all know that the Rift Herald in a lot of team compositions isn't really a popular objective to take down. But a respawning health/mana spot? That's a good reason to check out topside river, meaning that especially early game there will be a lot more action going down at that area, as top-laner I love that.
: The most annoying thing in League
If this is about ranked games you're absolutely wrong. Don't ever surrender a ranked game. If your game is going so bad that you don't even believe you can win, you should practice on how to delay your defeat. Being able to turn a game is a skill. One that needs to be developed. Guess what? You don't get it by surrendering like a coward every single time your game goes bad. Instead of hating on people who still have the guts to play and fight you should learn from them.
Seg Senpai (EUNE)
: Yes i am doing it from the legasy client that has the gift centre. The problem is that the friend i want to send the gift to, doesnt apear on my store friend list.
I see you already have an answer on this problem. NOTE: If your friend is using the new client, he will not get a message when he gets your gift, He will just instantly have it.
Seg Senpai (EUNE)
: Cant send a gift to my friend
Like Xenoid said, the new client doesn't have gifting yet. Just launch the old client and you'll be fine.
Vajk (EUW)
: I have been playing for days LoL, yesterday for example. Now, I´m writting this, checking email, watching youtube, so my internet seems to be Ok.
What you describe sounds like a lagspike, perhaps someone was booting (DDoS) you. Perhaps the servers were a bit unstable. If it doesn't happen again it's not worth losing sleep over, if it does keep happening there are options to explore.
: Is Yasuo a Noobchamp?
Yasuo has very strong tools, not a lot of skill is required to play him effectively. Things like having 200% crit-bonus from items and not having any mana problems combined with his mobility and constant regenerating shield-potential make him lethal. But when you do have some skills, Yasuo becomes a monster. Nearly impossible to play against unless your champion counters Yasuo. So I can understand the frustration people get when playing against him. The best way to take him down is to coordinate with your team, which in some ELO ranks is not a common thing.
SkeitasLT (EUNE)
: [Suggestion]
I completely agree, this would be a simple and effective way to get some IP back. We've all been there, you've got 8k IP so you buy a champion because why not, and a few days later there are awesome new chromas worth 2k IP a piece in the store. It would be great if you could get at least 6k IP back from "returning" the champion you bought. Of course this should not work with anything bought for RP.
idefix2 (EUNE)
: Snowdown Skins
Well I'm hoping to buy old-saint Zilean, so i'm hoping really hard to see the old Snowdown/Christmas skins return if only for a little while.
Vajk (EUW)
: I can´t play!
Looks like your internet is having problems mate, could there be a reason for that, that you know of?
Skully (EUW)
: Look listen... I wouldn't consider myself some low elo scrub, so first of all let's talk dragons. No, I don't think the other drakes are worthless, I just think raw damage will always outweight the other dragons in terms of snowballing. I know that you can hold Fizz relatively small by not feeding him, and if I'm the midlaner I usually do exactly that. But that doesn't change how annoying he is to play against, maybe he isn't even that strong anymore after the assassin update, but his E is and always will be one of the more stupid abillities in this game. Maybe you are right about the vision fruits, I will give you that much. But I think the jumping fruit might be killing it, so many champions have dashes over walls and such, with this fruit they just got granted double the escape and the risk of invading (which invading always should be early on, a risk) is even more minimized than it already was. And I know that you can position yourself between minions without getting blocked that much, just don't walk into them, duh. But you seem to miss the point. Don't tell me that you have never been denied a free kill just because when you had minion aggro your champion decided to dance left and right before finally passing through them. It's just super annoying and shouldn't be that hard to deal with, especially when you are melee. > Believe it or not, just about all of your complaints come down to a lack of game knowledge/understanding. Please get off your high horse, I'm playing this game long enough to know what I'm talking about. Just because I'm pissed off by these things doesn't mean I don't understand them or don't have ways to play around them. You don't need to tell me to not feed a Fizz or a LB or a Syndra, I know that. But you usually don't play the game alone, so they get kills elsewhere and start to get super annyoing. My point is that you shouldn't need to struggle with these things in the first place, many things could be so much smoother. And please just DON'T try to tell me that Syndra ult for example isn't a retarded monkey abillity which shouldn't exist in that form in the first place.
So it comes down to "I'm frustrated with things therefore the game is bad"? You wanna tell me older seasons didn't have strong champs that could 1shot you? If you come on this forum board and you're going to say the game is going downhill and then give things you dislike as reason i'm going to call you inexperienced. Because the only other option is that you're just whiny without valid reasoning. I was hoping for the first. Seems like the latter is the case.
