Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I don't think it's fair to call people who disagree with you sheep. In the end, this is a place for discussions and there will be people who will disagree. Going for insults like calling others sheep will just discredit you yourself.
people who ignore facts to blindly believe lies from a corrupt company are sheep. people who get easily offended ( AKA this generation of people ) are snowflakes.
: My average lol routine : -do everything fine, no occasion to take any lead. Suddenly, le random feeder appears and gives fb. Then second, third, fourth... Get out of my lane, get repeatedly one shot. "Ok ok that's just a bad game, you can't win them all" -same thing. "ok ok that's just a coincidence, move on!" -go jungle, manage to prevent any lane from feeding too hard. Manage to get good farm and kda, even to take some inhib. Deadweight support tries to kill the scuttler solo at 40 mins for some reason. Get caught after 5mins trying. Ennemy team takes baron and wins the game. "we did fine, any team could have won on a very small mistake, it doesn't really count". -ADC AFK. "it happens once in a while" -first time yasuo chases 1v5 all game "hey, it's just a stroke of bad luck! Remember : if you get bad teammates now, you will get good teammates later and the bad ones will be in the ennemy team" -hard carry 20/0, bot goes 0/20, but we miraculously win after 50 mins because 2 kids have to go to bed "heyyy see, luck is changing sides!" -go support, adc tries to 1v2 everytime I'm not in lane. Repeatedly ask "please play safe when I'm not in lane". Snap out after the 10th similar death. "FFS JUST PLAY SAFE ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS STAY UNDER TOWER UNTIL I COME BACK". Get reported. Adc gets nothing, keeps ruining games. I get banned 15 days. "there are so many flamers in this game, why can't people just be polite?"
: Inside the mind of the "most toxic 1%"
I agree with you here. I also think emotional intelligence is lacking in the world today.
: I would like to hear form a troll: Why do you do it?
its because they hate their lives and wanna ruin your day as well to make themselves feel better. Or, as @valryian blaze said, a lot of people are not very emotionally intelligent. Think of Winston Churchill and Stalin. Stalin would be the troll, and Churchill would the emotionally intelligent one.
kizzis (EUW)
: Very very slow champion loading screen
idk why it takes to long. usually, its this one guy who stuck at 5% or something. and when everyone is 100% it takes 10 mins to get into a game...
: How do you farm AND harass?!?
pls dont play ranged toplaners, its just aids.
Suidox (EUW)
: any tips apart from banning him ( cuz that never gonna happen noone plays him)
camp him early game.
elin990 (EUW)
: What's up with these new sound effect/ voices? It's horrible.
idk why you dislike it, it sounds great to me.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: I'd say about 1/10 of my games are lost because the enemy team were better.
Etherim (EUW)
: The main issues with the game in it's current state.
here, have my upvote. ignore all the sheep disagreeing with you.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: > -Game determined after 10 minutes. this is not true. While laning phase is important, it's not that big of a deal. If for you game ends after 10 minutes then you give up way too easily. > -The blue essence system feels boring and unrewarding Does that mean you find the previous one better? But it was even staler and even less rewarding. > -Riot games is focusing more on the Competitive aspect of league rather than the fun aspect of the game, which makes alot of players quit. Riot is mostly focused around high elo. > -The game balance is an absolute joke. This is wrong, game balance is in the best state since the release of the game and with how complex game is perfect balance is simply impossible. > -Top lane is irrelevant I wouldn't go that far, but it is currently the weakest role. > -Comebacks are nearly impossible as the game is decided by the worst player on the team rather than the good one who has carry potential I think this is related to your first issue, you give up too easily and don't know how to make comebacks. > -The community has no %%%%ing idea what to do anymore and so does Riot Well there isn't really much to do for the community. Riot does know what they are doing, next patch we're getting changes to the jungle and the next after a big adc, which was a long time issue. > -It's easy to lose motivation, especially if you're an old player, you tell yourself that you'll get the same old feeling about league that you used to feel back in the day so you get motivated to play alot, but then the game is simply boring Well game is old, eventually you will get bored of it. > -The content creators that made original content for League of Legends that made you want to play the game are all %%%%ing sick of the game so they don't even play it anymore (Siv HD, Sp4zie, Dunkey, Keyori, Uberdanger and so on) Same as before, nor do i think this is a valid argument. People can get bored of the game especially if it's a really old one. > -Items change alot, and too often, it's impossible to catch up after leaving the game for 1 or 2 patches without having to look up what the %%%% Is > > ^ These are a few examples as to why the game is becoming worse and less enjoyable. Some people argue that Riot is too slow with the changes and considering how you made a lot of complaints i would imagine you would be in favor of more changes and as fast as possible to fix those issues.