: Can't see chat help!
In your settings, press ESC ingame and browse through the options a bit, you'll find what you're looking for.
Skully (EUW)
: Why I think League is slowly going downhill for a long time now...
If you can't appreciate the value of each elemental drake, you surely must be low ELO. There are more aspects to the game than just damage. Being able to take down turrets considerably faster is a huge pre. Being faster than your enemy team will allow you to flee or hunt. Regeneration of both health and mana is one of the strongest ways to empower your team early/mid game. Champions like Fizz are only impossible to deal with when fed, if you don't feed them they're not that bad. Any team comp has at least a stun or snare, reigning down hell on fizz and forcing him to waste his E to prevent lethal damage will block his only way to escape and you can take your time destroying him. Jungle plants seem coincidental, but they respawn just like the raptors do. So what's the difference between smiting a monster for a vision buff, compared to a quick look at a large cone-area to spot any wards, any champions and reveal camps? This new plant is way more effective, but only lasts for a while, it's a fine balance. The river fruit is just easy sustain for any jungler or laner who happens on a grown fruit. The jumping fruit is the most amazing thing, i've had so much fun with it, it allows for a whole new kind of escape. Counterjungling has become a lot more fun, you take your enemy by surprise and hop away over the baron pit while your chaser is blown the other way. It's hilarious and effective. Minion blocking is mainly about your position, maintain your minion wave like higher elo players do and you won't have too many problems. Believe it or not, just about all of your complaints come down to a lack of game knowledge/understanding. Things you might think are unbalanced might be things you feed to much? Plants you think are stupid might just take some getting used to? Drakes you think are worthless actually give you amazing boosts if you know how to use them?
xBlackhax (EUW)
: Black horn alistar
Blackhorn Alistar is a limited-edition skin. It's no longer available. Just like Unchained Alistar.
: How bad is platinum? Let me tell you guys.
Not sure what the purpose of this message is? I guess we all have games where people don't feel like taking down objectives before they've exploited lane phase to the point where they're comfortable to move together. And yeah we have people who will splitpush constantly or refuse to join up, but that's not a platinum problem, that stuff happens in almost any ELO.
: There no fckng person alive wanting to play support. We know because they have tried EVERYTHING to lower the queue times because NOBODY wants to play that role. Actually, people are being FORCED to play that role even if they dont want to. That's how many people wants to play it. NONE.
You approach this in a childish and exaggerated way, you know full-well Riot will not get rid of the support role. You also know full-well that there are people who play support.
: random dc
I haven't had a single problem, I play on EUW daily and I haven't had a single lagspike. Perhaps something is wrong with your Beta-clients?
: Champion select takes too long
I do agree that dodging is way too much of an issue at the moment, but I think it's really hard to find a balance between the quality of your queue (being able to pick your champion, having enough time to ban or pick your masteries and runes etc) and being able to quickly get ingame. A lot of people feel like they would rather wait 10 minutes to get a good game going, than have a game together in 3 minutes but without being able to pick their favorite role + people arguing and bantering about lanes and picks.
: Remove the support role
I think you're portraying your own opinion and experience as universal fact. A lot of people do in fact play support (We know this thanks to statistics). Support can be a fun role to play, especially in higher ELO where teamwork and champion-combo's become more of a thing. In bronze/silver ELO, people don't work together as much and support roles can feel unneeded. If you feel like this, try climbing the ladder a bit! Support is a vital and important role, a good support can have just as much influence on the game as a good top/jungler/adc/mid.
420 Akagami (EUNE)
: I already did that and it had to response ,the same thing over and over again !
Go to your files (My computer) and go to > **C:\Riot Games\League of Legends** In this folder you will see a lot of files, scroll down until you find one called "**lol.launcher.admin**". Run this file, see if that works.
: Fix the Elo Balance!
There's a statistic called MMR, like SonenseS explained you need to work on your normal MMR to be matched against people your own rank. So imagine this: A **silver** guy plays ranked non-stop until he is finally **diamond**. He accomplished his goals so he now wants to play normals with his friends a bit more, to relax you know? His **normal MMR** is still **silver**. He is matched against silver people, those silver people go on op.gg and see that they're matched against a diamond. This is basically your scenario.
: Autofill
If you ever get autofill and you're forced to play support or whatever, you'll be guaranteed not to have autofill for the next few games. It's just something to make games happen, without it games apparently would take too long for the game mode to be interesting. Besides, I think it's good for people to walk a mile in the boots of roles they don't understand. Perhaps it's just what we need, to have those cocky yasuo's play a game as a support for once and learn to respect weaker champions a bit more.
: What happens if i get super toxic once?
I think we've all been there, and I don't think it will result in immediate punishment, but if you did get a report you should take it into account next time you feel toxic. It might have resulted in a black mark or something, that you are not aware of but may result in immediate punishment next time you're caught acting like that. I've pretty much turned over a new leaf when it comes to being toxic, and I can relate to having a bad day and getting tilted from other players. I've not been punished thus far so you shouldn't expect to be either.
saiorpisink (EUNE)
: thank you riot
The only way to get rid of trolls is to get better and move up the ranks. In higher ELO you won't get nearly as many trolls. You'll get toxicity just like any other ELO but it's different. It's manageable. The only problem here is you getting angry, if you stop getting angry you'll play better, have a better score and you will have more fun in general. I used to be just as angry as you, like so many others out there still are. But the problem is you, not them. It will always be you. Just watch videos on how to get better and how to control yourself when things go bad. It will make you better at all games, not just league.
: Rito, When is the practice mode thingy coming out?
Not for a while, they announced it to come at a later time, I think somewhere in 2017.
: Ivern is broken competetively
But Ivern is underwhelming when it comes to damage output, especially early game. So yes you can run into the enemy jungle and steal their buff, but in higher elo that jungle is going to be warded and the team can easily take Ivern down.
dexcore (EUW)
: ez mains help me :)
I would say it depends on the game you're having. A good player looks at what the enemy team is building and adjusts his build to what the team needs.
420 Akagami (EUNE)
: LoL Client !
Try right-clicking it and choose "Run as administrator".
RyanGo (EUW)
: Gifting problem ?
The new Alpha client doesn't support gifting yet. You can open the old client and gifting will work just fine. Note: If you're on the alpha client and you receive a gift, you just get it. You don't get a notification or a message or anything.
: Cant open client.
Fortunately for me opening a command prompt and typing _ipconfig /flushdns_ worked like a charm, but i'm sure Riot will have this fixed soon enough.__
: It's incredibly demeaning and unnecessary. A simple "OK" button would do just as well.
Riot wants to make sure you understand that you're not allowed to leave the game, and they want you to know that you will be punished if you do it again. Remember that not every summoner out there speaks flawless English, some don't even read messages at all. If there was an 'OK' button, people would not even read the message and just click it all away. This way the whole thing requires somewhat of an interaction with the summoner, I think it's pretty usefull.
Ryùuzaki (EUW)
: pls remove that broken timer
It estimates how long it is going to take, nothing is written in stone. The computer shows what the computer thinks buddy, this is not something RIOT can/should do something about.
: No loss prevent ?
Unacceptable, regardless of what period of time we are (season, preseason) ranked games matter for your MRR. If the servers fail it's not our fault, I feel like RIOT should have made sure that Loss Prevented was enabled.
Cokila (EUNE)
: Well im to afraid to start play League again
People can't handle the changes Riot is making, that's all. The game is not bad, it has never been and I doubt it will ever be. It's just different and takes a little getting used to it.
: "I Agree" Leaver Buster
It's just the message you get when you've left a game (for whatever reason), It's not a personal statement from Riot to you.
: When we are dead, let us control a minion
No thanks, first of all dying is supposed to be boring and mundane, it makes you not want to do it again. And controlling a minion can be very overpowered if you think about it, you're basicly a walking ward for your team.
Elgaard08 (EUW)
: Plat Icon
I agree, platinum and silver look almost the same. It's not that hard to make an icon unique and it really seems like they didn't think this one through. The platinum one could definately use more green or a complete different tint of grey that hints towards it being different than silver. Right now ignoring the little gem, I can barely tell wich is wich.
SantaHunter (EUNE)
: What is the difference between the Silver and the Platinum icon?
I agree, riot is definately capable of making something more recognisable. Gold icon is better looking than platinum wich is simply unfair.
MistWind (EUW)
: This is not the LoL i used to enjoy!
There's changes sure, but buying (pink) wards is still a thing, so is choosing your warding style and making the best of it with your team. If you think the current version doesn't take strategy I have to say I completely disagree. Now that we can't spam everything with wards, our vision is reduced and strategy is ever so important.
Nigginz4 (EUNE)
: Someone help me !!!
Lets be realistic, the chance of you ending up as a professional is very small. It's a wasted opportunity right now, keep LoL as a hobby and see if you improve as you grow older, and meanwhile just focus on school and life. I dare bet that you'll never be in a position where you can make money with LoL. Do you have any idea how many incredible players are out there who try and fail? What makes you better than them? Try dedicating yourself when you reach diamond 1.


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