to be honest, the game decided at 10 minutes is a huge understatement. I would say the first few kills of the game decide who wins, especially in the jungle and bot lane. also, top has absolutely 0 carry potential in this meta. Botlane is too strong and skill doesn't win lane anymore, junglers do. I say this as a person who plays top, mid, and jungle.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >-Game determined after 10 minutes. if you dont know what to do ofc its decided then >-The blue essence system feels boring and unrewarding its still a million times better than the old ip system, i get champs/blue essence way faster now >-Riot games is focusing more on the Competitive aspect of league rather than the fun aspect of the game, which makes alot of players quit. why would they focus on the fun part when players are destroying it completely? (just look at urf, it became the worst crap once ppl found the op champs and abused the hell out of them). there were always a lot of ppl who quit the game, but there are still more ppl joining than leaving >-The game balance is an absolute joke. can you tell me a few examples? because i dont really see that, balance was way worse a few seasons ago >-Top lane is irrelevant once again if you dont know what to do then ofc its irrelevant >-Comebacks are nearly impossible as the game is decided by the worst player on the team rather than the good one who has carry potential that comes from the team aspect of the game, a chain is just as strong as the weakest link in it, if you cant play as a team then why would you win? riot finally went in the right direction with it, if you want to solocarry go play single player games >-The community has no %%%%ing idea what to do anymore and so does Riot yup, the community is clueless, but it does not true for RIOT, they did a pretty good job coming up with new ideas >It's easy to lose motivation, especially if you're an old player, you tell yourself that you'll get the same old feeling about league that you used to feel back in the day so you get motivated to play alot, but then the game is simply boring talk only for yourself, im playing league for 4-5 years now and i have way more fun than before >The content creators that made original content for League of Legends that made you want to play the game are all %%%%ing sick of the game so they don't even play it anymore (Siv HD, Sp4zie, Dunkey, Keyori, Uberdanger and so on) that just because you cant do much in the game, every match is the same, farm a bit get a few kills destroy towers then the nexus, this is not entertaining after a while, its not like minecraft where you can come up with new stuff ingame >Items change alot, and too often, it's impossible to catch up after leaving the game for 1 or 2 patches without having to look up what the %%%% {{item:3907}} Is without the patches the game gets boring really fast
Seph80 (EUNE)
: Viktor is weak?!!! I see players daily dont know wtf to do with that guy, when he get 2-3 kills early..and ur complaining that he is weak? Viktor is fine as he is.
seph80 wtf are u smoking right now?
: There is a multiplayer game where flame is tolerated?
old games, the ones without special snowflakes of this generation.
: Why tho, you wont be able to choose what target to attack/shield with controller. Or cast multiple item actives.
: Dh is pretty troll. works on shaco maybe, but champs with timed ganks like rengar with ult use electro...its much better. not saying dh is unviable but its not the way to go. Funny thing at lvl3 dh is weaker than elektro. your jungler just didnt respect the rengar and got caught in a bad spot. I tried to point out that rengo+dh isnt the issue. rengar might be owerwhelming, yiu gotta know what ur doing to avoid dying pre6. Most tanky junglers are weak early and scale up to be teamfight monsters. assasins have an easier early, and struggle late vs comps that stand united and have fast fingers. am overall good jungler choice is bruisers. they perform well on every point of the match. Hope I gave you helpful new info.
I just love DH Rengar and Kayn. It feels so good to one shot late game. if ur not shit at rengar, then you can get through early game pretty easily with DH and good farming. I really dont see why u think its so bad.
: Rengar is a problem
1. you dont feed rengar early game 2. you dont feed assasins early game 3. you dont feed early game 4. you dont feed 5. try staying with a high-cc tank, if you dont have one, then its your own ( or your teammates') fault. 6. get armor/hp 7. dont feeed
: I cannot and will not use the Chat Function again.
there needs to be an option that removes the ability to type messeges for people like me, that get mad easily.
HàrrowR (EUW)
: ADCs from a perspective of an ADC main and an Honest discussion with Boards members
ADCs arent OP, it's late game ADCs building ninja tabi with a janna giving them 1 thousand hp shields with ardent censer. EDIT: P.S : reading your other comments on this thread, I can see you are very biased.
Ferrarii (EUW)
: Permanently Banned
honestly just quit league. move to a better, more balanced game with a better company owning it. this is your chance to escape this shithole named Lol. there are a lot of better games, just move on. riot will always cater to the special snowflakes with hurt feelings.
Mr SuFe (EUW)
: you just one of those people who watch tv . And believe every think that u see . you Racist. but i get it from ur name
im egpytian, and i live in kuwait.
Mr SuFe (EUW)
: Why they dont want . I mean whats the wrong with the Saudi Arabian we want to have the best connection possible like other players btw im not from Saudi Arabian but i think its the best place to put the server they could put the server in United Arabic Emirates but people from south Africa will still have a high ping and we dont want the server only for Arabian players we want to help as much player as possible .
saudi arabia is a bad country with bad people
Mr SuFe (EUW)
: first thank for your replay. they can put the server in Saudi Arabian and people from south Africa will have like a 50-100 ping and i think thats a lot better than 200 ping. second most of the players have tried to play on Turkey server but the EW server have better connection
saudi arabia is a bad and corrupt country. they also hate the US. the only possible country I see it in is kuwait, and even then the gov. is still corrupt.
BleupizZ (EUW)
: AFK Problems
maybe just get rid of people who are like #neversurrender <3 XDDDDD
Levıathan (EUNE)
: Idea for games that have afk players.
tbh the only time i go afk is if my team is inting and then refusing to surrender
: > Or a plat 5 who thinks he's good. Does mistakes repeatedly trough out all the game and still gets a win cause a random in our team feeds him. Gold 1 here, plays only Ashe support and the likes in normals xD Go take your complexities somewhere else if you thought we play our mains in normals or something.
just dont %%%%ing int. you cant feed like a %%%%%% and then say " iTs jUsT nOrMaLs" some people want to play casually but also want to win.
Giojun (EUW)
: Has to do with their patches.
how do I fix it?
: It's not that rare. Yeah there are cases of hundreds of games trolled, but unless they blatantly say they'll int/troll riot treats them as someone having a bad game untill his match history gets way too overwhekming.
i had a guy say "i will feed" in game repeatedly while walking under tower and I met him against a day later. these idiots dont get punished.
: I lost a winning game because my mid and top wanted to go watch the football. Started throwing and making stupid calls to end the game.
i know that feel. had a game where this yasuo and talon started inting because they wanted to go "to viry beeg partee" with "big boobs garls" and they said shit like my mom would strip for them. it was 10 mins in after they lost botlane together ( yasuo support and talon adc) ( ranked game silver 5) and they both were 0/10 together.
Bloopar (EUW)
: Is it possible to have a pic as a signature? Asking for a friend http://i.imgur.com/7cJ3tvpl.jpg
GLurch (EUW)
: First off, what do you define as a "troll"? Wikipedia defines a "troll" or "internet troll" as >a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting quarrels or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal, on-topic discussion,[3] often for the troll's amusement" As you can see, there is one important word being used: **intent** You seem to define someone who is "%%%%%%ed" and "chose to afk the entire game" as a troll. However, if someone is %%%%%%ed, are they %%%%%%ed on purpose? Of course not. Are some people born with an IQ of 70 because they want to? Probably not, they most likely didn't have any saying in the matter. Being stupid on purpose is simply not possible, at most, you can play stupid without being stupid. However, for one to be considered a "troll", going by this widely popular definition at least, they'd have to do what they're doing with the intent of provoking others and achieving amusement. Since someone can't be stupid simply to achieve a purpose (at least not if we're ruling out the possibility that someone somehow had an operation done on purpose), what you're calling a troll isn't really a troll. It's only... a stupid person, someone not having enough practice at the game or someone who had a bad day/week/... How is Riot supposed to punish trolls if they are not trolls? --- Now, *hopefully*, we both agree that what you called a "troll" wasn't really a "troll", but actually a bad or stupid player. At least if they only did what you wrote and there isn't anything you've not written about them yet. You could now still ask the question "Why is Riot not doing anything to not match me up with bad players?" In fact, Riot is doing something against it or at least trying (to our knowledge). First off, everyone starts with a base MMR. This MMR is used to match people together. If you lose a game, you lose MMR and if you win a game, you gain MMR. Riots algorithm looks at your MMR and compares it to the MMR of every other player to decide who you will play with and who you will play against by making sure all of your MMRs are *about* the same. During times where not many players are online, it's possible Riot can't find anyone who has about the same MMR as you and will have to go a little further to match you with or against a player who's a bit worse or a bit better than you. This not only means that on average, your teammates and enemies should perform similar to you, it also means that the people you play against every match could have actually ended up in your team instead of the enemy team. It's mostly by chance that they ended up in the enemy team and not in your team. Of course, this can get disrupted and you may not always end up with people on your own team that perform similar to you; Everyone has bad days or games and can perform worse or perhaps someone got a lucky winstreak which resulted in them having a similar MMR to yours. In any case, since the people you end up having as enemies could have been just as well on your own team, those on your team could have just as well been on the enemy team as well. It's mostly by chance that they actually ended up in your team. However, since the enemy team has 5 free spots for them and your own team only 4 (because you already have a spot), the chance for them to land on the enemy team is actually higher than for them to land on your own team. Effectively, this means that bad players should not impact you in any negative way at all seen over a large span of games. However, these bad players will just continue to lose as much games as it takes to get them to their respective MMR again where they play with people that perform just like them. To come to a conclusion, Riot does punish bad players as well, but it's done by making them lose MMR and getting matched with and against worse people, so everyone can enjoy a fair match again. This also means that reporting these players will not do anything since Riot will not punish them in any way. However, it will hinder Riot from punishing actual intentional feeders and trolls (those running it down mid, following you around in jungle to steal your camps, walking in circles around the enemy without doing anything,...). Riots system is an AI that learns from the behavior of those people that are reported and by reporting players that usually shouldn't be reported, you're only making it harder for Riot to punish those people that actually deserve to be punished.
I mean if you are %%%%%%ed you should feel bad for bringing your team down.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: FPS get lower (-10 to -30 ) in every big patch realese
emissarys are too busy looking at a post of a guy shitting himself that actually paying attention to fps issues. smh rito pls
: First daily reminder that some players have FPS drops since 7.22
they care more about someone shitting that creating a smooth game.
: These anti adc threads are becoming tiresome. The reason Randuin's exists is to mitigate crit damage.
it is adc meta. adcs are doing more damage than a full assasin rotation in one auto while building ninja tabi and thornmail. with a lulu or tahm or janna jacking them off with shields and peel, and you are complaining that people are mad? try saying "jUsT gEt rAnDuInS" to someone fighting a vayne or a kaisa or a kogmaw or a varus.
: Well, considering that we read a lot of: 1) assassin mains whining because they can't oneshot a tank (hear hear) 2) ADC mains whining because they can't 1 vs 1 a tank (big news) I don't think that removing crits will make any big difference. Players will simply keep hitting a brick wall, lose, and coming here for the usual "WTF i can't fight a tank why is that a thing tanks should be stun bots and not dealing any damage!!!". {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
wtf? no. people are complaining because tanks are dealing the same damage fighters do ( sometimes more ) and are immortal. ( Poppy, Tahm Kench, Maokai, etc.)
Stdedos (EUNE)
: Practice Tool should allow all champions and optionally /w all skins
The game SMITE already has this and i think league should too.
Lodelica (EUW)
: Wise words
tank meta is cancer. so is adc meta. its not fun when the game is best botlane wins no matter what. games are decided when you press accept. so yeah, complain about adcs while builidng tabis and thornmail and perma kiting all meeles while doing 1k per auto as an adc and being able to 1v1 the enemy mid as a support.
: FYI, Rena has not said "it's just a normal game who cares" Everyone here seemingly has a misinterpretation of this. This is not what he is saying, not at all. He is saying that, basically, saying "its just a normal" as in - I may do bad - I may try something new - I want to try this build etc. and essentially please do not punish me but I will try to win. What he also said is, if they deliberately give 0 Fs about winning or losing, then yeah, I deserve to be punished, Its not a bannable offence though thats where I draw the line - its reportable however, I will agree that the attitude should change. If you solely playing and winning is the utmost factor you craving for, for your ego boost and skill improvement - that is where RANKED comes in and what it is for. God, everyone really forgets the meaning of gaming nowadays all because of ego-related issues. Winning is part of fun, but its not always gona happen. People are toxic, accept this. Ignore them, if they feed, use the report. Not everyone deserves a ban for the way they think.
this game is *ONLY* ever fun when you are winning. unless you are in a 5 man premade or something.
Rena (EUW)
: That's why I say "it's just a normal game".
"this is a normal game" is not an excuse to int and feed and lose theg game for your team. intentional or not, you should feel bad for feeding.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > I'm basically stuck in Bronze because of this fact. No, you're not. The enemy team consists of the exact same type of players as your allies do. If you're much better than the average person you're being matched up with, then you alone give your team enough of an advantage to win more than 50% of the time, which is all it takes to climb.
@hanisman thats not the way it works. playing ranked is rolling a die for a good team. Bad team? you lose lp, Good Team? you win lp. simple as that
: I would like to ask the same question
: Caitlyn's lategame
everyone except cait mains are happy she isnt the best adc in the game anymore. cait meta was horrible.
: when a plan comes together
Gundrabis (EUW)
: Korean example, but more time efficient
just make better matchmaking. match noobs with noobs. dont match the people that actually try with shit teams.
: Something strange
what the %%%% is this thread...
: As someone who plays Ranged only. Conqueror needs it's true damage % reduced for both melee and ranged.
oh hell to the no. you dont get to shit on fighters for an entire year and call for nerfs after one patch of them being good. also, if anything, just nerf the ranged IF ur gonna nerf anything. its fine as it is.
: katlife yassuo
yassuo is garbage at league
: Extreme laggs
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